Reporter Screams at Sarah Huckabee Sanders & Basically Accused Trump of Treason… Then All Hell Breaks Loose

It was reported that White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was showered with questions yesterday about President Donald Trump’s comment in which he called special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation a “witch hunt.” The first question came from a reporter from NBC, Hallie Jackson. Then, Brian Karem engaged Sanders in an intense exchange about the comment.

Jackson acted like a child, screaming her question at Sanders until Sarah paid attention to her. Jackson claimed to be shocked that President Trump would call Mueller’s investigation a “witch hunt.” Sanders had something to say to Jackson, however.

We’ve seen Sarah Huckabee Sanders crush reporters in the past when they have made ridiculous comments about President Trump, but this one was one for the history books. Sanders stated, “We’ve spoken about this at length, ad nauseam, and frankly think that its a big distraction that the media has spent every single day for the last year focused on this instead of some of the biggest issues of our day, and some of the biggest issues that the president is dealing with… that’s what you guys should be spending a little bit more time”

Then, Brian Karem, a Playboy reporter, had a strange question for our White House Press Secretary. He seemed to be questioning whether President Trump was somehow secretly behind the entire investigation when it came to his “involvement” with the 13 indicted Russians. Sarah had a response for him too. She stated, “Just because there may have been involvement by Russia doesn’t mean there was involvement by the Trump campaign and to try and conflate the two is insane… We’ve been outspoken on a number of occasions that Russia was involved in election meddling and we’ve taken action because of that but that has nothing to do with whether or not the President and his campaign had anything to do with that.”

Google defines Treason as :”the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.”  Accusing President Trump of  working with a foreign power to defraud the American people and install him as President, a President who does not have the best interests of the nation in their hearts, would be treason.

Sanders was moving on from the conversation when the liberal reporters began screaming over one another to get her attention. Sarah shook her head and reportedly said “It’s crazy in here today.”

This wasn’t the first time that Sarah put the hammer down on Hallie, however. Take a look at the video below:


Sarah Huckabee Sanders Takes Out A Simple Slip of Paper & Infuriates Every Reporter in the Room

Prior to yesterday’s press conference, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders read a letter that a 10-year-old girl wrote to President Trump. The little girl’s name is Paris Stupar, and she has a lot of respect for our President. Although Trump supporters loved the letter, anti-Trump reporters were extremely unhappy.

Paris’s letter read that she and her sister have been “stationed” all over the world because their father is enlisted in the Army. She asked President Trump if they could come to the White House Easter Egg Roll. Sarah Huckabee Sanders had a great response. Reporters attending the press conference were really angry.

Sarah read the young girl’s letter out loud for all of the reporters to hear:

“My name is Paris, and my sister’s name is London.  My sister and I have been stationed all over the world and it has really been a great adventure.  We’re currently stationed at fort Campbell in Kentucky.  We are so patriotic in everything we do.  We’re on Instagram at @ArmyRoyals if you’d like to check us out.  

Over the Summer I used my allowance and raised enough money to get 43 backpacks full of school supplies for military children in need.  We were wondering if you could help us out.  We so badly want to attend the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday, April 2nd.

She goes on to write that the President is doing a great job, and if he would invite them to the Easter Egg Roll she would ‘do my happy dance all over the house.’

Sarah Huckabee Sander’s response was amazing. Not only did she invite Paris as well as her sister to the White House Egg Roll, but she also invited the children of every single White House Reporter, no matter their political affiliation.

She stated, “Well Paris, you can get your dancing shoes out. The President and First Lady would love for you, your sister, and your parents to be their guests at this year’s Easter Egg Roll… This year marks the 140th annual easter egg roll, and with you guys in attendance we know it will be an extra special one. To make it even more special, i’d also like to extend an invitation to the children of the entire white house press corps to attend as our guests as well… and on that happy note, I will take your questions.”

The White House reporters were not having it, and they almost took offense to Sarah’s invite. Take a look at the video below:


Reporter Asks Trump if He’s Getting “Slapped” Around By Foreign Leaders, Trump’s Reply Leaves Him in Silence

Kirsters Baish| Yesterday, President Donald Trump held a joint press conference along with the Prime Minister of Sweden, Stefan Löfven. During the press conference, our Commander in Chief took fielded some questions, but when the issue of trade came up everyone lost their lids. President Trump has proposed enforcing tariffs on any country that is ripping us off.

Fox News’ John Roberts decided to stand up during the press conference and ask President Trump if he will get “slapped” around by the European Union on Trade if he enforces the tariffs in order to defend our country. Roberts stated that the European nations will certainly fight back and Trump will regret his tariff idea.

The comment pushed President Trump to show the entire world that he isn’t backing down. This great nation will not allow the Europeans to tax our goods. We will not allow European car companies to put American companies out of business.

“They can do whatever they’d like, but if they do that, we will put a big tax of 25% on their cars and believe me they wouldn’t be doing it very long.  The European Union has not treated us well and it’s a very unfair trade situation.”

President Trump stated that European countries have been taking advantage of Americans for years.

He stated, “The United States has been taken advantage of by other counties…for many, many decades…. The European Union has been particularly tough on the United States.  They make it almost impossible for us to do business with them, yet they send their cars and everything else back into the United States.”

He wasn’t finished there. He went on to completely destroy the European Union for the way that they have been mistreating our country when it comes to trade… and he did it right in front of one of its biggest defenders, the Prime Minister of Sweden.

President Trump went on, “We have a trade deficit of $800 Billion dollars a year.  And that’s not going to happen with me.  We have been mistreated by many…”

This is exactly the kind of leadership that our country needs, now more than ever. We haven’t had a president like Trump in years, and our country will no longer be taken advantage of.

Watch the full press conference below:


ABC Reporter Tries Catching Sarah Sanders Off-Guard… She CRUSHES Him

Gov. Mike Huckabee didn’t raise no dummy, that’s for sure! Watch this ABC hack get smoked by Sarah Sanders’ response…

Daily Caller reports:

Sarah Sanders clashed with ABC’s Johathan Karl at Tuesday’s White House press briefing over President Trump’s perceived response to Russia’s attempted influence into the 2016 election.

Karl argued that though the president had been gloating on Twitter about how Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Friday indictment of 13 Russian nationals apparently exonerated the Trump campaign of collusion, he has done little prevent future attempts to influence American elections.


“You just agreed that the evidence is there that the Russians interfered in our election,” Karl continued. “Doesn’t he agree that the evidence is there?”

“This investigation is obviously about what Russia did, and this raises the question — now that you’ve said the president agrees, the national security adviser says the evidence is incontrovertible — what is the president going to do about it? What is he specifically doing about the fact that the Russia interfered with our election and has every intention, we are told, of doing it again? What is he doing about it?”

“Look, just last week the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen met with a number of relevant stakeholders,” Sanders responded. “They are discussing this process and going through and looking every single day at the best ways going forward. Everybody wants to blame this on the Trump Administration. Let’s not forget that this happened under the Obama Administration.”

“This happened over a year ago,” Karl interjected. “What’s he done about it?”

Sanders continued by rattling off the various ways the Trump administration is seeking to curb foreign meddling in future elections.

“We have spent a lot of time working on cyber security, focusing on protecting the fairness on our elections. And, as I said, the department of homeland security met with state and local officials just over the last several weeks along with election vendors to make sure our election system is secure. They met with state and private officials on how best to secure the election system from foreign interference. We’re not the only targets of foreign interference, and we’re working with our allies on a daily basis to make sure we’re following best practices. This has been a topic of conversation with multiple foreign heads of state. President Trump and the administration that interference in our electrics will have consequences. And we’ll continue to impose consequences in response to Russian cyber attacks. Just last week we called out Russia by name, it was one of the first times you’ve seen something like that take place.”

Pushing onward, Karl asked why POTUS hasn’t “even called out Vladimir Putin about this? He criticized Obama, he criticized the FBI. He didn’t even criticize Vladimir Putin.”

“He has been tougher on Russia in the first year than Obama was in eight years combined,” the White House press secretary testily shot back at Karl. “He has imposed sanctions, he’s taken away properties, he’s rebuilt our military. He has done a number of things to put pressure on Russia and be tough on Russia. Just last week there was an incident that will be reported in the coming days in an another way this president was tough on Russia.”

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Fox News Host Rips Ted Cruz After He Was Caught In A Lie During Interview With MSNBC Reporter

Fox News host Shep Smith took an on-air jab at Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who was caught in a lie earlier in the day after he claimed to be against government shutdowns — despite voting for one in 2013.

“[Cruz is] very much against shutdowns,” Smith joked. “I heard him say it today so I know it’s true.”

When the Texas Republican blamed “angry” Democrats for shutting down the federal government in an attempt to derail President Trump’s agenda, MSNBC congressional correspondent Kasie Hunt pointed out his role in helping to engineer the 2013 shutdown.

“They’re angry, they hate the president and demanding Senate Democrats oppose everything, resist everything, shut everything down,” Cruz told reporters.

“‘Green Eggs and Ham?’” Hunt interrupted, reminding Cruz of the Dr. Seuss children’s book he read during a 2013 filibuster.


“In 2013, I voted repeatedly to fund the government, and in 2013 it was Harry Reid and the democrats who voted no, who voted to shut the government down just like this week Republicans voted to fund the government, and it was Chuck Schumer who voted to shut the government down,” Cruz said.

“We should not be shutting the government down,” Cruz said. “I have consistently opposed shutdowns. In 2013 I said we shouldn’t shut the government down. I went to the floor asking unanimous consent to reopen the government.”

“Sir, you stood in the way of that,” Hunt said.

Cruz fired back saying Hunt was “factually incorrect.”

“That was an interesting exchange,” Hunt said after her exchange with cruz. “I would just like to say, I was going back and forth with the senator. He’s technically correct about the way that the procedure of this played out, but there is no question about how the government shutdown unfolded in 2013, which is that Senate Republicans pushed to defund Obamacare.”

“Ted Cruz angered many of his own colleagues, there were testy meetings, he was essentially an outcast,” she continued. “Mitch McConnell was not happy with him, and the government shut down because clearly Senate Democrats were not going to go along with a budget agreement that defunded Obamacare. The dynamics were a little different, but if there’s any comparison to be made here it would be in this particular case Democrats obviously do not control the Senate. They were making certain demands about what is included in a measure, refused to provide the votes for a shutdown. So I think if you want to make a comparison, you can compare Senate Democrats to Ted Cruz.

Watch the fiery exchange, below:


Barbara Starr

CNN’s bias against President Trump has been pretty hard to ignore, especially when their reporters seem to lose their collective minds over petty things – like seeing a gun in a war zone.

CNN correspondent Barbara Starr is the latest reporter to nitpick the Trump administration in an attempt to make them appear incompetent. Besides the open questioning of the President’s ability to lead, the media has also questioned the competence of his leadership staff, including Betsy DeVos and Ben Carson. It’s part of a concerted effort to undermine the trust in the administration, and in some instances, it gets ridiculous.

Which brings us to Starr, who overreacted to an uneventful photo opp with Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer, who is currently in Afghanistan visiting troops for the Christmas holiday.

Starr retweeted a picture of Spencer addressing troops, but added the caption “Can someone explain why the civilian head of the Navy is wearing a sidearm?”

The implication is that Spencer doesn’t need a gun, but is wearing one out of a misplaced sense of machismo or he is merely “playing soldier.” Or perhaps the sight of a gun freaks her out, even if it is in a military base in Afghanistan.

Starr seems to forget that regardless of whether it is a common occurrence or not, Spencer is in an active war zone and is perfectly justified in wearing a sidearm. As a former Marine, he is certainly entitled to arming himself without having to totally depend on his security detail to defend him. Starr seemed to pounce on his civilian status, however, to make it appear as if he was somehow unqualified to carry a gun.

Here’s the tweet that started all the uproar.

That brought out this response from Starr.

That brought out a number of mocking responses mocking her petty observation. Like this one.

Starr doubled down, attempting to portray Spencer as merely carrying it around for show.

Spencer himself has yet to comment.

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Liberal Reporter Tried To Prove Trump Wrong By Visiting Muslim Neighborhood – IMMEDIATELY Regretted It!


There is nothing that reporters love more than trying to prove our President wrong, but as reporter Tim Pool found out the hard way, sometimes it’s best not to get involved in an argument that you know nothing about.

Mr. Pool took particular offense to President Trump’s commentary on Sweden’s issues with Islamic immigration and decided to fly all the way to Stockholm to prove a point. There, in the Swedish capital, Pool made his way to a suburb that has become notorious as a center for the Muslim immigrant community in recent years.

“We weren’t filming anyone, we were just talking to police,” Mr. Pool tweeted, when he noticed a large group of Muslim men nearby and decided to start filming. Moments later, those men put on masks, and the police decided to move him out of the area before things got worse. “The police started getting scared and very calmly and quietly said it would be smart if you were to leave right now. He told me to look around at what the people were doing,” Pool said in a video.

The police went on to explain that they would be essentially powerless to do anything if those masked men did anything, and the best course of action was to simply get out of there as soon as possible. As they explained, if they tried to “make an arrest right now there could be 50 people here in minutes with stones.”

Shortly after getting back to safety, Pool released a statement in which he was forced to admit just how wrong he was about the immigration situation. “Honestly, I thought we would be totally safe to go in there and ask people what life was like, I really didn’t expect that to happen,” the reporter said, sounding completely defeated.

For many others, however, this served to confirm what they already suspected all along: that unchecked immigration, especially in the form of “refugees” from a number of Muslim majority countries, can only lead to chaos and disaster. Pool is just lucky that things turned out as well as they did for him, and that he wasn’t harmed while trying to prove his point. Maybe next time, Tim, just trust that our President might know what he is talking about, and think twice before going on a fact-finding mission that could very well get you killed.

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VIDEO: Reporter Enters Muslim No-Go Zone To Prove Trump Lied, BLOWS UP In His Face

Reporter Enters Muslim No-Go Zone To Prove Trump Lied, BLOWS UP In His Face

Liberals all over the world want to rip into President Donald Trump for nearly everything he says, but it seems that one reporter was particularly interested in the comments that our president made about Muslims. As it turns out, the man decided to go to a “no-go zone” to attempt to prove that the president lied — and that’s about time things spectacularly blew up in his face.

or a week, war reporter Tim Pool had been investigating President Donald Trump’s assertion that Sweden has a huge problem with Muslim immigration. In order to get some perspective, he decided to head to a migrant suburb in Stockholm and ask a few questions.

Unfortunately for the man who thought that he may prove Trump wrong, things backfired big time. “We weren’t filming anyone, we were just talking to police,” Pool explained in a tweet. Then, they noticed a group of Muslims starting to materialize behind them, and what followed was all caught on video.

All of a sudden, the men in the group began putting masks on, causing Pool and his staff to become understandably nervous – but that wasn’t the worst of it. “The police started getting scared and very calmly and quietly said it would be smart if you were to leave right now. He told me to look around at what the people were doing,” Pool recalled, according to Infowars.

Knowing that the situation was quickly heating up, the police immediately rushed Pool and his crew out of the area. Officers tried to explain why things were so dangerous, relaying that if they “make an arrest right now there could be 50 people here in minutes with stones.”

As for Pool, well, to say that he was beyond surprised at the results would be an understatement. In fact, there’s only one thing he could say after the entire ordeal. “Honestly, I thought we would be totally safe to go in there and ask people what life was like, I really didn’t expect that to happen,” he finally admitted after being proven wrong.

Basically, Pool’s entire argument blew up in his face. He initially thought that he was safe to enter a Muslim “no-go zone,” with the intention to prove Trump a liar. Instead, he was placed in immediate danger, only further proving Trump’s comments about the dangers of an influx of Muslim migrants were true and that Sweden truly does have a problem.

When people saw what has happened in the videos posted on social media, they were surprised that the police were more concerned about Pool’s safety than the actual threat. In response, one user wrote, “I agree they should be dealt with, of course. But safety first, always. Why wait and find out if its threatening?”

However, this should only prove just how much of a problem the droves of unvetted Muslim migrants are posing in the country, and several Twitter users agree. “I guess your little experiment to prove Trump wrong, that Muslim No-go zones don’t exist, was an epic fail, huh?” one user said, pointing out the obvious, while another stated, “Used to be a garden spot. Now honest people fear for their lives to even be there. Another leftist/globalist disaster.”

This is what the left doesn’t want you to know, simply because the truth doesn’t fit their agenda. Facts strongly contradict their dangerous narrative, which endangers the lives of innocent citizens in America, should those same people be granted access to our country and allowed to carry out the same behavior, like the left is pushing for. You can try to call Trump a liar, but I have a feeling that this whole “I told you so sentiment” is going to surface quite a bit over the next 4, or hopefully 8, years.

WATCH: Melania Reaches Top Of Great Wall, Turns To CNN Reporter & Drops 10-Word Truth Bomb

First Lady Melania Trump had the opportunity of a lifetime on Friday to embark on a private tour of the Great Wall of China. When she reached the top of the historic landmark, Malenia turned to a reporter from CNN who had accompanied her on the trek. The first lady proceeded to drop a ten-word truth bomb on the liberal “journalist,” and now, Americans patriots from sea to shining sea are cheering.

On Thursday evening, President Donald Trump announced via Twitter that he would be departing China in order to head to Vietnam for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Da Nang on Friday. First Lady Melania Trump accompanied her husband thus far on his twelve-day journey throughout Asia, meeting with Japanese First Lady Akie Abe and Kim Jung-sook, the First Lady of South Korea. However, she and her husband will travel separately for the remainder of the overseas trip.

President Trump said that Melania would be “staying behind” in China “to see the zoo” and tour The Great Wall while he traveled to Vietnam. Then, Melania’s schedule has her flying to Alaska to greet U.S. troops there.

On Friday, Melania Trump toured The Great Wall, granting CNN a rare interview once she reached the top. Kate Bennet, who was given the immense honor or interviewing Melania, surely never expected the first lady to speak so glowingly of her position, completely showing up her predecessor Michelle Obama.

Asked how she felt about the job one year in, Melania said it was her “honor to be a first lady of the United States.”

No visit to China would be complete without seeing the Great Wall, which is exactly how first lady Melania Trump wrapped her first-ever trip to Asia. Stopping before she went to the top, Trump spoke exclusively with CNN about her six-day tour of the region, specifically how she felt seeing her first lady counterparts in Japan, South Korea and China. [Source: CNN]

“We had a great time, it was nice to see them again,” said Melania of Akie Abe, Madam Kim Jung-sook, and Madam Peng Liyuan of China. “They were in the United States before and we have a great relationship with all three of them,” she added.

Asked if she discussed her platform with her fellow first ladies, Melania said that it was one of the topics they shared. “We did, we did. We did exchange what they’re working on and what I will work on and what my passion is,” she said.

Then, Melania commented on her feelings upon reaching the one-year mark since her husband was elected President of the United States. At that point, she dropped a truth bomb of epic proportions on the liberal CNN reporter, saying that it is her “honor” to serve as FLOTUS.

First lady Melania Trump looked as chic as ever Friday as she toured China’s famed Great Wall at Mutianyu, two hours north of Beijing city center.

She rode a cable car to a watchtower, signed a guestbook and strolled along a stretch of the wall for about half an hour with a small group of aides and security officers, according to the Associated Press.

The first lady, clad in designer duds and big sunglasses, said, “This is beautiful. This is amazing,” according to Vanity Fair magazine.  [Source: USA Today]

“Well, it’s my honor to be a first lady of the United States, and it was a very busy year,” said a smiling Melania. “We love to live in Washington, we have a very busy life. It’s exciting, as well. It’s a lot of things that we need to take care of, and a lot of responsibilities,” she continued, “and it’s all part of being the first lady.”

This could not be a more distinct departure from her predecessor Michelle Obama, who infamously said that she was never even proud to be an American until her husband was named the Democratic nominee for president in 2008.

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BREAKING: Reporter Who Exposed Judge Roy Moore Has A Criminal History Of “Faking”

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is denying that he romantically pursued teenagers as young as 14 while he was in his 30s after a bombshell report.

Leigh Corfman, told the Post that when she was 14 years old in 1979, a 32-year-old Moore “took off her shirt and pants and removed his clothes.”

Corfman told the Post that Moore “touched her over her bra and underpants, she says, and guided her hand to touch him over his underwear.”

BREAKING: Reporter Who Exposed Judge Roy said in a statement the four women quoted by the Washington Post are lying.

“This garbage is the very definition of fake news and intentional defamation,” Moore said.

Washington Examiner reports:

Stephanie McCrummen, the reporters who co-wrote the Washington Post hit piece on Judge Roy Moore, apparently has a history of “faking” news.

According to the anti-Trump publication, Red State, McCrummen, who works for the Washington Post, has a criminal record that involves writing a FAKE check.

The Red State reports:

Ms. McCrummen has a rather interesting criminal history herself, as public criminal records in multiple states stretching across 4 time zones have shown.

Ms. McCrummen’s criminal history began with North Carolina Case # 1992 CR 00654, a violation of the Article 19 – False Pretenses and Cheats section of the North Carolina Criminal Code. Ms. McCrummen was convicted of a crime punishable by up to six months of imprisonment for writing a hot check that was deemed worthless.

In 2005, the apparently unrepentant Ms. McCrummen was again found guilty in the 2005 Virginia Case #059GT0504714900 for failing to obey a highway sign.
The following year, McCrummen was found guilty in yet another Virginia criminal case, #153GT0604021200, speeding 46 miles an hour in a 25 mile speed zone.

Sean Hannity reports: