Trump Just Gave 500 People The GREATEST News Of Their Lives

President Donald Trump made a big announcement when he talked about the tariffs being placed on foreign steel and aluminum. He’s faced controversial opinions regarding the taxes being placed, and numerous companies have acted differently in regards to the announcement. One company reacted by giving people the best news of their lives as they announced the callback of 500 employees who will now have a job again. That company is called United States Steel, and they’ve embraced Trump’s tariffs on imported materials and they possibly see this as nothing more than a benefit for another great American industry that provides jobs to hard-working Americans. The company fired up one of their two blast furnaces, used to help make steel, and people became aware that they would once again have work and money to feed their family. This is excellent news for the hardworking people of Granite City, IL.

It’s reported that US Steel believes the imported materials are a threat to the American economy. It’s suggested that continually importing materials is one way that reduces some of the jobs here in America. If we can produce the materials, then we should – but sometimes companies seek business in other countries where it might be cheaper or there could be tax breaks involved. Trump seems like his intentions are to bring as much business back to America in hopes to provide more citizens with jobs.

US Steel stated that their startup process could take several months and they’ll be calling back about 500 employees. The callbacks are reported to begin this month.

Fox2Now reported more on the great announcement and jobs being reinstated:
“Our Granite City Works facility and employees, as well as the surrounding community, have suffered too long from the unending waves of unfairly traded steel products that have flooded U.S. markets,” writes U. S. Steel President and Chief Executive Officer David B. Burritt in a statement.

US Steel says that steel imports are a threat to national and economic security. Company leaders praise President Trump for beginning to level the playing field so companies can compete.

The restart process could take up to four months. The company anticipates calling back approximately 500 employees beginning this month.

Both Granite City Works blast furnaces and its steelmaking facilities were idled in December 2015. The plant’s hot strip mill was idled in January 2016 in response to challenging market conditions.

Big business has sent distress signals since President Trump decided to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum. Trump plans to impose a 25% tariff on foreign steel and a 10% tariff on foreign aluminum. It’s unclear whether certain countries will be exempt.

China has long been accused of flooding the global market with cheap steel at prices that are unfairly low by US standards. Previous US administrations have imposed a litany of trade barriers on Chinese steel, which only accounts for about 2% of US steel imports. But China continues to sell en masse elsewhere, which suppresses global prices.”

President Trump’s announcement on tariffs will also help eliminate the flooding of cheap materials from China. Trump would like to produce our own materials and eliminate the need to put American businesses in other countries. If America is to receive imported materials, then there will be a tariff and the items will come at a cost. Of course, some things just need to be imported if America is unable to produce them, but many do not.

This could also help improve the quality of the products as America slowly resorts back to building their own products instead of cheaply made foreign products which have received numerous complaints over the years. This becomes a controversial talking point as some American products are often made cheap as well, thanks to some companies being greedy or workers being lazy and not doing their part to produce the top quality that consumers often wish for – and are willing to pay for.

Fox2Now reported that this could target numerous countries that import steel:
“Trump’s measure would also target US allies such as Canada, Mexico, South Korea and Brazil, all of which import more steel to the United States than China.

A 2003 report from the U.S. International Trade Commission found that the tariffs caused headaches for some businesses. Nearly half of companies told the ITC they had trouble getting the quantity or quality of steel they needed. Employment in steel-consuming industries, such as car companies, fell or stayed flat. About a third of these companies reported production delays.

Corporations’ profits rose, but companies cut back on investing in their operations — for example, buying new equipment — as they faced less foreign competition. Nearly 20% of companies said they passed higher prices on to consumers.”

It appears as though the goal behind the tariffs is to bring the steel making business back to America and impose a tax on the imports. Some view the charge as a punishment. Others see the tariff announcement in a positive nature as it brings more jobs back to American people. US Steel must be enjoying this.

If you were wondering how steel is made, then watch this video:

BREAKING! Major News From North Korea! TRUMP Taking Direct Action NOW!

For the first time in decades, the world is cautiously optimistic that relations with unpredictable North Korea might be getting be on the road to recovery. North Korea’s petulant dictator has spent months threatening to attempt world domination via newly acquired nuclear devices. However, South Korea, Japan, and the United States have met that threat with a show of strength that would be difficult for any country to overcome.

Becuase no one is interested in an all-out war, the United States, along with other countries, have ended their trade arrangements with the tiny dictatorship in order to try and pressure them into a non-violent solution. That put a huge strain on an already under-producing country whose population wasn’t doing well before imports ended.

While countries around the world, including the United States, are very sympathetic to the citizens of the country, the best thing that any of us can do at the moment is attempt to keep the nation from engaging in a war that would no doubt end with the lives of millions of North Koreans losing their lives. To that end, President Trump, along with other world leaders have been trying to get the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, to agree to a diplomatic solution to their nuclear threats.

Finally, there has been some news out of Korea that gives hope the nation will consider standing down. According to Fox News, Kim Jong-un has been speaking to his South Korean counterpart, agreeing to at least the idea of peace with the rest of the world:

“President Trump said on Tuesday the U.S. is ‘ready to go hard in either direction’ after North Korea promised to not use nuclear or conventional weapons against Seoul and expressed a willingness to hold talks with the United States on denuclearization.

President Trump tweeted hours after South Korea’s presidential national security director Chung Eui-yong released a statement detailing his rare two-day visit to North Korea. He praised the ‘possible progress’ but remained cautious.

‘Possible progress being made in talks with North Korea. For the first time in many years, a serious effort is being made by all parties concerned. The World is watching and waiting! May be false hope, but the U.S. is ready to go hard in either direction!’ Trump tweeted.

The Hermit Kingdom added that it’s willing to give up its nuclear weapons if military threats against North Korea subsides, Chung said hours after leaving Pyongyang.

‘The North side clearly affirmed its commitment to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and said it would have no reason to possess nuclear weapons should the safety of its regime be guaranteed and military threats against North Korea removed,’ Chung said in a statement, according to Yonhap News Agency.

Chung, who led a 10-member South Korean delegation to Pyongyang for the two-day visit, said the North is ready to have ‘heart-to-heart’ talks with the U.S. about the regime’s potential denuclearization and normalization between the countries.

‘It made it clear that while dialogue is continuing, it will not attempt any strategic provocations, such as nuclear and ballistic missile tests,’ the statement continued.

North and South Korea agreed to hold summit talks in April at the border. The leaders will establish a ‘hotline’ communication channel to lower military tensions, Chung added.

The comments mark a major change in tone after months of bombastic threats by the rogue regime to keep developing its nuclear and missile program. Last month’s Pyeongchang Olympics sparked the first talks between the two Koreas that followed a flurry of cooperative steps taken to ease tensions during the Winter Games.

North Korea sent a delegation of athletes, cheerleaders, art troupe members and officials to Pyeongchang for the Olympics. Kim’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, labeled by the South’s media as “Kim Jong Un’s Ivanka,” attended the opening ceremony and met with South Korean President Moon Jae-in over a three-day visit. At one point, she even wrote of her “wishes” for closer ties in a guest book at South Korea’s presidential office.

‘I expect Pyongyang and Seoul to get closer in the hearts of our [Korean] people and the future of unification and prosperity will be advanced,’ Kim wrote in Korean in the guest book, according to Yonhap News Agency.

But the ‘future of unification’ phrase means something far more sinister for the Kim family and his regime. North Korea has touted unification as a ‘final victory’ to the Korean War that ended in an armistice in 1953. In Pyongyang’s view, ‘unification’ means Kim’s brutal dictatorship would overcome the South’s government.

There have been two summits, one in 2000 and another in 2007, held between Kim’s late father, Kim Jong Il, and two liberal South Korean presidents. They resulted in a series of cooperative projects between the Koreas that were scuttled during subsequent conservative administrations in South Korea.””

It’s encouraging to see that the President and other world leaders are both accepting this olive branch, and also inspecting it for poisonous spiders. No one believes that Kim Jong-un woke up one day with a heart for public service. He either finally came to his senses and realized that if it came to war, he would be animated. Or, he thinks he’s got another shot at reuniting North and South Korea. As the President stated, they’re ready for either option.

H/T: Fox News,

BREAKING: Trump Just Issued Kimmel WORST News Of His Life, 24Hrs After TRASHING Him At Oscars

Another celebrity ego-stroking awards show took place Sunday night and like all other celebrity gatherings to honor each other, they centered the show around bashing President Donald Trump. This is expected in liberal Hollywood since stage presence always seems to present the opportunity to cause political chaos in front of the entire country.

The hateful host of the evening, Jimmy Kimmel, has transformed his comedic career into trashing President Trump, and the Academy Awards Sunday night was no exception, although extremely pathetic. Kimmel relies on making fun of the president he claims to hate most for his material, which isn’t entertaining and looks desperate. However, what is actually funny, is what Trump did to the so-called funnyman 24 hours after the Oscars, and got the last laugh.

The latest trend among celebrities isn’t one that’s good for them. No matter how many times proof that trashing President Trump doesn’t end well, they just can’t seem to help themselves and suffer the consequences each time. Kimmel is the latest to be bitten by the “Trump curse” and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person, especially after his huge admission he made on stage that many people missed.

Breitbart reports:

The ratings for Sunday night’s telecast of the 90th annual Academy Awards collapsed by a whopping 16 percent, which would mean an all-time low, according to early estimates.

Variety reports that the “8 p.m.-11 p.m. portion of ABC’s telecast averaged an 18.9 household rating and 32 share in Nielsen’s metered market overnight ratings … That’s down about 16% from the 22.5/37 rating generated by the 2017 Oscars.”

According to Deadline, the “18.9 appears to be an all-time low for the Oscars, below the previous low ratings point for the Oscars, logged with the 2008 telecast (21.9).”

Trump took note of the record low ratings and publicly responded to Kimmel specifically and others who contributed to the demise. He was definitely in the right to do so too since the who evening was centered around making him look bad. Turnabout is fairplay and it’s safe to say Kimmel got the karma he deserved.

“Lowest rated Oscars in HISTORY,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Problem is, we don’t have Stars anymore – except your President (just kidding, of course)!”

Breitbart continues:

The writing was on the wall for this ratings catastrophe all year. Almost every other award show suffered massive audience erosion and there was no movie nominated for Best Picture for anyone to root for. Seven of the nine nominees averaged just $47 million at the box office, which means only about 5 million people saw them.

Bringing Jimmy Kimmel back for another round as host was also a big mistake. Kimmel is one of the most divisive and polarizing figures in the country, a Trump-hating Democrat who regularly lectures the rest of us about embracing socialized medicine and giving up our guns.

With Kimmel as host, the Academy basically told 50 percent of the country to go watch something else.

The entire season of the NFL was at record low ratings, the SuperBowl, as well as the winter Olympics viewership this year all of which caused by stars abusing their public platforms to bash Trump and deepen the divide in our country. It’s a consistent consequence handed down to these elitists by fed-up Americans who aren’t putting up with it anymore. Celebrities get paid to act, play, sing, or entertain in some way, not push an agenda for one side and discredit our president. They shouldn’t benefit from it when they do.

Not only did Kimmel kill his act with all the anti-Trump talk, he also slipped and made an admission that could very well destroy what’s left of his career, without realizing what he was really saying. His act was bland and boring which many expected, but what made it worse was a joke he made about Vice President Mike Pence.

Ben Shapiro for the Daily Wire reports:

Noting that many of the nominated films were seen by virtually no one, Kimmel stated, “That’s not the point. We don’t make films like Call Me By Your Name for money. We make them to upset Mike Pence.” Call Me By Your Name is a gay seduction story between a 24-year-old and a 17-year-old.

When I wrote Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story Of How The Left Took Over Your TV back in 2011, I interviewed dozens of Hollywood insiders — show creators, writers, producers, and executives. Many of them admitted outright that they purposefully stacked their shows with leftist messages; a few even said that they openly discriminated against conservatives in their business. But nearly all of them excused such discrimination by claiming that they were responding to the market — they explained that their leftist content is what Americans wanted to watch, and that their ratings were evidence that they weren’t just propagandists.

Obviously, their excuse is not true since real ratings prove just the opposite. It’s not likely that with the facts and the figures that they will change course from their message. We’ve already seen that they won’t and simply don’t care if people stop watching, they think it’s fun to laugh among themselves that they “pissed off Mike Pence” with their movie or comments. The purpose of what they’re saying and what they’re trying to do with their divisive message is clearly more important to them than anything.

Hateful US Skier Blames Ivanka For Ruining His Olympics After Not Getting Medal, Then Gets More Bad News

The Olympic Games are coming to an end. As such, the Vice President has already returned to the United States while First Daughter Ivanka Trump went to conduct political business with South Korea’s leaders as well as lead the American Olympic delegation home. However, one Olympic athlete, in particular, was not too pleased with this.

The Huffington Post reported,

“U.S. Olympian Gus Kenworthy on Sunday issued a dig at Ivanka Trump colder than snow on which he skied during the Winter Games. “So proud of all these people,” he tweeted as Team USA prepared to participate in the closing ceremony for the 2018 Olympics Pyeongchang, South Korea. Kenworthy, who came in 12th place in the slopestyle final, noted that “everyone has worked so hard to make it to the Olympics.”

“Well … Everyone except Ivanka,” he quipped. “Honestly, tf is she doing here?”

The first daughter traveled to South Korea to head the U.S. delegation during the closing ceremony. She met and dined with South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Friday and greeted athletes from Team USA earlier on Sunday. Trump has faced backlash over her presence at the event, as did Vice President Mike Pence, who led the delegation who led the delegation during the games’ opening ceremony.”

Dan Calabrese had a particularly interesting opinion on Kenworthy’s comments,

“OK, fine, you don’t like her politically and you think she doesn’t support your agenda. I’m not actually sure that’s true where Ivanka is concerned, but whatever. She’s Trump’s daughter and you’re politically anti-Trump. OK. Got it. Why exactly does that necessitate this? For those not up to speed on current online lingo, “tf” means “the f***”. I suppose we can’t ignore this 800-pound gorilla: Kenworthy, like Adam Rippon, is gay and is being hailed as a gay rights ambassador by those enthralled with that movement.

Also like Rippon, he apparently feels the need to go off on anyone connected to the Trump Administration who shows up at the Olympics in support of the U.S. team, regardless of whether the administration member being attacked has said or done anything averse to him. What is Ivanka doing there? She’s doing what presidents always send representatives to do, which is providing the Olympic team with the imprimatur of the head of state’s support and leadership. Every country at the Olympics will have someone there from its government serving as a titular figurehead of the team. To not do that would be to disrespect the Olympic team in a way that would surely set Twitter alight all its own.

Two questions:
1. Can you imagine Mike Eruzione, or Dorothy Hamill, or Mark Spitz, or Michael Jordan, or, er . . . Caitlin Jenner . . .  taking an unprovoked shot at a president’s son or daughter, regardless of their politics, just because they showed up at the Olympics? And if they did, can you imagine leading cultural voices hailing such behavior as brave and courageous?

2. Both Kenworthy and Rippon are being lauded for the way they’re representing the gay community. Isn’t it a stereotype of gay men that they tend to be catty? Isn’t that exactly what their respective unprovoked attacks on Mike Pence and Ivanka Trump are, by definition?”

US Weekly also reported more about the backstory,

“Trump traveled to PyeongChang to support the U.S. delegation during the Closing Ceremony. She landed in the country on Friday, February 23, and spent time with President Moon Jae-in before greeting the athletes on Sunday.

Kenworthy also spoke out against Vice President Mike Pence’s trip to the country two weeks earlier when the conservative politician cheered on Team USA at the Opening Ceremony. “Our country is a patchwork nation, so I want to make sure people remember that,” the openly gay athlete previously told Us Weekly. “The LGBT community has been so marginalized and underrepresented in so many ways that it’s more important than ever to stand up and be proud at these games. Mike Pence may say he’s an ally, but he has previously pushed agendas that have not been supportive, so that’s why I want to use my voice.”

Ivanka Trump was representing the United States because President Trump and Vice President Pence had to go back to the states to do work. She is a well-known member of the Trump administration and thus is a good representative. It is completely normal for her to be there. For anyone to take issue with that is simply strange.

Kenworthy did not even medal at the Olympics and perhaps if he had worried less about politics and who was attending the Olympics from the administration he would have actually succeeded and received a medal. But instead, he chose to focus on superfluous nonsense that did not really matter.

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Source: Huffington Post,

Charles Krauthammer: Recovery from surgery ‘progressing steadily slower than I would like, but steadily’

Image result for Charles Krauthammer: Recovery from surgery 'progressing steadily slower than I would like, but steadily'

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer said in a statement read on Fox News on Tuesday that he is still recovering from surgery and that his progress is moving “steadily slower” than he would like.

Still, he expressed optimism about an eventual return to TV.

“Special Report” anchor Bret Baier shared the brief update on Krauthammer on his evening show, where Krauthammer has long been a panelist. Baier, who said he constantly keeps in contact with Krauthammer, said that of all the questions he gets from viewers on social media, Krauthammer’s status tops the list.

“Things are progressing steadily slower than I would like, but steadily,” Krauthammer message said. “Still I wish I could give you — and myself — a better idea of when this marathon ends. I am sure it is strange for your viewers that a regular panelist should disappear for months without warning and without any real explanation.”

“After my surgery, there were serious complications that took several months to stabilize,” the message continued. “My improvement has finally allowed me to concentrate on intensive rehabilitation to recover my strength and stamina. This too is progressing well but as usual is intense and slow. Nonetheless, I am determined to make it back. I’ve got to — I can’t let you guys have all the fun.”

Baier added that everyone at the show misses Krauthammer and his voice on “the big issues.”

“We continue to hope and pray for your speedy recovery. And until then, we’ll keep your spot warm right here,” Baier added.

Neither Krauthammer nor Fox News have disclosed details about Krauthammer’s surgery.

Baier said in early October, responding to fans asking about Krauthammer’s condition, that Krauthammer had undergone pre-planned surgery recommended by his doctors and “ran into some complications” after the operation. He hasn’t tweeted since early August.

Krauthammer, 67, became permanently paralyzed below the waist due to a diving accident while he attended Harvard Medical School. He later finished his degree but later left the field of psychiatry for journalism. He has worked for a number of publications over the years and won a Pulitzer Prize for Commentary in 1987.


Massive News Out Of The FBI – Trey Gowdy Has Finally Done It

Image result for Massive News Out Of The FBI – Trey Gowdy Has Finally Done It

Over the past few weeks, White House Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Donald Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia has imploded as multiple members of his investigative team have been exposed as top Democrat operatives. Now, South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy has finally had enough.

Fox News reported that congressional investigators said that this week’s seven-hour interrogation of Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe contained numerous conflicts with the testimony of previous witnesses, prompting the Republican majority staff of the House Intelligence Committee to decide to issue fresh subpoenas next week on Justice Department and FBI personnel. The questioning was led by Gowdy, who has been chomping at the bit to get to the bottom of this investigation.

McCabe reportedly told the panel how hard the FBI had worked to verify the contents of the anti-Trump “dossier” and stood by its credibility. However, a source said that when pressed to identify what in the salacious document the bureau had actually corroborated, McCabe cited only the fact that Trump campaign adviser Carter Page had traveled to Moscow. Aside from that, McCabe could not even say that the bureau had verified the dossier’s allegations about the specific meetings Page supposedly held in Moscow.

The source added that when asked when he learned that the dossier had been funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, McCabe claimed he could not recall – despite the reported existence of documents with McCabe’s own signature on them establishing his knowledge of the dossier’s financing and provenance.

This came after it was revealed that Peter Strzok, one of Mueller’s top investigators, was fired from the probe for exchanging numerous anti-Trump text messages with his mistress Lisa Page, an FBI lawyer who was also involved with the case.

In their texts, Strzok and Page referred to Trump as an “idiot” and as a “loathsome human.”

On top of that, Fox News reported that Mueller investigator Jeannie Rhee previously represented ex-Obama aide Ben Rhodes and the Clinton Foundation. She is one of three attorneys who followed Mueller from WilmerHale, the firm he worked at before becoming special counsel. While working at this firm, Rhee focused on representing people in government investigations, including white-collar criminal probes and criminal and civil fraud matters during her time at WilmerHale.

In addition, a Wall Street Journal report confirmed that Mueller’s top deputy Andrew Weissmann attended former 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s election night party in New York City. This has obviously lead to even more concerns that Mueller’s team has a strong anti-Trump bias.

Making matters worse, conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch recently published an email exchange between Weissmann and then-acting Attorney General Sally Yates’ showing Weissmann’s pleasure regarding Yates’s decision not to enforce Trump’s travel ban in January.

I am so proud. And in awe. Thank you so much. All my deepest respects,” Weissmann wrote to Yates on January 30.

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Vonn Blames TRUMP For Her First Olympic Loss In 8 Yrs, Then Is Immediately Handed MORE Bad News

Olympic downhill skier Lindsey Vonn went into the 2018 winter games with a massive chip on her shoulder for President Donald Trump. She made this known on multiple occasions through public verbal attacks toward him, including announcing that she wasn’t representing him at the Olympics, despite being on Team USA. She wore her anti-Trump attitude proud, even incorporating her hate into a custom ski uniform to compete in as “Captain America,” which had a subliminal message that she’s the captain of this country, not Trump.

Vonn was the frontrunner in her sport, having won eight Olympics in a row and going into this one with the same expectation. After spending months of her preparation time spewing divisive message about our president and proving herself to be a loser, she suffered a catastrophic loss in South Korea yesterday. Rather than coming out as the winner, she came in fifth place and realized she was the latest victim of the “Trump Curse.”

The only person Vonn can blame is herself for promoting hate and negativity and bringing that to the slopes which resulted in exactly what results from that kind of mindset. She also chose to ignore the impact that an openly anti-Trump attitude has on athletes by partnering with the NFL who just experienced fan and revenue loss in devastating proportion for this same reason, rather than realizing the same would happen to her. Trashing the president always proves end badly for public people and that’s not Trump’s fault.

Vonn’s first loss coming on the heels of her disrespect and divisiveness is no coincidence. However, just as she was learning of her massive failure in fifth place, she was handed more bad news.

The reality of having lost had to have been a tough one for the ego-centric athlete, but who won the gold in the Super-G race instead of Vonn, makes her failure even better. Beating her at her own sport was the new gold medalist who isn’t even a skier but decided to give it a try. Ester Ledecka from the Czech Republic didn’t even have a pair of skis in South Korea and had to borrow a friend’s when she entered into the Super-G race against Vonn…and ultimately took the gold medal from her.

 The Guardian reports of what’s being considered the “biggest upset” in the 2018 Winter Olympics:Ester Ledecka, the world champion snowboarder from the Czech Republic, delivered one of the biggest upsets in Winter Olympics history on Saturday afternoon, coming out of nowhere to win the women’s super-G by the slimmest of margins as Lindsey Vonn failed to deliver an expected medal in her opening race of the Pyeongchang Games.

Ledecka, who is the first ever athlete to compete in both skiing and snowboarding at the Olympics, finished with a winning time of 1min 21.12sec to pip Austria’s Anna Veith by one-hundredth of a second. Tina Weirather of Liechtenstein, who finished 0.11sec off the pace, won the bronze.

“Until today,” Ledecka said, “I thought I was a better snowboarder.”

Veith, the defending Olympic champion in the super-G, was in first after the top 20 racers had completed their runs with a successful defense of her Sochi title all but assured. Indeed, NBC had already named her as the winner before Ledecka’s run and later had to apologize.

The incredible defeat proves that what Vonn is experiencing is a massive case of the “Trump Curse” which everyone back at home in America was quick to “congratulate” her on.

KSDK reports:

Team USA athletes who have expressed their personal displeasure for President Donald Trump are receiving hateful Tweets, and viewers at home in the United States are telling them they’ve fallen victim to the “Trump curse.”

As USA TODAY first pointed out, Lindsey Vonn received numerous Tweets after stumbling near the finish line at the women’s super-G. The defending bronze medalist finished in fifth place.

Many of the viewers on social media didn’t mourn the disappointing performance by Team USA, nor did they try to console Vonn. Instead, they laughed. They poked fun. They said she fell victim to the ‘Trump curse.’

Before the games, Vonn told CNN she would not visit the White House if she were invited. In addition, she said she was going to the games to represent the people of the United States but not the president. That angered Trump’s support base.

Several athletes have fallen victim to the “curse,” according to social media.

Adam Rippon, who finished tenth in men’s figure skating, has allegedly fallen victim to it after criticizing the selection of Vice President Mike Pence to lead the U.S. Olympic delegation. Rippon is an openly-gay man and said Pence supports gay conversion therapy.

You don’t have to like who is in the White House or have voted for him, but sports is no place for politics. Americans have proven without a shadow of a doubt that they don’t appreciate athletes ruining their sports and entertainment with offensive messages about our country and Commander-in-Chief.

NBC’s Katie Couric Just Spread Fake News Story That Has the Whole World Laughing at Her

It’s not only on the topic of President Trump that the mainstream media engages in fake news.

They’re so desperate to regain an audience, that outlets like NBC will say just about anything, regardless of whether or not it’s true.

Such was the case when NBC’s biggest star, Katie Couric, decided to opine, live on air, about why athletes from The Netherlands win so many Olympic medals in speed skating.

In her report, Couric said:

“It is probably not a news flash to tell you the Dutch are really, really good at speed skating. All but five of the 110 medals they’ve won have been on the speed skating oval. Now, ‘Why are they so good?’ you may be asking yourselves. Because skating is an important mode of transportation in a city like Amsterdam which sits at sea level. As you all know, it has lots of canals that can freeze in the winters. So, for as long as those canals have existed, the Dutch have skated on them to get from place to place, to race each other, and also to have fun.”

This, of course, is ludicrous.

While the big canals in cities like Amsterdam do sometimes freeze, and when they do local Dutch do skate on them, it is a very rare occurrence.

And, on those rare and short-lived occasions, the Dutch are NOT using the canals as skating roadways to their jobs.

Indeed, if it’s cold enough for the canals to actually freeze (they’re rather large and deep bodies of water, so don’t freeze easily), most folks probably have the day off work.

At any rate, it was an enormous and hilarious mistake, and Dutch Twitter users couldn’t stop making fun of Couric and the fake news that today permeates America.

Donald Trump Jr. — ‘Disgusting’ How People Reacted To News My Wife Had Been Hospitalized

Donald Trump, Jr., (R) his wife Vanessa (L) and their daughter Kai (C) attend the White House senior staff swearing in at the White House on January 22, 2017, in Washington, DC (MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Authorities are reportedly investigating a package containing a suspicious substance Donald Trump Jr. received at his New York City residence, and the president’s eldest son delivered choice words to those cheering the news on social media.

Don Jr’s wife, Vanessa Trump, was at the apartment at the time of delivery and opened the package, and she was one of three people hospitalized as a precaution to the incident.

Donald Trump, Jr., (R) his wife Vanessa (L) and their daughter Kai (C) attend the White House senior staff swearing in at the White House on January 22, 2017, in Washington, DC (MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Donald Trump, Jr., (R) his wife Vanessa (L) and their daughter Kai (C) attend the White House senior staff swearing in at the White House on January 22, 2017, in Washington, DC (MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Though most people reacted appropriately to the scare, plenty did not, and Trump took notice.

“Thankful that Vanessa & my children are safe and unharmed after the incredibly scary situation that occurred this morning,” he tweeted. “Truly disgusting that certain individuals choose to express their opposing views with such disturbing behavior.”

Authorities have not yet released what substance the Trump’s received. So far, none of the three individuals hospitalized in relation to the incident have dealt with any health issues.


WHOA! Every US Olympian Just Hit With NASTY News From Officials Overnight – It’s OVER!

It’s only been two days since the kick off of the 2018 Winter Olympics but it already over for Team USA and not because of their lack of medals to bring home. The games took off with a really disturbing start on multiple levels, from athletes publicly slamming our administration, to the Olympic Committee making sure awards are not based on merit, but diversity in skin color and sexual orientation. Now, only the Olympians on Team USA were just blindsided by more bad news. No sooner did the games begin, which these athletes have worked years to get to, they find out it’s over – for some even before they even had a chance to compete.

The Olympics is supposed to be about good sportsmanship, an impressive level of achievement. Athletes who have made it to this point did so through their own hard work and dedication to the sport – they weren’t selected to be there by affirmative action. The only thing that got one competitor or team of competitors in the door, was having worked harder than those they were up against. Sheer determination and skill level, not race, has put the best of the best athletes up against each other, just how it should be.

However, it seems that many on Team USA have been poisoned by the Barack Obama era and set the tone of racism, entitlement, and total divisiveness before they even got to South Korea to compete. It only got worse once they arrived and had attention from the world’s stage. That’s when US speedskater Shani Davis declared a totally fair coin toss racist since he wasn’t picked to carry the American flag. Gay Figure skater and medal winner Adam Rippon continued his spread of false claims and extreme hate for Vice President Mike Pence who was there to show his support for him. Downhill skier Lindsey Vonn’s also continues to discredit our president, declaring herself as “Captain America,” not Trump.

Coming fresh off the heels of the worst season of America’s former favorite sport, these Olympic athletes should have taken note of what mixing divisive opinions into sports does. The NFL may never recover from having done that and now Team USA is feeling the burn for themselves. Americans are fed-up with this abuse of a public platform and entitled athletes souring an enjoyable past time with their opinions. People are proving that watching the sports isn’t important to them and have found better things to do with their time.

Like the NFL, the Olympics has suffered a devastating drop in ratings from Americans not watching their team of Olympians compete. This is unfortunate for the innocent athletes who didn’t go to South Korea with any agenda other than winning. A few hateful competitors ruined it for everyone who isn’t getting the support from back home now since citizens aren’t tuning in to take part of what the racist, anti-Christian, and Trump-bashing athletes are doing and saying.

Breitbart reports:

Ratings for the Winter Olympics opening ceremony and the first few days of broadcasts are in, and the results are not good news for NBC as ratings have fallen significantly from four years ago.

The numbers show that the opening ceremonies for the PyeongChang, South Korea, Winter Games saw a ratings dip over the 2014 games in Sochi, Russia. “Viewership for the PyeongChang Opening Ceremony was down over 10% compared to Sochi’s Opening Ceremony. The number of viewers dropped from 31.7 viewers to 28.3 viewers according to Deadline,” Awful Announcing reported.

“These numbers come off another dip from the Sochi games on the night before the Opening Ceremony. Those ratings from the first night of the PyeongChang Games were down a whopping 22% compared to four years ago.”

This means that ratings are going to have to improve over the next two weeks as the games continue if NBC is to reach its viewership goals. But that is not generally seen historically. In general, ratings fall from the opening ceremony to the closing days as the high profile competitions finish and the viewers tire of the coverage.

Perhaps it’s even more than just the divisive athletes who have ruined the games. The genuine level of competition has almost been destroyed by the US Olympic Committee who is more concerned about diversity and giving awards out to fewer white people as to promote fairness and equality.

Whatever happened to diversity being among people’s skill level and picking from that? It’s the entire purpose of the Olympics anyway which has now been made dull under this liberal agenda of fairness. It’s no longer enjoyable to watch when competitors are spewing hate anyway and the winners weren’t actually the best at their sport, just the right sexual orientation or race. It’s not even a competition at this point, it’s just a ribbon ceremony where everyone gets a participation prize and whiny athletes get all the attention for the wrong reasons.