Mueller Now Connected to a Covered-Up Bribery Scheme Involving Hillary Clinton

It looks as if former FBI director Robert Mueller, hid evidence that was collected as early as 2009. He is now special counsel in charge of the Justice Department’s Russia investigation.

This shows that Russian officials were involved in a bribery scheme with Hillary Clinton’s charity.

All done in order to expand their atomic energy business within the U.S.

The details were revealed in a report earlier this week.

Apparently, the evidence was withheld from lawmakers while they were questioning the Obama administration’s approval of the sale of Uranium One to Russia’s nuclear giant Rosatom in 2010, which ultimately led to Russian control of 20% of U.S. uranium supply.

In 2011, the administration approved Tenex, a subsidiary of Rosatom, in partnership with the United States Enrichment Corp., to sell commercial uranium to U.S. nuclear power plants. Tenex was only allowed to sell reprocessed uranium recovered from dismantled Soviet nuclear weapons.

“Not providing information on a corruption scheme before the Russian uranium deal was approved by U.S. regulators and engage appropriate congressional committees has served to undermine U.S. national security interests by the very people charged with protecting them,” Rogers said. “The Russian efforts to manipulate our American political enterprise is breathtaking.”

According to The Hill:

Federal agents used a confidential U.S. witness working inside the Russian nuclear industry to gather extensive financial records, make secret recordings and intercept emails as early as 2009 that showed Moscow had compromised an American uranium trucking firm with bribes and kickbacks in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, FBI and court documents show.

Rather than bring immediate charges for the scheme though, the FBI and Justice Department decided to continue “investigating” the issue for four more years – leaving the American public and Congress in the dark about Russian nuclear corruption on U.S. soil during a period when the Obama administration made two major decisions benefiting Putin’s commercial nuclear ambitions.

Is Mueller guilty, what do you think?

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Mueller May Be Removed From Trump Investigation After He’s Caught With Radicals In White House

When Barack Hussein Obama was in office, he put the wellbeing of Muslims ahead of every other group, working with them to purge any mention of Islam from the FBI and Homeland Security training manuals, making it extremely difficult for those who guard our country’s safety to adequately protect us from terrorism. Now, the alarming and outrageous thing White House Special Counsel Robert Mueller did while working as Obama’s FBI head has been revealed…

Freedom Daily reported that we’ve just learned that while Mueller was Obama’s FBI chief, he specifically oversaw the purge of all anti-terrorism training material deemed “offensive” to Muslims, and worked directly with Muslim terrorists to backstab the U.S. with this unprecedented move to censor and white wash any mention of Islam and Muslims from our officials’ training.

Since the textbook definition of treason is “aiding and abetting the enemies of the United States,” it’s pretty clear that that’s exactly what Mueller did when he removed any mention of Islam or Muslims from our FBI and Homeland Security training manuals. With Mueller being accused of treason, he certainly can’t be trusted to handle this Russia probe against President Donald Trump. Mueller is obviously a corrupt man who has had his integrity completely compromised and is working directly with Muslim terrorists to bring this country down.

This comes after Forbes reported that it is believed that Mueller is currently looking for vulnerabilities against Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and top advisor. Mueller is probably focusing on false filings with the U.S. government, whether on required registration forms, federal income tax forms or security clearance disclosure forms.

False filings with the federal government are often viewed by prosecutors as similar to false statements to federal enforcement agents as easily prosecutable offenses, so long as the prosecutors can establish criminal intent.

Earlier this year, Kushner’s form SF-86 security clearance application received tons of attention from the mainstream media. The Form SF-86 is an incredibly detailed security questionnaire that security clearance applicants complete to enable investigators to conduct a background investigation. The form is painstakingly detailed and asks for all “contacts,” which is a much broader word than “meetings.”

Mueller has a reputation for being thorough, and given the timing of the appointment of the Special Counsel and Kushner’s multiple revised filings, this reputation may have caused Kushner to revise his SF-86 applications for a security clearance. While this itself does not violate the law, it could call into question Kushner’s truthfulness and candor.

Since Kushner is a young businessman who never thought he would be working in the White House, he likely never kept records of potentially reportable dates and persons, which is very different than a key business contacts list. If Mueller can prove that he deliberately concealed ANY contacts, it would be enough to support a false filing charge, which could mean Kushner is facing an indictment.

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Mueller Might Get In Huge Trouble And He Knows It

Robert Mueller officially started the raid against Trump as charges have been recently filed. Now, he and his team are getting ready for a battle, a battle which may just prove they are not the right fit for the job they have.

Politico reported: Robert Mueller is on an early winning streak.

Stacked with some of the country’s premier prosecutors, the special counsel has beaten back a pair of preliminary attempts to block his subpoena power and limit who he can question as a potential witness. In July, Mueller’s team also managed to win approval to execute a no-knock search warrant—unusual in a white-collar case.

But as the criminal case against former Donald Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Rick Gates speeds toward a possible spring 2018 trial, Mueller’s team is bracing for an array of challenges to its authority.

The battle lines are already taking shape.

Kevin Downing, Manafort’s lead attorney, submitted a document Friday indicating that he anticipates filing pre-trial motions that question “the legal basis for and sufficiency of the charges, the suppression of evidence improperly obtained by search warrant, subpoena or otherwise.” Downing also said he may try to prevent Mueller’s prosecutors from presenting some of their evidence during the criminal trial.


Trump Woke Up At 5:09AM & Sent A Clear Message To Mueller, Fake News, And The Dems


Namely, Tony Podesta’s brother was working as Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman. Tony, on the other hand, got caught in the Russia-Trump investigation.

He made a decision to step down from the firm he created right after it was discovered that the Robert Mueller and his team were investigating his work in a Ukrainian non-profit organization which was connected to Paul Manafort.

Tony Podesta’s brother, John Podesta, while he was working for Hillary Clinton as a campaign chairman, was a target in the hacking attack against the Democratic candidate’s campaign.

Still, the very interesting fact is that even President Trump couldn’t stay calm after Podesta announced his decision. President Donald Trump took it to Twitter and fired two bullets at the Democratic party and the Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman. They are obviously burning now.

Even if it remains unknown what is the true reason for his decision to step down, any future charges and legal problems against Tony Podesta can be devastating for the Democratic party.

Moreover, Tony Podesta’s decision is coming up a while after the decision was made to bring Robert Mueller back as a special counsel. They gave him the job of investigating the claims that the Trump campaign might have colluded with Russian officials during the presidential elections in 2016.

Nevertheless, the investigation revolving around Podesta is mostly about Podesta’s actions regarding alarming the authorities that he was working with a Ukraine group.

As of this moment, there hasn’t been an official announcement or response by White House officials. However, one is expected soon.

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LISTEN: Rush Limbaugh Tells You Everything You Need To Know About The Mueller Indictments

Most of us are already familiar with the fact that these past two weeks have been extremely chaotic when it comes to the U.S. political arena, with many scandals as well as revelations taking place. And now, since the mainstream media coverage is not to be trusted if you’re in a search of an equal view of both sides, Rush Limbaugh has decided to weigh in on the matter.

Limbaugh went down on analyzing the entire situation of the Robert Mueller indictment story, and also revealed what we can expect next.

And while Limbaugh covered a large portion of the topic, the transcripts had focused more on important issues.

For starters, he exposed the fact that “there is an attempt to misinform the public, the part of the public that gets its news from the Drive-By Media.”

Moving on to the next issue, he accused the “swamp” in Washington, DC, of attempting to get rid of Donald Trump one way or the other, further explaining, Their objective is to overturn the election of 2016 one way or another. So what has happened to facilitate that?”

As soon as they saw that their attempt to dent the president’s bond with his voters, which there was a large number of, enough to elect him president, Limbaugh suggested that the Democrats had “decided that they had to go outside the appearance of politics-as-usual,” before explaining that there was no better way for them to achieve this other than to purchase and construct and write an intelligence document that was sourced by people in the Russian government and MI6.”

Simply put, he explained the whole thing as an “ordinary Democrat dirty trick a little gravitas, something that appeared to be other than a dirty trick, even though that’s all it has ever been.”

The rest of Limbaugh’s remarks can be heard below:

CNN Writer Linked to Hillary Funded Fusion GPS – Broke Story on Mueller Indictments

News broke Friday night that Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed the first charges in his investigation into Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 election.

The nature of the charges are sealed by order of a federal judge.

The story was leaked to reporters at CNN

Pamela BrownEvan Perez and Shimon Prokupecz authored the report.

As reported earlier today Evan Perez and Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson are colleagues and have authored several “news” reports together.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Fusion GPS, the firm behind the ‘Trump Dossier,’ called on a judge to block House investigators from accessing its bank records. Is Fusion GPS attempting to hide who paid for the ‘Trump Dossier’?

We now know that the Hillary campaign, the DNC and the FBI all funded the Fusion GPS propaganda outfit.
And Fusion GPS is linked closely to CNN.

It looks like CNN’s Evan Perez was tipped off by someone on the Special Counsel who leaked information to CNN on Friday.

The corruption in Washington and with the liberal elites is truly out of control.

Sheriff Clarke Just Set The Media On Fire With Two Words To Mueller That’ll Ruin Him

With all of the controversy going on right now surrounding Special Counsel Robert Mueller, people have seen to lost a lot of respect for him and the FBI.

Sheriff Clarke beautifully breaks down why people have lost respect for the FBI, and he makes it very clear that he is not talking about the agents at the bottom, but at the guys who are on top.

While making his statement, he takes a swing at Robert Mueller that he will feel in the morning. Take a Look:

“Look I think it’s a shame because the FBI’s a proud organization, it had a lot of integrity until the Obama Administration Eric Holder leading that thing came alone.”

“And I’m not blaming the agents for any of this but people at the higher levels; the Robert Muellers and some others. They knew about this stuff and buried it, they knew about it and ran with it anyway.”

“People need to begin to question Robert Mueller’s ability during this special prosecution to lead this because now his integrity has come under question.”

“That’s how deep this is and that’s why I use the word corruption and i don’t think that that word is too far-fetched.”

Amen, Sheriff Clarke! Robert Mueller’s integrity is certainly under question and as Sean Hannity earlier pointed out that this is all a big distraction and Mueller is working with the media.

Don’t let this whole Robert Mueller thing distract you from the truth! The liberal media and democrats are behind this entire thing and those who have eyes to see will realize this!

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Both The Media And Mueller In Full Panic After Sean Hannity Reveals Their Dirty Secret

Sean Hannity is one of the few left on TV that will speak the truth and doesn’t care to call out the BS that is going on right now.

If you haven’t heard by now, Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed the first charges in his investigation into Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 election. The nature of the charges are sealed and arrests may take place as soon as Monday.

Hannity immediately sprung into action to take down the narrative going on right now and exposes how it is the biggest distraction happening at the moment. Here’s what he said:

Suddenly, Hannity turns the tables right on Mueller and the media and lets us know what’s REALLY going on.

Then he asks the question we’ve all been asking for months.

Hannity is calling out the distraction going on right now and me and many others are praying for his safety. I hope more people will see the truth.

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GOP Rep. Says “Mueller is Compromised,” In “Violation of the Code,” As Calls To Resign Grow Louder

As the Special Counsel’s investigation into Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election rolls on, new pressure is building on Robert Mueller to resign.

Republican Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) believes Mueller’s resignation is long over due. Even Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ), who in the past has been bearish on backing the Special Counsel’s resignation, says he supports it if the evidence exists. 

Calls for Mueller’s resignation stem from his friendship with FBI head James Comey, which Franks says is a clear conflict of interest.

FOX News reports:

Critics question whether Mueller’s own ties to the bureau as well as fired FBI director James Comey now render him compromised as he investigates allegations of Russian meddling and collusion with Trump officials in the 2016 race.

“The federal code could not be clearer – Mueller is compromised by his apparent conflict of interest in being close with James Comey,” Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., who first called for Mueller to step down over the summer, said in a statement to Fox News on Friday. “The appearance of a conflict is enough to put Mueller in violation of the code. … All of the revelations in recent weeks make the case stronger.”

“If the facts that you just laid out are true, then somebody with Bob Mueller’s integrity will step aside and should — if in fact those facts, as you laid them out, are true,” Gov. Christie told “Fox & Friends,” in relation to reports of conflicts of interest.

Calls for Mueller resign don’t only stem from “conflicts of interest,” but due to his alleged role in the Clinton-Uranium One deal.

Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit previously reported, lawyer Gregg Jarrett told Sean Hannity that Mueller “must resign immediately over his alleged role in the Uranium One scandal. Why? Because Mueller sat on the CFIUS committee that approved the sale of 20% of US uranium reserves to Russia despite knowing Russia had bribed the Clintons for the illicit sale.

Video credit: Jim Hoft

Back in June, President Trump told “Fox & Friends,” that he felt uncomfortable with Mueller’s close friendship with Comey.

Video credit:

“Robert Mueller is an honorable man and hopefully he’ll come up with an honorable conclusion,” President Trump told “Fox & Friends,”

“Well, he’s very, very good friends with Comey, which is very bothersome,” Trump said of Mueller.

“We’re going to have to see.”