Sessions Opens Investigation: Obama, Holder, Lynch Defrauded Taxpayers of at Least $6 Billion

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions has finally announced an investigation into the use of federal money to fund radical leftwing advocacy groups.  In making the announcement Sessions cited that at least six billion dollars was funneled into what was essentially a slush fund for Obama’s army of street activists.  It’s almost a certainty that that amount is going grow significantly

The groups receiving the money included La Raza (now UnidosUS), NeighborWorks America, National Community Reinvestment Coalition, Operation Hope, Black Lives Matter, and a spin-off of Acorn The Mutual Housing Association of New York, among numerous other extremist groups.

The scheme called for Obama’s Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch to direct lawsuit settlements, including punitive settlements, to thirty parties who were not part of the DOJ’s legal action. 

The punitive damages should have legally gone directly to the U.S. Treasury for the benefit of taxpayers.  Instead, Citigroup and Bank of America were among a number of large U.S. corporations that were shaken down in this manner to fund these anti-American radical protestors that gave Obama cover as a moderate as he moved us closer to his vision of a Marxist-open borders utopia.

Sessions took steps to stop the illegal transfer of taxpayer money last June and is now preparing to conduct criminal prosecutions of those involved.  At that time Sessions said:

“Settlement funds should go first to the victims and then to the American people — not to ... the political friends of whoever is in power.”

We first reported that Obama had been shaking down corporate America – in the fashion of third world dictatorships – more than a year ago.

At that time we had also reported that the Department of Health and Human Services had defrauded investors in both the Federal National Mortgage Association and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation of $187.5 Billion in a scheme that diverted the profits they were expecting and instead were used to delay the bankruptcy of Obamacare until he had left office.

Last March we wrote:

This should be the major news story of the week but the mainstream media will again abandon all pretense of objectivity and instead direct our attention to Jeff Sessions meeting with a Russian ambassador.

Soon investigators under Sessions’ direction at the D.O.J. will be dropping the hammer on the largest RICO operation ever conceived – virtually the entire United States government.  It will be beyond awesome to watch these lying, phony, corruptors being brought to justice by the most mild-mannered man who walks among them.

Patriots will have the last laugh but it’ll have to wait until the indictments are handed down.  For the meantime expect the character assassinations to continue against President Trump’s closest advisors.  It’s all these swamp dwellers have left.

This morning we can say that it is finally happening.

We have been under constant attack by the mainstream media, and the titans of social media for spreading fake news.  It’s only fake new until it becomes real news. 

There’s a reason that Facebook is silencing websites like our.

Counting on the bought and paid for mainstream media to protect you from an out-of-control government is a fool’s errand.


Trump Forces Pentagon To Drain Swamp Corruption, Carry Out Historic $2.4T Review

Americans are always concerned when they hear the word ‘billion’ in relation to government spending. And they should be, considering that all that money comes from their hard-earned tax dollars.

So, when the Pentagon announced that it was going to do something that has never been done before, and it would take $1 billion to do it, of course Americans are going to show real concern.

Especially when it’s something that has been required of the Department of Defense by federal law since the 1990s, but has never been completed.

Leave it to President Trump to finally get the Pentagon to fall in line. The DoD has agreed to go through a full financial audit for the first time ever.

And just to be clear, the DoD has been around since 1949, but came as an outgrowth of the National Security Act of 1947. So, that’s 70 years of no financial accountability folks.

See the source image

“The most shocking thing about being in Congress that there has never been a comprehensive audit of the DoD,” said Rep. Salud Carbajal, D-Calif., who is a freshman member of the committee.“I think if we don’t get it together, we are going to lose the American people’s trust in what we are trying to do here.”

House lawmakers on Wednesday applauded the Pentagon’s effort to finally undergo a full audit, even though Defense Department Comptroller David Norquist said the effort could lead to almost $1 billion in costs this year.

Of course, the audit itself doesn’t cost $1 billion, but the audit and the money it will take to fix all the problems discovered by the audit will.

Those costs include $367 million on the actual audit process that was announced and launched by Norquist last month. He also said the military expects to pay $551 million to fix the problems uncovered by the audit.

Norquist, the brother of tenacious tax activist Grover Norquist, was appointed by President Trump in May and vowed a get-tough approach to finally putting the military’s financial books in order after years of delays.

Some problems have already been found. In an initial audit, the Army found 39 Black Hawk helicopters that weren't on the books, Defense Department Comptroller David Norquist said. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Master Sgt. Matt Hecht)

The Pentagon has about $2.4 trillion in assets but has never gone through a full financial audit.

That’s crazy. The Pentagon has $2.4 trillion in assets, that’s trillion with a ‘t’, and they have never gone through a full financial audit.

I would agree that Rep. Salud Carbajal is correct to say that the government could completely lose Americans trust over this. Everyone has to be wondering just how much waste the DoD has been getting away with for seven decades.

Thank goodness President Trump is in office to set things straight, and to earn back the trust of the people.

Source: Washington Examiner,

Democrat ‘Holy Grail’ Shut Down By Republicans After They Strip Taxpayer Funding

We are happy to report another underreported win to ring in the New Year. 2017 really went out with a bang – and a great one for conservatives!

Trump continues to rock the establishment. Across American, entrenched liberals are feeling the sting of his leadership. He has empowered a new generation of conservatives. They are taking their country back.

We just learned that the left’s Holy Grail is feeling the sting. In Iowa, this organization has been forced to close down a major facility. That’s great news since this “facility” was in the business of ending human life.

From Daily Wire:

A Planned Parenthood facility in Iowa is closing its doors on Friday after the state legislature voted to revoke its taxpayer funding.

Iowa Republican Governor Kim Reynolds supported the legislation and signed it into law. She told the local press, “Well, I am pro-life, and I am pro-family,” and likened abortion to “murder.”

Life News reports that earlier in the year, PPHeartland notified the public that the Quad Cities center would no longer give out contraceptives due to a lack of funding, but stated emphatically that the location would continue to profit off performing abortions.

This week Planned Parenthood announced that the facility would be closing down.

The abortion giant said in a statement, “After nearly two decades [of doing abortions] in the Quad Cities, on Friday, December 29, 2017, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland (PPHeartland) will officially close their Bettendorf location, a move directly resulting from defunding by extreme Iowa lawmakers.”

They did not stop there. The nation’s leading provider of abortions accused GOP lawmakers of being “anti-woman” for allowing taxpayers to decide not to fund the life-ending procedure.

Apparently, a female governor is “anti-woman,” because she doesn’t support abortion. This is the kind of stupidity the left has thrown at us for decades. Only now are people waking up to their deception.

Opposing abortion is pro-woman. Unless PP doesn’t care about the rights of unborn women, who make up half the population.

Planned Parenthood will say anything to save itself. It is in the business of killing unborn humans. Calling a woman governor anti-woman? That’s only the beginning of the nonsense this evil organization spews.

Like the rest of the left, they only care about liberal women. Conservative women? They attack more viciously than anyone else. It’s really quite disgusting.

But this is a win for every pro-life American. Hopefully soon, all PP offices will be closed for good.

Source: Daily Wire,


welfare queen lobster

A disgusting video of a welfare queen bragging about how smart she is for avoiding taxes and living off of other peoples’ hard work has recently started to go viral. What’s infuriating most people isn’t even her bragging, or her feeding Red Lobster to her dog…it’s what she used to buy with her EBT card just a few weeks ago.

Thanks to the past eight years of Obama, the government assistance programs in this country have gotten completely out of control. We now have lazy, selfish bums walking around with EBT cards buying steak, caviar, and luxury items, all because of other peoples’ hard work.

One welfare queen however, has been infuriating millions of Americans both left and right alike—in the following video, she films herself going to Red Lobster and purchasing some live lobster, worth around $45 per pound. She then proceeds to say it disgusts her, and brag about how she’s going to feed it to her dog.

“I just bought it for the fucking video, I don’t want this shit disgusts me. I used to like lobster, but I can’t eat it now—I went and I bought a fucking live lobster with my food stamps. Why are you allowed to buy a live lobster with your food stamps? So I picked out the biggest, fucking juiciest one,” she says.

Then, she goes on to brag about how the cashier likely had to work “an hour and a fuckin’ half” to pay for that lobster she just bought. “This is an hour and a half of her time, for me to buy this so I can make a fuckin’ YouTube video,” she adds. “These peoples’ taxes paid for this.”

As if this wasn’t enough, she goes on to taunt taxpayers further. “They can barely afford to fucking feed themselves, and their taxes are going for people to buy fucking lobster with their food stamps.” This welfare queen then goes on to mock the cashier for having a flip phone.

“She’s got a fucking flip phone, it probably gets shut off all the time because she can’t even afford to pay her bill,” she says, revealing that the government gave her a free smart phone–worth something like $850—under Obama. Then, she really steps out of line.

“These are my coach key chains here,” she says bragging about her luxury brand key chains. “This is my coach key chains, these three key chains here they cost more than those minimum wage peoples’ fuckin’ car payment! They cost more than their fuckin’ car payment.”

“Well, actually most of them don’t even have fucking cars, they’re using fucking public transportation,” she adds. “You can just sit on your ass…I’m on social security for depression, which is a disability, so if you’re too depressed to work full time apply for social security.”

Then, at the end of the video, she puts the lobster onto a plate and feeds it to her dog. Thanks to this woman’s selfishness and arrogance, that dog is more well fed than some of our veterans on the streets—what do you think her punishment should be?

If you think that this disgusting welfare rat should be thrown in prison for life, please give this article a share on social media. Thank you and God bless our veterans.

WATCH: Welfare Rat Mocks U.S. Taxpayers, Shows Sick Thing She Buys With Her Food Stamps

WATCH: Welfare Rat Mocks U.S. Taxpayers With Sick Thing She Uses Her Food Stamp Card For

A shocking video is going viral after a welfare rat decided to post a video on YouTube, mocking the U.S. taxpayer for going to work and paying her way. However, things would only be made worse as the woman showed the sick thing she uses her food stamps to buy — and it has hardworking people across the country downright pissed off.

The clip was originally posted to YouTube by an unnamed woman but was quickly taken down for violating the website’s community standards. Fortunately, someone else was able to save it before it disappeared for good and has since reposted it for the world to see.

As can be seen in the footage, the smug brat brags about being on the system. Not only does she get food stamps but she’s on disability for her chronic “depression,” which apparently makes it impossible to work. Given her attitude in this clip, I’d say it’s a stretch because she’s more than happy to smile and laugh as she mock’s the U.S. taxpayer.

Of course, her disgusting attitude is more than enough to tick off everyday people, but that’s not the worst part of it all. Sending many people over the edge, the woman documented herself going to the store, buying a $14 lobster tail with her EBT card, and then feeding it to her dog.

“This is my Coach keychains,” she says as she pulls a set of keys out of her purse. “These three keychains here, they cost more than those minimum wage people’s f***ing car payment.”

Laughing, she adds, “Well actually, most of them don’t even have f***ing cars, they’re using f***ing public transportation!”

The woman then mentions that she’s on social security for depression.

“I’m on social security for depression,” she says. “Depression is a disability. So if you’re too depressed to work full-time, apply for social security.”

Concluding the video, she says, “So, this is what the minimum wage people will pay for is for me to give lobster to my f***ing dog and make a YouTube video about it mocking them.” [Source: The Blaze]

Shockingly, the woman smiles and laughs as she essentially spits in the face of everyday Americans. Bragging how it would take the cashier who cashed her out an hour and a half to earn the money to pay for that lobster tail, she went on to show off other luxuries she can afford, seeing as she has extra money from the government.

In all, she showed three Coach (the luxury purse company) key chains that she had in her possession that could range anywhere between $50 to $150 a piece. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she also whipped out not one but two smartphones – but there was a catch with this one.

Come to find out, she paid for one herself while the other one was given to her by the government – an Obamaphone. Sadly, pointing out the unnecessary phone wasn’t enough for this woman. In fact, she then went on to mock the same cashier for having a simple flip phone as that was all they were able to afford, even though they work for a living and she doesn’t.

This video is disgusting on so many levels, but it really goes to show just how bad the welfare state has become under Democrat reign. This is, without a doubt, the direct result of former President Barack Obama and his policies. Even worse yet, the left depends on this horrendous amount of unnecessary spending in order to keep the blue constituents coming to the polls as the left essentially buys their votes with freebies. As a result, you get this – freeloaders who are too lazy to work and don’t mind leeching off the government or their hardworking, taxpaying neighbors.

If ever there was proof that the welfare system is in desperate need of reform, this is it. President Donald Trump promised to “Make America Great Again” – and cutting down on the $740 billion spent each year on welfare rats like this one would be a great place to start.

‘Poor’ Muslim Lives Off Taxpayers For Over 18 Years, Then Police Are Tipped Off And Discover Her True Story

For hard-working taxpayers, few things are more off putting than the fact that there are plenty of folks out there that subsist off the government dole.

It becomes even more upsetting when it’s exposed that folks that simply have no reason to be collecting benefits are living high on the hog off the fruits of the labor of others.

Such was the situation at hand with this shocking case. While the Muslim woman at the center of it has been busted and brought to justice, that doesn’t make it any less disturbing that she was able to get away with it for so long.

The Daily Mail shares the details.

A ‘millionaire’ Muslim woman who rorted the public housing system for nearly two decades by posing as a battling single mother has finally been evicted from her taxpayer-funded flat.  

'Millionaire' Muslim woman Rebecca Khodragha (pictured), who rorted the public housing system for nearly two decades by posing as a battling single mother, has finally been evicted from her taxpayer-funded flat

Rebecca Khodragha lived in the Punchbowl apartment in south-west Sydney for 18 years, failing to tell authorities her husband owned a lucrative business which reportedly collected a million dollars a year.

Ms Khodragha was found guilty of two counts of fraud in November last year and was sentenced to three months jail, which she served as home detention at the Punchbowl unit.

It’s unclear how ‘home detention’ will serve as much of a deterrent for further unseemly behavior from Khodragha and company, but at least the publically-funded gravy train has stopped making stops at her abode.

Documents revealed Khaled’s electrical contracting business, which raked in $1million each year, was registered to the Punchbowl apartment, according to Seven.

She had been living in a Punchbowl housing commission in Sydney's south-west since 1999

The couple also reportedly had two other properties – a Lakemba unit and a Greenacre house – at the time.

‘She’s not just cheating the taxpayer, she’s cheating people in need,’ Mr Vevers told the broadcaster in February.

After a tip off from the public, Ms Khodragha was prosecuted and ordered to pay back more than $80,000 in rent.

According to Housing NSW, around 60,000 people are on the waiting list for public housing.

We would imagine that local residents are none too pleased at this disturbing revelation.

Revelations such as this become all the more unsettling when you consider the fact that liberal enclaves will bend over backwards to welcome immigrants to their communities.

To have that person respond to the welcome wagon with fraudulent behavior is nothing short of a slap in the face.

While that generally would serve as a massive wake up call for properly grounded folks, it has yet to have the same effect on residents of the liberal echo chamber.

Source: Daily Mail,

Look What Obama Gave Illegals Out Of Your Social Security? Taxpayers Demand ‘End It Now’

We always knew the left was trying to help illegals over American citizens. Now we have the proof.

It’s hard to understand why democrats want to bend over backwards to help illegal aliens. These people broke the law, do not pay into the system, and abuse government-funded programs. Yet the left supports them over citizens and immigrants who came here the right way.

Despite all our protesting, the Obama administration made it easier for illegals to enter and stay in America. Plus, he did something that we are only now learning about. Something that cost Americans $1 billion.

From Yes I’m Right:

Obama had apparently cheated the American public out of $1 billion in social security funds by awarding money to those WITHOUT social security numbers…

The Social Security Administration paid $1 billion in benefits to individuals who did not have a Social Security Number (SSN), according to a new audit.

The agency’s inspector general found errors in the government’s documentation for representative payees, otherwise known as individuals who receive retirement or disability payments on behalf of another person who is incapable of managing the benefits themselves.

Over the last decade, the agency paid $1 billion to 22,426 representative payees who “did not have an SSN, and SSA had not followed its policy to retain the paper application.”

So yeah. People without Social Security numbers means they are not citizens. Most likely illegal aliens. Yet they were able to find a loophole in the system by taking money from recipients who couldn’t go through the process themselves.

That’s two despicable things in one. One, they’re cheating the government out of cash. And two, they’re taking advantage of elderly people who cannot take care of themselves.

For this to happen on a small scale is understandable. It would be difficult for the SSA to track down a few cheats, here and there. For it to have cost the government $1 billion, it means a wide effort. Illegals couldn’t have done that on their own.

My guess is they were coached in how to do it, with the help of the SSA itself.

That would fit in with Obama’s goal of protecting illegals.

Now that we know about this, we have to demand: what’s going to be done about it?

Source: Yes I’m Right,

Trump Just Took Sledgehammer To Welfare That’s NEVER Been Done Before – Will Save Taxpayers MILLIONS

Across the country, there have been unprecedented accounts of welfare fraud that has been costing the American taxpayer millions of dollars. While hardworking Americans have been doing their best to make ends meet to provide for their families, thousands of others have been working harder to cheat the system. Now, after years of this constant abuse, President Trump is ready to tackle welfare fraud in a move that has never been seen previously.  

In recent months, authorities have been cracking down on welfare fraud across the country, and the results are staggering.

For instance, in Grand Rapids, Michigan a Muslim food stamp crime ring was busted that was run by three brothers. Emad Khalil Karaein, Jawad Khalil-Ahmad Karaein, and Khader Khalil Karaein ran a Middle Eastern Market where they operated their crime ring. The brothers were discovered to have cost the American taxpayer $736,000 from EBT and $544,000 from WIC over the course of nine years. Thankfully, the brothers were caught and were sentenced to prison for their disgusting deeds, but that was just the tip of the iceberg.

As more criminals cheat the system daily, President Trump is ready to put the pull the brakes on their criminal antics once and for all. In a meeting on Monday, Trump added to his agenda that cutting down on the fraud of public assistance would be a priority in the months ahead.

According to The Hill:

President Trump said Monday he’s adding another item to his jam-packed agenda: welfare reform. 
“Some people are really taking advantage of our system,” Trump said during a Cabinet meeting. “And we are going to be looking very, very strongly therefore at welfare reform.”
Trump indicated the effort would be directed toward people he believes are receiving public benefits but shouldn’t be.
“People are taking advantage of the system and then other people aren’t receiving what they really need to live,” he said. “And we think it’s very unfair to them.” 
The president did not reveal any details of a welfare overhaul, but said his Cabinet would discuss recommendations and reveal them “very shortly.”
Trump’s comments come as Congress is grappling with a long to-do list this fall. 
The White House wants lawmakers to send tax-reform legislation to Trump’s desk by the end of the year. The president has also asked Congress to come up with a fix for beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which he terminated.
Congress also must pass a budget and a government spending bill by December, and also raise the nation’s borrowing limit. If Trump’s plan to finally investigate welfare fraud was not enough to cause liberals across the country to scream that he is cold and callous his plan to repeal and replace Obamacare will send them over the edge. During his presidential campaign, Trump promised that he would do his best to rid the country of the Obamacare monstrosity that has bankrupted millions of American families. In a stunning move that has sent shockwaves through the political establishment, the Trump administration announced that they would immediately stop posting payments to insurance companies that sell Obamacare.

Reuters reported late last week:

The White House said late on Thursday that it cannot lawfully pay subsidies to health insurance companies under the Obamacare health law, prompting howls of protests from Democratic lawmakers.

A White House statement said based on guidance from the Justice Department, “the Department of Health and Human Services has concluded that there is no appropriation for cost-sharing reduction payments to insurance companies under Obamacare.”

“In light of this analysis, the Government cannot lawfully make the cost-sharing reduction payments,” the statement said.

When President Trump was elected to office, he had one goal and one goal only, and that is to make America great again. After eight years of Barack Obama fostering an age of entitlement and handouts to those who are not deserving it, it is time to end the madness. There are countless of able-bodied individuals taking advantage of a system that was only put in place to help those who were in desperate need of assistance. The welfare program was not designed to be a lifetime goal but rather a stepping stone to help the unfortunate get back on track. It may seem to some that tackling welfare fraud may be a lofty goal while there are so many other pressing issues for Trump to concentrate on. However, if the country is not able to get our finances back on track the goals that we sent Trump to achieve may never come to fruition. 

H/T [Daily Mail, Freedom Daily]

Obama’s 2018 expenses will cost US taxpayers $1.1M: memo

Former U.S. President Barack Obama speaks at the Palais de Congres in Montreal, Canada, June 6, 2017.

Former President Barack Obama will cost taxpayers $1,153,000 next year, according to a Congressional Research Service memo.

That amount will make Obama’s expenses the highest of the five living ex-presidents, the Washington Times reported.

The Former Presidents Act, which became law in 1958, provides former White House occupants with lifetime benefits after leaving office. Each ex-president receives a base pension of $205,700 annually, but the budget requests they submit to Congress may also address additional expenses, such as for staff salaries, office allowances, travel and Secret Service protection.

Obama’s $1,153,00 budget request for 2018 is nearly $100,000 more than that of former President George W. Bush, and around $200,000 higher than for former President Bill Clinton.

Former President George H.W. Bush has requested $942,000, while former President Jimmy Carter comes in at $456,000, the Times reported.

A large portion of the former presidents’ budgets go toward leasing office space, such as the $536,000 cost for Obama’s office in Washington, $518,000 for Clinton’s setup in New York City, and $497,000 for Bush 43’s office in Dallas.

Bush 41’s space is much cheaper, located in Houston and costing $286,000, while Carter’s space in Atlanta is a relative bargain at only $115,000, the Times reported.

Congress Just Took Away Your 4th Amendment Rights In The Dead Of Night—American Taxpayers Enraged

While the bigger items on the congressional agenda – such as healthcare, for example – get all of the attention and play, the fact remains that Congress passes stuff all the time that the average American voter doesn’t have a clue about.

That’s not to suggest that voter wouldn’t understand what members of Congress are doing, but rather that they simply don’t know because it flies so far under the radar.

We’ve seen plenty of stunning examples through the years that make us all stop and think that we need to do our best to become even more aware of what’s happening behind closed doors on Capitol Hill.

Here’s another example that will make you feel that way.

Zero Hedge shares the news on a new bill that sailed through the House.

On the surface, House Joint Resolution 76 looks harmless. The title of the bill claims that its purpose is “Granting the consent and approval of Congress for the Commonwealth of Virginia, the State of Maryland, and the District of Columbia to enter into a compact relating to the establishment of the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission.”

“Whereas the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, an interstate compact agency of the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the State of Maryland, provides transportation services to millions of people each year, the safety of whom is paramount; Whereas an effective and safe Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority system is essential to the commerce and prosperity of the National Capital region; Whereas the Tri-State Oversight Committee, created by a memorandum of understanding amongst these 3 jurisdictions, has provided safety oversight of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.”

Sounds straightforward enough, but there’s a catch – and it’s one that may lead to further liberties being taken with basic rights further down the road.

However, there is one major red flag buried within the text of the bill that stems from the list of “powers” given to the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission, and it violates one of the basic tenets of the U.S. Constitution.

The text gives the Commission the authority to enter property near the Metro Rail System “without limitation” and without a warrant, for the purpose of “making inspections, investigations, examinations, and testing.”

This clearly goes against the Fourth Amendment, which states that Americans’ rights “to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause.”

Alright, but if this mainly has to do with the DC metro area only, why should we get all worked up about it?

Because it completely sailed through without much of a fight, and that opens up the possibility that it can be easily expanded to include other parts of the country on a gradual basis.

If you give them an inch…

When the bill was brought to a vote in the House of Representatives, there were only five Congressmen who voted against it: Representatives Justin Amash, a Republican from Michigan; Walter Jones, a Republican from North Carolina; Thomas Massie, a Republican from Kentucky; Alex Mooney, a Republican from West Virginia; and Mark Sanford, a Republican from South Carolina.

Amash called out the hypocrisy surrounding the fact that even though this legislation is in clear violation of the Constitution, it was passed by Congress with overwhelming support. “Only 5 of us voted against bill allowing govt to enter/search private property in parts of VA, MD & DC w/o warrant,” He wrote on Twitter.

This is not the first time Congress has quietly passed a bill that will take away some of the most basic rights from law-abiding citizens in the U.S., and it won’t be the last. One of the most important things to remember about this legislation is that it was ignored by the media, and while it may only affect the Washington D.C. metro area now, it could be laying the blueprint for future legislation across the country.

It’s pretty frightening to imagine that only five members of Congress saw this as being some kind of a problem.

Where is the media coverage and outrage over this one?

If there’s even a whisper that something will happen with Obamacare or immigration, we’ll see an endless amount of commentary, stories, and reporting that breaks down the issue for voters.

Shouldn’t the same be happening when our personal liberties may be at stake?

Stay aware and stay informed folks, as it’s really hard to have warm and fuzzy feelings when Congress is left to implement resolutions such as this one on an unchecked basis.

Source: Zero Hedge,