BREAKING: U.S. State Of EMERGENCY Just Declared – Soldiers Deployed To Area

In a shocking sudden move, a state of emergency has just been declared in the heart of the country as soldiers have been deployed and are on their way to the area. The threat is to such a degree that people will die if they don’t follow urgent orders, which in part, demands citizens go on immediate lockdown in their homes. Declaring a state of emergency is not an announcement made hastily or without warrant and there’s a good reason this decision was made an is absolutely necessary.

For the second time in two months, the State of New Jersey are being locked in as a matter of life and death. On January 5, people in four counties were ordered to stay inside after New Jersy’s Governor Chris Christie demanded everyone to do three things. At the time, if any one of these demands is not taken seriously if could definitely cost someone their life. Now, exactly eight weeks later, a second state of emergency has been declared for New Jersey as well as other nearby areas.

Fox News reports:

A large storm system that’s brought a wintry mix across the Midwest is set to slam the Northeast on Wednesday as some people still remain without power from last week’s storm.

The National Weather Service said the storm is going to transition into a nor’easter as it moves off the East Coast, bringing between 6 to 12 inches of snow across much of the region. Winter Storm Warnings have been posted stretching from Philadelphia to the Boston-area, with areas north and west of the Interstate 95 corridor expected to see the greatest amount of snow.

“Areas south and east of the big cities will see less snow and more of a mixing which will cut back on snow totals,” Fox News Senior Meteorologist Janice Dean said Tuesday “The heaviest snow will start late-morning through the afternoon Wednesday and into the dinnertime hour.”

The nor’easter will also bring winds gusting between 40 and 50 mph, bringing the threat of power outages to an area still cleaning up from the powerful storm last week.

“Not good news for folks who are still without power from this past weekend’s storm,” Dean said.

Declaring a state of emergency was an important move for more than just the safety of the citizens. By making it official, it also grants a state the ability to qualify for federal funds that can be used for immediate response and recovery. New Jersey is definitely going to need the help they can get considering that the first storm, appropriately dubbed “Bomb Cyclone,” left a devastating mark with a freezing hurricane effect that hasn’t been seen in decades. Recovery is not even completed yet and is about to get hit with another major setback from a second cyclone.

Fox News explains:

That storm knocked out power to more than 2 million homes and businesses, flooded coastal towns and forced a number of school districts to cancel classes. It was blamed for nine deaths from Virginia to Massachusetts.

More than 90,000 utility customers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are still without power, according to FOX 29.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy declared a state of emergency for the Garden State effective 8 p.m. Tuesday ahead of the storm.

“It’s expected to hit us tonight through tomorrow, bringing wet, heavy snow,” he said during a news conference.

The governor told people not to “panic,” but said they should use “extreme caution” if traveling on state roads.

The storm system moving across the Midwest snarled traffic and closed schools on Monday as it brought freezing rain, heavy snow and strong winds to the region.

“State emergency management officials have the power to redirect traffic or close roads to protect public safety, according to state law. Local, county and state authorities can close roads or cut off access to shopping centers or business plazas if conditions become dangerous,” continued. “The governor may declare government offices closed, but he cannot compel individual private businesses to shut down operations. An emergency declaration doesn’t mean motorists will be ticketed for merely being on the roads.”

America has seen more than our fair share of natural disasters this year from multiple hurricanes that his Florida and Texas, where they are still recovering from it in Houston, and even a magnitude 4 earthquake just this week in California – the epicenter of which was in Berkely.

The one thing different than previous years and disasters is that we have a president and first lady who show up to help immediately after and even come back later and prove that the victims are not forgotten. We saw this most recently in Texas with First Lady Melania Trump coming back to Houston during the holidays to help months after the storm swept the state. Now, we’ll undoubtedly see this same effort of compassion for the eastern part of the United States being pummeled by exceptionally freezing temperatures and snow right now.

BREAKING: State DENIED Soldiers 2A Right – Look Who They Gave It To Instead!

The state of Florida has become the epicenter of the resurgence of the gun debate after suffering a second massive shooting. Liberals were not remotely satisfied with the lack of action to inhibit citizens’ Second Amendment rights after the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, blaming this as the reason why the Parkland high school massacre happened. After nearly two weeks since the most recent shooting resulting in a massive assault on Americans’ constitutional rights that immediately ensued, Florida lawmakers just made a huge move that nobody was expecting.

Other than the two mass shootings happening in the same state, the attacks had nothing else in common other than a gun used by the killers with completely different motives for killing innocent people. It’s the person who pulled the trigger that’s the problem, not what they used to enact their plan that they would have done with or without gun control. However, that’s a concept that the left refuses to understand in their endless pursuit for control, using every tragedy to strip people of their right to defend themselves against criminals and a corrupt government, should one ever be faced with either threat.

Florida’s Governor Rick Scott has announced last week that he planned to pursue some changes to gun laws in his state as a response to all those demanding it following the school shooting that killed 17 people. While he did just as he said he would and raised the legal age for purchasing a firearm from 18 to now 21, lawmakers in the state unexpectedly approved a huge new rule, making Florida the first in the nation since the Stoneman Douglas High School massacre to do so.

While lawmakers consented to the left’s demand to raise the age limit, Florida was far more in favor of conservatives by not only refusing to ban AR-15 style rifles, like that which Nikolas Cruz used to commit mass murder, but they also approved something else, enraging liberals which will inevitably lead to rioters retaliating against this big decision.

The New York Post reports:

Florida’s Senate Rules Committee spent more than two hours debating the gun-control issues before eventually casting their votes, according to NBC.

Senators also agreed to confiscate guns from people with mental health issues, in addition to raising the legal buying age and giving teachers the right to carry.

A similar packaged set of reforms is scheduled to be taken up by the House Rules Committee on Tuesday.

The meetings come as more and more people continue to show their support for stricter gun-control laws, many of whom own weapons themselves.

Hundreds of activists and students turned out in Tallahassee last week — including survivors of the Parkland massacre — to call on lawmakers to act.

Many gathered at the Capitol on Monday to show their support for the assault weapons amendment, which was rejected by a 7-6 vote.

“Shame, shame, shame!” some of the activists shouted, according to News 13.

The fact that teachers could soon be allowed to carry firearms inside schools wasn’t sitting well with gun-control supporters, either.

“It bothers me to think as a father of two young boys to tell them to not be aggressive to your teacher,” said Sen. Oscar Branynon (D-Miami Gardens).

Of course, race was immediately brought up in the backlash of this move by the lawmaker who disagreed with this decision. Rather than articulating a rational response as to why he was disappointed with this new rule, Branynon made it sound that African-American children are now going to be targets of violence for their armed school teachers.

In a completely sensationalized statement, Branynon told the Sun Sentinel that “he and other black fathers across Florida will now have to include teachers when talking to their children about how to act around armed authority figures,” the Post reported.“Please don’t make it dangerous for children who look like my children to go to school,” he added, basically accusing pro-gun teachers who choose to be armed as being inherently racist and wanting to take advantage of their new right to carry by shooting black kids.

While Florida is not the first to allow teachers to legally carry a firearm in their classrooms, they are the only state since the shooting to approve this bill that’s been a huge debate in the days since the tragedy. However, they join just a very small group of states to grant this right, making them only the seventh in the stay to allow armed teachers in classrooms. According to the Giffords Law Center, only ten states in the nation allow concealed carry in schools. Also, there’s no proof that there’s ever been a case in any of these states where concealed carry has been allowed for a long time, that an armed teacher has intentionally shot at a black student or even brandished their weapon in a threatening manner for a racist, power-driven reason.

BREAKING: 1 Day After SICK Teacher Trashes Soldiers, He Gets Sudden Surprise From Gary Sinise!

Over the weekend, on social media word got out that teacher Gregory Salcido in California was caught on video mocking our brave men and women in the military. The video was quickly posted online, and of course, it immediately went viral with thousands of proud patriotic individuals taking aim at this hateful educator our filling children’s minds with filth. However, if Gregory Salcido that this event would fade away he would be wrong considering what proud military supporter and Hollywood heavyweight Gary Sinise just did.

There was a time in our country that when we sent our children to school, we didn’t have to worry about teachers indoctrinating them with the leftist agenda. Though that was then and this is now where the majority of public schools are now breeding grounds for anti-American rhetoric thanks to the adoption of common core. Now, our children’s minds are filled with revisionist history that paints our country as racist and that our founding fathers were evil incarnate.

These radical leftists are not stopping with just teaching our young and impressionable youth that the United States was founded on less than altruistic motives, but are now taking aim at those who volunteer to defend our country.

Gregory Salcido an educator (and that word is used loosely here) was caught on video trashing our military in class during an unprovoked rant in class.

In the videos, which were stealthily taken by a student hiding his phone under his desk at El Rancho High in Pico Rivera, California, history teacher Gregory Salcido, 49, is heard making numerous remarks about those who serve in the military including calling them the “lowest of the low” at one time.

In one of the video clips captured you can hear Salcido saying, “Think about the people who you know are over there. Your freakin’ stupid Uncle Louie or whatever. They’re dumb s***ts. They’re not like high-level thinkers. They’re not academic people. They’re not intellectual people.”

Salcido then adds that military men and women who serve overseas are “the freakin’ lowest of our low. Not morally – I’m not saying they make bad moral decisions – they’re not talented people.

Naturally, these disgusting comments have drawn the ire of many Americans across the country including Hollywood actor, Gary Sinise who had some choice words for this liberal scumbag on Twitter.

Sinise, who is a proud patriot, has often taken a stand in public for those who fight for us which is why it was no surprise he would go toe to toe with this so-called educator. In his post on Twitter, Sinise wrote, “Such stupidity & ignorance of this so-called teacher in CA. regarding the intelligence of men & women serving our country overseas. An outrageous insult to all who have served, including former presidents of the United States. Feeling sad for his students.”

It is outrageous that this man is allowed to still call himself an educator after these nasty comments were made in his classroom. One can only assume that this was not the first time that Salcido has gone off the rails either and you can rest assured that if he is not fired from his position it will only continue. For an educator to speak like this about those who sacrifice themselves so that we can free is disgusting. Those who serve our country deserve the utmost respect since they are Americans and are essentially representatives of our great nation, which Gary Sinise understands and does his best to spread awareness to the younger generations.

Also, it is appalling that this educator would say that those in the military are not intelligent considering that many people who join are incredibly brilliant.

Look, it is great for teachers to offer up thought-provoking conversations in the classroom but it is quite another to have a teacher openly bash our military. Maybe Salcido needs to sit down and talk to the families of those who lost a loved one fighting to defend his right to speak such despicable words. Or, maybe he needs to sit with some of our wounded veterans who have lost limbs to defend our way of life from those seeking to destroy us.

At any rate, hopefully, this man will be terminated from his job and learn an important lesson on respecting those who defend our nation.

Soldier Gets Stabbed While Standing Guard At The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier, His Reaction Will Stun You

If there’s one thing that makes the US military the best in the world, it’s this: discipline. And there’s no better example of it than this video.

Fact is, no matter how much money you want to pour into an army, if the army isn’t well-trained and conditioned to obey orders, you’re not going to get anywhere. Discipline, discipline, discipline. That’s the difference between victory and defeat.

And the best gauge for discipline on the field of battle? Discipline off the field of battle. If a soldier does what he’s supposed to do, even when there are no lives at stake, you know you have a good military.

Which is why it’s a good sign when a soldier standing honorary guard doesn’t move, flinch, or quit. Even when he stabs himself in the foot.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

A video taken of the Changing of the Guard ritual at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery captured the extreme discipline and professionalism of our soldiers.

The relieving of the guard usually goes without a hitch — most of the time.

However, a video by YouTube user H Heman captured the moment when something did go wrong — and it also revealed how soldiers reacted when it did.

The Tomb Guard Commander accidentally lost his grip on the rifle, causing the bayonet on the rifle to pierce the guard’s foot. Amazingly, the unidentified guard’s expression never changes. He winced in pain but remained composed as the ceremony continued.

And my favorite part:

He even finished the ceremony with blood coming from his shoe.

Considering you’re on your feet the whole time, the soldier’s professionalism is remarkable. He’d have to be feeling the pain with every step.

Observe, and marvel:

If you’ve forgotten, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is guarded at all times, with changes every hour or every half hour. It’s one of the greatest displays of loyalty and honor in US military history.

This guardsman is a fine example of that same honor. Hats off to him, and to all US servicemen and women.

Source: Conservative Tribune,

Just In: The Antifa ‘Super Soldiers Have Arrived!

Antifa is nothing like a sci-fi movie. It’s the reality we live with every day. Americans demanded that authorities recognize Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization. Yes, that’s what Antifa really is. The situation got worse with their involvement in Charlottesville protests. Things got worse when Antifa soldiers promised to bring order in the country.

On November 4th, Refuse Fascism said it will hold rallies in over 20 cities. What’s their final purpose? Removing President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence from their offices. Persistent mass protests are their only tool, and the group really believes they have the courage to do whatever pops their mind.

Refuse Fascism compares their project to South Korean’s protests against President Park Geun-hye. What happened after the protests were brought to an end? Park was impeached. So, the group threatens to start with at least several thousand people in their destructive rallies. They will also continue with semi-permanent encampments.

Several groups on the internet suggest that the unified anti-white terrorist group Antifa is also planning to launch a violent civil war. Many believe that the group is supported by billionaire George Soros and the shadow forces that thrive within the US government.

Everything points to the fact that they are quietly working to organize a mass electrical blackout to coincide with the major uprising. This theory has been growing online, and things started happening in August. But, everything got worse this week, and for some people this is the worst internet conspiracy theory Americans have ever seen. It’s also one of the most dangerous incidents, and people are afraid.

The Antifa civil war won’t make things better. What will happen next? Who knows… Maybe the group will strike again…

What do you think about this? Will Antifa soldiers do something else? How will things develop in near future?

BREAKING: 11 Texas Soldiers Mysteriously Drop Dead, All Had One Horrific Thing In Common

Eleven U.S. Army soldiers have been found dead on and off U.S. military base Fort Hood in Texas under “mysterious circumstances.” While working to determine how nearly a dozen young and healthy men were suddenly dropping dead, investigators found one chilling thing between them that they all had in common, showing this likely wasn’t a coincidence at all.

Over the past three months, police in Fort Hood have been overwhelmed with an unusual number of death investigations, all of whom have been Fort Hood soldiers who are dropping at an alarming rate. The most recent victim was  23-year-old Sgt. Alex Taylor of Texas City, Texas, who was found unresponsive while working Wednesday on the base. Now, the Army’s Criminal Investigations Command is taking a closer look at Taylor’s death, Stars and Stripesreported Friday.

“At this point in the investigative process we do not suspect foul play, but have not completely ruled it out while we conduct a complete and thorough death investigation,” Criminal Investigations spokesman Christopher Grey said.

This response comes after a series of mysterious deaths started piling up, the first one occurring on October 12 and haven’t stopped since. Another soldier was found unresponsive at work in that same month, and each month since, all being discovered in the same strange manner, all of which were healthy one day and dead the next. However, the next three deaths all shared something else in common that make their fatalities different than the first ones.

24-year-old Pvt. Kevin Paulino from Fort Hood died from a gunshot wound while he was off base as the first of three to have been killed in the same way, according to Stars and Stripes. Their deaths are also under investigation by the Army since answers into what happened was not immediately clear.

Pvt. Dakota Lee Stump, 19, was another of the long line of fatalities who was finally found almost a month after going missing on October 10 when he was declared as having gone AWOL. However, his body was found Nov. 3 next to his flipped vehicle by soldiers conducting land navigation training just 100 yards from the road, an Army release stated.

Three other soldiers all from Fort Hood died on November 12 in a suicide bomb attack at Bagram air base in Afghanistan: Staff Sgt. John Perry, 30; Private First Class Tyler Iubelt, 20; and Sgt. 1st Class Allan Brown, 46, the Houston Chronicle reported.

There have never been so many deaths in one time among soldiers all from the same base. What’s even more odd is that the mysterious fatalities happen in threes under the same circumstances. There definitely seems to be something intentional about the commonality of them all being from Fort Hood since the pattern that’s now evident can’t just be a coincidence.

Military bases across the United States have been on high alert for months after a series of security breaches and incidents have occurred. Now, we’re getting word of injured Special Operations Soldiers who have been rushed to local hospitals after what happened on base where these heroes thought they were safe.

A massive explosion on base at Fort Bragg in North Carolina has injured at least eight special operations soldiers today. This comes just weeks after 15 Marines were injured during transport when their transport plane crashed into a Mississippi field and 3 Marines were killed in a crash off Australia’s eastern coast this summer, according to UPROXX.

Authorities are trying to determine how this could have happened today at Fort Bragg and have already discovered some unfortunate answers.

This isn’t the first incident to happening the last several months on a U.S. military base, and probably won’t be the last. However, the outcome is the most detrimental this year.

The Daily Caller broke the tragic news and details of this event today which unexpectedly injured these Special Operations soldiers.

Eight soldiers were injured during a training exercise at the U.S. Army base at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, on Thursday, the military said in a statement.

The soldiers hurt during U.S. Army Special Operations Command demolitions training were taken by air and ground to multiple local hospitals, the statement said.

The extent of their injuries and cause of the incident were not released.

Lieutenant Colonel Rob Bockholt, a base spokesman, said he could not confirm local media reports of an explosion occurring during the exercise.

“What exactly happened is under investigation,” he said.

On Wednesday, 15 Marines were injured when an amphibious assault vehicle caught fire during training at Camp Pendleton in California, the Marine Corps said.

The conditions of the injured soldiers were not immediately made public and have yet to be determined. The Gateway Pundit reports that several were transported via emergency medical helicopter to the Womack Army Medical Center. What specifically caused the blast is still under investigation.

“There are injuries but we don’t know the extent,” Special Ops Command Lt Col Rob Bockholt said, according to Fox News.

“The incident at Fort Bragg comes just a day after a vehicle fire at Camp Pendleton in California left 15 Marines injured — eight of them in the burn unit — following a training exercise accident,” Fox News pointed out.

The theory goes that “one accident is bad luck; two is a coincidence; three is enemy action.” Today’s incident marks the second within just a couple of days, but could actually be the third, in a series of horrific events on bases. We previously reported of what could now be considered the first of this trifecta of tragic occurrences, which ended much differently than these most recent cases.

Naval Station Norfolk, in Virgina, went on high alert after what was discovered under water just outside the secured piers that surround it. Just like air space around U.S. fighter jets, naval stations are surrounded by a defined barrier of protection. That was breached today with who was able to get dangerously close and why.

The naval station is guarded by sailors who work watch in shifts for anything or anyone who may pose a threat. This particular base contains 60 war ships, “including the fleet’s newest and most technologically advanced aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford,” the Associated Press reports. This carrier had recently returned to the pier following a successful test of new equipment that launches and lands jet fighters.

There are a lot of adversaries who could try to infiltrate our military in a mode of attack, which is why it’s important to have sailors monitoring the base and its 14 piers at all times. Today, the spotted something amiss in the water which had encroached upon a no-go zone for anyone who is not authorized.

The Washington Post reports:

Officials say a scuba diver appears to have breached a barrier at the country’s largest naval base and they have stepped up security as a result.

Navy spokeswoman Kelly Wirfel said several sailors on watch at Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia briefly saw the person Monday in the water near the secured piers.

A security gate sits in the water surrounding the base and its 14 piers. Wirfel says security teams are looking for the person while restricting access to and from the piers.

Adding to the cause for concern was that Wirfel said, “It was not a Navy diver, and they also confirmed that there were no divers in the water for maintenance.”

Now we have three very alarming events which have occurred on U.S. military bases within the last couple of months. This could be a coincidence or perhaps something more deliberate. Regardless of the cause, our American heroes need to stay vigilant and on high alert even when on base after what we’ve seen in the last couple of years, that these secured places are susceptible to attack.