Just In: Trump Goes Nuclear on Rebellious California

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California is more or less in open rebellion against the federal government.

And reports out of the “Golden State” indicate that Trump is about to hit back, hard.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf told local media that Trump had ordered the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to conduct a massive sweep of the San Francisco Bay area.

Schaaf, as mayor of one of California’s rebellious “sanctuary” cities, insisted she was releasing this information to “protect” people.

Not citizens, not legal resident of California, but the millions of people who entered this country illegally.

Criminals. She’s snitching on the government to protect criminals.

Like most other cities in the state, Oakland has forbidden local police officers from cooperating with ICE.

That, according to Jessica Vaughn of the Center for Immigration Studies, should be enough for Trump to not only prosecute city officials like Schaaf, but to also drastically cut federal funding of law enforcement in California.

“Why should a jurisdiction get taxpayer money for law enforcement when they’re stiffing one of the biggest law enforcement agencies of the federal government?” she asked in remarks to Breitbart. “They shouldn’t. There needs to be some consequence for having a sanctuary policy.”


Nuclear Missile Test Has Deadly Consequences For North Korean City

North Korea is becoming a daily problem. The rogue nation won’t rest until it drags the world into conflict. It’s dictator, the fat Kim Jong-un, promised to destroy America and our allies. Their aggressive missile testing is hurting more than its enemies.

The people of North Korea suffer. That’s one of the biggest tragedies of the corrupt regime. Kim Jong-un pushes for better weapons. Meanwhile, his people starve. Even soldiers are malnourished and sick. What can be said of the civilians?

Now we are learning that Un’s insane weapons program is hurting his own people. A missile test earlier in 2017 costed significant damage to a North Korea city.

From Fox News:

An intermediate-range missile launched by North Korea last April crashed into a town near Pyongyang, possibly causing an explosion and casualties, The Diplomat reported on Wednesday.

The IRBM was launched April 28, 2017 near Pukchang Airfield in South Pyongan Province and was the third in a series of failed launches that month, the report said.

The missile crashed into the city of Tokchun after one minute of powered flight, the report said. The explosion caused “considerable damage to a complex of industrial or agricultural buildings,” the report said, citing a U.S. government source with knowledge of the program.

The secretive regime makes it nearly impossible to determine the extent of damages. The online magazine theorized that if the missile hit a populated city, the result could have been catastrophic…

North Korea has repeatedly launched missile tests in defiance of U.N. sanctions throughout 2017. When the missiles are launched, they are not accompanied with any formal warning or notice, leaving neighboring countries and the United States left to interpret Pyongyang’s intentions. 

Kim Jong-un is an incompetent, corrupt dictator. He clearly does not care about the welfare of his people. He gets (or stays) fat, while they starve. Whatever resources the country owns get wasted on missile programs. Now we know that vital structures are being damaged.

What will it take to bring North Korea in check? Its citizens are in need. Sanctions meant to punish the government hurt the people as well. Meanwhile, a black market from China ensures that only the wealthy get what they need.

Things will have to change soon. Either Kim Jong-un will attack or the people will revolt. Un will force America and the international community to act. Or his people will revolt, much the way Iran’s people are. The terrible conditions cannot last forever.

Let’s hope things will change soon, for the better.

Source: Fox News, patriotjournal.org

NO WAY: Nikki Haley Says US Will NEVER ACCEPT Nuclear North Korea

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley doubled-down on the Trump administration’s position that Kim Jong Un must totally abandon his nuclear program, warning the world body that the US is absolutely unwilling to co-exist with a nuclear-equipped North Korea.

According to CNN, Haley was addressing world leaders when she confirmed President Trump’s decision that the communist regime must totally abandon its nuclear and missile programs or face the full-might of America’s military.

“As we hear reports that North Korea might be preparing for another missile test — I hope that does not happen, but if it does — we must bring even more measures to bear on the North Korea regime,” said Haley. “The civilized world must remain united and vigilant against the rogue state’s nuclear arsenal. We will never accept a nuclear North Korea.”

The Ambassador was then asked to weigh-on on Kim’s olive branch to South Korea earlier this week, hoping for high-level talks between the communist nation and staunch US ally.

“We won’t take any of the talks seriously if they don’t do something to ban all nuclear weapons in North Korea. We consider this to be a very reckless regime, we don’t think we need a Band-Aid and we don’t think we need to smile and take a picture,” she added. “We think that we need to have them stop nuclear weapons and they need to stop it now.