HAHA! Trump Just Got The LAST Laugh on EVERY NFL Anthem Protester! KARMA SUCKS!

Over the last year, disrespectful NFL players knelt during the national anthem creating a firestorm of criticism from the fans to President Trump. These anti-American players claimed that they were kneeling to protest racial inequality in America all while they cashed million dollars checks and drove expensive cars back to their mansions in gated communities. As the national anthem protests by these nasty NFL players grew, so did the number of fans boycotting the games and as a result, the ratings took a nose dive. However, despite the poor ratings and NFL stadiums emptying out across the country, these race-baiting players still did not get the message to no one cared about their protest.

Well, now that is about to change as players in the NFL just received a hefty dose of karma for their disgusting antics giving Trump and every red-blooded American the last laugh.

If there is one thing that we learned from these protests over the last year, is that these ungrateful players have no concept what it means to be an American in our country. Otherwise, if they did, they would hardly be kneeling during the national anthem essentially spitting in the face of every veteran who has sacrificed their lives to protect their right to protest. Oh, the irony, right?

Sadly, that concept has eluded these selfish players for a while, but now they are about to understand that there is always a consequence to their actions. Just recently, two NFL Houston Texans agents revealed that the team would pass over free agent players that participated in the controversial protests, and hopefully, they stick with it.

Here is more from Fox News:

“The widespread national anthem protests that took the NFL by storm last season will reportedly have an impact on how the Houston Texans pursue free agents.

Two NFL agents told the Houston Chronicle on Saturday that the team is not interested in players who participated in protests during the national anthem.

There is no official directive in the organization, but it is understood that the team isn’t going to pursue anyone who participated in the protests, the paper reported.

However, the Houston Texans slammed the report Monday calling it “categorically false and without merit.”

“A recent report that suggests the Houston Texans would not sign a player who has protested in support of social justice issues is categorically false and without merit. The Texans ownership, coaching, personnel and executive staff sign and hire employees based on talent, character and fit within our organization,” the Texans wrote in a statement.

The Texans had their own controversy during the season after team owner Bob McNair said that “we can’t have the inmates running the prison” during a meeting of NFL owners about players who protest by kneeling during the national anthem.

He said that if he had a chance to do it over, he would not have used the expression.

McNair insisted he wasn’t referring to the players with his comments. He said he was “referring to the relationship between the league office and team owners and how they have been making significant strategic decisions affecting our league without adequate input from ownership over the past few years.”

A majority of the Texans responded to McNair’s comments by kneeling during the national anthem before the following game.”

Of course, they are going to deny that they said this, considering the amount of pushback they would receive from thousands of social justice warriors screaming discrimination, but it isn’t.

The only thing that will get these nasty NFL players attention is to hit them where it hurts, and that is in the pocketbook. If the NFL wants to continue making money, they are going to have to take a harsher stance against these players and their ridiculous protest.

A team or any employer has the right to decide who they want representing them, and they can choose to pass over potential players who may cause issues within in the team. NFL owners need to face the music that these ungrateful players who have been kneeling during the national anthem are bad news for their franchise, and it would be in their best interest not to sign them.


Badass Texans Player Just Shut Down Every Whiny Protester On His Field With What He Brought To Game

As tens of thousands of Texans and Floridians battle the aftermath of the hurricane that ripped through their communities, we’re beginning to glimpse into the heart and soul of what makes America, America. While loudmouths like “oppressed” millionaire football stars like Colin Kaepernick could easily use his social media presence to rally his base and organize relief efforts, he’s obviously too self-absorbed with plotting his next bout of anti-American antics to give flying crap about suffering Americans. Now a lesser-known NFL player is putting every kneeling player to shame after the incredible thing he brought onto the football field Sunday night that’s making these ungrateful players look like even bigger jackasses than they already were, while proving that the spirit of America is alive in well.

As “oppressed” millionaire NFL players continue to make a mockery of our country while insulting ever single soldier who fought, bled, and died for this country by protesting our National Anthem, other NFL players like Justin James “J. J.” Watt have been working tirelessly to organize hurricane relief efforts for the past several weeks. Watt, who is defensive end for the Houston Texans, raised a whopping $30 million dollars just in the last week and a half alone, putting every kneeling douchebag in the NFL to massive shame.

Rather than taking a knee or using his time in the spotlight to act like a gigantic jackass, Watt ran onto the football field for his first game since Hurricane Harvey with a gigantic flag, symbolizing the incredible spirit of Americans uniting after the catastrophe, a patriotic gesture that anti-American morons like Colin Kaepernick can’t even comprehend.

The stadium went absolutely nuts, giving the man who has raised $30 million to rebuild their destroyed communities an incredible rock star welcome, rightfully stealing the spotlight from the anti-American clowns whose disgusting antics continue to make headlines at every single NFL game as of late.

If morons like Colin Kaepernick truly cared about America and wanted to be a positive force for “change” like they claim, they’d be first in line to help pass out boxes of food and supplies to these suffering victims. We as Americans need to stop allowing these kneeling idiots to hijack our favorite sport and give players like Watt the attention and praise he deserves, as he truly cares for Americans and is choosing to use his platform in such an incredible way.

J.J. reported over twitter that the physical donations pouring in so fast, that the money that was raised hasn’t even been tapped into yet. Pictures of supplies overflowing from storage spaces and trucks could be seen, where these supplies were donated in a massive distribution event over the weekend to the suffering Houston community.

What’s even more amazing is that after raising all this money and coordinating the relief efforts, J.J. has been hands-on and involved ever step of the way, even physically going to the distribution centers and handing out supplies. Keep in mind Watt is a professional athlete who is taking time away from his vigorous training to help his fellow Texans.

In a recent interview with James Palmer, J.J. was asked about how many hours a day he’s spending on relief efforts, and his answer was remarkable:

“I asked Watt how many hours he’s spent on his fundraiser and planning this event since he arrived in Houston with the rest of his teammates on Wednesday. “All of them,” he said, smiling. Outside of a two to three hour workout each day, Watt has spent every second working with either Houston mayor Sylvester Turner, people from the Justin J. Watt Foundation, or volunteers to make this massive project a success in just a few short days. There is no question there were also a few prayers Saturday night that things would go off without a hitch.

Many professionals — let alone professional football players — struggle to lead groups during a time of crisis. Watt has done it brilliantly. I asked someone close to Watt, who has been with him during every step of the planning and preparation, how much of this he’s actually been hands-on for. She responded, “All of it.”

As for the tens of millions of dollars he’s raised, J.J. says, “I’m going to take my time, make sure that I work with local organizations that we do it right here in the city so that money goes straight to the people here of Houston who need it the most so that we can help rebuild them.”

What an incredible man! Rather than using his platform to whine about America and our country’s “injustices,” Watt is showing is leading by example and truly being the “change” that our country needs, showing these ungrateful protesting morons throughout the NFL what it really means to be an American.