After CNN Attacked Hannity For 2 Days, Sean Leaks Their Dirty Laundry Live on TV

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After Conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity got private counsel from President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, the mainstream media spent all of Monday and Tuesday attacking him. CNN was at the forefront of the attack. They insisted that this is a “conflict of interest” and ruins any credibility Hannity previously had.

The Fox News host cleared everything up when he explained that he had never actually hired Cohen. All that took place were private discussions, however the media wasn’t finished with Hannity yet.

Last night, Hannity went on live television and exposed a disgusting secret of two famous reporters that CNN never wanted getting out.

Hannity started off, “I’m not surprised the media is going after me. It’s predictable, it’s pathetic. Now here’s the truth. The media is guilty of every single solitary thing they’ve been accusing ME of over the last 24 hours. The media is the sewer. They are the swamp. And they’re part of this incestuous corruption and conflict and they sure don’t want to talk about transparency. Here’s why…”

Take a look at the video clip below:

Hannity started off by explaining that Jake Tapper had previously been a spokesman for an anti-gun organization. He did not disclose this information when he was hosting the CNN-sponsored “Town Hall” event on gun violence. To top it all off, Tapper was also a spokesman for A Democratic Congresswoman whose son just so happens to be married to Chelsea Clinton.

The Fox News host questioned, “Oh so did Fake News CNN ever disclose all of this when he hosted CNN’s gun control town hall a few months ago? And I wonder if Jake is going to disclose all of this on his show tomorrow? I DOUBT IT! According to the Center for Public Integrity, 96% of Presidential Campaign donations from journalists went to Hillary Clinton. Will all those people now come clean about their political contributions. And their support for Hillary Clinton?”

He went on to show a clip of ABC host George Stephanopoulos, who interviewed James Comey. You can see the ABC host verbally threatening those who oppose his political stance during his time as a senior member of Bill Clinton’s Presidential Campaign in the clip. Stephanopoulos went on to become a senior advisor to Clinton during his time in the White House. He is also a known donor of the Clinton foundation.

All of a sudden we are supposed to pretend like he is totally unbiased as a reporter?

Sean also reminded viewers that he doesn’t put on a front, unlike the leftists who are attacking him. He is and will always be a conservative Trump supporter, meanwhile the left pretends that they are “partisan,” when clearly they hate Trump.

Rush Limbaugh had something to say about the matter on his show yesterday too:

“…There is SO MUCH glaring hypocrisy. It really frosts me that hypocrisy never sticks to these people on the left. THEY define collusion, THEY define conflict of interest, THEY are architects of deceit, THEY Are never forthcoming about who they really are. And if you try to find out, they start squealing like stuck pigs that you can’t. Because they’re ‘protected by the first amendment, they are journalists so they’re never the story you can’t talk about them.”


INSTANT JUSTICE: After CNN Attacked Him For Days, Hannity Leaked Their Worst Nightmare on Live TV

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Liberal MSM have spent two full days attacking Hannity for getting private counsel from Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen.

Hannity cleared it up when he revealed he never hired Cohen, they just had casual private discussions.

But Hannity went on live TV last night and leaked CNN’s worst nightmare. He exposed the sick secret 2 famous reporters never wanted coming out. (Video Below)

“I’m not surprised the media is going after me. It’s predictable, it’s pathetic. Now here’s the truth. The media is guilty of every single solitary thing they’ve been accusing ME of over the last 24 hours.”

“The media is the sewer. They are the swamp. And they’re part of this incestuous corruption and conflict and they sure don’t want to talk about transparency. Here’s why…”


Hannity: “Oh so did Fake News CNN ever disclose all of this when he hosted CNN’s gun control town hall a few months ago? And I wonder if Jake is going to disclose all of this on his show tomorrow? I DOUBT IT!”

Live On TV, Hannity Just Took Out a Single Piece of Paper That May End Up Sending James Comey To Prison

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Popular conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity began last night’s show with something so damning, it will make former FBI Director James Comey regret ever writing his new book. The former FBI Director has been spending time appearing on liberal talk shows working to promote his new book, which has overwhelmingly anti-Trump sentiments. Sean Hannity just did something that is going to make James Comey lose his mind. The Fox News host pulled out a piece of paper that will change the entire game.

Hannity opened up a letter from 10 influential Congressmen which called for a criminal investigation into James Comey himself after his book was released. The Fox News host stated“Congressmen Ron Desantis and 10 other members of Congress have sent a criminal referral letter to the Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the FBI Director Christopher Wray… and these members of Congress are calling for criminal investigations into the potentially illegal actions of James Comey…We’ve been warning this self-serving, holier-than-thou FBI Director that he has the right to remain silent, but Jim Comey just can’t seem to keep his mouth shut. And it’s been amazing to me that Comey doesn’t have an army of lawyers telling him to keep quiet and not realease this book because he is now tonight facing serious legal exposure.”

That’s not even the worst of it for the former FBI Director. Hannity explained the case against Comey and exactly why he should be concerned enough to be contacting a lawyer instead of going on book tours.

Take a look at the video below:

It is dire that Comey be held accountable for his actions, because if he is granted a pass, this reinforces the doubts that Americans have about the way our country’s Justice system works, treating those involved in the government with special privileges.

Fox News reported:

But what potential charges could Comey could face?

Obstruction of justice over the handling of the Clinton email investigation; lying to Congress over the conclusion of that investigation; theft of government property, in the form of his leaked memos; and abuse of power over the infamous Steele dossier. These are among the crimes that there are strong grounds to argue James Comey committed.

Worse even than that, the more that we learn – from Comey and others – about the conduct of the Obama administration and its senior officials during the late stages of the 2016 presidential election, and in the transition period before President Trump’s inauguration, the more it appears that a truly frightening usurpation of the democratic process might have been attempted.

Let’s hope we see some justice here.


Meghan McCain Calls Out Stormy Daniels, To Her Face, on Live TV

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Meghan McCain, co-host of ABC’s “The View,” has proven to be quite outspoken in the past, but this time what she said really took the cake. The daughter of Senator John McCain is known for offering a counter view on issues that co-hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg would normally throw a liberal spin on. This past Tuesday, the porn star who alleged that she had a consensual sexual relationship with Donald Trump roughly a decade ago, Stormy Daniels, was a guest on the show. You can bet that Meghan McCain had a few things to say to her.

McCain hit Daniels with a question that most of America has been dying to ask since she came forward initially. It all happened during a lengthy interview with the porn star and had to do with the porn star’s appearance at a court hearing on Monday in Manhattan. The hearing was on the case of President Trump’s personal attorney whose office and home was recently raided by the FBI, Michael Cohen.

The New York Post wrote“Porn star Stormy Daniels tripped and nearly fell in a pair of towering black strappy stilettos as she was swarmed by dozens of photographers outside Manhattan federal court Monday. She turned heads as she entered the courtroom and took a seat in the galley.”

It doesn’t sound to me like Daniels was trying to show up incognito at all. She was clearly looking to be noticed, and it was clear that the Trump-haters on “The View” didn’t want to talk about it at all, but McCain wasn’t beating around the bush.

McCain claimed, “It seems like a publicity stunt on some level.”

She went on, “I mean, I think yesterday, because you didn’t have anything to do with the case, it seemed a little like you were just trying to get attention, which I understand that you’re being sued by our president, but it does seem like you’re benefiting a lot… You’re going on your ‘Make America Horny Again’ tour. I’m sure you’re making a lot of money, no disrespect. I hadn’t heard your name until all this had happened and now you’re literally live on ‘The View’ giving an entire interview with us. So, it has been beneficial for your career.”

It’s a fairly safe bet that most of America, much like Meghan McCain, had never even heard of the porn star before she came forward with allegations against Trump. Daniels’ response was a pathetic attempt at getting to the hearts of the mainly female audience of “The View.” In a last ditch effort, she tried to portray herself as a hardworking mother, but that didn’t work either.

Take a look at the video below to see Meghan McCain tear Stormy Daniels apart.


Roseanne Goes Nuclear: On Live Tv Tells Kimmel To ‘Zip That F***Ing Lip’

We’ve reported about outspoken conservative leaning actress and comedienne Roseanne Barr in the past. She has been open about being a Trump supporter, despite the ridicule that goes along with being a conservative in Hollywood. The iconic actress and acomedienne had a lot to say when it came down to politics during a late-night television interview. She told the ultra liberal host Jimmy Kimmel that he was so “f***ing far left” that he lost everyone and he should consider that he might want to “zip that f***ing lip.”

Bar appeared on the show sitting next to her former costar John Goodman. The two were promoting their soon to be released television revival series of “Roseanne.” Barr started a political debate with Kimmel about Hillary Clinton, President Donald Trump, and Vice President Mike Pence.

Kimmel started off “You are a very liberal, socially liberal person in general.”

“I’m still the same, you all moved. You all went so f***ing far out you lost everybody,” she cut in. “Seriously, a lot of your audience -including me- A lot of us, no matter who we voted for, we don’t want to see our president fail.”

“So zip that “f***ing lip,” she went on.

Watch Roseanne and Kimmel get into it below.

Kimmel almost seemed at a loss as to how to react to Barr’s challenging nature. He should have known what was coming when Roseanne agreed to come on the show in the first place. She’s always been outspoken, especially since President Trump was elected into office. She has been an avid Trump supporter, and she is never afraid to tell these liberal Hollywood types how it really is. Her interview with Kimmel was no exception.


Tomi Lahren Wrecks Michelle Obama on National TV… Left Outraged

Conservative reporter Toni Lahren has made it this far in her career by sticking to her guns and displaying her no-nonsense persona for the world to see. She has made it all the way to being a major contributor to Fox News, and what she just came out and said isn’t going to sit well with the Left. She is no stranger to dishing out reality checks to anyone who is in need of one. She is always the first to tell Liberals when they’re being overly confident about what they think they know. I think it’s safe for me to say that the majority of us are sick and tired of hearing Leftists claim that they know everything. So, Lahren’s reality checks are welcome.

In the most recent news involving Tomi Lahren, the conservative host went off on former First Lady Michelle Obama. The former First Lady recently made some pretty rude comments about women in America who voted for President Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election. She stated that any woman who voted for Trump voted “against their own voice.” It’s important to note that 42% of women in our country voted for him... so needless to say, there was some major backlash towards Michelle Obama over her comments.

Let’s just call ourselves deplorable and be proud that 42% of women in the United States stood up and voted for the man who was the right man for the job. Michelle Obama’s disgustingly rude comments warranted a strike back from Tomi Lahren that she wouldn’t soon forget. You can watch Lahren’s argument below…

Lahren stated, “You’re dang right I voted against Hillary Clinton, and the fact Mrs. Obama thinks that makes me less of a woman tells you everything you need to know about the left. No Michelle, as a woman I did not want the first female president to be Hillary Clinton and for good reason. I also didn’t want another four years of your husband’s failed legacy. Oh, and trust me, I didn’t lose my voice. You’re gonna hear my voice, loud and clear. How dare you diminish and degrade my vote! How dare you look down on Trump-supporting women!”

I don’t think anyone could have said it better than Lahren did. If Hillary Clinton had won the election by some stretch, we would be looking at another four years of the same crap that we dealt with for eight years of Obama. Women who support Donald Trump support a man who truly wants good things for this country. He is doing everything he can to reverse the issues left behind by former President Barack Obama.

While the Left likes to believe that women must flaunt the fact that they are women, claiming that they support feminism, they are being completely sexist. To have a voice women must highlight the fact that they are female? It doesn’t make sense.

Lahren explained at the end of her statement that she hopes Michelle Obama heard her loud and clear and hopes that next time she decides to bash free-thinking women who voted for Trump, she had better think twice.

Let’s hope more women begin to speak out against the ridiculous comments of Michelle Obama. After all, our guy won for a reason.


Watch: Schweizer Details Biden Family Deals with China

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On Monday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel, author and Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer discussed his new book, “Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends” and deals involving China and Joe Biden’s son, Hunter.

Schweizer said, “[B]asically, what happens is in 2013, Joe Biden, flies to China to talk to them about very sensitive issues, the South China Sea, talking about trade issues, economic issues. Hunter Biden, his son, is with him on Air Force Two. Okay, that’s fine. That’s great. Here’s the problem, ten days after they come back, after Joe Biden takes a pretty soft position towards the Chinese, Hunter Biden inks a — what becomes $1.5 billion deal.”

He further discussed two more deals that involved John Kerry’s family, one of Kerry’s aides, and Hunter Biden.


Singer Sheryl Crow: ‘I Forbid My Kids To Watch TV When Trump Is On, I Prefer Classy People Like Hillary Or…’

Recently on ABC’s “The View,” singer and Hillary Clinton fan Sheryl Crow stated that she doesn’t let her children see President Donald Trump on TV because she is “embarrassed.”


Crow stated, “I did travel with Mrs. Clinton. I went to Bosnia. She has done a lot of work for, like, 30 years for women and children. And I don’t care—you know, I saw what happened with President Obama.”


“It made me sick. I think he brought out some real bigotry in the country by virtue of the fact that he was the first black president.”

“I’m just speaking my mind here. I’m seeing it with the first female president and it sickens me.”

“As far as Trump is concerned, I met him on the set of “Studio 54.” It was a movie, and he was being who he is, which is Donald Trump, you know.

He was making his appearance. That’s me and Cindy Crawford. I’m trying to look as tall as she is.”

“But that’s the only time I’ve ever met him. But you know, I’m embarrassed. My kids, I don’t want to go too far into it but I don’t let my kids watch TV when he’s on.”

“It’s just—I want to be able to say to my kids, being the president of the United States is the most honorable position and it needs to go back to that and we need to change the dialogue.”


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After CNN’s Acosta Screams at Sarah For Not Calling on Him, Ms. Huckabee Embarrassed Him On Live TV

Kirsters Baish| White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is always up to kick some serious reporter butt when they show her disrespect during press briefings. It seems like CNN’s Jim Acosta is always trying to get under Sanders’s skin, and this week was no different. During yesterday’s press briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders invited two United States military veterans to sit up front. She was trying to let them speak when Acosta began screaming over them and completely ruined the entire moment.

Sanders’s quick response to Acosta’s rude behavior went viral on the internet and totally embarrassed the liberal reporter.

Sargent Peck and Staff Sargent Dwyer were both seriously injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sargent Dwyer was struck with a traumatic brain injury. He rehabilitated himself and re-enlisted to serve one more tour during which he suffered from another injury during an explosion.

It shouldn’t have surprised anyone when CNN reporter Jim Acosta made it about himself, as per usual. While Sanders tried to let the veterans speak, Acosta screamed out, “Hey, Sarah! This is the third briefing you’ve not taken a question from CNN!”

It wasn’t just Sanders who was annoyed by Acosta’s outburst. Other reporters can be heard saying, “Let them speak… Let them speak..”

Sargent Dwyer and Staff Sargent Peck were both extremely uncomfortable by Acosta’s outburst and felt it best to just leave with Sarah when she walked out. That wasn’t it, either. Acosta continued the whining on Twitter. Sarah Huckabee Sanders had a great response though.

Acosta Tweeted, “Third press briefing in a row that Sarah did not take a question from CNN. #Courage”

She fired back with this brutal response, and it’s going viral.

Watch the full press briefing below:



Illegal Alien Goes On National TV And Complains: Donald Trump Is a Threat To The Way of Life in “OUR” Communities


Ms. Martinez is the director of the United We Dream Network and has recently spoke on MSNBC.

She openly expressed that President Trump’s actions towards illegal immigrants are too aggressive and threatens her and her “communities” way of life.

Has she lost her mind?

Honestly, the ones that are a threat to our way of life is the illegal immigrants themselves. Grease Martinez’s presence in America is being funded by the American taxpayers’ money, which is supposed to be supporting Americans in need, like veterans who live on the streets.

According to americanjournalreview:

Instead these ‘Dreamers’ get access to all kinds of government benefits for absolutely no reason. It’s downright criminal the way these illegals are treated with higher importance and the entitled behavior to top it off is infuriating.

Via Evening Compass:

Recently on MSNBC, the director at the United We Dream Network, herself an undocumented “dreamer”, Greisa Martinez said Republican President Donald Trump was “a threat to the way of life in our communities.”

Martinez said, “For people like myself that are undocumented and have undocumented family members, it’s been clear from day one that he wants to enact mass deportation. He wants to deport me and my mother. That is crystal clear for all of us. But this in and out and softening or not is just erratic behavior and concerning to our country.”

She added, “As someone whose father was deported eight years ago, I understand the pain that brings to communities. But Donald Trump wants to make something that’s already bad and toxic and make it worse. He has promised to increase the force by triple in the community. He has promised to deport people like myself and my families and U.S. citizen children along with them. So I think that Donald Trump is a threat to the way of life in our communities.”