A Muslim student, who is about to attend a historic military academy in South Carolina, is attempting to force the school to allow her to wear a hijab. The school refused her request and told her she is not above the rules.

The military college, the Citadel, has a long history and has operated as a school for 175 years. It has not allowed an exception to the dress code once in its entire history.

Now, an entitled Muslim student is demanding e school break tradition and guidelines to support her religion and protect her feelings.

The Citadel’s dress code is strict. Students are required to be in uniform at all times while on campus, with only two exceptions. They may wear bathing suits while swimming, and be out of uniform during a furlough, which only upper-year students enjoy.


Demand For Barack Obama’s IMMEDIATE ARREST After Being Caught Overnight – LOCK HIM UP!

The academy’s president announced the decision earlier this week explaining that, “The standardization of cadets in apparel, overall appearance, actions, and privileges is essential to the learning goals and objectives of the college.”

“This process reflects an initial relinquishing of self, during which cadets learn the value of teamwork to function as a single unit,” the president said, justifying the almost two-century long guideline.

The Citadel allows for religious accommodation so long as it does not undermine the objectives of the school such as morale, health and safety, or good order. Breaking unit cohesion for a head scarf is not acceptable.

The Muslim student is not accepting the school’s decision in good spirit. Instead, she is suing the school with the support of the terror-funded Council of American-Islamic Relations. She says the lawsuit will go through unless the school allows her to attend in a hijab.

The Muslim-led attack on our historic institutions is being launched in an attempt to undermine our history. Muslims have convinced short-sided liberals to abandon their principles in the name of protecting the supposedly oppressed.

The Muslims are not fighting for equality, as the school policy treats people of all faiths equally. Instead, they demand special privileges for only themselves. This is a part of the process known as creeping Sharia, where Muslims are able to trick a country into adopting Sharia law one principle at a time.

The school informed the student that they are happy to have her attend if she arrives bareheaded, which is more than

fair. Our military doesn’t make exceptions for ANYONE, and that’s one of the reasons it’s the best in the world!

“Biggest Fraud in U.S. History” is No Longer Fake News – CIA Whistleblower Confirms Clintons’ World Wide Criminal Enterprise

Image result for “Biggest Fraud in U.S. History” is No Longer Fake News – CIA Whistleblower Confirms Clintons’ World Wide Criminal Enterprise

On August 23, 2015 we characterized Hillary Clinton’s joint involvement with the Clinton Foundation and as the Secretary of State as evidence she was running a criminal enterprise.  That was almost 3 years ago.

We continued hammering this theme in dozens of articles, most notably on June 8, 2016and November 4, 2016.

For exposing the obvious we were labeled “fake news” for our reporting and Facebook and Google banished us to the outer reaches of the Internet universe. Well it’s only fake news until it becomes real news.

Former CIA counterintelligence agent, Kevin Shipp has turned whistleblower and he’s confirmed everything that we’ve been reporting for the past two and a half years. 

“Hillary Clinton was running and is running a global financial criminal syndicate.  She was using these secret servers to conduct Clinton financial money laundering business.”

“The shocking thing about that is all the former directors of the CIA that have come out to support her, from Clapper to Brennan to Morell to Robert Gates supporting her being elected, knew about this criminal syndicate.  Comey was protecting it.  Lynch was protecting it.  Weissmann was protecting it.  And that is the big why.  What’s she got on these people?  Are they financial ties?  They had to be aware of this, especially the counter-intelligence units.  We know it was hacked into by foreign intelligence services because it was just hanging out there.  Hillary Clinton was running a secret server outside the Department of State for the purposes of laundering money through the criminal Clinton Foundation.”

Just how extensive has the corruption been?

It’s not just an anvil; I think it is a mountain and the nexus of everything.  This “Clinton Global Initiative” (CGI) is worldwide, and it’s been out there for a couple of decades.  It has now intertwined former Directors of the CIA and FBI.   George Soros is a part of it.  It’s connected to all kinds of global financial institutions…

It is at least a $100 billion…

All these people protecting and defending Hillary Clinton and knowing about her criminal syndicate, this goes into the so-called ‘Deep State’ of our government, and it is connected, involved and intertwined in the global criminal crime syndicate called the Clinton Foundation.  This is probably going to be the biggest scandal in U.S. history–once it’s busted.  I think they are quietly working on it now, and I think they have been for the last year.  It is so huge the arrests and indictments could cause a Constitutional crisis with some people being removed.  Maybe that’s why they are moving slowly.  It all comes back down to the Clinton Foundation and the criminal syndicate.”

What about Obama?  Was he in on it?

“Yes, I am absolutely convinced of it.  George Soros gave $30 million to Obama’s campaign.  Then he gave $27.1 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  Both Obama and Clinton are tied directly into George Soros.  Obama was put into office with millions of dollars that came out of nowhere. 

Yes, he’s part of this cabal.  Yes, he’s part of this global syndicate, and in my opinion, the subversion of our government.”

Still wondering why Jeff Sessions has been slow playing these investigations?  Think about this:

Could you imagine if senior DOJ officials were arrested, some Congressmen and Senators were arrested and other government officials were arrested on charges and walked out of office?  That’s the Constitutional crisis I am talking about.  Those kind of high level arrests would shake up this nation.  It would be huge, and that’s why it has taken so long and methodical in doing this.”

“There could be a Constitutional crisis in that we could see Congressmen, Senators, former Directors of the FBI and the CIA perp walked after they receive charges.”

Kevin Shipp is a real live person who refuses to hide in the shadows unlike the myriad of “unnamed sources” who are bearing false witness against Donald Trump… if they even exist.

For those of you who are interested, Shipp peels the onion off of the corruption of the CIA in the following video:


Melania Drops Everything After 15 Marines Killed In U.S. – Stuns With What She Immediately Did

After news broke of a KC-130 Hercules aircraft exploding mid-air over Mississippi with 15 Marines and one Navy Corpsman on board, all of whom perished on impact. The tragic accident proves what President Donald Trump has been working diligently to prevent, brought on by aging military equipment that fell into severe disrepair over the last decade under is predecessor Barack Obama. Despite the current Commander-in-Chief’s best efforts, it takes time to replace and repair every single piece of equipment neglected by Obama and unfortunately, time had expired for this crew before that could happen.

Among the most important Americans in this country to our president and first family who have repeatedly proved it, are our military members and their families. Both Donald and Melania have made great effort to show their appreciation for these heroes, every chance they get, which was long-overdue after Obama couldn’t have shown more disrespect to these men and women and the sacrifice they make for our country. So, when word of this immense tragedy on American soil hit the White House, Melania dropped everything to do one thing that was truly special for these grieving families and Americans proud to call her our first lady.

MS News Now initially broke the horrific news of this tragedy, reporting that the Marine Corps KC-130 left Memphis, TN on Monday with 16 on board, exploded in midair and crashed into a soybean field in Mississippi.

LEFLORE COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) – Sixteen people are dead following a military airplane crash in Mississippi, according to LeFlore County EMA Director Fred Randal

First responders said the military C-130 left Memphis on Monday.

The plane crashed in Leflore County just off Highway 82 on Monday afternoon.

The plane is believed to have exploded in mid-air. Investigators said they found debris on both sides of the highway, leading them to believe an explosion happened prior to the crash.

A Mississippi State Trooper said the plane is loaded with ammunition, causing emergency workers to have to keep their distance.

“There’s a lot of ammo in the plane. That’s why we are keeping so far back. We just don’t know what it’ll do. It burns a bit then goes out, burns a little more then dies down,” the trooper told WMC Action News 5 crews.

The United States Marine Corps confirmed the aircraft was a Marine aircraft.

Footage of the unbelievable incident shows the devastation and horrific loss of life of these 16 national treasures. A witness said that bodies were found more than a mile from the crash, according to the Daily Mail, which struck a chord in both our president and first lady.

The love and appreciation that Melania has for our servicemembers is no secret, considering that she has publicly expressed it on numerous occasions. Without provocation, she previously thanked her entire flight crew for serving and protecting her and her staff on a regular basis and treating them with the utmost care and respect. It’s probably for this reason that the news of a different flight crew hit her hard upon hearing they had all perished in what could have been a preventable tragedy had Obama cared for their equipment the way President Trump does now.

Melania tweeted the following message within moments of getting the tragic news, along with President Trump who tweeted out his somber sentiments as well:

Melania doesn’t speak often unless she has something meaningful or important to say. She saves her words for when they matter most, especially since the liberal media is waiting with baited breath for a chance to twist anything she says or does. The left hasn’t stopped from attacking her on her past messages to military families, which is why it’s only a matter of time before the dig their claws into sharing her condolences for these 15 Marines and one Corpsman.

While recognizing our nation’s heroes this past Independence Day by publicly thanking them for their service and sacrifice, liberals pounced on her post finding fault in a way that only they could. Disgusting leftists decided to use her thoughtful gesture to bring up Trump having never served in the military, even though Barack Obama didn’t either. Liberals love to claim that Trump dodged the draft, confusing the difference between dodging and not serving. By their logic, every one of them who haven’t served are draft-dodgers, which is a ridiculous claim to make.

It wasn’t often or ever that the Obamas showed this kind of sadness for the loss of an American hero or their gratitude for anyone who served them personally and our country. In fact, our former president couldn’t even bring himself to salute soldiers standing outside Air Force One or Marine One to welcome him. We’ve come a long way in the White House in a short time, with the Trumps there now who truly love this country and respect its citizens. God bless the families of the fallen who died in Mississippi and all those who serve our country at home and abroad.

Pentagon: 7 killed in U.S. helicopter crash in Iraq

Image result for Pentagon: 7 killed in U.S. helicopter crash in Iraq

All seven service members aboard a U.S. helicopter were killed when it crashed in western Iraq on Thursday, the U.S. military said Friday.

The crash did not appear to be the result of enemy activity, it added. A Pentagon official who spoke on condition of anonymity said there were seven service members aboard the aircraft.

The HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopter —a type of Black Hawk — went down near the town of Qaim in Anbar Province at approximately 2:45 p.m. ET.

It was not on a combat mission when it crashed, CNN reported.

An accompanying U.S. helicopter reported the incident and Iraqi security forces and members of the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq secured the scene, said the Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve.

Coalition spokesman Brig. Gen. Jonathan P. Braga said the service members’ names would be released after their relatives have been informed.

“This tragedy reminds us of the risks our men and women face every day in service of our nations. We are thinking of the loved ones of these service members today,” Braga said in a statement.

Two New York fire officials were among those who died in the crash, the FDNY confirmed Friday. They were Lt. Christopher Raguso, 39, and fire marshall Christopher “Tripp” Zanetis, 37.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio expressed his condolences for the two men.

“They are truly two of New York City’s bravest – running into danger to protect and defend others, both in New York City and in combat overseas,” de Blasio said. “On behalf of all New Yorkers, I extend my deepest condolences to their families, loved ones, and fellow service members and FDNY members.”

Staff Sgt. Carl Enis, a U.S. Air Force pararescueman, also died in the crash, friends confirmed.  Enis, 31, of Tallahassee, Fla., was a member of the 308th Rescue Squadron.

“I am speechless and I am heartbroken,” wrote Dan Sherraden in a Facebook post. “One of our very best friends was killed in Iraq yesterday. Carl Enis was the most stable, genuine, selfless, and talented man I have ever known.”

Daniel Martinko met Enis, originally from Miami, around 2005 as a freshman in college in Tallahassee. “He’s the best guy I’ve ever met. I mean truly,” Martinko said in a phone interview. “Any interaction he ever had with anybody he left them better than he found them.”

Martinko said he learned of Enis’ death on Facebook and later talked to his brother-in-law and a few of their mutual friends. “It killed me,” he said. “This is a total loss for everybody that’s ever known him or never got to.”

President Trump offered condolences Friday to the families of those who died. “Their sacrifice in service to our country will never be forgotten, the president tweeted.

Contributing: Karl Etters and Jeff Burlew, Tallahassee Democrat

Clint Eastwood To Trump Haters: ‘Just F***king Get Over It, Trump Is The Best President In U.S History, You Better Accept This Or Just Go. Do You Support Him?


Hollywood intense person Clint Eastwood discharged the two barrels in a meeting with Esquire magazine, pointing decisively at the individuals who have reprimanded the presidential candidate for prejudice and other, well, harsh edges.


“Trump has said lots of things about Mexians, Muslims, immigrants, women, and so on. But in fact he is right,” Clint expressed.


“How can we let these individuals inside to destroy our nation? That doesn’t mean he is a racist, he just wants to protect our nation,” he added.

Then he adviced all Americans:

“Just f***ing get over it. We have the best President maybe in history of United States you better accept it or just leave and go whenever you want.”

Clint is a well known-Republican, a classy man and a great actor. It is important to mention that Clint supported Trump even from the beggining of the presidential election. Here’s what he stated before the election, when he was asked whether he will go for Hillary or Trump:

“That’s a tough one, isn’t it? I’d have to go for Trump … you know, ’cause she’s declared that she’s gonna follow in Obama’s footsteps.”

This is the most wonderful statement so far. No one said more than Clint Eastwood. He is a true man and a true patriot. Thank you sir for everything.


U.S. Public School Caught Working With Islamic Terror Group – Taught Kids Sickening Lesson

The San Diego Unified School District was ordered by a federal judge to disclose any evidence that includes information about their work with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). This order stems from the district having previous relations with CAIR, so much as having leaders walk into classrooms to distribute or review propaganda like materials. This was also in direct connection to the district implementing an anti-Islamophobia program that focused on not bullying kids who are preaching the Islamic religion. The movement sparked concerns and became controversial in nature once it was seen what was really happening.

The real controversy became heightened when people saw what CAIR wanted to do, which basically equated to their form of public indoctrination and trying to recruit kids to convert to Islam. CAIR wanted school calendars updated with Muslim holidays, Muslim training for staff, Muslim after-school clubs, safe spaces for Muslim students, and more Muslim materials in the school library. This was all something they wanted for the minority of Muslim students while wanting nothing equal for students of any other religion.

It was proposed as an anti-bullying effort but had come to be viewed as a recruitment and brainwashing effort by CAIR, who has been labeled as a terrorist organization by many American citizens.

Conservative Tribune posted more about the issue:
“The multi-year anti-bullying plan, developed with assistance from CAIR, called for adding Muslim holidays to staff calendars, introducing new library materials on Muslim culture, encouraging Muslim-centered high school clubs, creating “safe spaces” for Muslim students and providing staff training about Muslim culture.

Hanif Mohebi, the executive director of CAIR-San Diego, praised the initiative and said it should serve as a model for school districts across the country.

“If we do this right, San Diego Unified School District would be the leading school district in the nation to come up with a robust and beautiful anti-bully and anti-Islamophobic program,” Mohebi told The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Mohebi was invited to give talks at more than a dozen San Diego schools starting in late 2016 to teach students and teachers how to reduce bullying of Muslim students.

Hanif gave pamphlets to students that advised Muslim youth to contact CAIR if they faced bullying, which according to CAIR includes “insulting comments about Islam.”

Handing out such pamphlets is considered to be “both a religious and educational exercise,” according to the CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad who testified before the National Labor Relations Board in 2016.

Many parents were outraged. They thought the initiative looked more like a religious advocacy program than an anti-bullying initiative.

A lawsuit filed in May by the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund accused the school district of entangling itself with CAIR to set up a “subtle, discriminatory scheme that establishes Muslim students as the privileged religious group.”

“Consequently, students of other faiths are left on the outside looking in, vulnerable to religiously motivated bullying, while Muslim students enjoy an exclusive right to the School District’s benevolent protection,” the lawsuit stated.

Charles LiMandri, president and chief counsel of the FCDF, urged the San Diego school system to rescind the policy, saying it likely violated the First Amendment because it was drafted with assistance from CAIR, an overtly religious organization.”

Violation of the Constitution, segregation of Muslim students from the others, and putting an unnecessary priority on one group or religion over the rest is something that no school should participate in. A successful anti-bullying policy will include all students, regardless of race, religion, or gender, and it will work to ensure all students remain safe while bullies are called out.

The program that involved CAIR should have raised eyebrows from parents as it was more of an indoctrination in hopes to get kids to unwillingly convert to a religion that oppresses women and has multiple connections to previous acts of terror. Many people criticize the Islamic religion for the actions of terror committed by some people which have placed a negative shadow over the faith in general. The crimes committed in other countries are also part of the reason that many people have grown to have a negative attitude towards Islam. Those crimes include stoning people, honor killing, murdering gays, marrying children, beating women, and sleeping with animals.

It’s safe to say that any bullying policy should always include all, not just some. All kids matter.

Joe Biden’s Niece Pleads Guilty to Major Crime — Her ‘Punishment’ Sparks Outrage Across U.S.

Democrats have only ever been good at one thing: stealing money from other people.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s niece, Caroline Biden, pleaded guilty in 2017 to stealing a borrowed credit card and going on a $100,000 shopping spree. She has now paid it all back.

However, Biden’s “punishment” has sparked outrage across the country.

Here are the details…

From BizPac Review:

The niece of former Vice President Joe Biden paid over $100,000 in court-ordered restitution on Friday, as part of an arrangement to avoid jail time for a six-figure shopping spree with a stolen credit card.

Biden, 30, accepted the deal under which she paid back $110,810.04 after pleading guilty to grand larceny in the Manhattan Supreme Court, the New York Post reports.

The former vice president’s niece was sentenced to two years’ probation back in June. The court agreed to drop the grand larceny charge against Biden and allow her to re-plead to petit larceny after she does 10 days of community service.

Biden’s recent skirt with the law stems from a 2015 incident in which she asked to borrow an unidentified man’s credit card for a $672 purchase at Manhattan’s Bigelow Apothecaries on Sixth Avenue.

She vastly exceeded that amount, charging the card with a total of $110,810.04. Biden was arrested in May 2017, and charged with grand and petit larceny. READ MORE


BREAKING: U.S. Judge Sides Trump – California Is Finished

In a shocking move, U.S. District Judge William Orrick balked from ordering President Donald Trump to pay California $1 million in delayed law enforcement funding after Trump refused to make the payment because California is a supposed sanctuary state.

The Trump administration has put a halt to the payout to California because of its support for lawbreaking illegal aliens. But the state took Trump to court to force the feds to hand over the state’s scheduled payment for law enforcement expenditures.

Granted the administration has not said that the state will not ever get the payout, only that the money is delayed while the administration questions California’s policies.

Still, it was a mixed bag on the judge’s ruling. While Judge Orrick didn’t order the administration to immediately hand over the cash — as the state of California demanded — Orrick also didn’t agree to dismiss California’s lawsuit as the administration wanted him to do.

Orrick said the whole situation raised “weighty and novel constitutional issues,” according to the Associated Press.

California is the big test case for the Trump administration. The question is whether the federal government is required to return federal funds to states that buck U.S. immigration policy by creating sanctuary city or sanctuary state rules that prevent local police from cooperating with federal officials.

As the AP notes:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has blamed “sanctuary city” policies for crime and gang violence. In July, Sessions announced that cities and states could only receive Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance grants if they allow federal immigration officials access to detention facilities and provide advance notice when someone in the country illegally is about to be released.

Cities and states were also required to certify that they complied with a particular federal immigration law. The Trump administration says that law requires that California not restrict officials from sharing information regarding immigration status with federal immigration officers, including information regarding a person’s date of release from state custody and home address.

The AP also noted that at least one ruling along this topic has already been handed down:

A federal judge in Chicago last year blocked the advance notice and access requirements in a ruling that applied nationwide. But U.S. District Judge Harry D. Leinenweber said the DOJ could require Byrne Memorial grant recipients to certify compliance with the federal immigration law at issue. Read More @ American News Central 


BREAKING: U.S. State Of EMERGENCY Just Declared – Soldiers Deployed To Area

In a shocking sudden move, a state of emergency has just been declared in the heart of the country as soldiers have been deployed and are on their way to the area. The threat is to such a degree that people will die if they don’t follow urgent orders, which in part, demands citizens go on immediate lockdown in their homes. Declaring a state of emergency is not an announcement made hastily or without warrant and there’s a good reason this decision was made an is absolutely necessary.

For the second time in two months, the State of New Jersey are being locked in as a matter of life and death. On January 5, people in four counties were ordered to stay inside after New Jersy’s Governor Chris Christie demanded everyone to do three things. At the time, if any one of these demands is not taken seriously if could definitely cost someone their life. Now, exactly eight weeks later, a second state of emergency has been declared for New Jersey as well as other nearby areas.

Fox News reports:

A large storm system that’s brought a wintry mix across the Midwest is set to slam the Northeast on Wednesday as some people still remain without power from last week’s storm.

The National Weather Service said the storm is going to transition into a nor’easter as it moves off the East Coast, bringing between 6 to 12 inches of snow across much of the region. Winter Storm Warnings have been posted stretching from Philadelphia to the Boston-area, with areas north and west of the Interstate 95 corridor expected to see the greatest amount of snow.

“Areas south and east of the big cities will see less snow and more of a mixing which will cut back on snow totals,” Fox News Senior Meteorologist Janice Dean said Tuesday “The heaviest snow will start late-morning through the afternoon Wednesday and into the dinnertime hour.”

The nor’easter will also bring winds gusting between 40 and 50 mph, bringing the threat of power outages to an area still cleaning up from the powerful storm last week.

“Not good news for folks who are still without power from this past weekend’s storm,” Dean said.

Declaring a state of emergency was an important move for more than just the safety of the citizens. By making it official, it also grants a state the ability to qualify for federal funds that can be used for immediate response and recovery. New Jersey is definitely going to need the help they can get considering that the first storm, appropriately dubbed “Bomb Cyclone,” left a devastating mark with a freezing hurricane effect that hasn’t been seen in decades. Recovery is not even completed yet and is about to get hit with another major setback from a second cyclone.

Fox News explains:

That storm knocked out power to more than 2 million homes and businesses, flooded coastal towns and forced a number of school districts to cancel classes. It was blamed for nine deaths from Virginia to Massachusetts.

More than 90,000 utility customers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are still without power, according to FOX 29.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy declared a state of emergency for the Garden State effective 8 p.m. Tuesday ahead of the storm.

“It’s expected to hit us tonight through tomorrow, bringing wet, heavy snow,” he said during a news conference.

The governor told people not to “panic,” but said they should use “extreme caution” if traveling on state roads.

The storm system moving across the Midwest snarled traffic and closed schools on Monday as it brought freezing rain, heavy snow and strong winds to the region.

“State emergency management officials have the power to redirect traffic or close roads to protect public safety, according to state law. Local, county and state authorities can close roads or cut off access to shopping centers or business plazas if conditions become dangerous,” continued. “The governor may declare government offices closed, but he cannot compel individual private businesses to shut down operations. An emergency declaration doesn’t mean motorists will be ticketed for merely being on the roads.”

America has seen more than our fair share of natural disasters this year from multiple hurricanes that his Florida and Texas, where they are still recovering from it in Houston, and even a magnitude 4 earthquake just this week in California – the epicenter of which was in Berkely.

The one thing different than previous years and disasters is that we have a president and first lady who show up to help immediately after and even come back later and prove that the victims are not forgotten. We saw this most recently in Texas with First Lady Melania Trump coming back to Houston during the holidays to help months after the storm swept the state. Now, we’ll undoubtedly see this same effort of compassion for the eastern part of the United States being pummeled by exceptionally freezing temperatures and snow right now.

Singer Fergie: “More Than Thousands Of People, Especially Kids Died By Trump’s 2nd Amendment Than Terrorist Bloody Attacks In The Whole U.S. Wake Up America I’ts Time To Impeach Him.” Do You Agree Her?

Actor Tom Hanks: “More Than Thousands Of People, Especially Kids Died By Trump’s 2nd Amendment Than Terrorist Bloody Attacks In The Whole U.S. Wake Up America I’ts Time To Impeach Him.” Do You Agree Him?

Fergie opened up Monday about her national anthem performance that caused NBA All-Stars to laugh, and critics on social media to mock the undeniably unusual rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

“I’ve always been honored and proud to perform the national anthem and last night I wanted to try something special for the NBA. I’m a risk taker artistically, but clearly this rendition didn’t strike the intended tone. I love this country and honestly tried my best,” the Black Eyed Peas singer told TMZ.

Still, a source close to the 42-year-old singer told Us Weekly that the star thought everything was alright during Sunday’s performance.


“Neither Fergie nor her team thought anything was wrong with her national anthem rendition,” a source told the outlet. “That’s the way she sings a lot of her songs. She loves adding a little sexiness and being different with her riffs. It was meant to be jazz-inspired. She wanted to stand out.”

As previously reported, not everyone was on board with Fergie’s alternate rendition of the national anthem, which opened the big game.

Not only did commentators react to the strange performance during halftime, but the players appeared to be giggling at her while she was still in the middle of her performance, which lasted more than two and a half minutes.