What Sarah Sanders Just Said About Nancy Pelosi Will Go Down In History As Day Democrats Lost America

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders just dropped a nuke bomb on the head of one Nancy Pelosi and America is cheering.

Look, even the Democrats know Pelosi is a drag on their chances in 2018 – she is out of touch with America and for the perfect example look no further than what happened last night.

Pelosi disgraced herself, San Francisco, and every single liberal in America with her performance night during Trump’s State of the Union address. (VIDEO BELOW)

President Trump delivered exactly what America wanted and jealous Pelosi, who knows Trump’s agenda spells doom for the left in 2018, couldn’t take it.

She sat seething in rage as President Trump got rousing ovation after rousing ovation.

“I think Nancy Pelosi looks like that all the time,” Sanders said on CNN today. “I think she should smile a lot more often, I think the country would be better for it.” (VIDEO BELOW)

After Jim Acosta Calls Her a Coward, Sarah Sanders Leaves His Jaw on the Floor

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White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held an on-camera press briefing today where she took questions from reporters all over the room.

She also introduced two military heroes that she and President Trump wanted to honor in front of everyone.

“Before taking your questions today, I’d like to introduce you to a few special guests we have here with us in the briefing room. Retired Marine Corps Sergeant John Peck and Staff Sergeant Liam Dwyer both served combat deployments in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The president met both of them recently at Walter Reed.

Sergeant Peck suffered a traumatic brain injury in Iraq during his first tour of duty. Then, after two years of therapy, he reenlisted and deployed to Afghanistan. While there, he stepped on an IED and lost both arms and legs. He spent two years at Walter Reed, and in 2016, received a double arm transplant. He is now doing physical and occupational therapy at Walter Reed, and doing incredibly well.

Staff Sergeant Dwyer endured a roadside bomb explosion in Iraq, but he re-upped, and later, went to Afghanistan. While there, he stepped on IED, resulting in the loss of his left leg and severe injuries to his right arm, leg and torso. Doctors were able to save his limbs and reattach them through over 50 surgeries. And after previously spending four years at Walter Reed, he is back there to receive additional surgeries in the coming months.

Thank you both for your service, and for inspiring us all with your bravery, sense of duty and resilience. These men represent the very best of America, and remind us why it’s so important to make sure our great veterans get the care they deserve.”

After Sarah concluded the 20 minute briefing, she thanked the reporters for their time and said goodbye.

Just as she was leaving the room, CNN’s Jim Acosta yelled out at her that she has ignored CNN’s questions for the last three briefings.

Acosta is constantly accusing Sarah of singling him out because of his affiliation with CNN, but it is important to note that Sarah makes a concerted effort of calling on everyone equally and it’s ridiculous to accuse her ignoring him on purpose.

Sarah responded on Twitter with a brutal takedown

“Courage isn’t taking “a question from CNN,” Jim. Courage is combat veterans Sgt. Peck and Staff Sgt. Dwyer – the two heroes at the briefing. #itsnotaboutyou“

Maybe Acosta should be a little less combative in future briefings if he wants to get called on! Do you agree?

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ABC Reporter Tries Catching Sarah Sanders Off-Guard… She CRUSHES Him

Gov. Mike Huckabee didn’t raise no dummy, that’s for sure! Watch this ABC hack get smoked by Sarah Sanders’ response…

Daily Caller reports:

Sarah Sanders clashed with ABC’s Johathan Karl at Tuesday’s White House press briefing over President Trump’s perceived response to Russia’s attempted influence into the 2016 election.

Karl argued that though the president had been gloating on Twitter about how Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Friday indictment of 13 Russian nationals apparently exonerated the Trump campaign of collusion, he has done little prevent future attempts to influence American elections.


“You just agreed that the evidence is there that the Russians interfered in our election,” Karl continued. “Doesn’t he agree that the evidence is there?”

“This investigation is obviously about what Russia did, and this raises the question — now that you’ve said the president agrees, the national security adviser says the evidence is incontrovertible — what is the president going to do about it? What is he specifically doing about the fact that the Russia interfered with our election and has every intention, we are told, of doing it again? What is he doing about it?”

“Look, just last week the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen met with a number of relevant stakeholders,” Sanders responded. “They are discussing this process and going through and looking every single day at the best ways going forward. Everybody wants to blame this on the Trump Administration. Let’s not forget that this happened under the Obama Administration.”

“This happened over a year ago,” Karl interjected. “What’s he done about it?”

Sanders continued by rattling off the various ways the Trump administration is seeking to curb foreign meddling in future elections.

“We have spent a lot of time working on cyber security, focusing on protecting the fairness on our elections. And, as I said, the department of homeland security met with state and local officials just over the last several weeks along with election vendors to make sure our election system is secure. They met with state and private officials on how best to secure the election system from foreign interference. We’re not the only targets of foreign interference, and we’re working with our allies on a daily basis to make sure we’re following best practices. This has been a topic of conversation with multiple foreign heads of state. President Trump and the administration that interference in our electrics will have consequences. And we’ll continue to impose consequences in response to Russian cyber attacks. Just last week we called out Russia by name, it was one of the first times you’ve seen something like that take place.”

Pushing onward, Karl asked why POTUS hasn’t “even called out Vladimir Putin about this? He criticized Obama, he criticized the FBI. He didn’t even criticize Vladimir Putin.”

“He has been tougher on Russia in the first year than Obama was in eight years combined,” the White House press secretary testily shot back at Karl. “He has imposed sanctions, he’s taken away properties, he’s rebuilt our military. He has done a number of things to put pressure on Russia and be tough on Russia. Just last week there was an incident that will be reported in the coming days in an another way this president was tough on Russia.”

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Source: patrioticexpress.com

White House on ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban: ‘We Haven’t Closed Doors on Any Front’

Sarah Sanders, Assault Weapons

During Tuesday’s press briefing, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was asked about a proposed “assault weapons” ban and said, “We haven’t closed the door on any front.”

NPR’s Mara Liasson asked, “In 2000 [President Trump] did support an ‘assault weapons’ ban. What is his position now?” She followed her own question by asking if President Trump supports “reinstating” the 1994-2004 federal “assault weapons” ban.

CNN reported that Sanders responded by saying, “I don’t have any specific announcements, but we haven’t closed the door on any front.”

Sanders went on to say “the next several days and weeks” will witness conversations on where changes in current laws might be made.

She said Trump is specifically supportive of making background checks “more efficient.”

On February 20, Breitbart News reported that Trump directed Attorney General Jeff Sessions to finalize plans to ban bump stocks. The details of the ban–whether it might include a grandfather clause–are not yet known.

Source: www.breitbart.com


We all know Donald Trump will always be attacked by left wing, biased individuals.

That was also the case today, but Sarah Huckabee Sanders wasn’t taking none of it.

She came prepared to step up for her president!

Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarbourgh thought they were just going to come at the conference and say all they want, bash on our government. That was not happening! As our sources at Swamp Drain inform us, Sarah hit the corrupt journalist with something they weren’t ready to take.

She protected Trump’s tweets, and also some attacks that came towards her. She should be an example for others to be ready to defend during briefings like these, shooting back to reporters although they came prepared with questions. She didn’t even seem to put effort in, casually blasting them off. Some of her words were:

“When he [President Trump] gets attacked, he is going to hit back! The American people elected someone who is tough, smart and is a fighter. That’s Donald Trump. And, I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that he fights fire with fire”.

Watch her blasting them here:


Do you, as I do, think she is the proper person for the job she is doing? Instead of them focusing on real problems, journalist just want to talk about nonsense and things happening on social media. They had this coming for them:

“In the last month the evening news has spent 1 minute talking about tax reform, 3 minutes on infrastructure, 5 minutes on economy and jobs, 17 minutes on health care, and 353 minutes attacking the president and pushing a false narrative on Russia!”

I don’t think they were ready to hear this, and were completely shocked afterwards. Someone else also needs to step up. As for the TV employers, how about you focus on your facts and stop trying to make this a melodrama? It is NOT a reality show!

Scroll down to the comment section and tell us, how should she shut them down next time?

Image source. H/T Swamp Drain,thedeplorablesociety.com

Trump & Sarah Sanders Just Found White House Leaker, Now They’re Making Him Pay BIG TIME

For months now, someone in the White House has been leaking sensitive information to the public, putting national security at risk and gravely undermining the Trump administration’s progress. It was only a matter of time before President Donald Trump and one of the top officials in his administration, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, identified the culprit, and it appears that they have. Now, Trump and Sanders are making the leaker pay for his bad behavior, as they should.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) doesn’t have the best name recognition in Washington, D.C., but lately, he’s been working diligently to change that by doing two things in particular; namely, getting in front of the camera any chance he gets to trash President Trump and leaking sensitive White House information.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who have no idea who Rep. Schiff is, Daily News Briefing provided a solid summary of his background:

If you are familiar with Adam Schiff at all you know that he has no interest in the truth or working across the aisle. He’s a partisan who only cares about advancing his liberal agenda and bashing Trump. He also loves being on TV. Every time there is a camera around you will find Adam Schiff running with the phony Russia narrative or hurling some wild accusation at Trump.

Yep, that pretty much sums up Adam Schiff.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) (Photo Credit: Congressman Adam Schiff)

After rumors began spreading over the past few months that Schiff was the one who has been leaking sensitive White House intelligence to the public, President Donald Trump blatantly called him out in a Thursday interview with The Wall Street Journal.

“All I see of these Democrats, like Adam Schiff — it’s all he does, he’ll have a meeting, and then he’ll leave, and he’ll call up the meeting, and then I’ll have a meeting and then he’ll leave,” said Trump.

“He left meetings where people are being interviewed, and then all of a sudden they say a story about what’s going on inside the meetings,” added the president, leaving no doubt that he believes Schiff is the leaker.

President Trump and White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders both accused California Rep. Adam Schiff of selectively leaking details of the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation.

Trump put Schiff on blast during an interview with The Wall Street Journal in the Oval Office on Thursday morning. [Source: The Daily Caller]

Schiff demanded an apology from the White House in an apparent attempt to defend himself. However, he did not expressly come out and deny that he was responsible for the leaks, which is very telling.

“They owe me an apology, but frankly it would be a wasted errand to ask for one,” Schiff said on CNN. “And if Sarah Huckabee Sanders is going to have to give out apologies to everyone that he has criticized unfairly, she would be doing nothing else all day.”

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said Thursday that the White House owes him an apology after press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders accused him of leaking House Intelligence Committee interviews to the press. [Source: The Hill]

Frankly, President Donald Trump and Sarah Sanders handled this brilliantly. If lawmakers like Adam Schiff want to play dirty by betraying the president’s trust and leaking information to the press, then they’re only getting a taste of their own medicine when the president himself calls them out in front of the entire nation.

If Adam Schiff was trying to make a name for himself, he has certainly accomplished as much. Unfortunately for him, that name is now synonymous with the word “traitor.”


After April Ryan Asked Her Nasty Question, Sarah Sanders Tore Her Apart In This Viral Video

Sarah Sanders is in a fight with April Ryan and it is getting nastier. Earlier this week, Sarah Sanders started sharing step-by-step tweets about her baking a pie. This is in response to April Ryan from CNN accusing her of not making the pie that she posted a pic of on Thanksgiving.

It was called Piegate. You can check out the videos below, but let’s take a look at what Sarah Sanders said today right in April Ryan’s face.
You can watch the moment occur here at the 6-minute mark.

April Ryan got pied in the face. Check out the ongoing feud that Sarah Sanders and April Ryan have kept after #piegate.
Replying to @PressSec
Thanks to @VP Chief of Staff @Nick_Ayers for supplying the pecans from his family farm in Georgia
Ingredients all mixed up and pies in the oven! @AprilDRyan let me know if you need further documentation
The White House press secretary is totally making April Ryan look like the petty person that she is. It’s so funny.
Sarah Sanders
Replying to @PressSec
Ingredients all mixed up and pies in the oven! @AprilDRyan let me know if you need further documentation
Excited to share these at tomorrow’s press potluck. Merry Christmas to the WH press corps!
White House press secretary Sarah Sanders expects to share some of her pecan pie with White House correspondent April Ryan on Thursday afternoon and settle a three-week feud regarding whether the government spokesperson bakes her own desserts.

“April, I am looking forward to having some pie with you here momentarily,” Sanders told the American Urban Radio Network reporter as she departed the White House press briefing.
The food fight started on Thanksgiving Day when Sanders posted a picture of a chocolate pecan pie she had just baked.
I am not trying to be funny but folks are already saying #piegate and #fakepie Show it to us on the table with folks eating it and a pic of you cooking it. I am getting the biggest laugh out of this. I am thankful for this laugh on Black Friday!
The two women went back and forth on Twitter. Ryan deemed the incident “PieGate” and demanded Sanders post additional photos of the pie to prove it was at her family’s house and not store bought. Ryan said she wouldn’t eat a pie Sanders had cooked because she didn’t trust what was in the pie.
Sanders did not share what the two will discuss during their meeting Thursday.
Sarah Sanders is hilarious and is beating the media every time they try and go after her. We need to keep fighting for Sarah Sanders because she is
Everyone have a wonderful holiday and eat lots of real pies. Even if the mainstream media tries to tell you that they are fake pies, trust your own gut. A pie is a pie and the MSM is the enemy of the American people.
They are starting to get harder and harder to stomach. Let’s show some support for our heroes in the Trump administration that are fighting to make this country great.
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Jaw Dropping: Dems Bringing Charges Against Sarah Huckabee Sanders?


Recently in a press briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked:

“What exactly did James Comey do that was illegal?”

Her response caught everyone listening by surprise!

Reported by IJR:

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been on a full-throated defense of the president in the Russia investigation recently. Part of that defense has been ripping the bark off former FBI Director James Comey and his testimony to Congress.

Sanders has implied that Comey might have broken the law by releasing documents to the press that he made as FBI director. In a press briefing last week, Sanders said:

“The memos that Comey leaked were created on an FBI computer while he was the director. He claims they were private property. They clearly followed the protocol of an official FBI document. Leaking FBI memos on a sensitive case, regardless of classification, violates federal laws, including the Privacy Act, standard FBI employment agreement, and non-disclosure agreement all personnel must sign. I think that is pretty clean and clear that that would be a violation.”

Now, Democrats in the Senate believe Sanders may be the next person indicted because of her comments against Comey.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) went on MSNBC earlier this week to declare that Sanders was in jeopardy of having charges brought against her for attempting to align the character of Comey to a grand jury that will ultimately oversee the Mueller investigation. Whitehouse said (emphasis added):

“The three torpedoes that Sarah Huckabee Sanders shot at James Comey, which open up an entirely new avenue in the case for Mueller. There’s a statute, 1504 in the obstruction of justice statutes, that talks about attempts to influence grand jurors. So the question for Sarah Huckabee Sanders is, ‘Who asked you to do that? Who told you to do that?’

And once you know who it is, you look to their motivation. And if their motivation was to poison the reputation of Jim Comey with grand jurors, you’ve got another count in the indictment.”

While the accusation seems far-fetched for a member of the White House team whose job it is to defend the president and his decisions, this would not be the first time a White House aide was embroiled in a president’s controversy by disparaging a witness.

According to Shareblue:

Note that Clinton White House aide Sidney Blumenthal became enmeshed in a long-running impeachment-era controversy because he was accused of disparaging Lewinsky in a single private conversation after the scandal story broke. At the time, the allegation was treated as scandalous. (Blumenthal denied the charge.)

Yet today, the White House press secretary openly tries to undermine Comey’s credibility while he remains at the center of a federal investigation into possible obstruction of justice by Trump and his team.

That’s why Whitehouse thinks Sanders is heading for legal trouble.



Army Ranger Who Gave Sarah Sanders His Jacket NEVER Expected What She’d Give Him In Return

Last week, an Army Ranger stationed in South Korea lent White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders his camouflage jacket when he noticed that she was shivering. His chivalrous gesture instantly went viral when photos of the sweet moment surfaced on social media. However, the soldier never expected what Sander would give him in return for his good deed.

Sarah Sanders accompanied President Trump on his twelve-day journey through Asia, which saw POTUS visit five nations in all. It was a historic trip and one that was tremendously prudent at the present time, with North Korea’s aggressiveness seemingly escalating by the day.

The second leg of the president’s Asia trip saw him travel to South Korea, where he had planned to survey the demilitarized zone. However, harsh weather conditions did not permit President Trump to go through with his visit to the DMZ.

Trump’s unscheduled attempt to visit the Korean DMZ was foiled by dense fog that forced his Marine One helicopter to turn around when he was just 5 minutes from the landing zone.

Military pilots in the airborne convoy couldn’t see each other and decided to scrub the mission.

Sanders said the president was disappointed, even as he waited gamely for nearly an hour in his limousine for the weather to clear. Instead, she said ruefully, it got worse. [Source: Daily Mail]

Nevertheless, there was another newsworthy event which unfolded, even though President Trump was unable to make the trek through the demilitarized zone.

Army Ranger Bobby Zizelman rose to quick internet fame last week after it was revealed that he gave his jacket to Sarah Huckabee Sanders when he noticed she was cold.

Huckabee was giving a briefing to reporters on Trump’s expected movements in North Korea’s Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) when Zizelman noticed her shivering in the cold.

He immediately rushed over and gave her his military issued jacket so she could finish briefing reporters.

The media immediately blew up and made him a star for being such a gentleman to Sarah so she would not have to be cold. [Source: US Truth Wire]

Among those who applauded Zizelman was Sanders’ own father, Governor Mike Huckabee, who even encouraged President Trump to give the soldier a promotion. “Tribute on this Veterans Day to US Army Chinook pilot Chief Warrant Officer Bobby Zizelman,” Huckabee wrote on Twitter, calling the Ranger “An Officer and a Gentleman.”

The accolades continued to pour in, with Sanders herself getting in on the action. “A huge Thank you to Army Ranger Bobby Zizelman!” Sanders tweeted, giving the soldier a special shout out on Veterans Day. “Next time I’ll dress for the occasion!” added the press secretary jokingly.

Bobby Zizelman is a true hero. But, sadly, many Americans worship the overpaid professional athletes kneeling before NFL games instead of real men like this Army Ranger, who has single-handedly proven that chivalry is not dead. We thank Zizelman and his fellow members of the military for their selfless service and the sacrifices they make which can never fully be repaid. Let’s give him the recognition that he deserves.


Sarah Sanders Exposes Brutal Truth About George Bush After He Bashed President Trump


George Bush is not between the top Republican presidents. The conspiracy theorists and hardcore conservatives made a link between him, the globalists and the liberal new world order. Others believe that he has been engaged in terrible conspiracies against the USA. Nevertheless, we wanted to believe he stays loyal to the Republican ideology.

Apparently, that is not the case. George Bush bashed President Trump and decided to side with the liberals’ mainstream media and Mr. Trump’s opponents. Born To Be Right reported how Sarah Sanders destroyed Bush while speaking on behalf of our President and keeping the dignity of the White House:

If by any chance you didn’t see it, CNN reported the elder Bush’s report on President Trump. “I don’t like him. I don’t know much about him, but I know he’s a blowhard. And I’m not too excited about him being a leader,” he said. These are strong words, and we really hope that Bush knew what he was saying.

George W. Bush took a few shots at the sitting President of the United States adding he had no idea of what it looks like residing in the White House.

Everyone has the right to share their own opinion, but they’re not entitled to their own facts.

Let’s just turn to Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her communication team.

Sarah accompanies the President in Asia. “If one presidential candidate can disassemble a political party, it speaks volumes about how strong a legacy its past two presidents really had. And that begins with the Iraq war, one of the greatest foreign policy mistakes in American history. President Trump remains focused on keeping his promises to the American people by bringing back jobs, promoting an ‘America First’ foreign policy and standing up for the forgotten men and women of our great county,” she said in her statement.