Payback! Elected Officials In Sanctuary Cities Get News They’ve Been FEARING Since Trump’s Election

It’s about dang time!

The DHS secretary has just confirmed that sanctuary city leaders will be targeted.


Check this out…

From Washington Times via Weasel Zippers:

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen confirmed Tuesday that her department has asked federal prosecutors to see if they can lodge criminal charges against sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal deportation efforts.

“The Department of Justice is reviewing what avenues may be available,” Ms. Nielsen told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Her confirmation came after California’s new sanctuary law went into effect Jan. 1, severely restricting cooperation the state or any of its localities could offer.

More from Nielsen’s hearing, where Democrat Sen. Cory Booker lashed out for a good while – per Washington Examiner:

Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., was enraged during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday and admitted he was “seething with anger” over President Trump’s alleged “shithole comments” and a Cabinet official’s statement that she did not recall the incident.

“I had tears of rage,” Booker bellowed at Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen in reference to when he first heard of Trump’s “shithole countries” remark last week. “And for you not to feel that hurt and that pain and to dismiss the questions of my colleagues, with tens of millions Americans hurting right now because they’re worried about what happened in the White House …”

Thank you, President Trump!

Mika Brzezinski Doesn’t Believe In Medicine!!! Calls Trump “EVIL” For Being Healthy!

As every single liberal hoax against the President, the conspiracy that Donald Trump is somehow mentally ill ended almost as soon as it started, the reality showed the truth.

The President visited a doctor and dealt with it.

But this news was considered by Mika Brzezinski as “truly frightening”

“That along with the fact that the president appears to be, according to the doctor, healthy worries me. Because if he wasn’t healthy that would be a great excuse for this behavior. Now he has none. Which you can then deduce other things that are for more nefarious and frightening,” she said.

As she continued, you will surely notice the way she behaves, more and more like lunatic, and as she finishes you cannot say that she is mentally stable. She began, “I’m disturbed that they say he’s cognitively healthy. I think the word evil comes to mind. I’m not sure if it makes me feel better that this doctor says he has no cognitive issues. It makes me feel worse and more worried for the country,” said Brzezinski.

“We won’t question the doctor,” Co-host Joe Scarborough said, “I will say on his mental sharpness, if that is, in fact, the case, and medically, perhaps, that is. He has shocked and surprised a lot of people who have worked with him for the past several years who have been saying that he is not.”

She agreed adding, “take the doctor at his word though in terms of the testing and stuff.”

“That is, actually truly frightening. It leaves the options as to what’s going on, in a very bad category,” she finished.

This is truly one of Mika’s worst behaviors as she acted so strange lately it leaves us questioning whether or not she should take the test and find out if she is ill, as she accuses Trump of being.

Watch the video on this LINK:

The President is perfectly fine, Mika is the one who is poked in the head.

President Trump Proclaims ‘Religious Freedom Day’, Defending Nuns and Bakers

Fulfilling yet another campaign promise, President Trump declared January 16, 2018, as “Religious Freedom Day,” pledging his ongoing defense of religious liberty.

“No American — whether a nun, nurse, baker, or business owner — should be forced to choose between the tenets of faith or adherence to the law,” Mr. Trump wrote in a presidential proclamation issued Tuesday.

During the lead-up to the 2016 elections, Trump promised to defend the religious freedom of Americans, criticizing Hillary Clinton’s wish to force the Little Sisters of the Poor to pay for contraceptives in their health care plan “and having the government fine them heavily if they continue to refuse to abide by this onerous mandate.”

“That is a hostility to religious liberty you will never see in a Trump Administration,” he said in a letter dated Oct. 5, 2016.

In his proclamation, the President declares that the American Founders, “seeking refuge from religious persecution, believed in the eternal truth that freedom is not a gift from the government, but a sacred right from Almighty God.”

Trump said that he selected Jan. 16 as the date for the commemoration of Religious Freedom Day because it coincides with the passage of the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom of January 16, 1786.

“This seminal bill, penned by Thomas Jefferson, states that, ‘all men shall be free to profess, and by argument to maintain, their opinions in matters of religion, and that the same shall in no wise diminish, enlarge, or affect their civil capacities,’” Trump noted.

“Five years later, these principles served as the inspiration for the First Amendment, which affirms our right to choose and exercise faith without government coercion or reprisal,” he added.

Last month, the prominent evangelical leader Franklin Graham called President Donald Trump the most vocal defender of the Christian faith of any president in recent history.

“Never in my lifetime have we had [a president] willing to take such a strong outspoken stand for the Christian faith” like [Donald Trump],” Graham tweeted. “We need to get behind him with our prayers.”

In his proclamation Tuesday, the President underscored the right of Americans not only to religious belief but to public religious practice, a distinction considered fundamental by religious liberty advocates.

“Our Constitution and laws guarantee Americans the right not just to believe as they see fit, but to freely exercise their religion,” Trump wrote.

“Unfortunately, not all have recognized the importance of religious freedom, whether by threatening tax consequences for particular forms of religious speech, or forcing people to comply with laws that violate their core religious beliefs without sufficient justification,” he noted.

“These incursions, little by little, can destroy the fundamental freedom underlying our democracy,” he said.

The President also promised to be a defender of religious freedom beyond America’s borders, where religious persecution is often violated.

“The United States is also the paramount champion for religious freedom around the world, because we do not believe that conscience rights are only for Americans,” he said. “We will continue to condemn and combat extremism, terrorism, and violence against people of faith, including genocide waged by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria against Yezidis, Christians, and Shia Muslims.”

Mr. Trump said that the United States will be “undeterred” in our commitment to monitor religious persecution and promote religious freedom. “Through these efforts, we strive for the day when people of all faiths can follow their hearts and worship according to their consciences,” he said.

“The free exercise of religion is a source of personal and national stability,” he said, “and its preservation is essential to protecting human dignity.”

“Faith breathes life and hope into our world. We must diligently guard, preserve, and cherish this unalienable right,” he said.

In proclaiming the celebration of Religious Freedom Day, the President called on all Americans “to commemorate this day with events and activities that remind us of our shared heritage of religious liberty and teach us to secure this blessing both at home and abroad.”

H/T Breitbart,

Democrats Are Supposedly Lining Up to Run Against Trump!


According to Democratic operative Jim Messina, Democrats are just lining up to run against President Trump in the next election.
According to Messina, he has spoken with 16 Dems so far willing to throw their hat in the ring. reports: Democratic operative Jim Messina, who headed up former President Obama’s successful 2012 re-election campaign, says he has met with representatives of 16 potential Democratic candidates who want to run against President Donald Trump. But he told ABC News’ “Powerhouse Politics” co-host Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl, even more people want to throw their hat in the ring.

“The good news for Democrats is there are 24 people thinking they could run for president. That’s a historic bench.”

And he’s excited about the Oprah Winfrey buzz.

“There’s a whole bunch of people trying to encourage her to run.”


Breaking: Trump Makes Proclamation On Possible North Korean War

President Trump has stated that it is “very possible” that the crisis with North Korea can’t be resolved peacefully.

From Zerohedge:

In an exclusive interview with Reuters, President Trump said on Wednesday that Russia is helping North Korea get supplies in violation of international sanctions and that Pyongyang is getting “closer every day” to being able to deliver a long-range missile to the United States. As a result, Trump said he hoped the standoff with Pyongyang could be resolved “in a peaceful way, but it’s very possible that it can’t.”

Having learned his lesson from his recent WSJ interview, Trump declined to comment when asked whether he had engaged in any communications at all with Kim, with whom he has exchanged public insults and threats, heightening tensions in the region. He did, however, blame Moscow:

“Russia is not helping us at all with North Korea,” Trump said during the Oval Office interview. “What China is helping us with, Russia is denting. In other words, Russia is making up for some of what China is doing.”

Which is ironic because it was a Chinese, not Russian ship, that was recently observed illegally selling oil to North Korea. It’s even more ironic that in the interview, Trump praised China for its efforts to restrict oil and coal supplies to North Korea but said Beijing could do much more to help constrain Pyongyang.

In any case, with North Korea still the major global challenge facing Trump this year, the president cast doubt during the 53-minute interview whether talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would be useful. In the past he has not ruled out direct talks with Kim.

“I’d sit down, but I‘m not sure that sitting down will solve the problem,” he said, noting that past negotiations with the North Koreans by his predecessors had failed to rein in North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs.

“They’ve talked for 25 years and they’ve taken advantage of our presidents, of our previous presidents,” he said.

The remarks come after Trump’s statement earlier in January, in which he said he is “absolutely” willing to talk on the phone to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un if certain conditions are met.

H/T Mega News,

BREAKING: Anti-Trump Group Founder Just Arrested!

The Founder of a Portland Anti-Trump group was just arrested for kidnapping and strangling his ex-girlfriend according to reports on Thursday.

The Daily Caller reported: The #MeToo movement is catching up with sexual predators who brand themselves “male feminist allies” within the progressive movement, and Portland’s Resistance co-founder Gregory McKelvey is the latest activist to have his skeletons unearthed.

The prominent Portland-based activist was outed for previously being arrested and jailed on suspicion of strangling and kidnapping his ex-girlfriend six years ago, a Wednesday article in The Oregonian revealed.

McKelvey is one of the most prominent social justice activists in Portland, first emerging in the city’s politics in 2016 as a vocal supporter of Bernie Sanders, and then later as a figurehead in the Portland’s Black Lives Matter movement.

He is the co-founder of Portland’s Resistance, whose leader—a sex offender named Micah Rhodes—was charged with sexually abusing a minor in 2017.

McKelvey achieved fame following Donald Trump’s victory with his establishment of Portland’s Resistance as a model to “resist” the democratically-elected president’s agenda, and led street demonstrations numbering in the thousands in protest of Trump. His advocacy for social justice causes earned him profiles in liberal and left-leaning publications, including Vice and The Guardian.


Army Vet Who Called Out Maxine Waters for Skipping Trump’s SOTU Address Gets a Surprise Invite

The U.S. Army veteran who offered to take Rep. Maxine Waters’ (D-CA) seat at President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address just got a big surprise.

After Waters said last week she would be skipping Trump’s address on Jan. 30 because the president “lies in the face of facts,” Ricky Taylor, who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan, said he’d “gladly” take her place:

Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) saw Taylor’s appearance this week on Fox News and decided to give him a ticket to Trump’s State of the Union address. Duffy described attending the event as “a great American experience.”

The Army veteran said Thursday morning he hasn’t heard back from Waters because he — a black Latino veteran — doesn’t fit her “narrative.”

“She wants to portray Donald Trump supporters as middle-aged white men that live in trailers and have Confederate flags sticking out,” he said, “so I just don’t think it fit her narrative and I pretty much knew I wouldn’t get a response from her.”

Trump Kicks CNN’s Jim Acosta Out of Rare Press Briefing, His Reaction Is The Icing On the Cake [VIDEO]

Kirsters Baish| The mainstream media has been after Trump since day one. So, we can’t really blame him for any bias he may have against them. They won’t treat him fairly, and I don’t see this changing anytime soon. The numbers speak for themselves when it comes to the mainstream media.

Fox News reported that a Media Research Center study found that over the past there months, evening news coverage of President Donald Trump on the main broadcast stations has stood at 91 percent negative.

The Media Research Center explained that by the end of August of 2017, roughly 40 percent of coverage on ABC, NBC, and CBS’s nightly news coverage had to do with the Trump administration or what was going on in the White House.

I don’t see how this is remotely justifiable.

While President Trump was finishing up a press conference on Tuesday, one liberal big mouth reporter decided it was a good time to ask the President a ridiculous question and put himself right in the line of fire.

You guessed it. It was CNN’s Jim Acosta who has been known to harass White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders at just about every single press briefing. Trump wasn’t about to hold back on Acosta.

The Daily caller reported:

After the comments, Trump thanked the press for being there. As staffers asked the press to leave the Oval Office, a barrage of questions were shouted at the president. Many were shouted by CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta. Acosta loudly asked about Norway and Steve Bannon, causing the White House staff to reprimand him with a quick ” Jim, thank you. Please exit. Thanks, everyone.”

Trump, for his part, had a one word response to Acosta’s questioning: “Out.”

Acosta wasn’t exactly happy about that.

Sean Hannity reported that CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta decided to publicly complain about the treatment that White House officials gave him via social media on Tuesday. He complained that the press aides “shouted in his face.” He went on to claim that this was the kind of behavior you “would see in a different country.”

Acosta was all over Twitter this week complaining about President Trump and his administration. He cried that he “has never encountered” this kind of resistance from officials of the White House. He said it was “certainly” not something he expected to see in the United States.

This guy really doesn’t care about sharing the truth with the citizens of America. He wants to cry until he gets his way, which seems to be a trend among liberals these days. We all remember Acosta’s grandstanding about the statue of liberty. Stephen Miller wasn’t having any of it.

Reporters are definitely not supposed to act the way that Acosta does. The craziest part of it all? Acosta was actually recently promoted by CNN!

The Hill explained that Acosta was named CNN’s chief White House correspondent.

Acosta’s previous title was senior White House correspondent. He has covered both the Obama and the Trump administrations for CNN since 2013. CNN’s public relations department reported in an announcement, “CNN has announced a number of new assignments for its White House and Washington-based correspondents, timed to the start of President Trump’s second year in office.”

This just goes to show you that CNN really doesn’t know what they’re doing at all if they’ll promote someone like Jim Acosta.

President Trump Scores Mammoth Victory In Court – Illegal Voters Just Got Burned

Kirsters Baish| Our country has been having a serious problem with voter fraud. The left has been fighting with all they have in order to downplay the size of the problem, but they only do it because it’s furthering their own cause. They are the only ones benefitting from illegal voters.

Throughout the years it has been drilled into our heads that there is no real issue. The Left has tried to convince us that there is no real problem and that it is ridiculous to require photo IDs or any kind of strict oversight. The Left wants us all to think that the Republican Party is discriminatory against poor and minority voters which would apparently be affected by these policies.

Following President Trump’s victory, all of a sudden the Left claimed voter fraud was all over the place. However, the only way that President Trump won was because of American voters… not because of the Russians as Liberals decided to claim.

President Trump wasn’t just content with his victory, however. He decided to prove the Left wrong and opt to create a commission that would look into voter fraud in the U.S. during the 2016 presidential election.

Fox News reported that on Monday a federal judge allowed for President Donald Trump’s commission on election fraud to start up again and collect a detailed voter roll of information from our country.

In November, the commission solicited states to hand over publicly available data which included, but was not limited to, registered voters’ names, birth dates, as well as partial Social Security numbers.

A judge halted their plans, however. This forced the commission to stop until a lawsuit which was filed by the Electronic Privacy Information Center which is located in Washington was settled once and for all.

United States District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly is now denying the request made by the advocacy group which would block the data collection in a ruling that commission vice chairman Kris Kobach called “a major victory for government accountability, transparency and the public’s right to know about the integrity of our elections processes.

Kobach, the Republican Secretary of State in Kansas, also stated, “The commission requested this publicly available data as part of its fact-gathering process, which is information that states regularly release to political candidates, political parties and the general publicWe look forward to continuing to work with state election leaders to gather information and identify opportunities to improve election integrity.”.

It was ruled by the judge that the collection commission is not an agency, so they are not subject to this kind of assessment. She also found that the group did not show that its members would be harmed by the collection of data.



On Wednesday, the crew from ‘Morning Joe’ let us know how they REALLY feel about the Presdient, saying they were “disturbed” by Trump’s cognitive test results.

In case you missed it, President Trump’s physician came out yesterday and put to bed every single myth the media has been telling about President Trump. He reported that Trump scored a perfect 30-out-of-30 on his cognitive test, and the media just couldn’t handle it.

This morning, Mika Brzezinski reacted with fire and fury, saying she was “disturbed” that Trump was not diagnosed with a mental disorder and concluded that the President is simply “evil”. (Yes, really)

Watch below:

“You know, that along with the fact that the President appears to be –according to the doctor- healthy worries me, because if he wasn’t healthy that would be a great excuse for this behavior. Now he has none,” said Brzezinski.

“Which you can then deduce other things that are far more nefarious and frightening… I think it’s worth saying… I’m disturbed that they’re saying he’s cognitively healthy. The word ‘evil’ comes to mind,” she added.

So let me get this straight…

She’s actually DISTURBED that our President has a clean bill of health? Is that what I’m hearing her say? It seems to me like she and her liberal media buddies would be pleased if Trump were diagnosed with some deadly disease.

It’s moments like this that make us remember just how unhunged and crazy the liberal media truly is. They are even outraged over a credible HEALTH TEST from the President.

At this point, the question is simply; “What WON’T they be outraged by?”