U.S. Public School Caught Working With Islamic Terror Group – Taught Kids Sickening Lesson

The San Diego Unified School District was ordered by a federal judge to disclose any evidence that includes information about their work with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). This order stems from the district having previous relations with CAIR, so much as having leaders walk into classrooms to distribute or review propaganda like materials. This was also in direct connection to the district implementing an anti-Islamophobia program that focused on not bullying kids who are preaching the Islamic religion. The movement sparked concerns and became controversial in nature once it was seen what was really happening.

The real controversy became heightened when people saw what CAIR wanted to do, which basically equated to their form of public indoctrination and trying to recruit kids to convert to Islam. CAIR wanted school calendars updated with Muslim holidays, Muslim training for staff, Muslim after-school clubs, safe spaces for Muslim students, and more Muslim materials in the school library. This was all something they wanted for the minority of Muslim students while wanting nothing equal for students of any other religion.

It was proposed as an anti-bullying effort but had come to be viewed as a recruitment and brainwashing effort by CAIR, who has been labeled as a terrorist organization by many American citizens.

Conservative Tribune posted more about the issue:
“The multi-year anti-bullying plan, developed with assistance from CAIR, called for adding Muslim holidays to staff calendars, introducing new library materials on Muslim culture, encouraging Muslim-centered high school clubs, creating “safe spaces” for Muslim students and providing staff training about Muslim culture.

Hanif Mohebi, the executive director of CAIR-San Diego, praised the initiative and said it should serve as a model for school districts across the country.

“If we do this right, San Diego Unified School District would be the leading school district in the nation to come up with a robust and beautiful anti-bully and anti-Islamophobic program,” Mohebi told The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Mohebi was invited to give talks at more than a dozen San Diego schools starting in late 2016 to teach students and teachers how to reduce bullying of Muslim students.

Hanif gave pamphlets to students that advised Muslim youth to contact CAIR if they faced bullying, which according to CAIR includes “insulting comments about Islam.”

Handing out such pamphlets is considered to be “both a religious and educational exercise,” according to the CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad who testified before the National Labor Relations Board in 2016.

Many parents were outraged. They thought the initiative looked more like a religious advocacy program than an anti-bullying initiative.

A lawsuit filed in May by the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund accused the school district of entangling itself with CAIR to set up a “subtle, discriminatory scheme that establishes Muslim students as the privileged religious group.”

“Consequently, students of other faiths are left on the outside looking in, vulnerable to religiously motivated bullying, while Muslim students enjoy an exclusive right to the School District’s benevolent protection,” the lawsuit stated.

Charles LiMandri, president and chief counsel of the FCDF, urged the San Diego school system to rescind the policy, saying it likely violated the First Amendment because it was drafted with assistance from CAIR, an overtly religious organization.”

Violation of the Constitution, segregation of Muslim students from the others, and putting an unnecessary priority on one group or religion over the rest is something that no school should participate in. A successful anti-bullying policy will include all students, regardless of race, religion, or gender, and it will work to ensure all students remain safe while bullies are called out.

The program that involved CAIR should have raised eyebrows from parents as it was more of an indoctrination in hopes to get kids to unwillingly convert to a religion that oppresses women and has multiple connections to previous acts of terror. Many people criticize the Islamic religion for the actions of terror committed by some people which have placed a negative shadow over the faith in general. The crimes committed in other countries are also part of the reason that many people have grown to have a negative attitude towards Islam. Those crimes include stoning people, honor killing, murdering gays, marrying children, beating women, and sleeping with animals.

It’s safe to say that any bullying policy should always include all, not just some. All kids matter.


Shocking New Report Shows What CNN Has Been Doing For Groups With Terror Ties Around The World

CNN has a lot of explaining to do. A new report from the Daily Caller claims that the network has been citing terror organizations in some of its articles and promoting a charity group linked with terror organizations.

The Caller shows that CNN uncritically cited a quote from Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) president Salam Al-Marayati in a 2016 article entitled “Muslims Respond to Hate Letters: ‘You’re Not Going to Scare Us.’”

Al-Marayati had implied Israel could be to blame for 9/11 in the wake of the attacks. MPAC also has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and had lobbied for Hamas and Hezbollah to be taken off of the list of terror organizations.

CNN also cited the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) in an article blasting President Trump for his planned temporary immigration ban from several Muslim-majority countries. Hosted an al-Qaeda recruiter at a conference in 2002 and supports the idea of an Islamic caliphate.

But that’s not even where it stops- CNN helped FUNDRAISE for a terror-linked group in the wake of the Nepal earthquake in 2015. CNN Islamic Relief USA, a sister organization of Islamic Relief Worldwide, which reportedly has financially supported Hamas and has been banned in Israel and the UAE over these allegations.

CNN also promoted Islamic Relief USA in a 2013 article about Syrian refugees.

As the Caller points out, CNN seems to have done a terrible job vetting the organizations that it is uncritically promoting through its articles and fundraising efforts.

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Source: Daily Caller,libertywriters.com

IMMEDIATELY After New York Terror Attack, Trump Unleashed The Halloween Horror

Trump is unleashing the Halloween horror on terrorists.

After the Manhattan terror attack today, Trump is not messing around. An Islamic jihadist killed 8 people and injured several more. Trump gave the order. He ordered the Department of Homeland Security to strengthen its “Extreme Vetting Program.”

“I have just ordered Homeland Security to step up our already Extreme Vetting Program. Being politically correct is fine, but not for this!,” tweeted President Trump.


Details have emerged about the terrorist at this point. He immigrated to the United States under President Obama in 2010. He is 29-years-old and was a Florida resident.

According to NBC’s Tom Winter, a note was written by Saipov pledging his allegiance to ISIS.

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God bless and protect the United States.


JFK Assassination Files Reveal CIA Plotted Terror Bombings In Miami, Mafia-Led Assassination of Fidel Castro

President Trump approved the release of approximately 2800 long-classified JFK assassination records Thursday evening. News outlets from around the globe are furiously combing through the files in search of more pieces to the puzzling death of President John F. Kennedy.

A new report reveals the CIA hatched a plan to team up with the mafia to assassinate Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. In addition, the recently released files state the CIA planned terror bombing in Miami, which would then be blamed on pro-Cuban groups.

CBS Miami reports:

A 1975 document from the Rockefeller Commission detailing the CIA’s role in foreign assassinations said plans to assassinate Castro were undertaken in the early days of the Kennedy administration.

The report said Attorney General Robert Kennedy, the President’s brother, told the FBI he learned the CIA hired an intermediary “to approach Sam Giancana with a proposition of paying $150,000 to hire some gunman to go into Cuba and kill Castro.”

The attorney general said that made it hard to prosecute Giancana, a Sicilian American mobster.

[…]The report also said the CIA was later interested in using mobsters to deliver a poison pill to Castro in order to kill him.

During Operation Mongoose in 1960, the CIA also considered staging terror events in Miami and blaming it on pro-Castro Cubans.

“We could develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington. We could sink a boatload of Cubans enroute to Florida (real or simulated). We could foster attempts on lives of Cuban refugees in the United States even to the extent of wounding in instances to be widely publicized. Exploding a few plastic bombs in carefully chosen spots, the arrest of a Cuban agent and the release of prepared documents substantiating Cuban involvement also would be helpful in projecting the idea of an irresponsible government,” stated the report.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, the U.S. Government delayed the release of the long awaited ‘JFK Assassination’ files as CIA officials have yet to identify which documents President Trump must sign off on for release.

On Thursday evening, CBS News reported intelligence agents will release 2800 documents and the rest in 180 days from today. According to reports, President Trump is fuming over the delay. According to the White House, President Trump believes intelligence agencies are “not meeting the spirit of the law,” by withholding the JFK files. The decision came after the CIA gave Trump two options; delay the release until every file was certified ‘publishable,’ or risk national security by releasing unevaluated, unredacted files. President Trump selected the former.