BREAKING: Trump Pardons Sailor Who Was Jailed For Submarine Pictures

Given the crimes Hillary Clinton has been accused of (let alone the rest of the Obama administration), President Trump was right on the campaign trail when he reminded us that this sailor was imprisoned and ruined for so, so much less.

Washington Examiner reports:

President Trump issued the second pardon of his presidency Friday to former Navy sailor Kristian Saucier, who learned the news while driving a garbage truck, the only job he could find with a felony conviction.

Saucier was sentenced to a year in prison during the 2016 campaign for taking pictures inside a nuclear submarine. Trump invoked his case repeatedly on the campaign trail, saying he was “ruined” for doing “nothing” compared to Hillary Clinton.

Still, Trump allowed Saucier to serve his full prison sentence. He was released in September and returned to the Vermont home he shares with his wife Sadie and their two-year-old daughter.

Saucier, now 31, was 22 years old when he took the cellphone photos in 2009. He pleaded guilty to one count of unauthorized retention of national defense information and his attorneys unsuccessfully requested the “Clinton deal,” meaning little if any punishment.

The six photos found on a cellphone Saucier discarded were deemed “confidential,” the lowest level of classification, even though some depicted the vessel’s nuclear reactor. Clinton, by contrast, sent and received more highly classified information on a private email server. In pleading guilty, Saucier admitted to destroying evidence after being questioned.

Saucier told the Washington Examiner earlier this year that a felony conviction made it hard to find work. He works as a garbage man to support his family. While in prison, the family’s cars were repossessed and his home is in foreclosure.

“We’re struggling,” Saucier said in January, describing frequent calls from credit card debt collectors and an electricity bill payment plan. “No one will hire me because I’m a felon … All the skills I worked so hard for in the military are useless.”

Before the pardon, Saucier had several months left of wearing an ankle monitor.

“When Kris gets home from work, when he gets to the door, I’m going to be a little emotional,” Sadie Saucier told the Washington Examiner. “I can’t believe it happened, I don’t think it’s set in yet.”

Sadie Saucier said she notified her husband of the pardon via text message as he drove his garbage truck through a mountainous area with poor reception.

“I just was able to say ‘Hey’ via a text message, ‘You got a pardon.’ All he said was, ‘What!’ with a big exclamation point,” she said.

“I am very grateful,” Sadie Saucier said. “It’s going to be a huge for our family. And a huge reality when probation calls and the ankle monitor is taken off, that’s going to be a big one.”

Hints of movement on Saucier’s case came last week, when his attorney Ronald Daigle told media outlets, including the Washington Examiner, that the Justice Department’s Office of the Pardon Attorney requested additional personal details about Saucier, after initially refusing to process his pardon request last year, citing a standard five-year waiting period following sentencing.

Trump has only used his constitutional clemency power twice before.


President Trump Announces He’s Issuing A Huge Pardon … Hillary Is Going To Flip Her %$@&

Kirsters Baish| President Donald Trump issued the second pardon of his presidency today when he pardoned former Navy sailor Kristian Saucier. During his campaign, Trump mentioned Saucier a lot, stating that his entire life was “ruined” even though what he did was no where near as bad as things that Hillary Clinton has done. When Saucier was 22 years old, he took photos while on board his nuclear submarine. For his actions, he lost his entire career in the Navy and spent a year in prison.

Saucier’s lawyer invoked Hillary Clinton during his trial. He made the argument that Saucier shouldn’t be held to a higher standard than Hillary Clinton when he did much less than she did.

The Washington Examiner reported:

The photos Saucier, now 31, took inside the sub were deemed “confidential,” meaning the lowest level of classification, even though some depicted the vessel’s nuclear reactor. Clinton, by contrast, sent and received more highly classified information on a private and insecure email server.

Saucier told the Washington Examiner earlier this year that a felony conviction made it hard to find work. He worked as a garbage man to support his wife and young daughter. His family’s cars were repossessed while he was in prison and his Vermont home is in foreclosure. Saucier has several months left of wearing an ankle monitor.

Saucier’s wife explained that she couldn’t have been happier with President Trump’s decision to pardon her husband. She explained that her husband was driving a garbage truck when the news came in. She explained, “I can’t believe it happened, it’s still sinking in. He texted me back, ‘what’ with an exclamation point.”

She went on to say, “I am very grateful. It’s going to be a huge reality when probation calls and the ankle monitor comes off.”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders reminded America of the former Navy SEAL’s otherwise commendable record during his time serving in the United States Navy. She stated, “The president is appreciative of Mr. Saucier’s service to the country.”

Obviously what Saucier did was not legal and was wrong, but he has suffered enough for his mistake. We have people like Hillary Clinton running around doing whatever she damn well pleases while her actions are getting Americans killed. I haven’t seen her punished for anything that she has done.

It’s great news that Saucier is finally being pardoned, and now he can finally get on with his life.


Another Sanctuary Governor Pardons Illegal Criminals, But That’s Not Stopping Donald

Liberals are determined to put the rights of criminal aliens ahead of citizens. From coast to coast, liberal leaders spit in the face of law-abiding Americans.

We told you about CA Gov. Jerry Brown. He is trying to prevent criminal aliens from being deported. This Democrat believes he should protect illegals. These are people who broke the law to enter the United States. They went on to break more laws, endangering the lives of Americans.

Jerry Brown pardoned these people, hoping to prevent their deportations.

Now another liberal governor is following California’s lead. It won’t be a surprise who.

From Breitbart:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo pardoned 18 illegal aliens slated for deportation Wednesday while he issued his pardons for the holiday season…

The Governor’s Office said the pardons for those in danger of being deported should act as a bridge to legal status, although they stressed there is no guarantee the pardoned would gain legal status.

The New York governor has had a history of pardoning and commuting the sentences of controversial figures. He commuted the sentence of radical terrorist Judith Clark in 2016.

Cuomo also pardoned 39 people convicted of misdemeanors when they were under 18 years old who have not re-offended in the past ten years or more and commuted the sentences of two people.

Cuomo, like Brown, is a pathetic and bitter liberal. He is determined to run the state of New York into the ground. His toxic and broken policies will only harm legal citizens. Meanwhile, he bends over backward to help criminals.

This is nothing new for Democrats. Their policies help abusers, crooks, and losers. Hard-working Americans are neglected, ignored, or vilified.

But Cuomo is dreaming if he thinks pardoning will stop Trump’s agenda. The federal government still has jurisdiction over criminal aliens. Pardoning won’t stop them from getting deported. It is just a bitter move by Cuomo. He hopes to simply slander Trump in the process.

Instead, he has just increased the chance that Trump’s Justice Department will pull funding from New York in the same way it has pulled funding from other sanctuary cities.

But America is not fooled. Criminal aliens weaken our national security. Our government has no business protecting them over American lives. When will the Democrats learn that?

Probably never.

Source: Breitbart,