Obama’s Team Of Secret Police Just Busted In White House Plotting Against Trump – 3 Traitors Headed To Prison

Ever since Trump took office, Barack Hussein Obama has been doing everything in his power to take our new President out. Trump has constantly been plagued with leaks coming from spies that Obama has implanted throughout the White House, where our top intelligence keeps winding up in the hands of the liberal media. In addition to constant leaks, we learned earlier this week from a rogue United Nations official that Obama is actively engaging in a coup d’état against President Trump, which is the first time this has happened to a sitting president in our nation’s history. As Obama continues to break federal law as a civilian by meeting with foreign diplomats to plot for Trump’s removal, a startling development has taken place revealing that Obama has a team of “secret police” at the White House that have been quietly doing his bidding from the moment that President Trump was sworn into office. 

We’ve learned in recent months that the FBI is riddled with Obama’s minions and has transformed into the rogue criminal arm of Obama’s shadow government. The FBI is now fully operating as essentially Obama’s secret police, as these law enforcement agencies are now doing the bidding of slimy politicians, rather than upholding their oath, which is to pursue impartial justice on behalf of the public. Now an attempted political coup on the part of Obama’s “secret police” in the form of swamp creatures Robert Mueller, James Comey, and Peter Stzok is actively taking place, and their illegal coup to remove President Trump from office is now being exposed once and for all.

Robert Mueller and Peter Stzok

What most people don’t realize is that Robert Mueller special counsel investigation is highly illegal. In order for an investigation to even be launched against the President in the first place, the Department of Justice’s regulations first require a crime to be committed, yet no crime has ever been named in order to even justify the special counsel appointment to even take place. Strzok and Mueller have not only launched an illegal investigation into Trump, but are now attempting to fabricate material as a pretext to demand his impeachment as they try to engineer and fabricate crimes against Trump in order to justify this ongoing witch-hunt.  One shining example of this was the guilty plea that these two swamp creatures were able to attain from General Flynn that “stems wholly from the FBI deceptively interviewing Flynn under false pretenses, then catching him in a misstatement when he didn’t even realize he was being interviewed as part of a criminal trap,” Natural News exposed.

But the revelation of this entire investigation into President Trump being highly illegal is just the beginning of the scandal. Now Obama’s rogue secret police (AKA these crooked FBI officials) are now engaged in a massive cover-up, blocking damning information on Peter Strzok to make sure it doesn’t go public because they know this information would nullify the entire investigation. 

“The FBI blocked all information on its website about a top counter-terrorism official who was kicked off of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation for sending politically-biased text messages to an FBI lawyer,” reports the Daily Caller began. “It was revealed on Saturday that Strzok was removed from Mueller’s team in August after the Department of Justice’s inspector general discovered that he exchanged anti-Trump and pro-Hillary Clinton text messages with his mistress, an FBI lawyer named Lisa Page who also worked on the Mueller team.” Via Daily Caller:

The revelation of Strzok’s biased texts is significant because of his central role in both the Russia investigation and the Clinton email probe. As the FBI’s No. 2 counter-terrorism official, Strzok helped start both of the investigations. He also conducted interviews with former national security adviser Michael Flynn in the Russia investigation and with Clinton and several of her top aides in the email inquiry.

Now Mueller and his team of swine are in serious trouble, as Fox News is now exposing that the FBI is facing contempt charges from Congress for conspiring to keep evidence proving that Stzok was a crooked anti-Trump official that had been placed onto Mueller’s team to ensnare Trump at all costs, proving that President Trump never stood a chance at a fair investigation.

“House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., had demanded the text messages between FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, an FBI lawyer with whom Strzok was romantically involved,” reports Fox News. “House investigators have long regarded him as a key figure in the chain of events when the bureau, in 2016, received the infamous anti-Trump ‘dossier’ and launched a counterintelligence investigation into Russian meddling in the election that ultimately came to encompass FISA surveillance of a Trump campaign associate.”

“Today [Robert Mueller] leads the most corrupt, criminal and treasonous Coup D’état in American history,” warns The Gateway Pundit“Today the FBI that Mueller ran is in shambles.  No one with an ounce of common sense believes that the FBI exhibits integrity and this is in large part because of the actions of Robert Mueller and his close allies who recently led the FBI.”

“President Donald Trump ripped the ‘double standard’ in how 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was treated and how Michael Flynn, his former national security adviser, was treated,” reports Corruption.news.

“So General Flynn lies to the FBI and his life is destroyed, while Crooked Hillary Clinton, on that now famous FBI holiday ‘interrogation’ with no swearing in and no recording, lies many times … and nothing happens to her? Rigged system, or just a double standard?” Trump tweeted:

The FBI is absolutely out of control at this point as it clearly considers itself above the law and is merely working as the arm of Obama’s rogue criminal secret police. These crooked swamp creatures have absolutely no interest in justice, and are simply existing to do the bidding of Barack Hussein Obama who continues to prove how far he’s willing to go to have Trump removed as President, where he continues to break federal law by meeting as a civilian with foreign officials behind President Trump’s back.


Mueller May Be Removed From Trump Investigation After He’s Caught With Radicals In White House

When Barack Hussein Obama was in office, he put the wellbeing of Muslims ahead of every other group, working with them to purge any mention of Islam from the FBI and Homeland Security training manuals, making it extremely difficult for those who guard our country’s safety to adequately protect us from terrorism. Now, the alarming and outrageous thing White House Special Counsel Robert Mueller did while working as Obama’s FBI head has been revealed…

Freedom Daily reported that we’ve just learned that while Mueller was Obama’s FBI chief, he specifically oversaw the purge of all anti-terrorism training material deemed “offensive” to Muslims, and worked directly with Muslim terrorists to backstab the U.S. with this unprecedented move to censor and white wash any mention of Islam and Muslims from our officials’ training.

Since the textbook definition of treason is “aiding and abetting the enemies of the United States,” it’s pretty clear that that’s exactly what Mueller did when he removed any mention of Islam or Muslims from our FBI and Homeland Security training manuals. With Mueller being accused of treason, he certainly can’t be trusted to handle this Russia probe against President Donald Trump. Mueller is obviously a corrupt man who has had his integrity completely compromised and is working directly with Muslim terrorists to bring this country down.

This comes after Forbes reported that it is believed that Mueller is currently looking for vulnerabilities against Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and top advisor. Mueller is probably focusing on false filings with the U.S. government, whether on required registration forms, federal income tax forms or security clearance disclosure forms.

False filings with the federal government are often viewed by prosecutors as similar to false statements to federal enforcement agents as easily prosecutable offenses, so long as the prosecutors can establish criminal intent.

Earlier this year, Kushner’s form SF-86 security clearance application received tons of attention from the mainstream media. The Form SF-86 is an incredibly detailed security questionnaire that security clearance applicants complete to enable investigators to conduct a background investigation. The form is painstakingly detailed and asks for all “contacts,” which is a much broader word than “meetings.”

Mueller has a reputation for being thorough, and given the timing of the appointment of the Special Counsel and Kushner’s multiple revised filings, this reputation may have caused Kushner to revise his SF-86 applications for a security clearance. While this itself does not violate the law, it could call into question Kushner’s truthfulness and candor.

Since Kushner is a young businessman who never thought he would be working in the White House, he likely never kept records of potentially reportable dates and persons, which is very different than a key business contacts list. If Mueller can prove that he deliberately concealed ANY contacts, it would be enough to support a false filing charge, which could mean Kushner is facing an indictment.

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You’ll CHEER When You See Who Was Just Arrested at the White House

The mainstream media has vilified President Donald Trump to the point where his life is constantly in danger. This was proven once again on Friday, when a terrifying incident occurred at the White House…

WJLA reported that the White House was placed on lockdown on Friday morning and one person was arrested after reports came in of “suspicious activity” along the North fence line of the 18-acre complex.

The Secret Service has closed Pennsylvania Ave. and Lafayette Park, which are near the White House, to pedestrians. Reporters and staffers were told not to leave the White House while the investigation was ongoing, but they have since been given the all-clear that they can exit.

The incident occurred minutes after Trump left the White House on Marine One to begin his trip to Asia.

The Secret Service has not yet offered any details about the suspicious activity or the suspect in custody. Few further details are available at this time.

This comes days after a Michigan man has been arrested and federally charged with threatening to kill Trump. The official criminal complaint states that James Anthony Jackson called U.S. Secret Service offices in Detroit and Chicago to rant against Trump and threaten to kill him, specifically mentioning that the president is white.

Between October 12 and 13, Jackson told the Secret Service office in Chicago, “better watch Donald Trump a**, ya b***h, ya’ll think someone playing with yo dumba****. I am going to blow white brains out the f*** out his mother f***ing head, now b***h, f*** you white mother f***er, ya’ll started this s***, f*** with my God damn phone b***h.”

Jackson later told the Detroit Secret Service office on October 18, “I’m going to blow Trump’s brains out.” During that same call, he asked the Secret Service agents, “Why ya’ll messing with my wires?”

Jackson was arrested in Idaho and is currently in custody in Washington state. If he is convicted, he is facing five years in prison.

This serves as a grim reminder of the kind of danger President Trump is in every day. Please keep Trump and his family in your thoughts and prayers!



White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Attacked Because Of Her ‘Chunky’ Weight, Southern Accent 


In a column published on Wednesday in the Los Angeles Times, David Horsey commented on Sanders’ appearance, writing that she “looks more like a slightly chunky soccer mom who organizes snacks for the kids’ games.”

“Rather than the fake eyelashes and formal dresses she puts on for news briefings, Sanders seems as if she’d be more comfortable in sweats and running shoes,” Horsey wrote.

“Yet, even if Trump privately wishes he had a supermodel for a press secretary, he is lucky to have Sanders,” he added.

Horsey also drew the cartoon that followed his column, which featured a caricature of Sanders wearing a military uniform and standing behind a podium, and titled it “Big Mother…”

After facing backlash over his comments, Horsey apologized in a post that was posted ahead of his column on the Los Angeles Times’ website.

“I want to apologize to Times readers — and to Sarah Huckabee Sanders — for a description that was insensitive and failed to meet the standards of our newspaper,” Horsey wrote.

“It also failed to meet the expectations I have for myself,” he continued.

Horsey concluded, “It surely won’t be my last mistake, but this particular error will be scrupulously avoided in my future commentaries.”

The “offending description” was deleted from Horsey’s column.


After contesting that Sanders “needs a vocabulary lesson,” Frank Bruni said that she is “serving a function other than communication, which turns out not to be her forte.”

“To listen to her pronounce ‘priorities’ is akin to hearing the air seep out of a flat tire, and she leaves half of the consonants on the curb,” Bruni continued parenthetically, attacking Sanders for her southern accent.

“She’s awful at this,” wrote Bruni, referring to Sanders’ capabilities as White House press secretary. “But that makes her an excellent fit for an administration in which mediocrity, inadequate experience and nepotism run rampant.”


BREAKING: Trump Just Caught His White House Muslim Adviser In Sickening Plot – Here’s What Was Seconds From Happening

Ever since Trump became president, insiders within his administration have been doing everything in their power to sabotage his position as president and take him out. Trump has been on the war path lately to discover who these rats are, by testing people close to him to see where their loyalties lie. In a breaking report, we are now learning about an elaborate coup that was set up by a nasty Muslim within his administration, who the liberal media is now working overtime to protect. But unfortunately for liberals, the cat is out of the bag, and now the little spy they were using to get dirt on Trump is finally being ousted, as a furious Trump kicks his person to the curb where they rightfully belong.

Liberals will do whatever it takes to take Trump down, even if that means leaking classified information to the mainstream media and violating our national security secrets to accomplish their mission. The leaks coming from the White House have been a constant pain in Trump’s side ever since he took office, but now we are finally learning who’s been behind the scenes orchestrating this BS the entire time, after this person fell for Trump’s trap by running their fat mouth to the liberal media.

After laying a trap to finally catch the traitors, we are finally learning the identity of the main leaker who credible sources are identifying as Deputy National Security Adviser Dina Habib Powell. Two separate sources from within the National Security Council have broken their silence, revealing that Dina Powell has been the one leaking derogatory information about Trump to left-leaning media outlets over the past several months.  Got News reported:

“We all know she slept her way to the top of NSC, working her way from the receptionist desk at Dick Armey’s office,” notes one NSC staffer. “She has zero qualifications and, given her ties to Huma Abedin, is a security risk.”

Got News also went on to say: “Dina Powell is frequently referred to as ‘The Republican Huma Abedin’ and is a member of Hillary Clinton’s ‘Vital Voices.’ Powell is a good friend of Huma Abedin, who worked with her husband ‘at the Clinton-linked consultancy Teneo.’ Powell also has connections to Obama’s confidant Valerie Jarrett.”

Disturbingly, Powell is very good buddies with Hillary’s former advisor and Muslim Brotherhood agent Huma Abedin and Obama’s former advisor Valerie Jarett, as the trio have bonded immensely over their shared Muslim faith. Not only does Powell have very close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, but dined with Abedin and the wife of wealthy Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal back in 2013.

But that’s not the only person who’s been working overtime to betray President Trump, as we are just now learning. Two separate National Security Council sources have confirmed that National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster has also been leaking classified information to the liberal media as a way to take down the president. McMaster has not only had public clashes with President Trump, but was a vocal opponent of Trump’s “America First” policy, and spends his spare time rubbing elbows with the cesspool of Washington D.C. elites who care little about anyone but themselves.

Despite President Trump’s efforts in recent months to rid himself of the traitors infiltrating his inner circle, it still appears that there is an abundance of these idiots running around pretending to be his buddies so they can continue to feed leaks to the liberal media, who are all too eager to continue to print these inflammatory and often times bogus anti-Trump stories. There’s rumors swirling that heads at the White House are about to start rolling, as the Business Insider reported that, “Trump seems to be considering a sweeping shake-up of his West Wing staff amid the media firestorm that has followed his abrupt decision to fire Comey.”

As for this Muslim idiot Dina Powell with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, she needs to not only be removed, but have her radical ties to known terrorists exposed before she can just simply move on to another job in Washington D.C. America deserves to have politicians leading America that we can truly trust, and if that means that President Trump has to remove every last freaking one of these morons, then so be it.



George Soros, the Hungarian billionaire investor behind Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and dozens of other liberal domestic terrorist groups, is one step closer to officially being declared a terrorist. The petition, which was filed on a White House website, received 100,000 signatures in record-breaking time.

For anyone out of the loop, Mr. Soros has been secretly funding far left terrorist groups all throughout Western Civilization over the past several decades. Originally born in Hungary, his family sold out his own Jewish people during World War II to make a quick buck.

They then used this money to come to America, and take advantage of our capitalist system. Soros quickly rose to the top as a hedge fund manager and investor, and began using his billions to destabilize Germany, Sweden, and now the United States of America.

Discover The Networks has a great introduction to Soros, and believe me, this is barely even scratching the surface. This incredibly evil man has his tendrils in damn near everything that’s gone wrong over the past 30 years, from Hillary Clinton’s scandals to Obama’s election to Antifa’s riots.

Starting in 1994, Soros’s Open Society Foundations and a few other leftist foundations began bankrolling front groups and so-called “experts” whose aim was to persuade Congress to swallow the fiction that millions of Americans were clamoring for “campaign-finance reform.” This deceptive strategy was the brainchild of Sean Treglia, a former program officer with the Pew Charitable Trusts.228 Between 1994 and 2004, some $140 million of foundation cash was used to promote campaign-finance reform. Nearly 90 percent of this amount derived from just eight foundations, one of which was the Open Society Foundations, which contributed $12.6 million to the cause.229Among the major recipients of these OSF funds were such pro-reform organizations as the Alliance For Better Campaigns ($650,000); the Brennan Center for Justice (more than $3.3 million); the Center For Public Integrity ($1.7 million); the Center For Responsive Politics ($75,000); Common Cause ($625,000); Democracy 21 ($300,000); Public Campaign ($1.3 million); and Public Citizen($275,000).230  

Over the years, George Soros has used his massive wealth to push a liberal agenda and organize terrorists and protesters. Here are a few of his “achievements,” if you can call them that, over the past 20 years.

Organizations that accuse America of violating the civil rights and liberties of many of its residents:

  • The Arab American Institute impugns many of the “sweeping” and “unreasonable” post-9/11 counterterrorism measures that have unfairly “targeted Arab Americans.”46
  • The Bill of Rights Defense Committee has persuaded the political leadership in more than 400 American cities and counties to pledge noncompliance with the anti-terrorism measure known as the Patriot Act, on grounds that the legislation tramples on people’s civil liberties.47

Organizations that depict America as a nation whose enduring racism must be counterbalanced by racial and ethnic preferences in favor of nonwhites:

Organizations that specifically portray the American criminal-justice system as racist and inequitable:

  • The Sentencing Project asserts that prison-sentencing patterns discriminate against nonwhites, and seeks “to reduce the reliance on incarceration.”52
  • Critical Resistance contends that crime stems from “inequality and powerlessness,” which can be rectified through wholesale redistribution of wealth.53
  • The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights charges that criminal laws “are enforced in a manner that is massively and pervasively biased.”54

Organizations that call for massive social change, and for the recruitment and training of activist leaders to help foment that change:

Organizations that disparage capitalism while promoting a dramatic expansion of social-welfare programs funded by ever-escalating taxes:

  • The Center for Economic and Policy Research asserts that “the welfare state has softened the impact” of “the worst excesses and irrationalities of a market system” and its “injustices.”63
  • The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities advocates greater tax expenditures on such assistance programs as Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, food stamps, and low-income housing initiatives.64
  • The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights was founded by the revolutionary communist Van Jones. This anti-poverty organization claims that “decades of disinvestment in our cities,” coupled with America’s allegedly imperishable racism, have “led to despair and homelessness.”65
  • The Emma Lazarus Fund: In 1996 George Soros said he was “appalled” by the recently signed welfare-reform law that empowered states to limit legal immigrants’ access to public assistance. In response to this “mean-spirited attack on immigrants,” he launched an Open Society Foundations project known as the Emma Lazarus Fund and endowed it with $50 million.66

Soros has openly declared that he hates America, and wants to destroy us—so now, the patriots of America have declared him a terrorist. The petition, which was filed on the official government website, asks that him and all of his organizations be investigated. It states the following:

Whereas George Soros has willfully and on an ongoing basis attempted to destabilize and otherwise commit acts of sedition against the United States and its citizens, has created and funded dozens (and probably hundreds) of discrete organizations whose sole purpose is to apply Alinsky model terrorist tactics to facilitate the collapse of the systems and Constitutional government of the United State, and has developed unhealthy and undue influence over the entire Democrat Party and a large portion of the US Federal government, the DOJ should immediately declare George Soros and all of his organizations and staff members to be domestic terrorists, and have all of his personal an organizational wealth and assets seized under Civil Asset Forfeiture law.

Now that the George Soros petition has received 100,000 signatures the government MUST issue an official response within the next 60 days. What happens next is this: the appropriate government officials receive and review the petition, and that it’s put in queue to be reviewed by the White House.

If you haven’t signed the George Soros petition yet, you can still do so by clicking here. Anyone and everyone who has signed this petition will be updated when the White House comes out with an official response. It’s time to finally declare this scumbag a terrorist!

Please share this extremely important information on George Soros by clicking on one of the social media icons below. Let’s get this scumbag thrown in jail—thank you and God bless!


BREAKING: Trump Announces Identity of White House Leaker – Nation Stunned

Ever since President Trump took office, the White House has been plagued by a series of leaks often classified information which provides damning information to the press. Now, one of the leakers has been caught red handed.

Gateway Pundit reported that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has been caught leading an active coup against our president at the White House.

This was confirmed by a White House insider days after WikiLeaks revealed that Ryan was one of six Republicans that Hillary Clinton bought off in order to form an alliance against Trump. The other five Republicans were John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, and John Kasich.

“He is on board, will retract the invitation to speak. Eyes only,” one email that was sent to Ryan last year read. This email was sent the day before Ryan oddly went back on his promise to help Trump speak at an event in Wisconsin.

Now, it’s been shown that Ryan is actively working with liberals and doing everything in his power to prevent Trump’s border wall from being built. He’s doing this in an attempt to destroy Trump’s chances of winning in 2020, as the president’s promise for the wall was the central platform of his campaign. Ryan and the Democrats collectively have teamed up in hopes of a government shut down over the building of Trump’s border. After all, a government shutdown will further cast Trump as a belligerent and divisive president which is the narrative that the left have been pushing all along.

It’s despicable that Ryan is still trying to ensure that President Trump fails in his quest to make our country great again. SHARE this story so we can expose Paul Ryan!