Lib Students Who Survived Shooting Refuse to Meet Trump – Send President Inexplicable Message

Kirsters Baish| Liberal kids are claiming that they want to make a change when it comes to America’s gun laws. I find it pretty strange that they would turn down meeting President Trump if they are truly serious about changing the laws in our country. I guess that’s pretty typical of liberals, though. They would rather push hatred and division instead of looking for real solutions to the issues at hand.

Teenagers from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg, have announced that they would be turning down a visit to the White House. Gonzalez was quoted saying, “I believe we’ve been invited, but neither of us are going,” during a broadcast of CNN’s “New Day” show hosted by left-wing activist Alisyn Camerota.

The question came into play following the Associated Press reporting that President Trump was planning on meeting with some of the students who survived the shooting in Parkland, Florida last week.

The two liberal students spoke to CNN and said that they would be going to the faux “townhall” event that was being sponsored by the leftist news network, but they would be passing on a visit with our Commander in Chief.

American News Central reported:

Alisyn Camerota, the CNN activist posing as a journalist, asked the pair what they wanted to see happen. In response, Gonzalez insisted that the National Rifle Association should “disband, dismantle … don’t make another organization under a different name. Don’t you dare come back here.”

Of course, the shooter was not a member of the NRA. Indeed, not a single mass shooter in U.S. history has ever been a member of the NRA. The NRA is the only organization in America today that gets attacked on a daily basis for things none of its members have done.

Then, Gonzalez decided it was appropriate to attack the NRA… She stated, “If they accept this blood money, they are against the children. They are against the people who are dying. There’s no other way to put it at this point. You’re either funding the killers, or you’re standing with the children. The children who have no money. We don’t have jobs. So we can’t pay for your campaign. We would hope that you have the decent morality to support us at this point.”

Then, Hogg stated, “If you can’t get elected without taking money from child murderers, why are you running?”

Child murderers? How about the ultra-liberal organization of Planned Parenthood? They are the real child murderers, not the NRA. I have not once seen the NRA advocate for murdering anyone, let alone children. Planned Parenthood’s entire shtick is killing babies.

Liberals rarely use logic though, so what were we really expecting, right?


Obama Remembered As America’s Deadliest President in History After FBI Releases The Horrifying Truth

Elder Patriot – Facts are stubborn things that more often than not put the lie to mainstream media narratives. 

The latest F.B.I. statistics for the year 2016 have been released and, opposite what Obama and his followers would have you believe, it is police officers who are under assault and not the few criminal blacks who were shot by police officers attempting to protect the communities they’re assigned to protect.

2016 was the last of Obama’s eight years in office so whatever these statistics reveal one thing is certain – Obama owns them.

There was a 14% increase in the number of police that were assaulted in 2016 over 2015.  An astounding 57,000 law enforcement officers were assaulted.  That averages to more than 150 every day.

Shockingly, the number of officers “feloniously killed” in the line-of-duty jumped by 61 percent in 2016 over 2015.  This represents the highest single year figure since 1997.  That was the second term of America’s other first black president, Bill Clinton.

The fact is Obama assisted Black Lives Matter and other groups in fomenting racial division by directing massive amounts of funding to them.

After two terms of seeding racial anxieties and building a well-funded army of street activists the resulting statistics should come as no surprise.

Obama knew better – he had access to the same statistics that his Justice Department has – and yet he allowed, and even inflamed, tensions claiming racially biased policing of blacks.

Peter Kirsanow, an attorney and member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights relied on statistics released by Obama’s own Justice Department to make the argument that police have actually been cowed into pulling back their policing efforts in the black neighborhoods that desperately need it:

“That blacks are killed two and a half times more often than whites are by policemen.  However, when you take a look at that statistic that is far less than what the data would predict given black crime rates. 

“Take New York City for example.  Blacks are not two and a half times more likely to commit crimes.  Blacks in New York City are thirty-five times more likely to commit robberies than whites, thirty-eight times more likely to commit murders, and fifty-one times more likely to engage in shootings regardless of whether or not it results in a homicide.

“So, when you think of about two and a half times versus 51 times, the type of police involvement that you would expect from those kinds of stats is far below than what would be predicted.”

Kirsanow explained how the Ferguson Effect – police withdrawing from policing rather than putting their own lives at greater risk – is turning black communities into ever more dangerous places for law-abiding citizens and their children.

Obama should be made to explain why he was so intent on alienating blacks after Americans had opened their arms to him – their first black president.  The only racist in this equation is Barack Obama.


BREAKING: Secret Service On HIGH ALERT After Top Democrat Says She Will KILL President Trump Herself

Congresswoman Maxine Waters has been showing off how much she hates President Donald Trump.

She promised that she will go out and take out Trump.

And called him the most dangerous President ever.

Image result for BREAKING: Secret Service On HIGH ALERT After Top Democrat Says She Will KILL President Trump Herself

During an appearance at the Ali Forney Central gal in New York City, Maxine Waters promised a roaring crowd that she would take out the President that very night a statement that has left many people wondering if this was a direct threat to President Donald Trump’s life or it was just another sick liberal joke.

According to our source, America’s Freedom Fighters, Waters made the promise to the group, which benefits homeless LGBTQ youth, amid the backdrop of violence against conservatives and the mainstream media picking apart every single Thing President Donald Trump says or does to attack him.

“I’m sitting here listening, watching, absorbing, thinking about Ali even though I never met him. And with this kind of inspiration, I will go and take out Trump tonight,” Waters said.

While Maxine is joking about taking out the President, the head of the Democratic Party is ramping up about the rhetoric against him, telling a DNC committee gathering that President Donald Trump was the most dangerous President ever while urging for his party to unite against Trump.

“We have the most dangerous president in American history and one of the most reactionary Congresses in American history,” Democratic Chairman Tom Perez said during his speech.

He also referred to President Donald Trump as “existential threat” with no apparent worry that his words could be taken, along with those by Maxine and other liberals in the media. Perez’s comments come as he reorganizes the DNC to better serve establishment candidates, pushing out Bernie Sanders supporters while pretending the shuffle was about diversity when in fact, it was a transparent move to make sure that he can control who the party supports for President in 2020.

Hollywood Actor Bruce Willis: ‘Trump Is The Best US President Ever, Anyone Who Dislikes Him Should Move To…’

Hollywood actor Bruce Willis once again expressed his unconditional support for President Donald Trump in a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, although these days it’s very unusual for him to be supported by any Hollywood star.

When Willis was asked about his opinion on Trump’s presidency so far he said: “I think that he’s doing great. In fact, he just might be the best US President ever.”
Fallon then asked him if he was serious about this statement because it would definitely sound like an exaggeration to many people. Willis responded:
“Yeah I’m being serious about this. Trump has always been a winner and to be honest I can’t think of a better man to lead America at this moment.”

Bruce Willis is one the few conservatives in Hollywood who are not afraid to express their support for President Trump. He has always been a fan of Trump and everything that he represents – a successful businessman and a role model for every young American.

Willis added: “Trump has a winning mentality and I believe that every American can identify with that. He is the guy that we need right now and I think that we should all settle our differences and support him.”

However Willis is bothered by the attitude of many American politicians and stars who spend their time criticizing Trump. He said: “Before every election so far there were debates and fighting between candidates.But, once we had a winner everybody just stood behind the elected President. Now we see that the fighting and conflict continue long after the 2016 election. I don’t like that. It doesn’t look good. If you don’t like him go to Canada or something.”

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Actress Michelle Pfeiffer: “This New Year Is The First Time In 8 Years That I Am Very Happy And Thankful For Our President, Happy New Year and God Bless Him, His Family And Supporters.” Do You Stand With Michelle ?

There was a good decade and a half after Michelle Pfeiffer’s breakout performance in 1983’s Scarface when the actress was on a true Hollywood tear. She earned three Oscar nominations in a four-year span (for Dangerous Liaisons, The Fabulous Baker Boys, and Love Field).

She spread her talents across costume (The Age of Innocence), romance (Frankie and Johnny), fantasy (The Witches of Eastwick), and comedy (Married to the Mob) genres. And in a rare feat for actors, she even managed to receive universal critical acclaim for her interpretation of an iconic character, Catwoman, in Batman Returns.

But not long after that, Pfeiffer dropped off the radar in a self-imposed exile. In a new interview, Oscar-nominated filmmaker Darren Aronofsky—who recently directed Pfeiffer in a mysterious project called Mother!—goes so far as to call the film period sans Pfeiffer a “famine.”

“I’ve never lost my love for acting,” Pfeiffer explains. “I’m a more balanced person, honestly, when I’m working. But I was pretty careful about where I shot, how long I was away, whether or not it worked out with the kids’ schedule. And I got so picky that I was unhireable. And then . . . I don’t know, time just went on . . . I disappeared, yeah.”

Michele says that Trump is the best President For the UNITED STATES.she is going to vote for Trump in 2020 election.she also said that Trump and Melania are the best couple and both of them are doing alot to make america great again.

Michele also said that Trump is the right person for all the american citizen.he’s done a lot of things for USA.The liberals are trying their best to remove Trump in 2020 Elections but we support President and we will vote for him in 2020.


Trump Just Gave All Christians the Gift of a LIFETIME – No President Has EVER Done Anything Like This!

President Donald Trump exceeds every expectation.
He is a man of word, and when he promised to make America great again he meant it.
Ever since he stepped into the White House he has been checking things off his list of promises he made to the American people.Now, he has announced that he’s planing on changing the rule which makes Churches afraid to speak about any political figure, due to fear that they might be attacked by the government.Reportedly, the President will be repealing the Johnson Amendment, which restricts all public charities, churches included, from participating in campaigns regardless of the fact whether they are for or against a candidate for elected office.

President Trump said : “Among those freedoms is the right to worship according to our own beliefs. That is why I will get rid of and totally destroy the Johnson Amendment and allow our representatives of faith to speak freely and without fear of retribution.” adding, “I will do that, remember.”
This action brings back the churches their voice which the left’s obscure policies and the bullying IRS had taken away from them.

For instance, the son of the prominent American preacher Billy Graham, Franklin Graham was a victim of the Johnson Amendment. Because of his organizations Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, he underwent terrible IRS investigations for which he complained to former president Obama in 2013.

Graham wrote : “I believe that someone in the [Obama] Administration was targeting and attempting to intimidate us.” concluding,“This is morally wrong and some would call it ‘un-American.’”
Nevertheless, President Trump is making these wrongs, right. He promised to give churches their voice back and he is doing precisely that.

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Chuck Schumer SLAMS President Trump : “It’s Racist To Only Allow Citizens To Vote”

Senate sleazebag Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has declared restricting voting to only Americans as an exercise in racism. Everything that protects America from conquest, such as immigration laws, vetting of refugees and voter IDs is racist to corrupt Chuck.


Obviously feeling a threat to the Democrats’ system of voter fraud that is the foundation of every election they win, the Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer declared that Democrats will attempt to use a “must-pass” bill to dissolve President Donald Trump’s voter fraud commission if he doesn’t end it ‘voluntarily.”

Why are you so opposed to only citizens voting or exposing fraudulent voter rolls, Chuck? Afraid the American people are going to find out what you’ve been up to, the real reason you wanted illegal aliens to have driver’s licenses? States have gone out of their way to offer free IDs to residents to avoid any perception of discrimination and made them exceedingly easy to get. That’s not good enough.


Schumer accused President Trump in a Thursday op-ed of being a white supremacist and that the only appropriate way for him to prove that Schumer is lying about him is to disband the voter fraud commission. Are there not white people voting illegally too Chuck or do you know who they are because you’re orchestrating it and they’re all non-whites?

Schumer wrote, “If the president wants to truly show that he rejects the discrimination agenda of the white supremacist movement, he will rescind the executive order that created this commission.” He followed that disgusting display up with some equally disgusting Thursday tweets.


Schumer wrote, “On where we go after #Charlottesville: It’s time to end the assault on voting…

(Excerpt) Read more at: AMERICAN PATRIOT CLUB


“I think people are going to like what they are going to see with Mr. Trump and they should be excited” -Jeanine always supported Trump.


Imagine getting a personal phone call from the president-elect only days after he pulled off possibly the biggest upset in the history of American politics. Judge Jeanine Pirro didn’t have to imagine that call — it came on Saturday morning, as Donald Trump was making decisions about the aides, advisors and cabinet members with whom he would surround himself.

And on her show, “Justice,” Pirro disclosed at least part of what Trump told her, right before she revealed why the election was a “revolution.”

Before she became a Fox News commentator and host of her own weekly program, Jeanine Pirro served as a county court judge, the district attorney of Westchester County, New York, and the first female judge on the Westchester County Court bench.

It was while serving in those capacities that she got to know the New York real estate developer who would stun the world by defeating rather handily the Democrat nominee who was thought by the entitled left to have the 2016 election all sewn up.

So it wasn’t some out-of-the-blue phone call from the man America is sending to the White House. It was a chat with someone Pirro had known for years — someone who thanked her and her viewers for the support that helped make him the future President of the United States.


Of course, there is another possible explanation for Trump calling his old friend, Judge Jeanine — a reason apart from his wishing to thank her and her audience for their support through the campaign.


President Trump Just Made Trey Gowdy The Most Powerful Man In Capitol Hill

President Donald Trump making U.S. Representative Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) Trey Gowdy the most powerful man on Capitol Hill is fake news. There is no truth to a report that Gowdy was just given the highest level of security clearance by Trump. Where did this fake news originate?

The Last Line of Defense published the fake news article on Nov. 22, 2017, reporting that Trump gave Gowdy a high level of security clearance. You can read the fake news below.

One of the most difficult parts of Trey Gowdy’s job as congressional inquisitor is security clearance. When investigating people who held titles like “Secretary of State” and “Special Aide to the President” or even “President,” Gowdy runs into the issue of security clearance all the time.

“It’s a matter of national security” has become a term Mr. Gowdy hears far too often. It is the single-best excuse Hillary Clinton and her lawyers have been able to come up with when they don’t have an actual answer to his questions.

President Trump has just removed that blockade. By executive order, Trey Gowdy has been given the highest security clearance possible. He could now sit in on presidential intel briefings if he felt he needed to.

The first thing Gowdy did with his newfound ability to investigate is to re-open the Benghazi case. There was a 6-hour window that Clinton never answered for because she said she was in meetings with the president and joint chiefs that were highly classified. Gowdy will begin his investigation by revisiting those discussions and finding out exactly why four men were left to die.

However, there is no truth to the above story. Here is the list of executive orders by Trump and none of them mention giving Gowdy the highest level of security clearance.

Gowdy along with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Virginia, announced that they are opening an investigation into how the Justice Department handled its investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while at the State Department.

“Our justice system is represented by a blind-folded woman holding a set of scales,” the two chairmen said in a statement. “Those scales do not tip to the right or the left; they do not recognize wealth, power, or social status. The impartiality of our justice system is the bedrock of our republic and our fellow citizens must have confidence in its objectivity, independence, and evenhandedness. The law is the most equalizing force in this country. No entity or individual is exempt from oversight.”

Here are some examples of people sharing the fake news on social media.

Finally, The Last Line of Defense carries the following disclaimer on its website:

DISCLAIMER: America’s Last Line of Defense is a satirical publication that may sometimes appear to be telling the truth. We assure you that’s not the case. We present fiction as fact and our sources don’t actually exist. Names that represent actual people and places are purely coincidental and all images should be considered altered and do not in any way depict reality.

In other words, if you believe this crap you’re a real dumbass.

What did you think of the fake news that Trump appointed Gowdy the most powerful man on Capitol Hill? Did you believe the fake news or see people sharing it falsely on social media? Let us know in the comments section.

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Shaquille O’Neal Says: ‘Trump Is Possibly The Best President Of The President Of All Times Ever, He Is Not Afraid To…’

Shaquille O’Neal Says: ‘Trump Is Possibly The Best President Of The President Of All Times Ever, He Is Not Afraid To…’


Recently when he was asked about President Trump retweeting a couple of videos that made a big fuzz in the media, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) stated that Trump had “been one of the best presidents” he ever served under.

O’Neal stated “I’m not aware of it. I don’t pay much attention to his tweets. I’ll say this for you. He’s been one of the best presidents I’ve served under.”


O’Neal continued, “The president is smart, powerful and a good counterpuncher. I think he attacks anyone he perceives or believes is attacking him or the country.”

Image result for Shaquille O’Neal Says: ‘Trump Is Possibly The Best President Of The President Of All Times Ever, He Is Not Afraid To…’

“He should be given the Medal of Freedom for talking his mind in such a bold, honest, and straightforward manner.” O’Neal added.


Recently when he was asked about President Trump retweeting a couple of videos that made a big fuzz in the media, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) stated that Trump had “been one of the best presidents” he ever served under.


O’Neal stated “I’m not aware of it. I don’t pay much attention to his tweets. I’ll say this for you. He’s been one of the best presidents I’ve served under.”

AND THE REASONING IS, HE’S NOT AFRAID TO MAKE DECISIONS. HE’S NOT AFRAID TO TAKE ON THE — THE BIG MOUTHS AROUND HERE.”O’Neal continued, “The president is smart, powerful and a good counterpuncher.I think he attacks anyone he perceives or believes is attacking him or the country.”

“He should be given the Medal of Freedom for talking his mind in such a bold, honest, and straightforward manner.” O’Neal added.


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