Why Didn’t Republicans Stand Up for Second Amendment at White House Meeting?

Trump Gun Meeting White House (Mandel Ngan / AFP / Getty)

President Donald Trump attempted to backtrack on Thursday morning from the stance he took on gun policy on Wednesday at the White House.

The president held a televised meeting Wednesday with members of both parties and encouraged them to pass more restrictive laws, including a new minimum age of 21 years old for buying a rifle. Trump tweeted Thursday morning: “Respect 2nd Amendment!”

The president has been hit by criticism from conservatives, who are upset that he seemed so eager to shut down House Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s suggestion of passing concealed carry permit reciprocity, on the one hand, and so enthusiastic about adding Democrats’ gun control proposals to existing bipartisan proposals, on the other.

But what was most lacking in Wednesday’s meeting was any real defense of the Second Amendment.

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) came closest, when he pushed back against Trump’s rebuke for not raising the minimum age in his bill with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) to expand background checks.

After Trump accused Toomey and Manchin of being “afraid of the NRA,” Toomey explained: “My reservation about it, frankly, is that the vast majority of 18-,19-, and 20-year-olds in Pensylvania who have a rifle or a shotgun — they’re not a threat to anyone. They’re law-abiding citizens. They have that because they want to use it for hunting or target shooting. And to deny them their Second Amendment right is not going to make anyone safer.”

But neither Toomey nor anyone else explained the substance of that right.

In a free-wheeling debate, where the president seemed open to listening to all points of view, Democrats were not shy about promoting their view that gun ownership was the fundamental problem for school safety, while the Republicans present failed to make the case for the Second Amendment as the foundation of liberty.

The whole discussion took place in “problem-solving mode,” where it was taken for granted that the government had to “do something” in response to the shooting in Parkland, Florida — even though, arguably, it was the government’s failure to “do something” that allowed the shooting to take place, or that allowed it to continue as long as it did once it had begun.

No one — not even Republicans — made the case that until law enforcement can do its job, we should not infringe on one of the most fundamental freedoms of all.

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SMOKING GUN: Broward Sheriff Told 4 Deputies To STAND DOWN… 17 Kids Died As A Result


Broward County Sheriff Israel reportedly told the 4 deputies who arrived on the scene of the Parkland, FL school shooting NOT to enter the building unless they were equipped with body cameras.

Multiple sources reporting that the deputies followed the alleged order as none of them were equipped with police body cameras.

As a result of their inaction, 17 people parished in the massacre by the hands of alleged killer Nikolas Cruz.

“BREAKING: Broward County Sheriff Told Arriving Deputies NOT TO ENTER The School Unless They Had Body Cameras On—The Deputies Were Not Equipped With BodyCams – Fox News Report” is the headline being reported at this time.

Lifezette reports the mounting pressure for the sheriff to resign his post:

With pressure mounting on Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel to resign in the wake of this month’s Valentine’s Day shooting at a school in Florida, a Republican state lawmaker Monday added his voice to the chorus.

Rep. Randy Fine [far right in photo above], appearing on “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News, said he signed on to a letter calling for Israel’s suspension and supports a subpoena requiring him to appear in the state capital of Tallahassee to explain an apparent breakdown in which a school resource officer remained outside Parkland’s Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School while Nikolas Cruz allegedly was gunning down 17 people.

The more we learn about the situation, the more obvious it is that Sheriff Israel needs or resign or needs to be removed immediately … What happened is a disgrace,” he said.

LifeZette co-founder Laura Ingraham reported on an internal email at the Sheriff’s Office — confirmed by two sources — urging all staff members to support Israel.

“Sheriff Israel stood with us, and now we must stand with him … It’s important that they know we stand as one,” the email reads.

Ingraham also reported that deputies arriving at the school had orders not to enter unless their body cameras were turned on. But they did not have body cams and did not engage, she said. What’s more, according to Ingraham’s source, the department’s radio communications went down at one point.

Fine said those factors add to questions that Israel should address rather than grandstand.

“If Sheriff Israel wasn’t so busy bloviating on CNN town halls, we might have some of those answers,” he said.

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If Deputy Didn’t Have the Heart to Go In, That’s Not My Responsibility, Says Broward County Sheriff

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel told a reporter that his deputy failing to enter the school while the shooting was in progress was not his responsibility.

“I gave him a gun. I gave him a badge. I gave him the training,” Sheriff Israel told an NBC6 South Florida reporter in a video interview tweeted by Erika Glover. “If he didn’t have the heart to go in, that’s not my responsibility.”

His interview with the local NBC affiliate comes after the sheriff fell under increasing scrutiny for his department’s handling of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 people dead.

Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran called on Governor Rick Scott to suspend Sheriff Israel “for incompetence,” Breitbart News’s Jeff Poor reported. The speaker sent a letter to the governor that 73 House members joined him in signing. The Florida Constitutionprovides the governor with the authority to “suspend from office any state officer not subject to impeachment, any officer of the militia not in the active service of the United States, or any county officer, for malfeasance, misfeasance, neglect of duty, drunkenness, incompetence, permanent inability to perform official duties, or commission of a felony, and may fill the office by appointment for the period of suspension.”  Sheriffs are covered by this provision.

Kyle Kashuv, one of the students who survived the attack, told Fox News Sunday that Sheriff Israel should resign, Breitbart News’ Pam Key reported.  “He absolutely needs to resign,” Kashuv said. “He failed to act on so many different levels. And he himself is responsible for this massive failure. This could have been stopped by the FBI, and the sheriff’s department had they acted.”

Adam Baldwin responded to the sheriff’s interview, saying, “#TheBuckStopsOverThere.”

A Twitter user, @Psychic2009, tweeted, “Obviously Sheriff Scott Israel never speent any time in the military. The buck stops with you. RESIGN!”

“Leaders are responsible for the agency,” the sheriff continued in the interview. “But leaders are not responsible for a person.”

To that, Esdras Garcia responded in a tweet, “A good leader Leads when things are good but will also lead when things are bad. As their boss you are ultimately responsible for their actions whether they are good or bad.”

Juanita Broaddrick joined the chorus of calls for the sheriff’s resignation.

Former Congressman and conservative radio talk show host Joe Walsh also weighed in.

Protesters in Broward County are also joining the calls for the sheriff to resign, @_Makada_, a conservative writer for @American_Mirror tweeted.

Sheriff Israel stood up to the calls for his resignation, telling the CNN’s Jake Tapper“I’ve given amazing leadership to this agency.”

“Of course I won’t resign,” the sheriff stated.

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