Michelle Obama Gets Schooled By Melania When She Showed Up At U.S.-Japan State Dinner

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Recently, First Lady Melania Trump attended a state dinner with her husband, President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife Akie Abe. She dazzled in lovely sparkling pumps at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida this past Wednesday. The First Lady completely out-shined one particular former First Lady.

Breitbart reported,

“Mrs. Trump wore a pair of “So Kate” Christian Louboutin pink glitter pumps to add a bit of sparkle to her white, floral embellished dress that is reminiscent of Chanel. Mrs. Trump’s stilettos retail for $775.

The dinner with the Japanese leader came after Mrs. Trump spent the day with Mrs. Abe at the historic Flagler Museum in Palm Beach. The two viewed exquisite European-style architecture, a treat for Mrs. Trump, who studied architecture and design during her college days in Slovenia.

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For their day looks, Mrs. Trump wore a belted green safari-esque shirt dress by San Franciso native Derek Lam. The dress retails for $1,090 at Bergdorf Goodman. On her feet, Mrs. Trump chose a pair of black and white speckled Christian Louboutins, a shoe she has worn in the past. Meanwhile, Mrs. Abe chose a flowing black and white floral day dress.”

Melania embodies exactly what we want in a First Lady: class, dignity, and respect. It is clear through the pictures that the First Lady did a good job at hosting their overseas counterparts. However, the difference between what this First Lady does in hosting people is very different than her counterpart who dressed and behaved far differently.

When Michelle Obama was First Lady she attended events in Tokyo, Japan in 2015 after having insulted the Japanese government when she didn’t accompany her husband during a prior state visit. Her no-show deeply upset, Kazuyuki Hamada who went on to allege that the Obama’s were headed for divorce. Furthermore, he alleged that the former President had been using Secret Service agents in order to cover up his alleged infidelity.

Big in Japan: U.S. first lady Michelle Obama waves upon her arrival at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo, wearing a green printed dress from Kenzo’s Fall 2014 collection, which costs around $700, offset by a chunky belt. Her visit is being described as a 'makeup call' after she snubbed the country last year

As you can clearly see, when Michelle Obama visited Tokyo she went in an off-colored bright yellow dress that cost over $700. An outfit that clearly did not show respect for the solemnity of the occasion. Especially considering the fact that the visit was meant to be a makeup for her previous non-appearance.

Daily Mail reported,

“Mrs Obama’s trip comes at a time of high tension for Americans in Japan, as Tokyo police investigate phone calls threatening to kill U.S. Ambassador Caroline Kennedy and Alfred Magleby, the U.S. consul general based on the southern island of Okinawa. Her arrival also coincides with a visit by former president Bill Clinton, who is in the country to deliver a keynote speech at the JFK International Symposium held at Waseda University in Tokyo.

During the five-day trip, Mrs Obama will also visit Cambodia – whose leader, Hun Sen, has a reputation for ruthlessness, and where child prostitution and human trafficking is rife – to highlight a campaign supporting education for girls. There were so far no details on the cost of the trip but the First Lady’s group spent $222,000 over two days in hotel expenses during her 2014 trip to China, the Washington Examiner reported.

Mrs. Obama, who is visiting Japan for the first time, will have separate meetings with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko. She will visit historic sites in the ancient capital, Kyoto, before traveling to Cambodia.

In Tokyo she plans to announce, along with Japanese first lady Akie Abe, the Let Girls Learn initiative, a partnership supporting girls’ education. The two will also meet with Japanese university students. It is hoped that the community-based aid program, led by the Peace Corps and similar aid organizations, will help get 62 million girls back into school.

White House staff said that the program also reflects a U.S. commitment to be more involved in the Asia-Pacific region. Mrs. Obama will be the first sitting U.S. first lady to visit Cambodia, one of 11 countries participating in the Let Girls Learn initiative. Cambodia’s government is led by Prime Minister Hun Sen, who has a reputation for ruthlessness and little tolerance for dissent. The country also has child prostitution and human trafficking problems.

Evan Medeiros, senior director for Asian affairs at the National Security Council, told reporters that while in Cambodia, Mrs. Obama plans to discuss the need for open and inclusive politics and highlight basic values and principles that are important to the U.S. In an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal earlier this week, Mrs. Obama called it a ‘tragic waste of human potential’ when 62 million girls worldwide are not in school.

‘It is also a serious public-health challenge, a drag on national economies and global prosperity, and a threat to the security of countries around the world, including our own,’ Mrs. Obama wrote in her online travel journal. ‘This visit is part of a journey that began decades ago, back when I was a little girl.’ YouTube celebrity Michelle Phan is joining Mrs. Obama in Tokyo to help spread awareness for the Let Girls Learn campaign, and pose questions to the first lady submitted through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.”

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Rush Limbaugh EXPOSES Michelle Obama’s DISGUSTING Past After She Attacks Trumps

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Classless former First Lady Michelle Obama is at it again, hypocritically attacking President Trump for something he said long ago.

According to Michelle, Trump’s “locker room” remarks he made about women decades ago is simply beyond the pale of anything she’s ever heard.

But there’s one BIG PROBLEM.

During her time in the White House, Michelle hosted a steady stream of Hollywood and music industry celebrities.

And the lyrics some of those people use in their music make Trump’s past remarks sound like a Sunday School sermon.

Rush Limbaugh was quick to call out Michelle on her hypocrisy:

“…she is telling people that she doesn’t know men who brag. You know the people that have been to the White House?” Rush asked incredulously.

“How about some of the rappers that talk about their b****** and their hos have performed such lyrics in the White House? But she doesn’t know men who talk and sing about sexual assault. It’s all over hip-hop lyrics and has been for a while!

“So is assault on the police a feature of some hip-hop lyrics, and it’s been performed at the White House. But she doesn’t know men who talk that way. She doesn’t know decent guys who talk that way.”

Rush also reminded listeners of the fact that the Obama’s spent YEARS as congregants at the church of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a man notorious for his vulgarity and race-baiting.

But to Michelle, Trump’s solitary lewd remark about women decades earlier is the real problem.


H/T Conservative Fighters,conservativepost.com

Michelle Compares The American People To Children, Says We Need Someone Like Obama To Feed Them Carrots

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Michelle Obama offered a to an extraordinary degree deigning talk at the Simmons Administration Conference in Boston. In the talk, she differentiated the American people with adolescents who require taking after rules. As per her, Obаma is thе extraordinary parent who might maintain their youth carrots and impact them to go to bed. Too, Trump is the fun parent that gives their children a chance to break the rulesIn spite of the truth that Trump is the ‘peace’ candidate, and Obama was the one giving illegalѕ a chance to violate the law.

She began by complimenting Hillary. “She wasn’t immaculate, however, she was much more flawless than a large number of the choices…. Hillary Clinton, likely the most qualified individual to ever look for the workplace of the presidency– LOST. She lost,” said Michelle.

“I think what we see is the thing that happens when we underestimate things. For the eight years Barack was president, it resembled having the ‘great parent’ at home. The dependable parent, the person who instructed you to eat your carrots and go to bed on time,” said Michelle.
“What’s more, presently we have the other parent. We thought it’d feel fun, conceivably it feels a great time for the show since we can eat confection all through the day and stay up late and not take after the standards,” said Michelle. It shouldn’t be unreasonably bewildering that a Democrat needs, making it inconceivable to make our country a sitter state.

She moreover expelled running for President herself. “Since I have a respectable talk, and I’m insightful and brilliant doesn’t mean I should be the accompanying president. That has been our worry. We’re outstandingly shallow about how we consider picking the president,” said Michelle.

Source: specialconservativenews.com

Conspiracy Theorist Says He Has “Final Proof” That Michelle Obama’s a Man

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Years ago, the late and legendary Joan Rivers quipped that Barack Obama is gay and Michelle Obama is really a transgender man.

Most people assumed Rivers was joking, because, well, she was a comedienne. And, she didn’t like the Obamas.

Well, at least one conspiracy theorist took that allegation seriously, and is now claiming he’s got “final proof” that Michelle Obama is really a man.

Alex Jones of Infowars posted a 12-minute video purporting to contain all the evidence one needs to come to the conclusion that Barack Obama is gay and is married to a biological male.

In the video, Jones states:

“Since the early days of the Obama administration, citizens across the board have studied videos and photos of Michelle Obama and said that she is a man. And even Barack Obama has called her over and over again Michael. But new shock footage has emerged that is being censored off the internet as fast as you can upload it.

“Now I’m not saying that Michelle Obama is a tranny and I don’t hate trannies. I’m a libertarian but we have famous photos of her where it appears she has a large bulge in her pants. Michelle appears in photos and videos to have a very large penis in her pants, her shoulders are wide, her face is very, very masculine. She looks like a tranny.”

Now, in all seriousness folks, this just seems a little out there.

It just seems like an unnecessary swipe at the Obamas when there’s already so much of actual importance for which hold them accountable.

H/T JewsNews,conservativepost.com

Tomi Lahren Wrecks Michelle Obama on National TV… Left Outraged

Conservative reporter Toni Lahren has made it this far in her career by sticking to her guns and displaying her no-nonsense persona for the world to see. She has made it all the way to being a major contributor to Fox News, and what she just came out and said isn’t going to sit well with the Left. She is no stranger to dishing out reality checks to anyone who is in need of one. She is always the first to tell Liberals when they’re being overly confident about what they think they know. I think it’s safe for me to say that the majority of us are sick and tired of hearing Leftists claim that they know everything. So, Lahren’s reality checks are welcome.

In the most recent news involving Tomi Lahren, the conservative host went off on former First Lady Michelle Obama. The former First Lady recently made some pretty rude comments about women in America who voted for President Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election. She stated that any woman who voted for Trump voted “against their own voice.” It’s important to note that 42% of women in our country voted for him... so needless to say, there was some major backlash towards Michelle Obama over her comments.

Let’s just call ourselves deplorable and be proud that 42% of women in the United States stood up and voted for the man who was the right man for the job. Michelle Obama’s disgustingly rude comments warranted a strike back from Tomi Lahren that she wouldn’t soon forget. You can watch Lahren’s argument below…

Lahren stated, “You’re dang right I voted against Hillary Clinton, and the fact Mrs. Obama thinks that makes me less of a woman tells you everything you need to know about the left. No Michelle, as a woman I did not want the first female president to be Hillary Clinton and for good reason. I also didn’t want another four years of your husband’s failed legacy. Oh, and trust me, I didn’t lose my voice. You’re gonna hear my voice, loud and clear. How dare you diminish and degrade my vote! How dare you look down on Trump-supporting women!”

I don’t think anyone could have said it better than Lahren did. If Hillary Clinton had won the election by some stretch, we would be looking at another four years of the same crap that we dealt with for eight years of Obama. Women who support Donald Trump support a man who truly wants good things for this country. He is doing everything he can to reverse the issues left behind by former President Barack Obama.

While the Left likes to believe that women must flaunt the fact that they are women, claiming that they support feminism, they are being completely sexist. To have a voice women must highlight the fact that they are female? It doesn’t make sense.

Lahren explained at the end of her statement that she hopes Michelle Obama heard her loud and clear and hopes that next time she decides to bash free-thinking women who voted for Trump, she had better think twice.

Let’s hope more women begin to speak out against the ridiculous comments of Michelle Obama. After all, our guy won for a reason.

Source: fbnewscycle.com

Michelle Planted Nasty Surprise On Melania Before Her Landing – Blames It On Her When It Backfires!

When Barack and Michelle Obama aren’t lurking in the shadows of the Trumps, they send their minions to do the especially dirty work as to avoid their fingerprints on it. While the filthy footprints can always be traced back to the source, this particular planting is almost worse than Barack’s alleged surveillance system set up to record Trump, since it hit the first couple where it really counts.

The lust for revenge knows no bounds but when it delves into the personal lives of our president and first lady, it’s certainly gone too far. That still didn’t stop Michelle Obama’s “friends” in the liberal media from doing her dirty work with what was just planted on Melania, then blamed on her for helping to hide it. These juvenile tactics are all they have left but the ramifications of their immature behavior could reap some seriously negative results.

People have searched, accused, and scrutinized the Trumps of everything that their hate-fill creative minds can conjure up, but have fallen short of proof every single time. From ties to Russia to tax evasions, everything liberals have claimed have not led to his impeachment since there’s no proof.

They’ve now stooped to salacious new lows with an indictment on both the president and first lady’s characters and marriage with a rumor they’re pushing on the claim that Melania tried to hide it. Perhaps providing an explanation as to why President Trump spends so much time in Florida, other than having a multi-million dollar resort there, leftist mud-slingers are saying that there’s someone there who he has reason to frequently return for.

Hating on Melania isn’t enough for the left anymore, they now have to go after her marriage to try to get something on our incredibly graceful first lady. Rather than attacking her accent, intelligence, and morals as a successful model, they are now spreading rumors that Donald is cheating on her with another woman.

First off, who would cheat on a perfect specimen of beauty, intelligence, and class that is Melania – one of the most respectable first ladies of our time? That alone makes their claim nothing more than a hate-filled fantasy. These twisted, imaginative minds took it deeper than that.

The Inquisitr reports:

Donald Trump has faced intense scrutiny over his strained marriage with Melania Trump. The first lady’s infamous hand swat a few months ago made it seem like their relationship was teetering on the edge. Although the couple has since put on a united front for the public, Donald reportedly has a secret girlfriend in Florida – and Melania knows all about it.

If this slanderous rhetoric wasn’t enough, the source made it worse. It seems that they have hopes of destroying a happy and healthy marriage between a beautiful woman and powerful man, which liberals aren’t capable of having.

Inquisitr’s report continued:

According to the Independent Reporter, Donald spent a lot of time at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida during the first few months as President. This, of course, is not evidence at he was seeing a mystery woman at the club, but former White House staffer Claude Taylor claims that Trump’s affair happened at the resort. Taylor says media outlets have known about Trump’s infidelity and have not reported on it because it was too scandalous to touch.

“Many members [of the] MSM and others seem to know or believe that Trump has a regular girlfriend in Florida that he sees at Mar-a-Lago. Is it true? I cannot say for certain-what I do know is many credible people believe it to be true-including lots of reporters,” Taylor shared.

Taylor claims that everyone inside the White House knows about Trump’s girlfriend. This includes Melania, who apparently doesn’t care if her husband is sleeping with other women. In fact, she was allegedly planning on divorcing Trump if he lost the election. She decided to stick with him after he was elected president for the sake of the country.

The source continues on to claim that there have been many “signs that Trump and Melania’s marriage is on the rocks.” To validate this assertion, they cite innocuous incidents that a camera caught on off moments to say that Donald has no interest in Melania since he failed to “escort Melania up the steps of the White House to greet Barack and Michelle Obama,” according to Vanity Fair.

Making mountains out of molehills on actions or accidents that we all have, has become the norm for the liberal media.

While Trump has been accused of many disgusting scandals that the left perpetually conjures up, this one hits at the heart. To destroy the union of the first couple, would be the first step in the left’s new resolve of bringing this president down. It’s not going to happen since they fail to provide truth, but that won’t stop them from embarking on this new witch hunt.


Rush Reveals Michelle’s Perverted Past After She Trashes Trump

FLASHBACK: On his Thursday show, conservative icon Rush Limbaugh lambasted first lady Michelle Obama for going after Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for his “locker room talk” after having invited to the White House rappers and pop music stars whose lyrics contained far worse degradation than anything Trump said.

“It’s not locker room talk. I don’t know men who talk that way. Decent men do not talk that way. What Trump was talking about was sexual assault,” Michelle Obama said during a visit to New Hampshire.

Limbaugh immediately called out the double standard.

“Men brag, and she is telling people that she doesn’t know men who brag. You know the people that have been to the White House?” Rush said. (WARNING: Some of the language here and later in the story may be offensive to some readers.)

“How about some of the rappers that talk about their b****** and their hos have performed such lyrics in the White House?  But she doesn’t know men who talk and sing about sexual assault. It’s all over hip-hop lyrics and has been for a while!

“So is assault on the police a feature of some hip-hop lyrics, and it’s been performed at the White House. But she doesn’t know men who talk that way. She doesn’t know decent guys who talk that way.”

Limbaugh also brought up a “sermon” by the Obamas’ former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

“Yeah, I guess Michelle Obama wasn’t there when the Rev. Wright was talking about Bill Clinton,” Rush said “You remember what Rev. Wright said about Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky? … ‘And Bill and Monica Lewinsky was riding dirty. Yeah, chickens have come home to roost, baby.’ ‘Bill was riding dirty,’ and the population, the congregation went nuts.”

And while Rush didn’t mention her, let’s not forget Michelle’s BFF, Beyoncé. Here are some of her lyrical exploits (WARNING AGAIN: graphic language):

“Can you lick my Skittles, it’s the sweetest in the middle / Pink is the flavor, solve the riddle”

“I can’t wait till I get home so you can turn that cherry out / I want you to turn that cherry out, turn that cherry out”

“First both of my legs go back on your head, and whatever you want, yeah baby, I’m bad”

“Now my mascara running, red lipstick smudged / Yeah, he’s so h**** he wants to f*** / He popped all my buttons and he ripped my blouse/ He Monica Lewinsky-ed all on my gown / Oh daddy, daddy, he didn’t bring the towel / Oh baby, baby, we better slow it down”

“Over there I swear I saw them cameras flash / Hand prints and footprints on my glass / Hand prints and good grips on my a**”

“Gimme that daddy long stroke”

Michelle Obama Won’t Run for President, Wants to ‘Invest in Creating Thousands of Mes’ Instead

Michelle Obama

The former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama spoke of investing in “creating thousands of mes” when she spoke Tuesday at an event put on by Klick Health, a healthcare marketing firm.

Klick’s “MUSE” event in New York City billed Michelle Obama as “a transformative First Lady” and also had Sheryl Crow on hand as the musical entertainment.

According to AOL, the former first lady said “This is why I’m not going to run for president. Because I think it’s a better investment to invest in creating thousands of mes,” and “We don’t need just one, we need thousands and thousands.”

Evidently, her remarks were a recogniation that, at 54, she needed to make way for younger members of the political left. “As an older leader I think an important part of leadership is stepping out of the way and making room,” she said.

In ruling out a presidential run, she hinted that the Obama brand might not be as shiny and new was it once was, saying that young people are “tired of watching us do the same old thing and expect different results.”

Time magazine quoted Obama praising Black Lives Matter activists and the anti-gun students who have been promoted into national prominence to combat the National Rifle Association after suriviving a shooting at their Parkland, Florida, high school as among the hope she sees in the youth. “We see these kids in Florida, the Black Lives Matter kids. They are smart, they are passionate, they do have the right values,” she told the audience. “They know inequity. They know wrong when they see it. There is hope in that next generation. They’re tired of watching us do the same old thing and expect different results.”

According to People magazine, Obama also appeared to admit she has a committee look over her tweets before she posts them. “I tweet, but I have a committee,” she said. “I don’t just tweet off the top of my head, which I don’t encourage people to do—especially kids.”

The remarks were apparently part of a thinly veiled insult to President Donald Trump over his sometimes-raucous tweeting habits. “How many kids do you know that the first thing that comes off the top of their head is the first thing they should express? You know? It’s like, ‘Take a minute. Talk to your crew before you put that [out there] and then spell check and check the grammar,’” she reportedly said. “I think kids do think telling it like it is and talking off the top of your head [is cool] … [but] that’s never been good. We weren’t raised like that. That’s rude. That’s what you call rude. But yes, I use social media. But I use it like a grown-up.”

The event at which Obama spoke, the MUSE New York conference, is part of a series of events put on by Klick Health in major cities like New York, Boston, and Chicago. According to the marketing firm’s website:

Muse celebrates some of the world’s most potent and exhilarating ideas. You’ll meet the people who are bravely pushing the boundaries of what’s possible at the intersection of art, science, and technology. Guests can expect an evening of captivating performances, spectacular food, and riveting storytelling.

The following video is included, giving a taste of the MUSE milieu:

Source: www.breitbart.com

Trump Gets Rid Of Another Failed Michelle Obama Initiative… She’s Gonna Be Ticked

Michelle Obama almost had as many failed programs as her husband and former President, Barack Obama.

But President Trump has consistently corrected these failures, with another one today…

Breitbart reports:

President Donald Trump has put a spike in yet another Obama initiative by ending Michelle Obama’s beloved “Let’s Move” kid’s health program and revamping it to emphasize organized sports.

Presidents have been hosting a kid’s health initiative of one sort or another for decades and Barack Obama’s version of the presidential health advocacy program was entitled the “President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition.” But, after a year in office, President Trump finally turned his attention to the program and has put his stamp on it renaming the initiative the “President’s Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition.”

Gone is Michelle Obama’s focus on individual exercise and replacing it is an emphasis on sporting events to keep kids active.

On February 27, Trump issued a new Executive Order reading in part as follows:

Good health, including physical activity and proper nutrition, supports Americans’, particularly children’s, well‑being, growth, and development. Participating in sports allows children to experience the connection between effort and success, and it enhances their academic, economic, and social prospects. Many of America’s leaders attribute their lifetime achievements to lessons learned through sports participation and athletic activity. Additionally, youth sports help working parents and guardians by providing their children opportunities to engage in productive, positive activities outside of school. Unfortunately, during the past decade youth participation in team sports has declined. As of 2016, only 37 percent of children played team sports on a regular basis, down from 45 percent in 2008. Particularly troubling is that sports participation disproportionately lags among young girls and children who are from economically distressed areas.

This national strategy shall focus on children and youth in communities with below-average sports participation and communities with limited access to athletic facilities or recreational areas.

Trump is hoping that actor and bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno — lead in the 1970s/80s TV show “The Incredible Hulk” — will head the effort.

The new initiative aims to develop a national strategy to encourage kids to participate in sports programs saying, “This national strategy shall focus on children and youth in communities with below-average sports participation and communities with limited access to athletic facilities or recreational areas.”

The executive director of the National Alliance for Youth Sports, John Engh, was thrilled with the new direction for the president’s health initiative telling the Washington Times, “We definitely support the whole concept. Team sports plays a huge role in the development of kids today.”

Ivanka Trump also spoke about the new program in a recent op-ed, the Times said:

“Promoting youth sports is an important pillar of our Working Families Agenda,” [Ivanka] wrote on the NBC News website. “When young people have more opportunities to participate in positive, supervised after-school sports programs, studies suggest They are less likely to be involved in, or be a victim of, crime.”

“We believe that every child deserves the chance to play and engage in sports and recreational activities, regardless of their zip code, athletic potential or financial status. We are working to remove barriers to entry so that students can improve their lives and their future outcomes, and so that we adequately prepare the next generation of leaders to lift up our communities and strengthen our nation,” she said.

Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” program was often attacked over its inclusion of the former First Lady’s strict and unappetizing school lunch policies.

This is not the first Michelle Obama program President Trump has ended. As part of his program of whittling away at the Obama legacy one program at a time, slowly erasing Obama from Washington, he also ended the very school lunch policy over which the former First Lady took so much heat.

Source: patrioticexpress.com