WOW: He Just Called For Hillary To Be SHOT By Firing Squad!! – Do You Agree With Him?

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This language is a bit extreme but I think we can all relate to what is being said.

Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom is telling some harsh truths about what really should be done with Hillary Clinton. And he isn’t playing around.

Kallstrom had no issue whatsoever going on national media and telling it like it is. He confirmed that if Hillary Clinton would have done everything she did with her own private server back during World War 2, she would have faced the firing squad like many others did back then for crimes a lot less grave than the one she committed.

Yup, although Democrats and the left wing media constantly try to convince us that it’s no big deal when Hillary had a home-based private server installed in her own guest bathroom of her private residence, and intentionally used it, emailing out nationals’ most classified documents, this was a crime worthy of treason. And it needs prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.


Officers Just Hauled Rotten Dem Off Capitol Hill In Handcuffs – It’s About Time!

When Hillary made the decision to run off a private server she had no way of securing classified documents. And it’s basically the same thing as just handing our enemies our national secrets. This is considered Treason and Kallstrom is 100% correct to call her out on this, in fact, instead of investigating President Trump on made up talking points charges Hillary is the one who should be investigated.

And the former FBI Assistant Director is 100% correct. Hillary’s crimes were intentional and well thought out. They went against the better interests of the American people and our nation and she needs to be tried under a court of law. And although we don’t use firing squads anymore, prison time would be just as great in this case if only to prove Justice is indeed blind.

Here is more on this double standard via The American Thinker:

“Missing from the leaked list of questions Special Counsel Robert Mueller is said to want to ask President Trump is the classic one: when did you stop beating your wife? This is how farcical Mueller’s witch hunt has become – a list of questions that could have been written by a failing first-year law student amounting to the same perjury trap that got Martha Stewart, Scooter Libby, and Michael Flynn.

Again, what’s the crime? Collusion is not a crime, and the only proven collusion is among the Clinton campaign, the DNC, and a British spy working with Russian sources. Yet President Trump’s legal team has been threatened with a grand jury subpoena. The office and residences of his lawyer, Michael Cohen, have been raided.

While Mueller and Team Trump negotiate the terms of entrapment, Team Trump should consider demanding from Mueller the same deal Hillary Clinton got, including the writing of an exoneration memo before the interview. The interview should be on the Friday of a holiday weekend – Hillary’s was on July 2. There should be no notes taken and no recordings or transcripts made. The interview should not be under oath, and Mueller should not attend, as Comey did not attend Hillary’s.

Trump should insist on an interview limited to just two hours and at which staff members past and current can be present, like Mike Flynn, Carter Page, and Paul Manafort. They should be given immunity deals, as were the likes of Cheryl Mills at Hillary’s interview. His interviewer should be as pro-Trump as Peter Strzok, who conducted Hillary’s interview, was pro-Clinton. He should be allowed to say, “I don’t recall” or its equivalent 39 times, as Hillary did. Prior to the interview, Mueller should have a press conference listing the charges against Trump and then exonerate him, explaining why no reasonable prosecutor, which Mueller is not, would take the case. At least this time, this would be a true statement – Mueller pursues Trump without a crime, in violation of the special counsel statute. Comey acted as a Hillary staffer, ignoring the most obvious and real crimes, such a mishandling classified information and destroying evidence under subpoena.

Wasn’t having a private server that contained classified information, having multiple devices that were later physically smashed, and using BleachBit to destroy 33,000 emails that were under subpoena sufficient evidence of intent?

Only a corrupt and complicit FBI director, acting as Hillary Clinton’s surrogate campaign manager, who months earlier had decided he would exonerate her, could ignore the damning evidence:

As FBI director last year, James Comey began writing drafts of a statement exonerating Hillary Clinton, even before all witnesses in the investigation – including Clinton herself – had been interviewed.

The Senate Judiciary Committee obtained the Comey memos as part of its investigation into his firing by President Trump, which occurred on May 9. The revelation that Comey had begun drafting memos of his exoneration statement comes from transcripts of interviews given last fall by two FBI officials.

James Rybicki, Comey’s chief of staff, and Trisha Anderson, the principal deputy general counsel of national security and cyberlaw at the FBI, gave the interviews as part of an investigation conducted by the Office of Special Counsel into the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email investigation.

In a July 5, 2016, press conference, Comey said that he would not be recommending charges against Clinton for mishandling classified information despite her use of a private email server as secretary of state.

While the transcripts of those interviews are heavily redacted, they indicate that Comey started working on an announcement clearing Clinton in April or May of last year, before the FBI interviewed 17 witnesses in the case, including Clinton and some of her top aides.

Having already decided that he would exonerate her regardless of the evidence explains why he did not attended the July 2, 2016 interview of Hillary Clinton, did not put her under oath, and did not ever impanel a grand jury in the – there’s that word again – “matter.” The fix was in.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, who put our national security at risk in order to hide pay-for-play collusion with Clinton Foundation donors, and who allowed the sale of 20% of our uranium to Russian interests, Trump has done everything to hurt Russian interests, from arming Ukraine, imposing stiff sanctions, striking Syria, and boosting American energy to rebuilding the American military.

Yet Hillary was given a free ride, unlike Kristian Saucier, who was imprisoned for taking six photos of his submarine for his personal memory book. He was not a spy for a foreign power; he had no intent, to coin a phrase, to do anything with these photos except keep them as personal memories of his proud and honorable service.

It’s time for these double standards to end. Trump’s interview should be conducted under the same terms and conditions as Hillary’s, or it should not take place at all until Mueller finds an actual crime to investigate. He can find that just by looking in the mirror.”

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BREAKING: Sheriff Just Got BIG Surprise From FL Hero Shot 5 Times He Thought Had Died

About damn time the people who let the Parkland Florida school shooting happen start being held responsible for their dereliction of duty.

Anthony Borges, who was shot a total of 5 times while shielding his classmates and attempting to close and lock a classroom is now going to sue the Broward County Sheriff’s Department and the school for the cost of his medical bills because he claims they failed to keep the students safe. Although a Gofund me page was set up and has raised more than $600,000, his medical bills are estimated to top 1 million. Borges has had to spend a long time in the hospital and has undergone multiple surgeries.

The family attorney has sent a letter on behalf of the family to various Broward County agencies, including the school district and the sheriff’s office.

In an interview, Borges’ attorney added that the school and sheriff’s office had failed the students and they need to be held responsible. Especially since both departments were aware something like this could happen. He later told the Miami Herald that medical bills can bankrupt a family, that’s why this needs to be addressed.

This is the first of many lawsuits expected against these organizations.

Isn’t it great that finally the people who truly sat by while this happened are made responsible? While Clinton ally and friend Sheriff Scott Israel was busy putting the blame on the NRA and its spokesperson Dana Loesch in order to deflect from the fact he was too busy teaching radical Muslims how to conceal carry there were 39 calls to the Cruz residence in the span of 7 years, Cruz even called the police on himself once. And not one person did anything to help him. Instead now, after the death of 17 people, they blame an organization whose members have never hurt anyone.

It will be a great day when Anthony Borges gets a nice big settlement from the people who are truly at fault for letting this happen, don’t you agree?

Via Breaking News Time:

“Hero student, 15, who was shot five times using his body to shield others who were fleeing Parkland gunman is the first to file lawsuit over the deadly shooting

A 15-year-old who was grievously wounded in the Florida school shooting has filed notice that he will sue authorities to seek money to cover the cost of his recovery.

A lawyer for Anthony Borges and his family says the sheriff’s office, the school resource officer, the Broward County school system and the principal at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School failed to protect students from the teen gunman who killed 17 people and wounded more than a dozen others on Valentine’s Day.

‘The failure of Broward County Public Schools, and of the principal and school resource officer to adequately protect students, and in particular our client, from life-threatening harm were unreasonable, callous and negligent,’ attorney Alex Arreaza wrote in the lawsuit notice on Monday. ‘Such action or inaction led to the personal injuries sustained by my client.’

The lawsuit is likely to be the first of many filed by survivors and victims’ families.

Borges was shot five times using his body as a human shield to protect 20 other students fleeing the Parkland gunman. He’s pictured above in his hospital room after the shooting, with Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel
Borges was shot five times using his body as a human shield to protect 20 other students fleeing the Parkland gunman. He’s pictured above in his hospital room after the shooting, with Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel

Arreaza says Borges was hit five times, still can’t walk and has ‘a great deal of difficulty performing rudimentary tasks for himself.’

Areeaza says Borges has undergone several surgeries and is still a ‘very long way’ to recovery.

‘By the grace of God he’s not No. 18,’ Borges’ attorney Alex Arreaza said. ‘But it’s going to be a tough recovery … it’s a miracle that we’re even talking about recovery.’

Borges continues to recover from his injuries at Broward General Medical Center.

His attorney says his medical bills will definitely exceed $1million and that they will be suing for damages to be determined at a later date.

In his two-page notice filed Monday, Borges’ attorney writes that the school district and sheriff’s office could have done more to prevent the shooting. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is pictured above last week, as students returned to classes
In his two-page notice filed Monday, Borges’ attorney writes that the school district and sheriff’s office could have done more to prevent the shooting. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is pictured above last week, as students returned to classes

‘Unfortunately medical bills can bankrupt a family and it has to be addressed,’ he said. ‘There could have been a lot more done to prevent this tragedy.’

Borges was hailed as a hero in the attack, for using his body as a shield to protect 20 other students fleeing the gunman.

One of Borges’ friends, Carlos Rodriguez, said that he wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for Borges.

He says they were running to hide in a locked room when the suspected gunman, Nikolas Cruz, opened fire on them.

Rodriguez said Borges used his body as a human shield to protect the 20 people fleeing the gunman.

Borges was struck twice in his right leg, once in his left leg and twice in his torso.

Arreaza says it was Borges training as a Boy Scout that helped save his life, since he knew how to create a tourniquet to stop the excessive bleeding.”

Holistic Doctor and Entire Family Found Shot Dead in AZ

[CE] Dr. Annie Fairbanks, a holistic doctor practicing out of Arizona, was found shot dead in her home with husband Jason Fairbanks, 3 year old daughter and 9 month old son. This makes the 77th holistic doctor to have been found dead in this way over the past couple of years.

Sgt. Ben Hoster, a spokesman for the Scottsdale Police Department, stated that the police do not believe any other parties are involved. This essentially means there are no suspects and that this is likely a murder-suicide. Even the local paper is calling it that. Oddly, this statement and conclusion was made just hours after the incident took place, hardly giving anyone enough time to make a call like that.

“This is an isolated incident,” Hoster told reporters during a news conference in the neighbourhood on Friday afternoon. “We do not believe there are any outstanding suspects.”

Annie Fairbanks and her 9 month old son. Photo: Facebook.

The family ran a health practice called Macrotherapy, which focused on natural and holistic healing. It’s unclear whether or not the practice was employing new or outside the box methods like GcMAF, but further investigations should tell us.

GcMAF (Glycoprotein Macrophage Activating Factor) is a protein made by our body and is pretty much the ‘director’ of our immune system. Our immune system is our body’s defense system against viruses and other pathogens. As healthy persons we all produce thousands of cancer cells every day. When we are unhealthy, GcMAF production drops. If one is able to be injected with GcMAF, they can once again heal. GcMAF was linked to a number of holistic doctors that were showing up mysteriously dead over the past two years.

People who knew the Fairbanks family, saw Dr. Fairbanks as patients, and who were personal friends, had been reaching out to a colleague we work with over at Health Nut News stating they doubt the claim and explanation given by the police. Especially since it was made so quickly. As mentioned, the more that we uncover about this story, the more we will report on in the future.

Laura Fairbanks, Jason’s sister, recalled her older brother as a protector. “He loved his family so much, he wasn’t a bad person.”

Annie & Jason Fairbanks. Photo: Laura Fairbanks/Special for The Republic

Laura explained that Jason was working seven days a week to provide for his family while funds were tight in their new ventures. Funds were not coming in like Jason needed them to, but he was still working away.

Although Jason was a man of few words, Laura said she could always tell and see how he was really feeling. She gave no indication that she would have expected a suicide. This of course does not rule it out in any way, but adds to the mystery around this story.

We will continue to follow this story and its hasty decision to call it a murder-suicide within hours of it happening. We will update and produce more stories as we know more.