Musician Ted Nugent: ‘There Is No Better President Than Donald Trump, He Always Speaks His Mind And He…’

The artist composed an article for WorldNetDaily in which he said that Trump “should be given the Medal of Freedom for talking his mind in such a bold, honest, and straightforward manner.”

In that article, Ted Nugent got against everyone that criticized Donald Trump, all the media, celebrities or politicians that attacked our President for no reason. Here’s what he stated:

In a recent Politico article, Ari Fleischer – a man who served as White House press secretary for President George W. Bush is quoted as saying, in part, that “Donald Trump is like watching a roadside accident. Everybody pulls over to see the mess.”

Donald Trump is a mess?

Maybe Mr. Fleischer should open up the political garbage can he and the majority of Fedzillacrats live in and take a look at the real, certifiable, rotting, stinking mess that has been caused by the professional scammers of both political stripes for the past 50 years

Mr. Trump didn’t make this financial swan dive to the street. Our ‘honest’ politicans did, the very folks Mr. Fleischer obviously accepts are the answer for the issue. In the event that he really trusts this jabberwocky, Fleischer should look for political mental health disability.

Donald Trump’s message sings to Americans because he doesn’t play politically correct brain-dead games. He calls them like he sees them.

That’s refreshing to millions of Americans who believe political correctness is a public cancer that has eroded free speech and everything else good about America.

In the end he added precisely:


Ted even performed in help of Trump at one of the Republican candidate’s last campaign stops. Nugent apparently snatched his groin and yelled “I’ve got your blue state right here, baby!” to the swarm in Sterling Heights, Michigan, a traditionally Democratic state.

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Carrie Underwood Just Got Devastating Dose Of Karma 4 Days After Publicly Ripping President Trump

Carrie Underwood hasn’t just been a chart-topping country star, she’s always been one of conservative’s favorite songstresses with her American-loving lyrics and family values. That all changed recently when she derailed off into anti-Trump territory, joining liberal Hollywood in their constant attack on our president. The star didn’t hold back when she took her rant public about the president, pulling out all the stops in attacking him on everything she could think to make fun of the Commander-in-Chief who her fans assume she supported or at least respected until her liberal vomit came spewing out.

It’s one thing for liberal actors and rappers to use every public appearance as an opportunity to display their hate for Trump and his administration. That’s expected of this disrespectful, Barack Obama-loving crowd. However, it came as a nasty surprise when typically conservative-leaning country music artists went this route, totally disengaging from their Trump-supporting fan base. We saw this take place at the Country Music Awards show on Wednesday, November 8, hosted by Underwood and fellow country music star Brad Paisley. Both were warned about bringing politics into the awardsshow and didn’t listen and suffered from that poor decision almost immediately. But four days later, Underwood got hit particularly hard with an unexpected and shocking dose of karma. It’s going to take a while to recover from this devastating blow.

Country music fans who are typically conservative and support our president and appreciate what he’s done to make America great again, lost all respect for Underwood and Paisley after they decided to turn against the fans and the president on stage at the CMAs. With total disregard for who was watching and the CMA executives orders, hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood suggested Trump’s a cheater in a song performance and put on skits poking fun of some things he’s done in the public eye. They clearly crossed the line and the show’s instant ratings plummet proved it, but Underwood just took a really hard fall that her former fans are calling “karma” for her nasty anti-Trump antics.

Dearly reports:

Singer Carrie Underwood recently ended up in the hospital with a broken wrist, after she took a spill down the front steps of her Nashville home.

The accident happened just days after hosting the Country Music Association Awards with Brad Paisley, during which the pair performed a head-turning political twist on her hit “Before He Cheats” (changing out “cheats” for “tweets”).

The song was a dig at President Donald Trump, and some believe the joke came back to bite her.

While Underwood attempted to thank her well-wishers on Facebook after her accident, some fans skipped the “feel better” messages and took aim at her Trump jokes.

“Did not think that you would participate in disrespecting our president. I was disappointed. Hope you feel better though,” one person responded to Underwood’s post on Facebook addressing the fall. “Hey Carrie, keep politics out of music. You really screwed the pooch this time! No one asked you in the first place! Of course, you could always run for president if you think you can handle it,” another former fan wrote on her post. “Winning a contest for loudmouths would certainly qualify you for the DNC. I will never buy your music again. If I hear it on the radio, I’m changing the station,” that same Facebook user added.

Another former fan used the post to give the singer some advice:

“Not a very good way to keep fans. We have to many liberals who feed off these comments with all the fake news. You should retract or stay with the people who don’t respect the USA or it’s leader.” Sharing that same overwhelming sentiment of disappointment, one fan commented, “Don’t know what you said but if you disrespected our president even if someone “ just wrote it for you to say” that is unAmerican and I can no longer respect/follow you. I thought you were above all of that. Very sad.”

While we would never celebrate in someone’s physical accident for any reason, the comments on this post are what’s Underwood’s karma. She’s facing the music of what happens when you disrespect Trump and your fans who support our president and once supported you.

It’s disturbing that not a single awards show in the eight years Barack Obama was president ruthlessly mocked him, as almost every one of them in the past 10 months of Trump’s presidency has. There would be outrage for days if the tables were turned on this. These country stars didn’t listen to the warnings from their show association and didn’t care about those who pay to see them and support their career. These singers are not different than the entitled players in the NFL. They should have learned from the demise of the NFL for going down this same path an now Underwood’s career will likely suffer a similar price for it.

Muslims Are Boiling Mad — They Just Found Out What President Trump Just Defunded

It’s logical that there are going to be some upset groups with Trump making efforts for shrinking the national budget. The federal government used to give them regular fund infusions, so now it’s hard for them to accept their fate.

Donald Trump is doubtful about the effect of organizations trying to prevent young Muslims from getting radicalized and becoming jihadists.

Breitbart reported:

Administration officials have eliminated 2016 plans to fund Islamic groups allied to former President Barack Obama and declined to schedule a 2017 Islamic ‘Iftar’ dinner where those groups were able to show their political influence to the ambassadors of wealthy Islamic countries.

At that time, the DHS had named 31 organizations that would be granted $10 million in funding under its Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program.

On that list, Life After Hate was the only group focused solely on far-right violent extremism, though several others include it in their mandates.

The new list contains 26 organizations. An agency spokesperson told the Orange County Register in July that whether an organization partners with law enforcement (Life After Hate doesn’t) was now one of the administration’s key considerations in deciding who got grants.

In the final days of the Obama administration, $10 million in Countering Violent Extremism funding was awarded to 31 different applicants, including several groups dedicated to combating white supremacy and de-radicalizing neo-Nazis.

No doubt, President Trump wants to remove any federal monetary support that potentially violent Islamic groups are receiving under the guise of preventing violence. And we’ve seen plenty of those.

How often do we hear of FBI raids of Muslim mosques that are filled with huge weapons caches?

The legitimacy and credibility of many groups that claim to speak for Muslims in America are unclear.

Many immigrants and Americans who are born into Muslim families ignore the tenets of Islam, and also ignore the well-funded political groups that are described as their representatives by Democrats and the media.

Instead, people deal with government through their elected local, state and federal legislators, and through judges, but not via panels of religious leaders and agency officials.

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Trump Granted Special Honor Chinese Have Bestowed on No Other President

Kirsters Baish| This past week, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump made their way to Asia, visiting the different countries and building relations. The pair is being treated like royalty while on their very first official visit to China.

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were granted a very special honor in the form of a very rare dinner at the Forbidden City. New York Daily News along with numerous other media outlets reported that this honor has not been granted to any foreign leader since the People’s Republic of China was founded 68 years ago. 

President Trump and Melania Trump arrived in China on Wednesday as the third leg of their two-week trip to Asia. The pair landed in Beijing, and made their way to the Forbidden City alongside Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan.

The Forbidden City is an enormous palace complex. It was home to the imperial family for hundreds of years, and at this world renowned site, the leaders of two of our world’s most powerful countries sat down to enjoy a Peking Opera performance and a special dinner together. The Forbidden City was shut down for this occasion. It is important to take note of just how differently President Trump is being treated than former President Barack Obama was treated on his farewell tour.

Obama was looked at with extreme disdain by the Chinese when he visited Beijing during the G-20 summit last year.

A professor of garment and politics at George Mason University, Ming Wang, explained to CNN, “Xi is going to treat Trump almost like an emperor.” She argued that China “will give Trump an exceptional reception, essentially they’ll try to make Trump happy.”

We cannot be sure if President Trump will be swayed one way or another due to this lavish treatment. Our Commander in Chief is due to press the Chinese on issues that concern bilateral trading as well as North Korea. These two issues are hugely impacting the bilateral relationship at this point in time. President Trump has spoken very highly of China’s president in the past. He has been called China’s strongest leader in years many times. His administration has definitely antagonized the Chinese people on matters that impact the United States directly when it comes to strategic national interests.

Only time will tell if talks between President Trump and President Xi will be productive politically or will remain strictly ceremonial.

President Trump To Unleash Explosive Executive Order On Congress — Paul Ryan Is Scrambling

There’s an executive order from Trump’s administration that could reveal Obamacare’s mandate,

The Trump administration has prepared an executive order that would unravel Obamacare’s individual mandate, but has put it on hold to see whether repealing the penalties for going uninsured might be included in the Republican tax bill instead, a GOP senator told the Washington Examiner.

President Trump decided to delay the executive order after Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., pushed for the inclusion of the individual mandate repeal in the tax bill, and has been supportive of its inclusion in statements he has made on Twitter.

The White House announced Thursday night that it would scrap the subsidies, known as cost-sharing reduction payments, which help low-income people pay for certain out-of-pocket medical costs.

The administration had continued to make the monthly payments to insurers, which are worth an estimated $7 billion this year, but Trump has repeatedly threatened to end them.

In its decision to cut off the subsidies, the Trump administration said that the payments were unconstitutional because Congress has not appropriated money for them.

The bill would repeal the individual and employer mandates as well as shift Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion funding and insurance subsidy structure into a block grant program for states.

States would be given a lump sum of money from the federal government, and it would be up to them how to spend it.

This is obviously Congress’ job. Republicans were elected on a platform that included the repeal and replacement of Obamacare.

That Republican leadership has failed to get this done is a testimony to either their incompetence or their disloyalty to those who elected them. In either case, failure is unacceptable, and if that happens, they are without excuse.

In other words, if Ryan and McConnell cannot get this provision eliminating the Obamacare individual mandate into a tax bill that passes both houses of Congress, they should both resign and let others take over.

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President Trump Scraps ‘Surprise’ Visit to North Korea Military Border ‘When Seconds Away’

Donald Trump payed a surprise visit to the DMZ (demilitarized zone) near the border with North Korea.

The surprise visit however didn’t happen because of “poor weather.”

However the visit could have been historic.

Trump’s presence near the demarcation line that passes through the center of the 2.5-mile wide, 155-mile-long strip of land would have carried particular significance at a time when regional tensions are high over Pyongyang’s ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programmes.

Many South Korean politicians and observers expressed relief at initial reports Trump would be skipping a trip to the area.

Donald Trump has scrapped a surprise visit to the demilitarised zone (DMZ) near the North Korea border, it has been revealed.

President Trump was minutes from landing in a helicopter near the heavily fortified area but the plan had to be scrapped due to “poor weather”, according to the White House.

The visit would have marked a historic step closer by Trump to Kim Jong-un with whom the Republican has been engaged in an escalating war of words since he took office earlier this year.

The move comes amid fears North Korea could launch a deadly nuclear weapon during Trump’s South Korea visit.

Air Force One landed in South Korea yesterday as part of his 12-day Asia tour with his wife Melania.

Just after 7am (22:00 GMT Tuesday) the motorcade left Trump’s hotel in downtown Seoul, arriving 10 minutes later at Yongsan Garrison, a US military base.

Helicopters carrying Trump and his entourage took off from a sports field on the base, camouflage-clad men seated at the back of the aircraft.

Weaving through the dense fog that shrouded Seoul’s skyscrapers, the helicopters were only minutes away from landing at the DMZ when they turned back to the base.

“There wasn’t enough visibility to land,” Sanders said. “It would have been really dangerous, and our guys pulled back.”

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Would he met up with Kim Jong-un?

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China Grants President Trump an Honor no Foreign Leader Has Ever Received [PHOTOS]

Despite what some people think about President Trump, the truth is he is doing things his way and most of the times it works out in his favor.

Even though he constantly mocked China during his presidential campaign 2016 and hasn’t been friendlier to the country since entering the White House, President Trump just became the first foreign leader to have dinner in the Forbidden City, a celebrated royal district which is closed off to the resto of the world since the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

One historian during a CNN appearance talked about the unusual invitation for Trump and First Lady Melania, who arrived in Beijing on Wednesday, saying it was a power move by the Chinese government.

“The Chinese government know who they’re dealing with,” Jeremiah Jenne, who lives in Beijing, stated. “It’s another in a long line of fairly shrewd moves by the Chinese government and something [Trump is] going to be very impressed with.”

He continued:

“What was once known as the ‘palace of blood and tears’ is now being used for a state visit. This is an example of how the narrative [within China] has shifted, particularly in the last 25 years, it’s no longer about emphasizing class revolution. In recent years, it’s been much greater emphasis on the glories of Chinese civilization.”

They are supposed to tour the Forbidden City along with Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife, Peng Liyuan, before having a dinner in the place that once accommodated Chinese emperors and their families for some 500 years.

A professor of government and politics at George Mason University, Ming Wan, stated for CNN the Chinese government will “give Trump an exceptional reception, essentially they’ll try to make Trump happy — that will work to China’s advantage.”

“[Xi’s] going to treat Trump almost like an emperor,” he added.

Trump’s unique visit to the ancient territory comes right after the White House condemned communism with a statement honoring the National Day for the Victims of Communism.

Communism has “systematically robbed innocent people of their God-given rights of free worship, freedom of association, and countless other rights we hold sacrosanct,” one part of the statement read.

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“We Want The America Of Barack Obama”: Obama’s Former AG SLAMS President Trump

Eric Holder is speaking his mind.

Obama’s former Attorney General Eric Holder has decided to let loose. Feeling unfettered since he is no longer in office, Holder bashed President Trump and Republicans in general and made the outrageous statement, “We want the America of Barack Obama.”

Holder is now working for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee and recently told Politico that his new position allowed him much more freedom to speak his mind;

“You don’t do politics when you’re attorney general, but as a private citizen and as a defender of the Obama legacy, I’m free to say what I want and to say it in the way that I’d like to. I probably would not have [attacked Republicans like] that while I was attorney general. I didn’t have an orange man who I was serving under, but, I mean, I would not have said that about a former president, for instance, while I was attorney general. But now, I’m just a citizen and I’ve got the full range of my voice back.”

The former AG did not hold back. While he later admitted that today’s problems were not entirely the fault of President Trump, most of his statements seem to indicate the issues never existed under Obama’s reign;

“You’re telling Donald Trump that’s not the America I want. We want the America of Barack Obama. The president sets a moral tone, and I think in that regard President Trump has not done the job we expect of our leaders. The election of Barack Obama did not magically transform us as a people and eradicate bigotry, eradicate neo-Nazis and white nationalists. They were still there, but they didn’t feel empowered in a way that I think they do now.”

It is unclear what dream world liberals were living in for the eight years that Obama was in office, but Eric Holder was there. In less than a year, President Trump has done more for America than Obama ever did but the left is still caught up in their loss.

Source: The Washington Times,

As Chinese Rolled Out Red Carpet For President Trump, Melania Stole Show With Outfit (Video)

President Trump arrived to a hero’s welcome from the Chinese. The red carpet was literally rolled out for Donald and Melania Trump.

A military honor guard met them as the plane arrived and some very excited kids lined his motorcade route to give him a proper send-off from the airport.

Compare that to what happened to Obama when he last visited China. The Chinese left him hanging on the runway. Forget about the red carpet, they didn’t even provide the stairs to get off the plane. Seriously.

The Trump’s moved on to get a rare honor from the Chinese. A first ever for an American president – a state dinner in the Forbidden Kingdom.

According to the South China Morning Post,

“Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said the “state visit-plus red-carpet welcome” was in “return for the warm, considerate reception and the high standard and thoughtful arrangement the Trumps made for Xi and his wife Peng Liyuan in Florida in April.””

Chinese officials went on to say that the two leaders have a good relationship, much better than with Obama, and they looked forward to a close working relationship with Trump.

But despite the red carpet, it was Melania Trump, as usual, who stole the show.

Her grace, elegance, and class were on full display and literally took the breath away from the gathered Chinese.

And she looked great as usual and stunned everyone with her keen eye for fashion at the Peking Opera.

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Seth Meyers Compares President Trump To An Ape, There’s One Big Problem


Imagine how liberals would react if ANYONE ever called Obama an ‘ape’. However, when it comes to President Trump, you can say anything and get away with it. President Trump visited with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. After writing angry articles about the way Donald Trump through fish food into a koi pond, they went on to mocking him for the matching hats he wore with Abe.

Late night talk show host Seth Meyers attacked President Trump while wearing a hat that said ‘resign Donald’.

“Trump’s trip got off to a rough start on Friday when he flew to Hawaii, which, of course, was the state where former President Obama was born. Trump’s motorcade was greeted with protesters lining the streets, reminding him of his past as a birther, with signs like this one that read: “Aloha POTUS, welcome to Kenya.” Solid burn. And the interesting thing about the word Aloha is that it means both hello and go f*** yourself,” said Meyers.

Two problems. First, that’s not what Ahola means, and two, Hillary Clinton was the first birther, not President Trump. “Abe is a smart man. He figured out the only way to communicate effectively with Donald Trump is via hat,” said Meyers.

“Also the hat said, Donald & Shinzo, Make Alliance Even Greater’? That sounds like what you say to a monkey if you were teaching it sign language. Human and ape make friendship stronger! But whether Trump is the man in that exchange or the ape or more likely a combo of the two, his Asia trip will be focused in part on dealing with the threat of North Korea’s nuclear program, which has the region on edge,” said Meyers.