Donald Trump Just Gave Unpleasant Surprise To 100,000 Entitled Muslim Immigrants

President Donald Trump has influenced a lot of people to make room for the government movement laws that will be implemented under his supervision.

For this, he has been marked with a lot of nasty nicknames by the Left.

While that pointless diversion is truly testing Trump’s patience, we can take comfort in the way that the Trump organization has been courageous and not giving this issue a lot of time.

Progress has been made into the issues related with unlawful migration, and that will proceed.

The Daily Caller offers another case of that, which will without a doubt start emergencies from the anti-Trump organizations.

The Trump administration is laying out plans for the construction of more detention space to house thousands of criminal aliens it has arrested as a part of its crackdown on illegal immigration.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) put out an open request on Oct. 12 for private contractors to identify potential detention sites in the greater metro areas of Chicago, Detroit, St. Paul and Salt Lake City.

The request for information, reported Tuesday by USA TODAY, says the facilities will house a combined total of up to 3,000 detainees.

When you have to construct more buildings for the sole reason for putting in refugees, there’s a truly solid possibility that the issues are going way out of hand.

They have been disregarded for a really long time for odd reasons, yet that time is finally coming to an end.

The new facilities would help ICE bring its detention capacity in line with a growing number of immigration arrests.

From Jan. 22 through Sept. 9, the agency arrested about 97,500 people suspected of being in the country illegally — 43 percent more than the same period in 2016 under former President Barack Obama, according to the Washington Post.

In the event that almost 100,000 illegal Muslim refugees have been be so effortlessly gathered together since the laws began being implemented, at that point it’s very evident that there was some genuine disregard going on before Trump came to town.

We all need to be grateful for this president.


Michelle Planted Nasty Surprise On Melania Before Her Landing – Blames It On Her When It Backfires!

When Barack and Michelle Obama aren’t lurking in the shadows of the Trumps, they send their minions to do the especially dirty work as to avoid their fingerprints on it. While the filthy footprints can always be traced back to the source, this particular planting is almost worse than Barack’s alleged surveillance system set up to record Trump, since it hit the first couple where it really counts.

The lust for revenge knows no bounds but when it delves into the personal lives of our president and first lady, it’s certainly gone too far. That still didn’t stop Michelle Obama’s “friends” in the liberal media from doing her dirty work with what was just planted on Melania, then blamed on her for helping to hide it. These juvenile tactics are all they have left but the ramifications of their immature behavior could reap some seriously negative results.

People have searched, accused, and scrutinized the Trumps of everything that their hate-fill creative minds can conjure up, but have fallen short of proof every single time. From ties to Russia to tax evasions, everything liberals have claimed have not led to his impeachment since there’s no proof.

They’ve now stooped to salacious new lows with an indictment on both the president and first lady’s characters and marriage with a rumor they’re pushing on the claim that Melania tried to hide it. Perhaps providing an explanation as to why President Trump spends so much time in Florida, other than having a multi-million dollar resort there, leftist mud-slingers are saying that there’s someone there who he has reason to frequently return for.

Hating on Melania isn’t enough for the left anymore, they now have to go after her marriage to try to get something on our incredibly graceful first lady. Rather than attacking her accent, intelligence, and morals as a successful model, they are now spreading rumors that Donald is cheating on her with another woman.

First off, who would cheat on a perfect specimen of beauty, intelligence, and class that is Melania – one of the most respectable first ladies of our time? That alone makes their claim nothing more than a hate-filled fantasy. These twisted, imaginative minds took it deeper than that.

The Inquisitr reports:

Donald Trump has faced intense scrutiny over his strained marriage with Melania Trump. The first lady’s infamous hand swat a few months ago made it seem like their relationship was teetering on the edge. Although the couple has since put on a united front for the public, Donald reportedly has a secret girlfriend in Florida – and Melania knows all about it.

If this slanderous rhetoric wasn’t enough, the source made it worse. It seems that they have hopes of destroying a happy and healthy marriage between a beautiful woman and powerful man, which liberals aren’t capable of having.

Inquisitr’s report continued:

According to the Independent Reporter, Donald spent a lot of time at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida during the first few months as President. This, of course, is not evidence at he was seeing a mystery woman at the club, but former White House staffer Claude Taylor claims that Trump’s affair happened at the resort. Taylor says media outlets have known about Trump’s infidelity and have not reported on it because it was too scandalous to touch.

“Many members [of the] MSM and others seem to know or believe that Trump has a regular girlfriend in Florida that he sees at Mar-a-Lago. Is it true? I cannot say for certain-what I do know is many credible people believe it to be true-including lots of reporters,” Taylor shared.

Taylor claims that everyone inside the White House knows about Trump’s girlfriend. This includes Melania, who apparently doesn’t care if her husband is sleeping with other women. In fact, she was allegedly planning on divorcing Trump if he lost the election. She decided to stick with him after he was elected president for the sake of the country.

The source continues on to claim that there have been many “signs that Trump and Melania’s marriage is on the rocks.” To validate this assertion, they cite innocuous incidents that a camera caught on off moments to say that Donald has no interest in Melania since he failed to “escort Melania up the steps of the White House to greet Barack and Michelle Obama,” according to Vanity Fair.

Making mountains out of molehills on actions or accidents that we all have, has become the norm for the liberal media.

While Trump has been accused of many disgusting scandals that the left perpetually conjures up, this one hits at the heart. To destroy the union of the first couple, would be the first step in the left’s new resolve of bringing this president down. It’s not going to happen since they fail to provide truth, but that won’t stop them from embarking on this new witch hunt.

Anti-Gun Celebs Demand Armed Security At Oscars – Get Nasty Surprise From Officers

Tons of Hollywood A-listers showed up to the Oscars on Sunday night to protest against guns by wearing an orange colored American flag pin on their multi-thousand dollar designer dresses and tuxes. However, what they didn’t call attention to was the fact that over 500 armed police officers along with hundreds of armed private bodyguards were on the scene to protect the Hollywood stars.

Freedom Daily reported that this is one of the most blatant showings of hypocrisy by members of the Hollywood elite yet. These stars have made millions of dollars in an industry to that glamorizes and promotes violence, yet they want to strip other Americans of their Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Variety reported that 500 armed officers were on the scene, many of them working overtime, just to protect the celebrities. The city of Los Angeles bills the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for security, street closures, and other expenses related to the Oscars, and this year the cost was $340,000, up from $300,000 for the last several years.

Twitter users have eviscerated Hollywood stars for their hypocrisy over the issue of guns:

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Source: hostpolitics,

WOW! Billy Graham Saved Incredible Surprise For President Trump Given To Him At Funeral

There was quite a surprise waiting for President Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Mike Pence, and Karen Pence when they arrived in North Carolina to celebrate the life of Reverend Billy Graham, the well known Evangelical pastor. The President, Vice President, and their wives were escorted by an exceptional guest who was also there to pay respects to the fallen. When they arrived, they were accompanied by a highly decorated Major who served in in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was then that the Presidential team realized who this extraordinary person was. It was none other than West Point graduate, Edward Graham, the grandson of Billy Graham.

The team from the White House was likely honored to be escorted by such a respectable and honorable person of the American military, and it was their honor to be there in support of Edward and his family.

It was a sad moment when the famous pastor passed away at the age of 99-years-old. He lived a life of service, and multitudes of people paid their respects. Billy Graham touched many hearts along his way in America. His family and followers will miss him.

Daily Caller reported on Edward escorting Trump and Pence:
“As POTUS walked to the tent where Graham’s family and dignitaries were gathered, he was met halfway by a uniformed Army Major. The two saluted each other and the Major escorted the first and second families to their seats.

What many watching may not know is the identity of that man. He is Billy Graham’s grandson, Edward. Edward graduated from West Point and served seven tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, where he was once injured by shrapnel from an IED.

Graham was also in Washington, DC, for his grandfather’s service at the United States Capitol. Graham stood for hours, shaking the hands of all of those who were there to pay honor to Billy Graham. Edward’s father, Franklin Graham, told The Daily Caller, “These people stood outside for us and for my father.” He continued, “I will stand here for them. We love them and so does God.”

Edward shows great respect for the country that he served. He was once injured back in 2007 when he was hit in multiple places by shrapnel, but the injuries were not as severe as expected and he was able to survive. Edward Graham also shows exceedingly high amounts of respect for everyone who loved and enjoyed the work of his grandfather, Billy. There’s a lot of love and respect in that family that many can learn a lesson from.

Edward is a decorated Major, and there’s a lot of information about him that many people may not know.

This particular set of information dates back to 2007 and comes from the Christian Examiner:
“Capt. Edward Graham, the youngest son of evangelist Franklin Graham, was wounded while on active duty in Iraq.

Graham, a 27-year-old Army Ranger and West Point graduate, sustained shrapnel wounds to his arms, legs and back in Iraq, but his wounds were not considered life-threatening.

Graham was reportedly recovering at an undisclosed hospital, according to news reports.

“We know that he is fine and has asked for prayers for his men,” Jeremy Blume, a spokesman for Franklin Graham, told the Citizen-Times newspaper in Asheville, N.C., adding that he had no more details on the incident.

“Rangers aren’t allowed to disclose much information—even where he is.”

Franklin Graham, head of the Samaritan’s Purse international relief organization, revealed the news of his son’s injuries during his March 3 message at MissionFest in Toronto, the Charlotte Observer reported a week later.

Asheville resident Glenn Wilcox, a close friend of the Graham family, told the Citizen-Times that Edward Graham is serving his second tour in Iraq and that his father is extremely proud of him.

“He’s a very fine, outstanding young man, but very tough and very sure of himself,” Wilcox said. “I’ve never met anyone I was more impressed with than Edward. And he loves it—he’s really committed to the United States, to West Point, and to doing his job the very best he can.”

It must have been an honor for Trump and Pence to meet such a respectable military soldier, just as much as it was honorable for Edward to meet the President of the United States and his Vice President.

BREAKING: Trump Unleashes $4 Million Surprise On 3 Sanctuary Cities – They Said He Couldn’t Do It

President Donald Tramp`s administration was accused of withholding 4 million dollars in local law enforcement funds that he had promised, after municipalities disagreed to cooperate.

In the letter sent to Attorney General Jeff Sessions they say “to punish states and local governments for their immigration laws and policies.”

The money for this funds, was due during the previous fiscal year that expired Sept. 30. and are due the state and its localities under the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant program.

Justice Department Devin O’Malley says that this delay is due to an ongoing lawsuit in Chicago.

He says: “Violent crime is on the rise in America, especially in many of our major cities.Unfortunately, as a result of a lawsuit by the city of Chicago and their extreme sanctuary policies, there have been delays in getting these funds into the hands of our cooperating state and local crime fighting partners.”

Newark, East Orange, Jersey City and other cities in New Jersey have vowed not to cooperate with federal authorities on immigration issues. Such municipalities are known as “sanctuary cities.”

Trump, has threatened cities with the loss of federal funds if they do not accede to federal requests to hold unauthorized immigrants.

The letter, led by Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr., D-9th Dist., was signed by the other eight Democrats representing New Jersey in Congress.

Although a lot of the U.S politicians are considering taking steps in protecting undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children, from deportation, president Trump still has a lot of influence.