Breaking: NRA Releases Bombshell Video After Brutal Attack At Oscars

The NRA is under attack from all angles.  After last night’s attack at the Oscars the NRAS is pushing back
Conservative Tribune Has The Story: There was plenty of politicizing to go around at Sunday’s Oscars, which wasn’t too much of a surprise. Given the political inclinations of the audience, it wasn’t a shock that the National Rifle Association was a target, either.

However, what a lot of people may not have suspected was that the NRA wasn’t going to take it lying down. On the contrary, they decided to fight back with a video about what the organization and its members stand for.

The politicizing in question came from rap star Common, who was nominated for Best Song along with Andra Day. He took the stage with 10 liberal activists, according to Variety, including a Syrian refugee and Planned Parenthood head Cecile Richards.

“For the performance, each activist was contacted personally by Common and Day, who came up with the idea to use spotlights on stage as a visual element and to literally highlight those on the ground doing the daily work of changing the world,” Variety reported.

During the performance, Common, whose real name is Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr., decided to do a bit of political freestyling.

“On Oscar night, this is the dream we tell. A land where Dreamers live and freedom dwells. Immigrants get the benefits, we put up monuments to the feminists,” Common said, according to The Hill.

“Tell the NRA they ain’t God’s way. And to the people of Parkland, we say Ase,” he continued

Ase, for those of you wondering, is a philosophy of the Yoruba people of Nigeria which involves conceiving of the power to make social changes. Deep, man.

It’s curious that Common decided to take a dig at the NRA while he was on stage with a woman who heads an organization that’s pretty much based around death. The people running the NRA’s Twitter account decided not to question this association with Planned Parenthood, however, and instead focused on what their organization stands for.

The video features Dom Raso, a former Navy SEAL, talking about why he stands for the American flag.

“From high school gyms to towering stadiums, every time I see our flag wave, I feel a humbling reminder of the brave who keep and have kept us free,” Raso says during the one-minute video. “I stand to honor the sacrifices of the generations before me, heroes who charged into battle through bombs and bullets, who lost their brothers and still pushed through, fighting for every inch of our freedom.”

“I stand for my brothers who can’t stand anymore, men who hunted terrorists to the end of the earth, who sacrificed their bodies and their lives so we could peacefully live ours.”

So, what did Common do? READ MORE


BREAKING: Trump Just Issued Kimmel WORST News Of His Life, 24Hrs After TRASHING Him At Oscars

Another celebrity ego-stroking awards show took place Sunday night and like all other celebrity gatherings to honor each other, they centered the show around bashing President Donald Trump. This is expected in liberal Hollywood since stage presence always seems to present the opportunity to cause political chaos in front of the entire country.

The hateful host of the evening, Jimmy Kimmel, has transformed his comedic career into trashing President Trump, and the Academy Awards Sunday night was no exception, although extremely pathetic. Kimmel relies on making fun of the president he claims to hate most for his material, which isn’t entertaining and looks desperate. However, what is actually funny, is what Trump did to the so-called funnyman 24 hours after the Oscars, and got the last laugh.

The latest trend among celebrities isn’t one that’s good for them. No matter how many times proof that trashing President Trump doesn’t end well, they just can’t seem to help themselves and suffer the consequences each time. Kimmel is the latest to be bitten by the “Trump curse” and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person, especially after his huge admission he made on stage that many people missed.

Breitbart reports:

The ratings for Sunday night’s telecast of the 90th annual Academy Awards collapsed by a whopping 16 percent, which would mean an all-time low, according to early estimates.

Variety reports that the “8 p.m.-11 p.m. portion of ABC’s telecast averaged an 18.9 household rating and 32 share in Nielsen’s metered market overnight ratings … That’s down about 16% from the 22.5/37 rating generated by the 2017 Oscars.”

According to Deadline, the “18.9 appears to be an all-time low for the Oscars, below the previous low ratings point for the Oscars, logged with the 2008 telecast (21.9).”

Trump took note of the record low ratings and publicly responded to Kimmel specifically and others who contributed to the demise. He was definitely in the right to do so too since the who evening was centered around making him look bad. Turnabout is fairplay and it’s safe to say Kimmel got the karma he deserved.

“Lowest rated Oscars in HISTORY,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Problem is, we don’t have Stars anymore – except your President (just kidding, of course)!”

Breitbart continues:

The writing was on the wall for this ratings catastrophe all year. Almost every other award show suffered massive audience erosion and there was no movie nominated for Best Picture for anyone to root for. Seven of the nine nominees averaged just $47 million at the box office, which means only about 5 million people saw them.

Bringing Jimmy Kimmel back for another round as host was also a big mistake. Kimmel is one of the most divisive and polarizing figures in the country, a Trump-hating Democrat who regularly lectures the rest of us about embracing socialized medicine and giving up our guns.

With Kimmel as host, the Academy basically told 50 percent of the country to go watch something else.

The entire season of the NFL was at record low ratings, the SuperBowl, as well as the winter Olympics viewership this year all of which caused by stars abusing their public platforms to bash Trump and deepen the divide in our country. It’s a consistent consequence handed down to these elitists by fed-up Americans who aren’t putting up with it anymore. Celebrities get paid to act, play, sing, or entertain in some way, not push an agenda for one side and discredit our president. They shouldn’t benefit from it when they do.

Not only did Kimmel kill his act with all the anti-Trump talk, he also slipped and made an admission that could very well destroy what’s left of his career, without realizing what he was really saying. His act was bland and boring which many expected, but what made it worse was a joke he made about Vice President Mike Pence.

Ben Shapiro for the Daily Wire reports:

Noting that many of the nominated films were seen by virtually no one, Kimmel stated, “That’s not the point. We don’t make films like Call Me By Your Name for money. We make them to upset Mike Pence.” Call Me By Your Name is a gay seduction story between a 24-year-old and a 17-year-old.

When I wrote Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story Of How The Left Took Over Your TV back in 2011, I interviewed dozens of Hollywood insiders — show creators, writers, producers, and executives. Many of them admitted outright that they purposefully stacked their shows with leftist messages; a few even said that they openly discriminated against conservatives in their business. But nearly all of them excused such discrimination by claiming that they were responding to the market — they explained that their leftist content is what Americans wanted to watch, and that their ratings were evidence that they weren’t just propagandists.

Obviously, their excuse is not true since real ratings prove just the opposite. It’s not likely that with the facts and the figures that they will change course from their message. We’ve already seen that they won’t and simply don’t care if people stop watching, they think it’s fun to laugh among themselves that they “pissed off Mike Pence” with their movie or comments. The purpose of what they’re saying and what they’re trying to do with their divisive message is clearly more important to them than anything.

While Celebs Slammed ‘Perv President’ At Oscars, Their SICK Secret Was Hiding Backstage!

  1. The ego-stroking Academy Awards took place last night to award celebrities with trophies for something they already got paid millions to do, but evidently, the paycheck wasn’t enough recognition of a job well done. While the premise the ceremony was nauseating enough, what the awards show metastasized into was far worse. Actors have become political activists and faux feminists for causes and issues they don’t understand and are far removed from. Yet, they put their best act on yet, expecting you to feel their fake sympathy and outrage over these issues they don’t care about and simply cannot comprehend.

While preaching hate for the president who, among many false labels, has been accused of being a groping pervert, Oscar host, Jimmy Kimmel, and his kin took their screen and stage time to bring pseudo awareness to sexual assault. While railing on Trump and demanding action for victims of huge Hollywood predators, these puppets without real purpose were hiding a heinous secret that was happening behind the scenes. Nobody would have known about their sickening skeleton until they paraded it out on stage and literally give it an award.

Recently, there have been many allegations of rape and sexual misconduct that has occurred in Hollywood and it has taken down many powerful and leading men in the industry. Most of the time, these accusations come as no surprise, considering who the accused is. Other times, the detailed allegations that surface is for the last person you want to learn did such a violating thing. Unfortunately, there are a lot of sick people who are trying to capitalize on this movement. The motive is attention and likely even money, going after the most notable and popular people who also have the some of the deepest pockets.

Last night, Kimmel spent the entire show slamming President Trump as a pervert, among other insults, while preaching about the #MeToo movement as well. In many of the speeches, viewers were inundated with commentary regarding the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements that have rocked Hollywood. While expected, we couldn’t help but notice Kimmel’s and all of Hollywood’s horrific hypocrisy because of the sideshow last night that was the major elephant in the room.

Did they really just give an Oscar to someone that has been arrested, charged and even tried for rape? Only in Tinseltown where the double standard runs deep and rage is only placed on a person with different political beliefs than the majority.

According to TMZKobe Bryant celebrated an amazing victory Sunday night … winning an Oscar and, incredibly, the celebrities in the audience had a case of selective amnesia.

Kobe took home the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film for “Dear Basketball.” The audience cheered Kobe … some even rose to their feet for a standing O.

Interesting … considering the majority of the audience were wearing Time’s Up pins. You may recall — although a lot of the people who came out after the ceremony didn’t — Kobe was arrested in 2003, charged and tried for rape. The case fell apart when the alleged victim stopped cooperating with prosecutors. Kobe subsequently settled for a reported $5 million, though he denies paying her a cent.

Kobe was Teflon at the awards ceremony. Not so for Ryan Seacrest, who was shunned by some celebs even though he hasn’t been sued, arrested, charged — and was cleared by an E! investigation.

And James Franco was essentially exiled from the Oscars — again not arrested, charged, nothing.

So, why did Kobe get a pass? We spoke with a bunch of stars including Shawn Mendes, Bebe Rexha, Colin Hanks and others who claimed they had no knowledge of his past. Some just made jokes.

Hollywood — consistency not its strong suit

Now pair this with Hollywood’s fake outrage over sexual abuse in Tinseltown, actual rape victims have now been victimized once again. Where’s their award for their bravery, and accomplishment in overcoming something like this? Maybe Kobe’s Oscar should be taken from him and given to the girl he forced himself on.

12Hrs After Anti-Trump Oscars, Everyone Sees Sick Message Celebs Hid In Plain Sight Entire Night

The 90th annual Academy Awards show had the Hollywood elite gathered together not only to accept awards but to lecture the American people and bash President Trump, which began almost immediately. The so-called celebrity host Jimmy Kimmel started off his disrespectful commentary by slamming Trump, and from there it only got worse. Soon enough the entire award show turned into a Republican slam fest that included a sick message from these hateful liberals that was hidden in plain sight for everyone to see.

We all have come to expect that any award shows that liberals attend will eventually if not immediately become a platform for these Hollywood actors to spew their hate. Over the last several years, we have seen this trend continue, but it wasn’t until President Trump was elected that these Hollywood actors began to throw some nasty punches. For instance, earlier this year, Hollywood liberals lectured the American people that Dreamers were Americans too and that all males in America were guilty of sexual assault thanks to the absurd #MeToo campaign that swept social media. Now, these Hollywood hypocrites have seized onto the gun violence platform staging a protest during the Academy Awards show that no one noticed until today.

If any of you so happened to watch the award show last night, you may have noticed a handful of celebrities wearing orange American flag pins on their designer duds. These pins are from the far-left gun control group “Everytown for Gun Safety” that is doing their best to brainwash the younger generation into forfeiting our second amendment rights, and what better way to do that then by employing the help of the rich and famous.

Here is more from ABC 7:

“Less than a month after a school shooting that killed 17 people, several celebrities are reportedly planning to use the Oscars as a platform to raise awareness for gun control.

People magazine reports that a group of A-listers will don orange pins from Everytown for Gun Safety, a nonprofit organization that advocates for gun control and works to reduce gun violence.

Orange is the unofficial color that has come to be associated with various gun-control causes. Everytown sells orange American flag pins on its website, but it’s not immediately clear if those are the exact pins that will be worn during the demonstration.

Everytown has not yet responded to a request for comment about the People report.

The reported demonstration comes at a time when gun control is at the forefront of American political discourse. After the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, survivors spearheaded a movement demanding that several national brands disassociate themselves from the National Rifle Association. Delta Air Lines, First National Bank of Omaha, Hertz and Wyndham Hotels are among more than a dozen companies to end business relationships with the NRA, while Dicks, Walmart, L.L. Bean and other companies have announced changes to their policies governing gun sales.

Those same survivors are also organizing a series of student-led nationwide marches in support of gun reform later this month. They have raised nearly $3 million in support of their cause, with large donations coming from George and Amal Clooney and Oprah Winfrey.

Awareness-raising pins have been highly visible at awards shows this season, with many celebrities wearing black pins in support of the Time’s Up movement to various shows and dressing in black to call attention to sexual misconduct in the workplace. There is no such Time’s Up demonstration planned for the Oscars, sources tell ABC.”

I support the freedom to choose, and if a celebrity decides not to own a weapon well, that is their choice. However, where that understanding ends is when these Hollywood gun grabbers begin to tell the rest of us what we can do, and that is not their right to do. You see, armed security surrounds these Hollywood heavyweights, but yet have the audacity to push for us to be disarmed, all while they are protected.

What happened in Parkland, Florida, was tragic but placing more restrictions on legal gun owners is not going to stop future attacks from occurring. However what will is advocating for more people to arm themselves and take personal responsibility which is precisely what the left hates.

Source:The Daily Wire,

Oscars About To Be SHUT DOWN After What Sick Host Plans To Do To Trump Accidentally Leaks

It’s unbelievable how a whole industry can insist on doubling down on stupid. They really seem to not even care that people have stopped watching their movies and TV shows.

And it looks like tonight’s Oscar’s show will once again be a bust and will be no different than the same garbage we have been seeing from Hollywood for the past 30 years. As they planning to promote the so-called #metoo movement. But of course, they can’t stop there. Since these narcissist actors also suffer from “Trump Derangement Syndrome” they, of course, have to bring President Trump into the mix in order to deflect from their own cesspool that is Hollywood.

Sources close to Stormy Daniels have now confirmed that someone from the Academy of Motion Pictures production team has in fact reached out to Stormy late last week asking for permission to use the now infamous 2006 picture of Trump and Stormy partying in a golf clubhouse.

Although it’s unclear if the image would be integrated as part of Jimmy Kimmel’s opening monologue or drawn out as part of an ongoing attack against our president.

It’s not yet known if Daniels has approved of the use of the picture, or the narrative as of this morning.

Now let me get this straight. Hollywood, who is plagued with pedophiles and child rapists is trying to take President Trump to task because of an alleged affair he had back in 2006? Over 12 years ago? But at the same time, they are silent on former President Bill Clinton and his proven indiscretions in the oval office and the accusations he has had of rape? Then Hollywood asks why us normal folk don’t want to shed out any money to watch their garbage anymore.

Hey Hollywood, here’s a thought. How about you contact Stormy Daniels, but you also add Juanita Broaddrick to your call list? Because although Trump’s alleged affair from 12 years ago was consensual, what Bill Clinton is being accused of doing to Juanita Brodderick wasn’t.


“Washington, D.C. – While The Washington Post was busy putting the finishing touches on the release of a video in which Donald Trump boasted about hitting on women, Juanita Broaddrick was in town at the historic Watergate Hotel, where she repeatedly broke down in tears during a powerful video interview exclusive to Breitbart News, recounting what she described as the life-changing experience of being raped by Bill Clinton.

Trembling, Broaddrick explained that she is still afraid of Bill Clinton and asserted that she is frightened by the prospect of Hillary Clinton winning the election. She described the alleged rape in vivid detail, providing the most extensive window yet into the singular event that she says left her traumatized until today.
In one dramatic scene, a sobbing Broaddrick was embraced and consoled by another alleged Clinton sexual assault victim, Kathleen Willey, who was present for the filming.

Willey tells the crying Broaddrick: “It’s not your fault. Okay. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault. You didn’t do anything wrong. You didn’t do anything wrong. Okay. Okay?”

While the news media shifted focus to Trump’s lewd sexual banter caught on a hot mic in 2005, Broaddrick and Willey were in our nation’s capital to discuss how their lives were devastated by their respective experiences with the Clintons. They also emphatically warned about what a Hillary Clinton presidency could mean for women in general–the Clintons’ perceived enemies in particular.

Broaddrick spoke to this reporter in an exclusive video interview for Breitbart News filmed in the presidential suite of the Watergate Hotel. The recording is Broaddrick’s most revealing interview to date about the specifics of the alleged rapes.

Here is a partial transcript of the exchange:

BROADDRICK: And then as he points over my shoulder, he grabs me and turns me to him. And that was a shock. And I tried to push him away. And I only weighed about 120 pounds at that time. He was a very large man. And I kept telling him, “No. I don’t want this at all.”

And he grabbed me again, very forcefully. And started biting on my top lip. And this was extremely painful. I thought he was going to bite my lip off. And that’s when he pushed me back onto the bed.

KLEIN: He bit you at the top of your lip. He pushed you onto the bed. And then what happened?

BROADDRICK: It’s been so long and it is just so hard to go into. I need to stop.


BROADDRICK: You, know, why? Why is it still so painful?


KLEIN: What is going through your mind right now?

BROADDRICK: That I am afraid of him.

KLEIN: You are still afraid of him?

BROADDRICK: Yes. That I am still afraid. Especially if she becomes president. And I know it’s looking that way. So it’s frightening, Aaron. It’s frightening.

I was completely dressed. I had a skirt and a blouse. He tore the waist of my skirt. And then he ripped my pantyhose. And he raped me. It was very vicious. I was just pinned down… I did not know what to do. I was so frightened. I was only 35 at the time. And it was horrible. I just wanted it to be over with. So he would go away.

KLEIN: He got up?

BROADDRICK: No, he held me down for a long time. And then he did it again. I was so ready for him to leave me alone. When he started raping me again. And it was very brief… And he did get up and he straightened himself. And my mouth was bleeding and it was hurting. And he just straightens himself and goes to the door.

KLEIN: With you still on the bed?

BROADDRICK: Yes, crying. He straightens himself and he goes to the door. And puts on his sunglasses. And tells me to get some ice on that on my list. And goes out the door.

He would push down on my left clavicle and it hurt so much I thought my clavicle was gonna break. And my lip was just ballooning out four times the size that it should have been.

KLEIN: While he was raping you?



BREAKING: Huge Billboards Popped Up All Around Anti-Trump Oscars – Stars Are IRATE!

Just days before the Academy Awards ceremony is set to be held, a self-proclaimed conservative provocateur known by the name of Sabo took aim at the leftists in Hollywood.  This is the first Academy Awards ceremony to be held since allegations of rampant sexual harassment, assault, rape, and even pedophilia emerged giving rise to the #MeToo movement.

Sabo is making his bold statement just a few miles away from the Dolby Theater while giving a nod to the seven times Oscar-nominated Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri– a movie that tells the story of a mother seeking accountability for her daughter’s rape and murder after local law enforcement fail to solve the crime.

In the movie the mother purchases three different billboards that convey a very pointed message reading – 




Using a similar format of black text on a field of red, the street artist hijacked three separate billboards in Hollywood to deliver his stinging message to Hollywood predators. Sabo’s version reads –




According to the Hollywood Reporter –

“Until the artist, who goes by the name Sabo, took over the signage early Wednesday, the billboards were legitimate advertisements. Sabo manufactured fake overlays measuring as large as 48 feet across by 14 feet high and hired a crew of six men to help with installation, he told The Hollywood Reporter.

The first of the three massive signs appeared near the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and La Brea Avenue in Hollywood and another was a few hundred yards north. Still another appeared a few hundred yards from that one, mimicking the arrangement in the film, where three signs appeared in a row alongside a highway.

Sabo has posted faux ads attacking Hollywood on other occasions, but he said he considers the hijacking of three giant billboards on a single day his largest mission yet. The last time he took over a billboard was in November when he altered a sign for The Greatest Showman to make it appear like Sen. Al Franken was grabbing at Zendaya, who starred as a trapeze artist in the movie.

Franken, a former Saturday Night Live actor, has since resigned from the Senate amid allegations that he sexually harassed women, and nearly 100 other men in the entertainment industry also have been publicly accused of sexual misconduct since claims were made against Harvey Weinstein nearly five months ago.

Sabo says his signage is meant to criticize those who allegedly enabled sexual harassment with their silence, and to tell celebrities they should refrain from preaching during their Oscar acceptance speeches — for this one year, at least.

Three Billboards, the movie, is considered a frontrunner for best picture at Sunday’s Oscars, which will be held at the Dolby Theatre a few miles from where Sabo took over the three signs Wednesday.

Actors like Corey Feldman have long warned of the predatory, and even pedophilic nature of Hollywood.  He has been scoffed at and dismissed for years most notably by longtime news personality Barbara Walters who dismissed Felman’s claims, admonishing him instead, stating “You’re damaging an entire industry.”

To his credit, Feldman has not been silent, unlike much of the rest of Hollywood.  Instead, Feldman went public and revealed several of his accused abusers last year, citing John Grissom, former talent manager Marty Weiss, and Alphy Hoffman, who was the son of a high-power producer. Hoffman ran the trendy Soda Pop Club in the 1980s and Feldman claims rampant harassment and assaults took place at the club during that time.

Feldman states there were a total of six abusers in all, noting one is still an A-list actor who wields a considerable amount of influence.  Feldman has also indicated a fear that this actor might have him killed should Feldman choose to name him. He also states his best friend and fellow child star, Corey Haim received even worse abuse than he did. Haim eventually committed suicide as a result of addiction issues he used to deal with the abuse.

Feldman appeared on Nightline in 2011 and said of Hollywood – “The No. 1 problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be pedophilia…that’s the biggest problem for children in this industry… It’s the big secret.””

Last year at the height of the controversy surrounding the rampant sexual abuse in Hollywood, a documentary was made called An Open Secret that detailed significant child abuse in the industry.  The creators of the movie failed to obtain distributors or wide release and simply posted the film online for free feeling its message was too important. However, as many already know and has Feldman has repeatedly stated the abuse was widely known and swept under the rug.

It seems the industry’s unwillingness to acknowledge or even address the problem has done a significant amount more damage than Feldman’s refusal to be silent ever could. The refusal to expose the disgusting animals that prey on those weaker than themselves is in and of itself a form of evil.  God will not hold them blameless for their silence as silence in the face of evil is complicity. Not to act is to speak, choosing not to act is in itself an action.

Many feel the #metoo movement is simply many speaking up NOW because it is now “safe” to do so whereby their very silence allowed this repulsive disgusting and outright repugnant behavior to continue. Allowing others to continue to be victimized and those that chose to speak out to be villainized and ostracized for daring to speak up.  They had the power to speak up and to stop this long ago.  They chose their careers and fame instead. Yet now they proclaim to one and all how they must live and how they believe in using their platforms to speak on any number of issues they deem in important, such as abortion, free birth control, gun control, feminism, animal rights, environmental issues, and many others. Yet when it was TRULY and FUNDAMENTALLY VITAL to someone’s innocence, health, wellbeing, and literal survival, they chose to remain silent.

That silence has spoken louder than any #metoo movement ever could.  It seems Sabo heard their silence loud and clear and is refusing to allow their crimes to go unanswered and unaccounted for.

Hollywood Elites Demand Gun Control at Oscars. Then Condi Rice Shuts Them Down, Hard

Image result for Hollywood Elites Demand Gun Control at Oscars. Then Condi Rice Shuts Them Down, Hard

Predictably, Hollywood elites once again exploited the Oscars to push their agenda.

This time it was gun control, and the idea that President Trump and Republicans are somehow responsible for the recent shooting deaths in this country.

A-listers and their dates showed up to the Oscars sporting orange pins provided by Everytown, a liberal organization opposed to the Second Amendment. (via The Daily Wire)

Variety Magazine noted the irony of the situation, considering how much armed security was on hand to protect these special snowflakes.

Also unimpressed by efforts to grab Americans’ guns was none other than former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who despite being a Republican remains an icon for the very type of liberal women who typically get behind Everytown.

Rice informed the crones that host “The View” that had personal firearms not been protected by our Constitution, she’d possibly have died as a little girl.

“Let me tell you why I’m a defender of the Second Amendment. I was a little girl growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, in the late fifties, early sixties. There was no way that Bull Connor and the Birmingham Police were going to protect you. And so when White Knight Riders would come through our neighborhood, my father and his friends would take their guns and they’d go to the head of the neighborhood, it’s a little cul-de-sac and they would fire in the air, if anybody came through. I don’t think they actually ever hit anybody. But they protected the neighborhood. And I’m sure if Bull Connor had known where those guns were he would have rounded them up. And so, I don’t favor some things like gun registration.”

The right to bear arms exists because there are always going to be bad guys with guns, just like there have always been armed authorities that either fail to protect or abuse their power.

Both situations require allowing private citizens to themselves be fully armed.

Anti-Gun Celebs Demand Armed Security At Oscars – Get Nasty Surprise From Officers

Tons of Hollywood A-listers showed up to the Oscars on Sunday night to protest against guns by wearing an orange colored American flag pin on their multi-thousand dollar designer dresses and tuxes. However, what they didn’t call attention to was the fact that over 500 armed police officers along with hundreds of armed private bodyguards were on the scene to protect the Hollywood stars.

Freedom Daily reported that this is one of the most blatant showings of hypocrisy by members of the Hollywood elite yet. These stars have made millions of dollars in an industry to that glamorizes and promotes violence, yet they want to strip other Americans of their Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Variety reported that 500 armed officers were on the scene, many of them working overtime, just to protect the celebrities. The city of Los Angeles bills the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for security, street closures, and other expenses related to the Oscars, and this year the cost was $340,000, up from $300,000 for the last several years.

Twitter users have eviscerated Hollywood stars for their hypocrisy over the issue of guns:

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Source: hostpolitics,

Street Artist Skewers #MeToo with Hollywood Billboards: ‘Oscar for Biggest Pedophile Goes to …’

Street artist known as Sabo is trolling celebrities ahead of Sunday’s Academy Awards, erecting three billboards that send searing messages to a town whose most powerful men have been accused of decades of sexual abuse.

Photos of the three billboards, which are a play on the Oscar-nominated drama Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, emerged online on Wednesday, just days before hundreds of stars show up to celebrate themselves on Hollywood’s biggest night.

“And the Oscar for biggest pedophile goes to…” reads one of the near-fifty-foot signs.

Street artist Sabo erects billboards over Hollywood ahead of the Academy Awards.

“We all knew and still no arrests,” another billboard reads.

“Name names on stage or shut the hell up!” another says, sending a message to the many celebrities expected to urge support for the #MeToo and Time’s Up anti-sexual harassment movements on the red carpet and from the stage.

Street artist Sabo erects billboards over Hollywood ahead of the Academy Awards.

Street artist Sabo erects billboards over Hollywood ahead of the Academy Awards.

Sabo says, according to the Hollywood Reporter, that his billboards are “meant to criticize those who allegedly enabled sexual harassment with their silence, and to tell celebrities they should refrain from preaching during their Oscar acceptance speeches — for this one year, at least.”

The street artist is no stranger to controversy. Sabo saturated the streets of Los Angeles in January with art showing Golden Globes host and late-night star Seth Myers with the caption “We All New” and a fake “Stop” sign urging stars to stop “Pedophiles,” “Perverts,” and “Rapists.”



Hollywood celebrities arriving for Sunday night’s Golden Globes in Los Angeles with artwork implying that many of them knew about widespread allegations of sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry, and did nothing to act.

Photos posted on social media show the art, which consists of several pieces including a mock poster featuring this year’s Globes host, late-night host Seth Meyers, as well as a fake “Stop” sign that urges a stop to “Pedophiles,” “Perverts,” and “Rapists.”

Sabo has lampooned celebrities, CEOs, and politicians from Harvey Weinstein to Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to disgraced Sen. Al Franken.

ABC late-night funnyman Jimmy Kimmel — who has recently been mocked by Sabo — is set to return to host the 90th Academy Awards and says he doesn’t want to “ruin” Sunday’s show by cracking jokes about Hollywood’s widespread sexual misconduct scandal.