Secret Service Agents Refuse To Leave Barbara Bush’s Casket For INCREDIBLE Reason

The men and women who make up the ranks of the Secret Service are some of the finest law enforcement officers in the country. Their loyalty and willingness to give their lives for someone they protect is awe-inspiring.

What’s even more impressive is their dedication to the job — all the way up until the end, as evidenced by these two fine agents who made sure the body of the late Barbara Bush was 100% protected until her burial…

Tribunist reports:

Secret Service agents have been with George H. W. Bush and his wife Barbara Bush since 1989. They must remain professional, but there is no denying that many agents grow to care for the people they protect to some extent. This is exemplified by a photo of two Secret Service agents refusing to leave the side of Barbara’s casket.

On Friday, Barbara was laid to rest at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston, Texas. She touched thousands of people’s lives when she was First Lady and continued to work to make America a better place even after her time in the White House.

It’s no surprise that Barbara had a strong influence on many lives —even the Secret Service members sworn to protect her.

“Agents on her detail, they’re the ones posted around her house all of the time. They’re the ones who bring her shopping. They’re the ones who bring her to events. They are family to her,” said Thom Bolsch, a former Secret Service agent who was tasked to protect the Bush family. “She was one of the most gracious people we’ve ever protected.”

He went on to rave about how the Secret Service agents in her household were treated like family. “She went out of her way to make us feel like part of the Bush family. It was just a wonderful relationship we had.”

The unnamed agents, who have been a part of the protective detail for Barbara Bush for quite some time now, have faithfully remained at her side, refusing to leave until she is buried, according to John Lopez, a local Huston reported.

“Barbara Bush’s Secret Service detail, several of whom have been with her for decades, refuse to leave her side until she is buried. Very powerful,” he wrote on Twitter.

Since her passing, even former Secret Service agents for the former First Lady have come out to praise remember her and speak fondly of her. Former agent Jonathan Wackrow, who wrote a powerful CNN article on Barbara, said her code name was “Tranquility,” which couldn’t have been more fitting.

“It exemplified her demeanor and its calming, humanizing and gentle effect on those around her. She will be forever missed.”


Secret Service Agent Goes Rogue, Exposes Biggest Fraud On Capitol Hill Who Must Be Arrested ASAP!

Watching the news unfold on Capitol Hill is starting to feel more like watching a box office hit and less like real life. Gone are the days when the news was boring, and everyone followed due process and acted with decorum. Now, it appears that it’s every man for himself, and if you’ve got enough money, or dirt on those with money, you can get away with anything.

The more we learn about what went on in the Justice Department during the Obama Administration the more we realize that the entire Nation was on the brink of a hostile take over by those that we elected to represent us, and trusted with our well being. Especially the DNC’s choice for the 2016 Presidential election.

As it turns out, that election wasn’t quite as close as Hillary wanted us to believe. Between her lies, the illegals that voted and the entire FBI covering for her, she almost got to be in charge of the free world. Now though, the Justice Department is finding that they have to try and explain all their dirty dealings, now that the Trump Administration is in charge.

We recently saw the complete wide-eyed panic that gripped Washington when the much-anticipated memo came to light. As it turns out, that was just one of many incriminating documents that are slated to inform the American people of what has been happening behind closed doors. The Gateway Pundit reports that according to a form Secret Service Agent, the guilty parties who would be implicated in the next big memo that was supposed to drop, are doing a phenomenal job of keeping it hidden:

“Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino joined FOX and Friends on Monday morning to discuss the latest in the Obamagate Trump spying scandal.

Bongino told the morning hosts that former CIA Director John Brennan is “in a world of trouble” for lying under oath to Congress about the Russia dossier.

Dan Bongino then clubbed hyper-partisan hack Adam Schiff, “A snake. He’s the biggest fraud on Capitol Hill right now!”

Dan Bongino: It’s always predictable with them and it just shows their devious side. For as much as I disagree with Democrats and their ideology and everything they do… You almost have to respect their deviousness. They’re tactically brilliant. Put information in there that they know can’t get out on sources and methods in their memo that is. Give it to the president knowing he can’t release that memo. And then come back and say almost immediately on queue. Oh look the president is hiding something. It’s really deranged but this is what they do… My sources are telling me John Brennan is in a world of trouble right now! In May of 2017 Brennan said under oath on the hill, “Oh, I didn’t know who commissioned the dossier. Which is amazing! Because the CIA has a central role in the verification of foreign assets and information we get from foreign assets. It is not plausibly deniable that John Brennan did not know who commissioned that dossier. He’s in a world of trouble because he raised his right hand and he said the exact opposite… Jim Clapper is knee deep in this as well…

Steve Doocy: So Dan ultimately people like Adam Schiff, the Democrat from California, is he doing his best to keep all this from coming out or is he just playing the loyal opposition.

Dan Bongino: Adam Schiff is a snake. He’s the biggest fraud on Capitol Hill right now. Adam Schiff is doing the Democrats’ dirty work in trying to cover up.”

What Bongino seems to be pointing out is that there are still people in power who have a lot to lose if you hear the truth. In other words, the wolf in sheep’s clothing was let into the herd, and it’s still passing as a sheep, even after showing its teeth.

Unfortunately, the only way to weed these predators out of the herd is to catch them red-handed with irrefutable proof. And in today’s political climate of bribes and blackmail, the only way to have irrefutable proof is for the public to see something that can’t be explained, or unseen. That is one of the reasons that these documents being released to the public is such a huge deal; if the public turns against someone, they can’t come back from that, and hopefully will never be reelected.

However, if those who are guilty of this blatant wrongdoing and these grievous offenses against the government and the American people are able to keep the details of their sins quiet, they’ll be able to say that we, the people, just misunderstood and that it’s just not as simple as we think.

One thing is simple, and we do understand; laws were broken, and those who broke them need to be punished. Hopefully, voices like Bongino’s can sound the alarm loud enough that we will wake up and make sure that justice is served.

Source: The Gateway Pundit,