GOP Sen Cruz: ‘I Thought It Was a Very, Very Strong Speech and a Strong Night for the President’

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” following President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) gave Trump high marks for the speech.

Cruz applauded Trump for highlighting the various personal stories of his invited guests and called it a “strong night” for Trump.

“The president did an incredible job highlighting the parents of those who have lost their children to MS-13 and violent illegal aliens,” Cruz said. “Highlighting heroes, whether police officers and coastguardsmen or first responders across the country. And the president did a tremendous job overall focusing on jobs, on wages going up, on the historic tax cut.”

“I thought it was a very, very strong speech and a strong night for the president,” he added.


Fox News Host Rips Ted Cruz After He Was Caught In A Lie During Interview With MSNBC Reporter

Fox News host Shep Smith took an on-air jab at Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who was caught in a lie earlier in the day after he claimed to be against government shutdowns — despite voting for one in 2013.

“[Cruz is] very much against shutdowns,” Smith joked. “I heard him say it today so I know it’s true.”

When the Texas Republican blamed “angry” Democrats for shutting down the federal government in an attempt to derail President Trump’s agenda, MSNBC congressional correspondent Kasie Hunt pointed out his role in helping to engineer the 2013 shutdown.

“They’re angry, they hate the president and demanding Senate Democrats oppose everything, resist everything, shut everything down,” Cruz told reporters.

“‘Green Eggs and Ham?’” Hunt interrupted, reminding Cruz of the Dr. Seuss children’s book he read during a 2013 filibuster.


“In 2013, I voted repeatedly to fund the government, and in 2013 it was Harry Reid and the democrats who voted no, who voted to shut the government down just like this week Republicans voted to fund the government, and it was Chuck Schumer who voted to shut the government down,” Cruz said.

“We should not be shutting the government down,” Cruz said. “I have consistently opposed shutdowns. In 2013 I said we shouldn’t shut the government down. I went to the floor asking unanimous consent to reopen the government.”

“Sir, you stood in the way of that,” Hunt said.

Cruz fired back saying Hunt was “factually incorrect.”

“That was an interesting exchange,” Hunt said after her exchange with cruz. “I would just like to say, I was going back and forth with the senator. He’s technically correct about the way that the procedure of this played out, but there is no question about how the government shutdown unfolded in 2013, which is that Senate Republicans pushed to defund Obamacare.”

“Ted Cruz angered many of his own colleagues, there were testy meetings, he was essentially an outcast,” she continued. “Mitch McConnell was not happy with him, and the government shut down because clearly Senate Democrats were not going to go along with a budget agreement that defunded Obamacare. The dynamics were a little different, but if there’s any comparison to be made here it would be in this particular case Democrats obviously do not control the Senate. They were making certain demands about what is included in a measure, refused to provide the votes for a shutdown. So I think if you want to make a comparison, you can compare Senate Democrats to Ted Cruz.

Watch the fiery exchange, below:

Ted Cruz: It Was Obama’s Policies That Enabled TX Shooter Ted Cruz Slams Obama Policies on Texas Shooting

Sen. Ted Cruz blasted the Obama administration for not prosecuting felons and criminals who lied on gun purchase forms, suggesting that it was the former president’s policies that enabled Texas murderer Devin Kelley to purchase a firearm.

In an interview on Fox News, the Texas senator explained how he and Sen. Chuck Grassley introduced legislation in 2013 that would have authorized the Air Force update to the National Criminal Information Center database and possibly flagged Kelley. However, the legislation was obstructed by a Democratic-led filibuster.

“This should have been stopped beforehand,” Cruz told host Shannon Bream.

The senator pointed out that it was already illegal for Kelley to purchase a firearm because of his prior convictions.

“Number one, the Air Force, the Obama Administration didn’t report those convictions to the NCIS data base,” Cruz said.

“It’s a problem at the federal government; it’s a problem with the states. And so, when he went in to buy the guns, they ran the background check, and they didn’t find it cause it wasn’t in the database,” he explained.

Cruz then went on to describe how this tragedy could have been prevented.

“But I’ll tell you: we could have prevented this. In 2013, in the wake of Sandy Hook, I joined with Chuck Grassley, we introduced legislation that was called the Grassley-Cruz legislation, and it was aggressive legislation targeting felons and violent criminals to stop them from getting guns,” the senator said.

The tragedy could also have been avoided if Kelley, who lied on the gun purchase forms, had been prosecuted. Cruz pointed to the fact that it’s a felony to lie on such forms and the Obama administration didn’t prosecute those cases.

“In 2010, 48,000 felons and fugitives lied and illegally tried to purchase guns; they (the Obama administration) prosecuted only 44 of them,” the senator said.

Why weren’t there more prosecutions?

Watch the interview below. (Sen. Cruz’s comments about Obama’s policies begin at 4:05):

NBC News reported that Kelley had both a conviction carrying a sentence of over a year as well as a domestic violence conviction — both of which should have prevented him from buying a firearm in 2016.

It’s immensely frustrating to know that this horrible atrocity could have been prevented.

Democrats have already used this incident to call for stricter gun measures, but the sickening thing is that they could have already done something that might have prevented this shooting from happening in the first place.

Hopefully, the Trump administration can solve this problem before more tragedies occur.

H/T The Daily Wire

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Ted Cruz Comes Forward, Sends Corker And Flake Scurrying Back Under Rocks They Crawled From

Ted Cruz does not suffer fools. And in normal times he uses his devastating wit and keen insights to destroy any liberal in his path.

But these are not normal times.

These days are fraught with peril because as soon as the GOP got what they wanted – total control of the government – they got cold feet and forgot themselves.

And more importantly they forgot the voters who gave them this incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity, to fix the mess the Democrats (and GOP establishment) made.

This chance will not come again anytime soon. As Ted Cruz knows. And he has been shocked to watch the GOP go after Trump rather than solve the problems we put them there to fix.

So he came out swinging today and sent the GOP turncoats Jeff Flake and Bob Corker scurrying back under the rocks they crawled out of to attack President Trump.

“It’s like you’re back in junior high. … We’ve got a job to do, dammit, and so all of this nonsense, I got nothing to say on it. Everyone shut up and do your job, is my view,” Cruz said before sending Corker and Flake back from where they came,

“Well I think it’s unfortunate the nastiness that pervades Washington now and political battles of personality that consume seemingly every minute of the media attention and an awful lot of time and energy here in this town.”

Correct. Jeff Flake is selling his book at just the exact moment he went all crazy on the Senate floor. Guess what happened after he attacked Trump? Sales went through the roof.

As for Bob Corker, Cruz has some final words for him and the rest of the establishment,

“Alright big boys, we got a majority and you know who it is who is screwing up governing? It’s the so-called elder statesman moderates.”

Correct. The establishment statesmen like Corker and Flake who think they know better than the voters and Trump couldn’t get anything done for all their years of experience.

Really all they have done is get famous off Trump, and in that regard they remind me a heckuva lot like Frederica Wilson.

If the GOP doesn’t shape up they will not be the last to go, share if you agree.