Somali Muslims Take Over Small Tennessee Town And Force Absolute HELL On Terrified Christians

Muslims continue to prove they have little intentions of integrating into modern civilization after fleeing their war-torn countries, as they continue to force Islam and Sharia Law onto unassuming Americans. Cities across America where migrants have been allowed to invade are rapidly transforming into Sharia swamps, just take a look at the startling transformation of cities like Dearborn and Minneapolis. As many Americans were left in shock and horror following the Minnesota woman being violently shot down by a Somali Muslim cop, now Somali migrants have set their sights on another American city to invade. Desperate Tennessee residents are frantically crying out for help, as the small town they once loved and cherished is being completely overrun by hordes of nasty Muslim migrants, who have now started targeting local Christians with violent Islamic crimes.

The country of Somalia is a third world country Sharia crap hole that hasn’t had a functioning government in over 20 years. Muslim jihadists now completely rule the country through the iron fist of Sharia Law, where the Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Shabab runs rampant and jihadi leadership actively train locals to carry out terror attacks on the United States. While it would be wise to keep these terrorists confined to Somalia as much as possible, liberals keep advocating to bring Somali Muslims to America by the thousands, where hordes of Somalis are dumped into American cities annually much to the horror of Americans across the country. And unfortunately for the residents of Shelbyville, Tennessee, a small American town about an hour’s drive from Nashville, they’re now becoming intimately acquainted with exactly what Sharia Law and Islam teaches, after third world migrants were dropped into their town overnight.

At first glance, the small Tennessee town that’s nestled in the middle of the state seems like your typical sleepy southern hamlet similar to Mayberry. There’s a local sheriff and movie theater, where may locals attend church as the town is right smack in the middle of America’s Bible Belt. But after hordes of Somali migrants started arriving at an alarming rate in their traditional Islamic garb, locals began to notice changes the Muslims began to force onto the populace, as shortly after arriving a “culture clash” began to immediately ensue between the locals and migrants.

“They’ve had an impact here. Unfortunately, it’s not been a good impact,” said Brian Mosely, a reporter for the local Shelbyville Times-Gazette stated. “I found that there was just an enormous culture clash going on here,” he said. “The Somalis were, according to a lot of the people I talked to here, were being very, very rude, inconsiderate, very demanding. They would go into stores and haggle over prices. They would also demand to see a male salesperson, would not deal with women in stores. Their culture is totally alien to anything the residents are used to,” Mosely added.

But unfortunately for locals, a “culture clash” would soon be the least of their concerns after a series of violent crimes were taken out at the hands of these Somali migrants. Several months ago, the liberal media completely white-washed a series of events where three churches were shot up by Muslims. Jihad Watch was the only one to even report on the story, where AK47’s were used to shatter the windows of multiple churches in the area. They reported:

“A Muslim shoots up three churches and nothing is said about his motive or his Islamic identity. Would the same courtesy be shown a Christian who shot up three mosques? Why the coverup? Who is responsible for it?

Three churches were shot up in the Shelbyville, TN area starting on the night of Sep 27, 2016. The Horse Mountain Church of Christ was shot 16 more times the night of Sep 29. The Philippi United Methodist Church along with another church was also struck by 7.62 x 39 rounds on the 29th. (7.62 x 39 rounds are consistent with an AK47 or a SKS rifle) The Bedford County Agriculture Center was also attacked with gunfire on the 29th, shattering the front glass. There were also reports of utility boxes being shot during this time.”

Somali Muslims are proving to be the most violent migrants due to the vicious jihadist-ruled country they’re plucked from before making their way to the United States. Somali Muslims are not only overtaking Shelbyville and forcing Sharia onto the populace, but the city of Minneapolis as well. In addition to the disturbing headlines of the Somali cop gunning down a white woman last week, Somali migrants completely took over a small Minnesota white neighborhood several months back and started threatening to rape and murder females who were standing in their yards. As we previously reported:

Local reports reveal that white woman was just minding her own business outside of her home when a mob of migrant males approached her and began screaming disparaging comments at her, threatening to rape and kill her. KSTP TV interviewed the victim, where she relayed her horror about the incident that transpired in her neighborhood.

“They were screaming at the house that they were going to kidnap me and they were going to rape me,” one Minneapolis resident told KSTP TV. “It was a very traumatizing experience.”

The unnamed woman wasn’t the only one targeted with a barrage of terroristic threats, as the mob made their way around the upscale neighborhood yelling comments at numerous homeowners, while driving their vehicles onto the sidewalks and lawns while shooting off bottle rockets and screaming.

We as Americans must do everything we can to sound the alarm bells as the liberal media continues to do everything in their power to bury events such as this, while at the same time advocating to bring dump off thousands of more third-world country savages into American cities at an alarming rate. While we have President Trump doing everything in his power to keep these terrorists out of our country, things could quickly go from bad to worse once we have another Muslim-loving liberal president in office!



A prayer room that was supposed to be used by Muslims at the Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea was scrapped after South Korean citizens protested.

The mobile prayer room was too be set up and paid for by The Korea Tourism Organization, in cooperation with Olympic officials. Taxpayer money would have paid for the prayer room, but locals were upset that their money was to be used to accommodate what they believe was a radical, violent religion.

Officials behind the prayer room insist it was to be open to all faiths, but in most instances of public prayer rooms, that usually is not the case. In those cases, Muslims who use the prayer room are not accommodating to other faiths.

That was one of the reasons an anti-Muslim group rallied the public against the prayer room, gathering enough signatures to get it shut down.

Yahoo Sports reports.

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has announced that it will no longer go forward with plans to set up a mobile multi-faith prayer room for spectators in Gangneung, where all of the Games’ indoor events are taking place, following “strong opposition” from anti-Muslim protestors, according to Al Jazeera’s Haeyoon Kim and Faras Ghani.

“We sat down with them for talks, but in the end, we had to cancel the plans,” Gangneung city government tourism division chief Kang Suk-ho told Al Jazeera.

The KTO’s Kim Yeong-ju told Korea Exposé’s Ho Kyeong Jang that opposition to the prayer rooms was so strong that local officials “could no longer do their jobs.”

Much of the hostility has flowed from the PyeongChang Olympics Gangwon Citizens’ Islam Countermeasure Association, a relatively new group that pushed a petition against the prayer room via Google. The petition — which stoked fear about radical Islam in the South Korean province of Gangwon — has collected more than 56,000 digital signatures.

“The government has already spent too much of the taxpayers’ money on the Games, and we shouldn’t spend more building a prayer room,” Seo Ji-hyun, the director of operations at the Islam Countermeasure Association, told Al Jazeera. He also suggested that Muslims should refrain from prayer at the Olympic Games as they supposedly would while flying or driving.

Post your thoughts in the comments section below on the Muslim prayer room at the Olympics being shut down. In addition, share this on social media.

Mafia Bosses Declare War On Muslim Migrants, Nativity Scene Is Final Straw

In one city where migrants have relocated, liberals made certain “politically correct” adjustments to the town’s nativity scene, so the migrants aren’t offended. However, with mafia bosses declaring war on the migrants, tensions are building, and you’ll be shocked that one small detail on a nativity scene may be the final straw that could lead to a mafia war.

A “social justice” priest in Italy is causing a major uproar after he announced that the town’s nativity scene will be missing the Christ child because it may offend the Muslim migrants in the town of Cremona.

Fr Sante Braggiè said there would be no crib in the cemetery in the northern city of Cremona because it may anger people of others faiths or none whose relatives are buried there.

“A small corner of the cemetery is reserved for Muslim graves,” Fr. Braggiè said. “A crib positioned within sight of them could be seen as a lack of respect for followers of other faiths, hurt the sensibilities of Muslims, as well as Indians and even atheists.” [via Breitbart]

An older priest, Fr Oreste Mori, who oversaw the Cremona parish for years, heard about what the new priest was doing, and he is really pissed off. Fr Mori says he speaks for all of the townsfolk who are sick and tired of the Muslim migrants who have ruined much of their town.

We cannot renounce our culture and traditions. That would be an unpardonable weakness. I am, for the time being at least, in Italy, not Saudi Arabia.” — Fr Mori

Muslim migrants (left) riot in Italy. A nativity scene (right) is at the center of this controversy in Italy.

The old priest is not the only one doing something about the Muslim migrant issue. Earlier in the year, mafia bosses declared war on the Muslim migrants in Sicily. According to Jihad Watch, “Protesters were seen carrying banners emblazoned ‘Verona for Veronese’ and reportedly chanting ‘Italy for Italians.’”

The latest show of opposition comes after mafia bosses allegedly “declared war” on migrants after a man was shot in the head as a deadly turf war broke out with African crime gangs in Palermo earlier this year.

Messing with the Italians’ nativity scenes may not seem like something that would cause violence to break out, but with tensions high across Italy and the mafia threatened by the rampant violence perpetrated by Muslim migrants who disrespect their culture, this is exactly the straw that could break the camel’s back and turn into the mafia seeking revenge.

Besides the older priest, Breitbart reports that most of the town is pissed off, and Cremona is close to Milan, where local mafia bosses are located. This situation is what happens when thousands of migrants get dumped into a culture they refuse to assimilate to and then they show contempt for local traditions.

Something that seems small, like not having the Christ child in the manger, can be the final straw, so my advice to those leftists in charge would be to stop worrying about migrants being offended. I’d be worried about the locals who have endured their country being turned upside down, and I’d make sure that the baby Jesus is in the manger where He belongs.

Minutes Ago Trump STUNNED Every Muslim In The World With These Four Words

Trump sent a message to every single Muslim leader in the world. Does our President have balls or what? Trump told all 50 Muslim leaders in attendance at the Summit of Muslim World Leaders this. Minutes Ago Trump Walked Up Onstage And Surprised Every Muslim Leader With These Four Words. Wait till you see what happens at 1:30 minutes in….

Trump sent a message to every single Muslim leader in the world. Does our President have balls or what? Trump told all 50 Muslim leaders in attendance at the Summit of Muslim World Leaders this. Minutes Ago Trump Walked Up Onstage And Surprised Every Muslim Leader With These Four Words. Wait till you see what happens at 1:30 minutes in….

 That was an amazing speech. Trump delivered every single line with courage and honesty.


Image Source: Fox News

President Trump continued: “A better future is for you if you drive out the terrorists and drive out the extremists. Drive them out. Drive them out of your praises of worship. Drive them out of your communities. Drive them out of your holy land. And drive them out of this earth.”


This is a clear message to the Arab and Muslim world. They need to get rid of terrorism. If they want to be in the modern world, they need to get rid of violent extremism. It’s that simple. In order for modern society to thrive, it must do so without terrorism.

That’s what Trump just made clear. Share this right now if you are damn proud of your president.

Report From

Before he became president of the United States, Donald Trump led the way on highlighting the dangers of Islam and how terrorism has flourished under Barack Hussein Obama under his “do-nothing” policies for eight long years.

When he was a candidate running for president, he differentiated himself from all of the other candidates because he wasn’t afraid to call if “radical Islamic terrorism,” and make it known that as our enemies, they should be very afraid of what will happen if he became president of the United States.

All of the promises came true as he displayed he would be unwavering in the face of terror. In March, Trump ordered that the “Mother Of All Bombs” (MOAB) — which is the most powerful non-nuclear weapon the United States possesses — to be dropped on ISIS fighters and caves in Afghanistan. The aftermath left hundreds killed, but it sent the message that he would not be afraid to take action against the jihadists waging war on Christians.

While his speech offered many fireworks, the president uttered four words that made it clear for the world that these jihadi psychopaths should never be allowed to remain on this planet.

“Drive out the terrorists! Drive them out. Drive them out! 

The video just below shows that Trump did not mince his words or aim to appease the Muslim world. He made it clear to terrorists that they can expect to be wiped off the face of the earth in the near future and he encouraged all of the leaders in the Muslim world to join forces so that we can root out this evil once and for all. Muslim leaders have been desperate for a bold leader like president Trump for years but they had to deal with Barack Hussein Obama since 2008 who would do nothing to help them solves this epidemic that has spread globally.

The president reiterated his vow to protect Christians and all others from Islamic terrorists on Sunday during his keynote speech to the Muslim world. While speaking at the Arab Islamic American Summit in Saudi Arabia, Trump’s speech made it clear that terrorist organizations should fear what is coming for them, that other nations in the Middle East need to step-up and finally start helping with the fight against terrorism, and he called out Iran and Syria as the guilty parties of global terrorism.

President Trump continued his impeccable speech by adding: “A better future is for you if you drive out the terrorists and drive out the extremists. Drive them out. Drive them out of your praises of worship. Drive them out of your communities. Drive them out of your holy land. And drive them out of this earth.”

“Starving terrorists of their territory, their funding, and the false allure of their craven ideology, will be the basis for defeating them. But no discussion of stamping out this threat would be complete without mentioning the government that gives terrorists all three—safe harbor, financial backing, and the social standing needed for recruitment. It is a regime that is responsible for so much instability in the region. I am speaking of course of Iran,” Trump said.

“Responsible nations must work together to end the humanitarian crisis in Syria, eradicate ISIS, and restore stability to the region. The Iranian regime’s longest-suffering victims are its own people. Iran has a rich history and culture, but the people of Iran have endured hardship and despair under their leaders’ reckless pursuit of conflict and terror,” Trump charged to the crowd that offered praise for the bold remarks.

“Glorious wonders of science, art, medicine and commerce to inspire humankind. Great cities built on the ruins of shattered towns. New jobs and industries that will lift up millions of people. Parents who no longer worry for their children, families who no longer mourn for their loved ones, and the faithful who finally worship without fear.”

Trump closed out this speech offering praise to Saudi Arabia, the Muslim world, and made one last call for their help to end Islamic terrorism.

“These are the blessings of prosperity and peace. These are the desires that burn with a righteous flame in every human heart. And these are the just demands of our beloved peoples. I ask you to join me, to join together, to work together, and to FIGHT together—BECAUSE UNITED, WE WILL NOT FAIL.”

“Thank you. God Bless You. God Bless Your Countries. And God Bless the United States of America,” Trump said to close out his amazing speech well-received by millions.

On top of his speech that essentially told the Muslim world to stop sitting around and actually help us solve the problem in our own country, Trump was also able to secure a major business investment from the Royal Family.

The Saudi’s agreed to invest up to $100 billion in infrastructure in the United States, $110 billion worth of arms deals, and many others deals are in works where the Royal Family will make large investments into United States companies.

Are we tired of all this winning yet?

Muslim Figure: “We must have Pork-Free Menus Or We Will Leave U.S.” What’s Your Response?

The Islamic “rebellion” in the USA is on the rise. The Islamic population within the US borders is still minor, but their lobby and their tendentious and FURIOUS propaganda are stronger than any minority propaganda ever spread on American soil.

Even the African-Americans never enjoyed supporting this much like the Muslims do. However, the Muslims, taught by the liberals how to behave and how “free” they need to be in the USA, they started showing a frustrating arrogance.

Let’s face it – the United States aren’t the only ones who have a problem with Muslim migrants. It affects the whole world. However, our country has had a fair share of terrible incidents that involve Muslims. They’ve enjoyed many privileges Obama has given them, but now, President Trump offered the perfect solution to put an end to this madness. The only thing he still has to deal with are Democrats who keep blocking his decision, because of their unconditional love for their Muslim friends.

The Muslims were aware that America can offer them countless of possibilities during Obama’s presidency. Moreover, Obama eve encouraged them to be louder than they should be, demanding anything they could think of. The problem is, they don’t just demand to have rights, they ask for special treatment. That’s what their special snowflake friends, the liberals, have taught them.

President Trump realized that they will be a massive issue, so he recommended banning foreigners from Muslim countries, reports Founding Patriot. Unfortunately, his decision was blocked and now here we are.

The most recent act of the Muslim ‘circus’ happened in Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur, where they want to adjust school menus according to their needs. In other words, they wanted pork-free menus. But, Mayor Michel Roger stood up to them and refused to obey to their demands.

“We are setting up an operation so the youngsters eat everything and their eating regiments are adjusted. There is excessively squander so we will show them to eat meat, be it poultry or pork” stated the Mayor.

And, of course, it didn’t take long for the liberals to fire back, so this is what Paul Garrigue had to say:

“Today, we are discussing secularism in a by and large hostile to Muslim way. We consider secularism to be the device of resilience and living respectively and not rejection.”


Queen Elizabeth Slams Muslim Mayor Of London After He Goes After Trump

ter the terrorist attack in the United Kingdom over the weekend, London Mayor Sadiq Khan insisted that Donald Trump’s upcoming trip to his city, citing Trump’s ‘alarmist’ reaction to the attack. Now, Queen Elizabeth is shutting down the mayor in a major way.




The Queen reportedly refused to retract her invitation for Trump to meet with her at Buckingham Palace.




The president appreciates Her Majesty’s gracious invitation,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said when reporters asked if Trump would still meet with the Queen.

This proves that the Queen has no intention of fueling Khan’s malice toward the President. Khan allowed 400 known fighters for ISIS back into London despite their known terrorist routes—a point noted by Piers Morgan in a controversial interview on Wednesday morning:







Muslim Leader Threatens “I Swear All The Muslim Will Leave U.S If Trump Ban Sharia Law”. Do You Support This?

A prominent Muslim Leader has declared this today “I Swear All The Muslim Will Leave U.S If Trump Ban Sharia Law”.

Did Trump really banned Sharia Law in the United States?

Actually, In contrast to what most websites publish Trump confirmed that the ban would not apply to Muslim citizens of the U.S. seeking to re-enter the country after traveling abroad.

The only thing is that President Trump’s executive order, issued on 28 January 2017, barred entry into the U.S. of nationals from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen for 90 days. On 3 February 2017, U.S. District Judge James Robart suspended the ban on a nationwide basis. A day later, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied the Trump administration’s request to stay Robart’s ruling.


    1. “I Swear All The Muslim Will Leave U.S If Trump Ban Sharia Law”. Do You Support him


POLL: Should A Muslim Who Supports Sharia Law Be Allowed To Be A US Judge?

A religious nonprofit in the Dallas area offers Muslims the option of Sharia law to settle family and business disputes.

On its website the Islamic Tribunal states that, “The courts of the United States of America are costly and consist of ineffective lawyers. Discontent with the legal system leads many Muslims in America to postpone justice in this world and opt for an audience on the Day of Judgment.”

A religious nonprofit in the Dallas area offers Muslims the option of Sharia law to settle family and business disputes.

On its website the Islamic Tribunal states that, “The courts of the United States of America are costly and consist of ineffective lawyers. Discontent with the legal system leads many Muslims in America to postpone justice in this world and opt for an audience on the Day of Judgment.”

“Fox and Friends” sat down with Judge Andrew Napolitano to figure out the legal ramifications involved here.

Napolitano reminded that these types of courts exist all over the United States for many different religions. The people that go before them are seeking a resolution of a dispute that is “integral to their religion,” he explained.

Napolitano said each party would have to agree in writing that they are consenting to whatever decision the tribunal makes.

For instance, a couple might choose to have the Sharia system settle a child custody dispute.

“As long as it’s voluntary and as long as it doesn’t violate federal, state or local law, people can submit to it,” said Napolitano.

He added that it’s sort of like when people go on TV before “Judge Judy.”

“When you appear before Judge Judy or when you appeared before Judge Nap on ‘Power of Attorney’ on Fox, seems like 100 years ago, you actually signed an agreement naming me or Judge Judy or whoever the judge was as the final arbiter of that decision, not appealable. And you’d be bound by that decision,” he explained.

Should A Muslim Who Supports Sharia Law Be Allowed To Be A US Judge?


HE DID IT! Trump Just Pulled The Plug On Obama’s “Bad Muslim Deal” Overnight DO YOU SUPPORT HIM ?


In the course of the most recent a while there has been an expansion in fear monger movement from displaced people the world over.

Nations, for example, Britain, Sweden, and Germany have been consistently assaulted by Islamic radicals, and there gives off an impression of being not a single end to be found. Rather than these nations finishing these crazy exile programs that are putting subjects in danger, they keep on allowing these fear mongers to surge through their outskirts.

America was confronting a similar problem under the Obama organization, as he did whatever he could to annihilate America with wiped out arrangements. In Obama’s last days of his administration, he went into hyperdrive pushing one awful arrangement after another. Obama not just for all intents and purposes exhausted fear based oppressors out of Guantanamo Narrows, however he likewise was busted giving $418 million dollars of weapons to Kenya.

Another of those terrible arrangements Obama made in his last days of office was the point at which he chose to quick track a great many rejected Muslim exiles into America. The undercover arrangement was worked out by then Secretary of State, John Kerry who did his best to attempt and convey these displaced people to America in front of calendar.

Would you be able to think about where every one of these exiles hailed from? You got it, fear based oppressor hotbeds, for example, Iran, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Sudan.

Evacuees in Australia dissenting.
Presently, President Trump is by all accounts drawing the brakes on this crazy arrangement, and you can make sure the left will lose their brains.

Here is more from Reuters:
U.S. authorities talking with exiles held in an Australian-run seaward confinement focus left the office unexpectedly, three prisoners told Reuters on Saturday, tossing further uncertainty over an arrangement to resettle a significant number of the prisoners in America.
U.S. authorities ended screening meetings and withdrew the Pacific island of Nauru on Friday, two weeks shy of their booked timetable and a day after Washington said the Unified States had achieved its yearly evacuee admission top.
“U.S. (authorities) were booked to be on Nauru until July 26 however they cleared out on Friday,” one exile told Reuters, asking for obscurity as he would not like to endanger his application for U.S. resettlement.
In the Unified States, a senior individual from the union that speaks to evacuee officers at U.S. Citizenship and Migration Administrations (USCIS), a Division of Country Security organization, revealed to Reuters his own particular excursion to Nauru was not going ahead as booked.

Jason Imprints, boss steward of the American Alliance of Government Representatives Nearby 1924, revealed to Reuters his trek has now been pushed back and it was hazy whether it will really happen.

The USCIS said on Saturday that the program would proceed yet offered no points of interest.
“We don’t talk about the correct dates of USCIS’ circuit rides to settle displaced people’s applications. Be that as it may, we are arranging return trips,” the organization said in an announcement.

“It isn’t remarkable for the dates of probably arranged displaced person circuit ride trips worldwide to change because of a wide assortment of elements.”
The Australian Movement Office declined to remark on the whereabouts of the U.S. authorities or the eventual fate of a displaced person swap understanding amongst Australia and the Unified States that President Donald Trump not long ago marked a “moronic arrangement”.

Australian Remote Clergyman Julie Diocesan said on Sunday the arrangement was advancing of course, repeating the legislature had confirmations from the Trump organization.

“The share will move over again on October 1 as I stated, and I expect that the Assembled States will hold fast to this understanding, as the president guaranteed,” she told the Australian Telecom Corp.

The majority of the displaced people in the camps are largely men from psychological oppressor hot bed zones, for example, Sudan and Afghanistan.

This arrangement ought not experience regardless and it shows up from this report it is starting to go to pieces. There is no reason that we should take in these outcasts at all under any conditions. These displaced people are known to be from psychological militant hotspots and the exact opposite thing we require is any more dread dangers.

This arrangement ought to be rejected and given Australia a chance to manage the emergency they have made themselves. Obama should not be making this kind of arrangement when he was en route out of office. President Trump has each privilege to deny this terrible arrangement since that is the thing that the American individuals chose him to do. The times of permitting each Muslim exile into America need to end, and immediately. The main way we will have the capacity to recover our nation on track is by ending all these crazy arrangements that liberals actualized throughout the years. In the event that they need to revolt in view of it at that point so be it, they at that point can be captured and sit in prison for their own particular fear monger exercises.

It is presently the time that we close our fringes until the point that further notice, and if the left doesn’t care for it, well, there is the entryway.

Muslim Saeb Erekat: ‘We Will Join ISIS If Donald Trump Cuts Our…’




He says they won’t come back to the arranging table with Israel, however that does not imply that Trump can cut American aid to the Palestinian Authority and the UN organization in Gaza (UNRWA).

He threatens if Trump keeps on cutting aid to the PA that he will urge Muslims to join the ISIS.

U.S. Stops More Than Half of Aid Funds to UN Palestinian Agency In Gaza. Trump must cut whatever is left of the aid.

UNRWA’s instruction program instructs kids to be suicide bombers “in the name of Allah” and wage a war of jihad against the West.

Canada, Australia, Britain and the European Union must take after Trump and quit supporting UNRWA.

Radical Muslim terrorists everywhere throughout the world do terror assaults “in the name of Allah.”

They legitimize their savagery by citing verses from the Quran. Politicians in the West dependably guarantee “Islam is a religion of peace.”

Liberals and leftists in the West utilize the made up term “Islamophobia” to depict any individual who goes against Islam as a “racist.”

They disregard the way that Islam is a belief system that has nothing to do with race. There is an endeavor in the West to force a sharia-blasphemy law to criminalize criticism of Islam.

It began when Saudi Arabia and Muslim nations endeavored to pass an UN determination to drive Western States to criminalize criticism of Islam.

This is sick. What do you think about this? Do you support Trump’s decision to cut help for muslim nations? Leave a comment below!