Muslim Migrant Rape 5-Year Old Girl From Idaho. TRUMP Think He DESERVE Life Sentence. Do you agree?

In the late spring of 2017, a 5-year-old young lady was assaulted and urinated upon by three Muslim displaced person young men in Twin Falls, Idaho. From that point forward, rather than getting equity, the casualty’s family has been mishandled by law authorization and administering specialists as though they were the culprits – in light of the fact that what happened to their daughter negates the politically amend story about Muslim transients. On Tuesday, it deteriorated.

Idaho’s KMVT detailed Wednesday that “the case has been settled” as the three adolescent culprits “conceded in the sexually [sic]assault instance of a 5-year-old Twin Falls young lady.” The article says that “the family and lawyer of the group of the 5-year-old casualty endorsed the settlements come to in each of the three cases.” It cites arraigning lawyer Grant Loebs: “I am satisfied we settled this case and got an outcome which was affirmed and settled upon by the casualty’s family and lawyer. This keeps on being a genuine and pitiful case, however this is a legitimate determination.”

The truth is distinctive. Frilly Peterson, the casualty’s mom, let me know: “It isn’t a done arrangement. They’re attempting to play it out to be, yet it’s not over by any means.

When we go to sentencing they can get more charges. What’s more, we are permitted to talk as casualties, thus I am imploring that they get a colossal sentencing.” That will be in around three weeks.

Fancy proceeded with: “Our legal advisor conversed with the prosecutor, and we didn’t state that we approved of it. … We will have the capacity to talk at the following hearing, and they will be demonstrating the video to the judge.” One of the culprits taped the assault and joyfully indicated piece of the video to Levi, the poor young lady’s dad.

In the court on Tuesday, be that as it may, one of the culprits’ fathers was enthusiastically asserting casualty status. Frilly let me know: “What happened today was a gigantic chaos. The father swooned, and we needed to stop court for a bit so the rescue vehicle can come get him. It was so insane and rushed.”

He ought to have blacked out when he heard what his child did. Rather, he gave him a high five. Tuesday, be that as it may, his endeavor to gather feel sorry for fizzled. Said Lacy: “However we proceeded without him. As far as anyone knows he has therapeutic issues.”

This occurred against the background of still more preference toward the culprits. Silky expressed: “It makes me so furious on the grounds that my mother and Levi’s mother aren’t permitted in the court, yet they can have family and companions there. That is so uncalled for. Despite everything I can’t accept there were such a large number of various ladies at each hearing who guaranteed to be the mother one time, and after that she’s a family companion whenever.”

At the hearing, the three more seasoned attackers were accused of twofold lawful offenses, and the most youthful kid with one crime. They were accused of “sexual indecent lead” (SLC), which is basically the same as assault. Loebs clarified this recently imagined charge “fits superior to assault.” They would not like to call what the young men raped, despite the fact that it was by Idaho law. Why not? Did somebody let them know not to enable these Muslim transients to be blameworthy of assault? Who is securing them, and why?

The KMVT article cites the family’s lawyer, Mark Guerry: “For the record we did in actuality affirm the determination of the criminal adolescent request understandings. That ought not be interpreted to mean the guardians of the little 5-year-old casualty are totally and completely happy with the result of the cases.

The guardians did, in any case, wish to at last observe some sort of determination of these cases, which have mulled in the courts since June 2016. Besides, the reality of the situation is nothing will ever reestablish the lost blamelessness and vanished bliss of this little 5-year-old young lady who was violently sexually struck.”


Muslim Smugly Claims Raping Woman Outdoors Is Part Of His Culture — Judge Has 8 Words That Wipe Smile Off His Face

There are a number of very troubling passages contained within the Koran. These appear to give adherents, especially male adherents, license to commit heinous atrocities against non-Muslims, especially those who are females. Thus, we have the problem of Muslim men not only treating women with utter disrespect, but committing unspeakable crimes against them.

That these criminals use the Koran as justification for their hideous acts might have weight in countries where the Islamic faith prevails is irrelevant in the West. We do not recognize Sharia law or the Koran as authoritative. Hence such acts stand condemned in Western nations, as they should be in all nations.

A Muslim man who was in England illegally demonstrated his contempt for females by raping a young woman outdoors after having watched pornography depicting this sick act. Unrepentant, he continued to treat female law enforcement officers with contempt, claiming that as a Muslim, he does not recognize women in authority. Upon his conviction and sentencing to prison for twelve years, the judge showed no leniency for this degenerate, stating that, “I sincerely hope that you will be deported at the half way point.”

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“The incident reportedly took place in Darlington, England, as an illegal Muslim immigrant from Kuwait had made his way there just weeks before doing the unimaginable. According to The Sun, a Muslim man by the name of Abdel-Aziz Al-Shamary reportedly has a strong disregard for women and would prove just that after making his way to the Western country.

“Come to find out, Al-Shamary apparently has a strong liking of pornography and, like many sad men, has his specific tastes. As would be later exposed, the Muslim liked to watch ‘outdoor porn’ – where a man and woman are recorded having sex in a public place somewhere – but just viewing it wasn’t enough.”

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At this point, this degenerate combined his Islamic-based contempt for women with his unrestrained passion for sexual deviancy. The result was rape.

“Police reports indicate that the Muslim man had downed two bottles of whiskey before the assault and carried out an attack that’s the stuff nightmares are made of. Although the specifics of the rape aren’t exactly known to the public, they were enough to shock the judge, jurors, and witnesses alike.”

While he may have no respect for women, he will be forced to confront the results of his crime as he rots away in a British prison. Lest this convicted rapist think he can return to British society after a few years in jail, the judge pointed him back in the direction from which he came, saying, “I sincerely hope that you will be deported at the half way point.”

There should be no place for any rapists in any society other than prison. In this case, the fact that this man was an illegal makes it just that much easier to get rid of him and relieve the British people of the cost of warehousing him in prison. As the judge stated, send back to where he came from.

Source: Mad World News,

Liberals Protest Deportation Of ‘Poor’ Illegal Immigrant, Then 4 Accusers Come Forward With His Sick Secrets

The standard lib sob story is this: illegal immigrants are being hunted down like helpless prey before the predatory actions of Trump’s ICE agents, who separate families without compassion and deport innocents without remorse.

It’s a good story. But it’s missing some details…like the serious and sick, hardened criminals that ICE deports. Especially those that libs don’t like to talk about.

Fact is, when it comes to serious and nauseating crimes, liberals have the most explaining to do. Consider the crimes – rape? You’ve got Bill Clinton, and his associated crimes. Child molestation? You’ve got Jeffrey Epstein, and his associated Clinton friends, and crimes.

Child molestation? You’ve got Victor Garcia-Fuentes, and his associated crimes.

Oh wait, did I already mention child molestation? My apologies. Soon-to-be deported Victor Garcia-Fuentes is facing child-molestation charges.

I guess he’d get along with the Clintons.

WOWT Nebraska reports:

An illegal immigrant set to be deported has now been accused of sexually assaulting Metro children. He’s also accused of trying to intimidate his alleged victims from behind bars.

Victor Garcia-Fuentes is already in custody, [and] now faces 4 counts of child sexual assault.

There’s always a line of detail that probably shouldn’t be crossed when describing sexual crimes. So I’ll just get close to it – there’s evidence that Victor Garcia-Fuentes is a rapist who should never be released.

Take that for what it’s worth. And understand he should be locked up forever.

If you doubt me, consider these facts: Victor, while imprisoned, was trying to intimidate the families of his victims.

Omaha Police say they have phone recordings from inside the jail where Garcia-Fuentes spoke to an unknown man and woman and asked for their help to contact the victims’ family. The woman on the phone warned Garcia-Fuentes they were being recorded, so [he] said he would send them a letter.

“There’s always concerns with victims, [and] the victims’ families, that somebody might try to intimidate witnesses to try to not have them testify.”

So, then…let’s be clear. An illegal immigrant child-rapist is trying to scare the families of his victims into not testifying to his crimes in court. And we’re watching this process unfold, and doing nothing.

Does anyone doubt that we should be deporting this evil bastard?

Source: WOWT Nebraska,

Muslim ‘Refugee’ Kidnaps Girl And Starts To ‘Celebrate’ — That’s When 3 Infidels Show Up

The massive refugee crisis has flooded once-stable European nations with millions of migrants. These people have not been properly vetted. Even when they are vetted, obvious red flags are ignored, for fear that officials will be called racist.

That has allowed untold violence to spread across peaceful cities. It has allowed migrants with a history of crime and rape to walk free.

Such was the case when one of these refugees tried to assault a girl. Except this time, help was on the way.

From Mad World News:

As a young woman was walking through a parking lot in Canterbury, England, on November 5, failed Muslim “child refugee” Housny Boulaiz, 18, pounced on her in a vicious sex attack.

After overpowering his victim, he dragged the young woman away to a secluded area, thinking he was free to carry out his barbaric debauchery. Unfortunately for him, not all men in the UK are liberal pansies.

The Sun reports that just as Boulaiz was about to rape the girl, 3 good Samaritans rounded the corner and immediately sprang into action. Without hesitation, heroic infidels Edd Withers, 30, Charlie Vanstone, 23, and Same Eagleson, 23, set upon the Moroccan illegal immigrant.

Terrified at the sight of them, the cowardly Muslim migrant showed his true nature, hastily fleeing the outraged trio…

Although Boulaiz was convicted of kidnapping and sexual assault, the Canterbury Crown Court only sentenced him to 3 and a half years at a juvenile correctional facility, Breitbart reports.

Despite having his asylum application rejected and boasting a previous criminal record as a member of a migrant gang, Boulaiz will not only be out of jail in no time but is likely to be allowed to remain in Sweden.

The refugee crisis will haunt Europe for ages to come. The shocking irresponsibility of European leaders has allowed dangerous people to flood their cities. Worst yet, although they know about these people, they refuse to properly convict them and deport them.

Thankfully this time three honest young men arrived in time to save this young woman. But what about the many that aren’t as lucky?

These governments refuse to crack down on this growing trend. They are afraid of appearing “politically incorrect” before their biased media. But they aren’t the ones in danger. The media elite and wealthy government leaders are protected. Everyday citizens are in constant danger.

Until strong reform comes to Europe, more victims will be created.

Source: Mad World News,