Muslim Sets Fire To Infidels’ Home While They’re Asleep Trying To Burn Them Alive, But God Has A Better Plan

The world is a dangerous enough place as it is, but it’s made all the more dangerous by extremists that exist in unchecked fashion.

Quite simply, there are abhorrent viewpoints and belief systems that have zero place in civilized society.

Nonetheless, there are immigration advocates that swear up and down that everything will be just fine if we open up all borders and allow folks to come and go as they please.

That line of thinking hasn’t been working out too well over in Europe, but that’s not deterring the advocates even a little bit.

Mad World News shares another frightening example of how well the melting pot that’s so desired by the Left is working out.

During the early morning hours of November 4, a Jewish family awoke to find that they were the targets of a hate crime meant to end their lives.

Having miraculously avoided being burned alive in their sleep, the family notified French authorities that their Parisian home had been set ablaze after their Muslim neighbor allegedly set fire to their front door.

However, the real miracle is how the slumbering family was rescued from their fiery fate.

The Jerusalem Post reports that the Arab neighbor’s allegedly attempted murder plot was thwarted by one of the Muslim world’s worst nightmares — the Jewish family’s loyal dog.

As soon as the arsonist lit the family’s front door on fire, the faithful canine sniffed out the smoke and began relentlessly barking to notify his beloved owners of the impending danger.

If not for this amazing pooch, the family would almost certainly have perished.

While this is a truly incredible story of a family surviving pending doom due to their faithful companion, that doesn’t take away from the fact that hate crimes such as this are on the rise.

The National Bureau for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism is bringing light to the recent case, adding that it’s just one of many religiously-motivated hate crimes by Muslims against Jews.

“The incident confirms BNVCA’s observation that anti-Semitic acts that began as targeting property belonging to Jews (synagogues, schools, community centers) or as assaults on people on the street have evolved into attacks on Jews inside their own homes,” the group wrote.

It’s certainly poetic justice to have a dog be the one that thwarted such an evil plot, but the dangers remain very real.

From a simplistic point of view, square pegs don’t fit into round holes.

Why are immigration advocates constantly claiming that they do?

Source: Mad World News,

Newt Gingrich Puts His Whole Career At Risk And Reveals The DEVASTATING Truth About Forthcoming War With Radical Islam


One of the reasons Mr. Donald Trump got elected is his common sense (or ‘too tough,’ according to liberals) approach to immigration, mainly immigration from Muslim countries which got recently torn by wars. It may be politically incorrect to claim that we are in a war with far Islamic extremists, but that is the actual status quo worldwide.

It is concerning to see that Democrats care more for those immigrants than they do for the safety of their own citizens. Opposing our President in the fight for a secure nation is the last thing we need in the USA.

Fortunately, there are people like Newt who are not scared of the waves of negative reactions for saying the truth. And he just laid down the fact on Fox News website.

He supported Trump’s plan to stop the diversity lottery, presenting 3 simple alternatives – that the liberals will never accept – which are just common sense.

Newt wrote,

“First, we need to identify terrorists as enemy combatants.”

“Second, we have a disturbingly large number of home-grown American citizens being radicalized. We must develop a new legal framework for dealing with local and imported terrorists alike.”

“Third, we must find out how people are radicalized in America and cut off these sources of radicalization. This might include, when necessary, monitoring and closing radical mosques that encourage violence.”

This implies surveillance over them and getting informants in there. Actually, this only means letting the FBI and the police finish their jobs without the left obstructing it.

But it was what he revealed in his conclusion that is the most important. For he risked everything, and everyone will come after him for saying this, to tell the truth about coming war with Radical Islamic terrorists.

“This is going to be a long war with radical Islamic Supremacists. Closing the immigration lottery system immediately is an important step, but we will need to do far more than this in order to be truly safe.”