Famous Artist Painted New Portrait For Trump With Tiny Hidden Message Seen When You Zoom In

Painters have become all the rage with the presidents. From the awkward paintings of former President and first lady, Barack and Michelle Obama, to the new painting that some artist whipped up for President Trump – it seems like almost everyone needs a painting of their own. While the Obama paintings were quite interesting, what with a garden of leaves surrounding Barack and Michelle’s painting not entirely looking like her, it was a relief to see a painting that seemed a little bit more down to Earth and less spaced out.

The artist who painted the works for the Obama family is certainly talented, but his works were highly criticized. At the same time, you can’t blame the guy for being “different” when asked to paint something “Presidential.” That artist certainly scored points with the “put that in a dive bar” crowd.

The painter who shared his work of Donald Trump did a more classic style. It’s a painting that requires no thought but certainly might spark some thoughts once people look into it a little bit closer. It appears as though the artist has a bit of a hidden message for Donald Trump or anyone else who views the painting.

The artist is John McNaughton and his new painting is titled “Teach a Man a Fish.” He painted Donald Trump, looking much younger of course, with a young boy you could be rendered as an older version of Trump’s son Barron. It’s not Barron, but critics might imagine it so. It appears Trump is teaching the man about fishing, perhaps discussing proper bait to use or the correct way to hook the bait, and the younger lad is digging in the tackle box while appearing to listen to Trump.

Upon glancing to the left bottom corner of the painting, one notices a bookbag with several books on the ground. Besides the point that no one actually takes their books out of the bag to stack them up like that, one might zoom in a little bit closer to see the titles of the books. The read “socialism” and “justice warrior” but many cannot read what the top book says on the spine.

Take a look.

I asked Mr. McNaughton about the top book and still await a reply.

Fans of his work praised the painting, as it certainly shows he’s a talented artist.

McNaughton also released a video where he talks about the painting.

Conservative Tribune said this about the painting: “In the painting, McNaughton depicted Trump sitting on a bench with a young man.

In Trump’s hand is a fishing pole, symbolizing the opportunities for self-sufficiency the United States offers anyone — literally anyone — with the drive and ability to take advantage of them.

On the ground at the man’s feet are the heretical gospels of “socialism” and “social justice,” the twin tyrannies that drive liberals in the 21st century, and are guaranteed to lead the world into same hellholes they produced in the 20th.”

It’s quite an interesting story presented by McNaughton who did a fine job on the painting. Now it’s time for people to talk about the painting and the titles on the books. Everyone will interpret this painting differently. He might face some criticism from people who dislike Trump, but that seems a bit unfair to him. He’s the artist and simply painting something that a lot of people enjoy. It’s OK if people don’t like the painting, because not everyone has to like the same thing. People are free thinkers who can decide for themselves if they like it or not.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that John McNaughton is a very talented artist and that’s what people should focus on.

What does this painting mean to you? Share your interpretation below in the comment section and share with your friends on Facebook.


Text Messages Between Anti-Trump Coup Leaders, Strzok & Page, Finally Released

Image result for Text Messages Between Anti-Trump Coup Leaders, Strzok & Page, Finally Released

Ostensibly, the mission of a special counsel is to operate independent of political considerations and to get to the truth.  In actuality, special counsels are no less subject to political pressure than anyone else in government even if that means burying the truth. 

And, here’s where proof of the Deep State’s espionage-formed coup to overturn the results of the 2016 election is becoming more evident with every drip of text messages, emails and documents that are finally released by the DOJ and FBI that only come under court order.

Lets start with last night when former FBI Director James Comey admitted he had no idea who paid for the Steele Dossier.  That defies credulity.  One of his employees brings him salacious information that can sink a presidential candidate and he failed to ask where it came from?  Let that sink in.

As unbelievable at that wasthat wasn’t a standalone single incident.  When the DNC claimed they had been hacked by Russians, Comey never insisted on doing a forensic examination of those servers to verify the claim. 

These two acts cannot be dismissed as an act of malfeasance by some low-level newbie.  The only conclusion that a reasonable reviewer can come to is that Comey was operating the FBI as an adjunct of the Democratic Party at least to some degree.

Now new text messages seem to confirm not only was that the case, but that he had staffed the entire executive suite with like-minded individuals intent on protecting and advancing Obama, Clinton and the Deep State.

Once President Trump fired Comey, the jilted director became determined to have a special counsel appointed.  Why?  Trump had every right to do so and no one knew better than Comey that he deserved to be removed.  Remember, Trump’s decision came after he received a letter from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein recommending Comey’s firing. 

Trump had plenty of other intelligence supplied to him by others warranting Comey’s firing but Rosenstein’s letter appeared to give a clear go ahead from the top of the DOJ to do it.  After Trump acted on Rosenstein’s recommendation, Rosenstein stabbed the president in the back and appointed a special counsel only weeks later.

The 49 pages containing approximately 300 text messages between the FBI’s Peter Strzok and DOJ attorney Lisa Page give a much clearer picture of just how incestuous Robert Mueller’s appointment to special counsel actually was and continues to be.

  PS LP Text Messages Dec 2016 May 2017 by Peter Hasson on Scribd

President Trump fired Comey on May 9, 2017.  Two days later the following text provides confirmation that the Chairman of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Richard Burr (R-NC) had been convinced by Ranking Member Mark Warner (D-VA) to agree to a special counsel.  Based on what evidence?

The first text seems to confirm that DAG (Rosenstein) had agreed to have the FBI coordinate an investigation even though there was no evidence of any wrong doing by the president. 

The second text, coming only a minute later, reveals Rosenstein had already coordinated with Warner for the appointment of a special counsel even though Rosenstein called for Comey’s firing only a few days earlier.  What changed in Rosenstein’s world to come to that conclusion? 

It’s likely nothing changed and that was the plan from the time Trump was elected.

Almost a year later, on March 12, 2018 we detailed Warner’s involvement with both the FBI and Russian Oligarchs in attempting to develop some credibility for the dossier that Comey had failed to do.  Warner cannot be trusted.

This at least smacks of the Deep State using the levers of government to protect itself and undo the results of the 2016 election.

But, despite the heavy redactions of the remaining texts, additional evidence suggests that the FBI was orchestrating things with the special counsel from their end. 

This started with leaks to the Washington Post and the New York Times on May 17th, both reliable info and narrative dumps for the Deep State to spread its propaganda:

Only four hours after those texts comes one referencing the Gang of Eight who have ascended to their lofty intelligence positions only because the rogue intelligence agencies know they can be counted on to protect them.

Recruiting those responsible (Gang of 8) would be crucial because to the public they are the ones charged with oversight of the intel agencies.  House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence chairman Devin Nunes refused to go along and alerted the new president that things were amiss.  That was why he was attacked and impugned until he recused himself.

By early the following morning discussions had already taken place with Aaron Zebley who had been Robert Mueller’s Chief of Staff when Mueller was the Director at the FBI. 

But Mueller wasn’t appointed until the following day so why was the FBI assembling his team and what influence would they hold over the special counsel’s investigation going forward?

Zebley eventually joined the special counsel team.

The picture that emerges from the string of text messages is that the FBI was pulling Mueller’s strings.  But, even if that stopped at some point, how could Mueller be trusted to render a fair and impartial investigation by anyone other than those purported to be colluding to end Trump’s presidency.

After all, Mueller came from the FBI.  His first instincts are to trust their work.  But in this instance the essence of his investigation was to determine not only if Donald Trump had acted improperly but also whether those who were accusing him of acting improperly – CIA Director John Brennan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and FBI Director James Comey – had themselves improperly and illegally used the levers of government to stage a bloodless coup.

Even if Mueller hadn’t been neck deep in the swamp himself, his prejudices towards the agencies that were conspiring against Trump should’ve disqualified him for the job of special counsel.  There was never going to be a legitimate investigation of the criminal misconduct at the DOJ, FBI, CIA, DNI, or the Obama White House, which was necessarily the other side of any corruption or collusion investigation.

This is the way the Washington swamp protects itself.  The foxes, validated by the propaganda of the mainstream media, assign one of their own to guard the hen house. 

The Trump presidency hung on one thin thread.  It was the determination of the lone honest member of the Gang of Eight – Devin Nunes.

Source: fbnewsupdate.com

Just In: Explosive New Strzok-Page Text Messages to Destroy Anti-Trump Deep State – To Reveal POTUS Assassination Plot?

Related image

This may sound like a conspiracy theory of sorts but for fifty-plus years so was the second shooter in the JFK assassination.

Investigative journalist Sara Carter has been at the forefront of exposing the corruption that gripped the DOJ-FBI dismissal and destruction of evidence against Hillary Clinton, and what has been exposed as an almost two year long sham investigation that included illegal surveillance of Donald Trump.

Yesterday afternoon she made us aware that her sources had confirmed to her that the DOJ was preparing to release to Congress the missing text messages between the FBI’s Deputy of Counterintelligence and DOJ attorney Lisa Page. 

The first batch of emails between lovebirds Strzok and Page was explosive and resulted in a complete shift of the narrative, but judging by everything we can gather, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Let’s take the Wayback Machine to January 22, 2018 when QAnon – reputed to be a high level patriot inside the intel community – posted this cryptic message that no longer seems to be nearly as cryptic.

Two days later text messages between the two revealed that a secret society existed within the FBI.

Given the extent of the illegalities that we already know the DOJ and the FBI engaged in, it’s not a stretch to believe that the same FBI agents risking imprisonment to protect the massive Democrat crime syndicate, would consider assassinating President Trump:

Q then asks:

This was three months ago when everyone was (on our side) was calling for Jeff Sessions’ ouster because he wasn’t moving fast enough.  Think about the ramifications had Sessions moved too quickly.  For all the un-Constitutional and destructive orders Obama and his minions gave to these two agencies they remain an important – perhaps the most important – cog in the intelligence network our country relies on to keep us safe and to maintain law and order.

Liberal judges planted by Obama throughout our court system over his eight years would’ve had a field day overturning convictions and flooding our communities with miscreants and terrorists.

Back to the possible assassination plot.  Is this why President-elect Donald Trump continued to employ a private security and intelligence team after he was elected and continues to do so until the present? 

The radical left led by the mainstream media and Congressional Democrats will continue ratcheting up their divisive and destructive rhetoric from now until the 2018 midterms in the attempt to convince their voters that the evidence they are about to be subjected to is a politically motivated smokescreen.

Patriots know better.

Source: fbnewsupdate.com

Stephen Hawking’s Beautiful Message For Anyone With Depression

stephen hawking

Stephen Hawking has one of the greatest minds of our time. He is well known for his work in theoretical physics, and was born on January 8, 1942, (300 years after the death of Galileo) in Oxford, England. As a young child, he wanted to study mathematics, but once he began college, he studied Natural Sciences. Then, during his first year in Cambridge at the age of 21, Hawking began to have symptoms of ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Doctors gave him two-and-a-half years to live.

Now, at the age of 74, he continues to teach, research, and provide the world with beautiful messages. He says that his expectations were reduced to zero when he was given the ALS diagnosis. Ever since then, every aspect of his life has been a bonus.


One of the most brilliant minds did not allow these life challenges to stop him. He continued studying. Hawking has twelve honorary degrees. He has dedicated his life to finding answers about the universe, the Big Bang, creation and scientific theories. He cannot speak or move, bound to a wheelchair, but he has found ways to inspire the world, encouraging us to find the mysticism in the stars. He says:

“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Never give up work. Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it. If you are lucky enough to find love, remember it is there and don’t throw it away.”

Recently during a lecture in January at the Royal Institute in London, Hawking compared black holes to depression, making it clear that neither the black holes or depression are impossible to escape. “The message of this lecture is that black holes ain’t as black as they are painted. They are not the eternal prisons they were once thought. Things can get out of a black hole both on the outside and possibly to another universe. So if you feel you are in a black hole, don’t give up; there’s a way out,” he said.

When asked about his disabilities, he says: “The victim should have the right to end his life, if he wants. But I think it would be a great mistake. However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. While there’s life, there is hope.” He continues with an inspiring message about disabilities:

“If you are disabled, it is probably not your fault, but it is no good blaming the world or expecting it to take pity on you. One has to have a positive attitude and must make the best of the situation that one finds oneself in; if one is physically disabled, one cannot afford to be psychologically disabled as well. In my opinion, one should concentrate on activities in which one’s physical disability will not present a serious handicap. I am afraid that Olympic Games for the disabled do not appeal to me, but it is easy for me to say that because I never liked athletics anyway. On the other hand, science is a very good area for disabled people because it goes on mainly in the mind. Of course, most kinds of experimental work are probably ruled out for most such people, but theoretical work is almost ideal.

My disabilities have not been a significant handicap in my field, which is theoretical physics. Indeed, they have helped me in a way by shielding me from lecturing and administrative work that I would otherwise have been involved in. I have managed, however, only because of the large amount of help I have received from my wife, children, colleagues and students. I find that people in general are very ready to help, but you should encourage them to feel that their efforts to aid you are worthwhile by doing as well as you possibly can.”

Stephen Hawking does not only encourage the scientific minds to pay attention, but inspires the rest of us to take notice that there is connection between the stars and each one of us. His disabilities have not stopped his curious mind and sense of wonder.

His daughter, Lucy, shared with the crowd at the lecture, “He has a very enviable wish to keep going and the ability to summon all his reserves, all his energy, all his mental focus and press them all into that goal of keeping going. But not just to keep going for the purposes of survival, but to transcend this by producing extraordinary work writing books, giving lectures, inspiring other people with neurodegenerative and other disabilities.”


Rev. Graham Sends Brutal Message To Disney for Airing its First Gay Kissing Children’s Cartoon

Image result for Rev. Graham Sends Brutal Message To Disney for Airing its First Gay Kissing Children’s Cartoon

Disney have been applauded by liberal viewers after the production company aired their first ever same-sex kiss this week.

In an episode of Star vs the Forces of Evil which aired on channel Disney XD a gay couple can be seen sharing a kiss for this first time in the history of the company.

In the second series of the cartoon, protagonist Star and her friend Marco attend a concert and find themselves surrounded by kissing couples. YEAH, a children’s cartoon!


Some liberal viewers admitted that they were slightly disappointed by the very subtle representation of LGBT+ relationships.

What did they want? CRAZY!

Rev. Graham wrote some harsh words regarding the issue:

Disney has aired a cartoon with same-sex couples kissing. It has also been announced that their new movie “Beauty and the Beast” will feature a gay character in an attempt to normalize this lifestyle.

They’re trying to push the LGBT agenda into the hearts of your children—watch out! Disney has the right to make their cartoons, it’s a free country.

But as Christians we also have the right not to support their company. I hope Christians everywhere will say no to Disney. I met Walt Disney when I was a young boy—he was very gracious to me, my father Billy Graham, and my younger brother when we visited. He would be shocked at what has happened to the company that he started.

If you agree, share this with others. Let Disney know how you feel.

H/T: Daily Mail,conservativepost.com

Big Dem Puts Billboard Right Outside Trump’s Resort – Blasts Massive Message

While liberals fight to stifle free speech for anyone who has a different opinion than them, they take great liberties when it comes to getting their own point across, typically, in the most destructive way possible. Whether ripping down decades-old monuments or erecting big billboards where they don’t belong, they are loud and proud of their vile message and feel justified in the means they use to push it on people, including the President of the United States.

As a former developer, Donald Trump’s impressive real estate portfolio includes some of the most exquisite properties around the country. This has given deranged leftists many options for attacking him, targeting these properties with vandalism and destruction that would be more difficult to get away with at the White House. His Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida that’s affectionately referred to as his “Winter White House” for the time he spends working from there, is frequently the target of most of these attacks.

The latest of these inappropriate ambushes just happened this week. A Democrat with apparently deep enough pockets to throw a substantial amount of cash at a stupid sign, was able to get away with putting it near Trump’s resort, displaying a sickening message that should have never been approved. It’s likely only to make the president, his family, and his properties more of a target for violence from deranged liberals than before.

The Hill reports:

A progressive PAC will soon erect a billboard near President Trump’s private beach club, Mar-a-Lago, calling for Trump’s impeachment.

Mad Dog PAC, a left-wing group dedicated to funding billboards targeting Trump and other GOP politicians, plans to run the billboard from March 19 to April 15.

Mad Dog PAC founder Claude Taylor told Palm Beach’s CBS 12 that Trump is “unfit, ill-prepared and unstable.”

Photos of the not-yet-installed billboard show that it reads “Impeachment Now, Make America America Again!” designed in the style of Trump’s campaign logo.

The billboard will reportedly be located just two miles from Mar-A-Lago, which Trump has dubbed the “Winter White House.” Trump has spent at least 39 days as president at the resort, and 100 days at one of his properties generally.

According to Mad Dog PAC’s website, this is just one of dozens of impeachment billboards the group is planning to install nationwide.

“America simply cannot afford another minute with Trump as president,” the website’s donation page reads. “Support this critical campaign for building public resistance to Trump.”

This is the second of Mad Dog PAC’s billboards to appear in the area. Earlier this month, the group funded a sign that read, “The NRA is a terrorist organization” in response to the mass shooting at a Florida high school.

Perhaps part of the problem is that Democrats are jealous of Trump’s incredible property and like to passively deface it in this way, since they’re not capable of creating a real estate empire like he has. They choose to leave their mark so every time he goes to the Winter White House, he’s reminded that they’re lurking and stocking him still. Trump really gets the last laugh on this billboard, which he’ll see as a desperation move, since he’s not going anywhere for the next four to eight years, whether they like it or not.

The left has tried absolutely everything to impeach him for the last year and continue to lose that battle. Rather than removing him from office, their ridiculous and often salacious efforts have only swayed more Americans to support the president. A billboard is not going to stop Trump nor is it capable of removing him from office. It’s just a massive waste of money, which wasteful Democrats do best.

This sign is the second attempt in the area to discredit the president. The city of Riviera Beach, Florida replaced “Old Dixie Highway” signs with “President Barack Obama Highway” signs, renaming a stretch of road after Trump’s predecessor. This was located not far from the president’s property. Then, in what seemed like another deliberate effort to stick it to Trump, a Democrat Florida Representative, Patricia Williams, filed a bill to move Barack Obama into the state permanently.

Orlando Weekly reports:

State Rep. Patricia Williams, D-Lauderdale Lakes, recently filed a bill that would designate a section of the Dixie Highway in Broward County as the President Barack Obama Highway.

The bill, HB 265, would rename the Dixie Highway section of State Road 811 between Hillsboro Boulevard and Northeast 13th, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

This wouldn’t be the first stretch of Obama highway in the Sunshine State.

Two years ago, part of the Old Dixie Highway in Riviera Beach was also named after the 44th president after it was pointed out the name “Old Dixie” was a reference to the slave-holding South.

There’s no reason to change the name of this major roadway that’s been known as Old Dixie for years and is fine to stay that way. Clearly, Williams as ulterior motives with this bill and President Trump is wise to her disguise. Trump has done more for this country in his first year in office than Obama did in eight years of his lame duck leadership. If anyone deserves his name on a piece of America, it’s Trump. However, he’s more concerned with leaving his mark on the country than getting a stretch of road named after him.


12Hrs After Anti-Trump Oscars, Everyone Sees Sick Message Celebs Hid In Plain Sight Entire Night

The 90th annual Academy Awards show had the Hollywood elite gathered together not only to accept awards but to lecture the American people and bash President Trump, which began almost immediately. The so-called celebrity host Jimmy Kimmel started off his disrespectful commentary by slamming Trump, and from there it only got worse. Soon enough the entire award show turned into a Republican slam fest that included a sick message from these hateful liberals that was hidden in plain sight for everyone to see.

We all have come to expect that any award shows that liberals attend will eventually if not immediately become a platform for these Hollywood actors to spew their hate. Over the last several years, we have seen this trend continue, but it wasn’t until President Trump was elected that these Hollywood actors began to throw some nasty punches. For instance, earlier this year, Hollywood liberals lectured the American people that Dreamers were Americans too and that all males in America were guilty of sexual assault thanks to the absurd #MeToo campaign that swept social media. Now, these Hollywood hypocrites have seized onto the gun violence platform staging a protest during the Academy Awards show that no one noticed until today.

If any of you so happened to watch the award show last night, you may have noticed a handful of celebrities wearing orange American flag pins on their designer duds. These pins are from the far-left gun control group “Everytown for Gun Safety” that is doing their best to brainwash the younger generation into forfeiting our second amendment rights, and what better way to do that then by employing the help of the rich and famous.

Here is more from ABC 7:

“Less than a month after a school shooting that killed 17 people, several celebrities are reportedly planning to use the Oscars as a platform to raise awareness for gun control.

People magazine reports that a group of A-listers will don orange pins from Everytown for Gun Safety, a nonprofit organization that advocates for gun control and works to reduce gun violence.

Orange is the unofficial color that has come to be associated with various gun-control causes. Everytown sells orange American flag pins on its website, but it’s not immediately clear if those are the exact pins that will be worn during the demonstration.

Everytown has not yet responded to a request for comment about the People report.

The reported demonstration comes at a time when gun control is at the forefront of American political discourse. After the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, survivors spearheaded a movement demanding that several national brands disassociate themselves from the National Rifle Association. Delta Air Lines, First National Bank of Omaha, Hertz and Wyndham Hotels are among more than a dozen companies to end business relationships with the NRA, while Dicks, Walmart, L.L. Bean and other companies have announced changes to their policies governing gun sales.

Those same survivors are also organizing a series of student-led nationwide marches in support of gun reform later this month. They have raised nearly $3 million in support of their cause, with large donations coming from George and Amal Clooney and Oprah Winfrey.

Awareness-raising pins have been highly visible at awards shows this season, with many celebrities wearing black pins in support of the Time’s Up movement to various shows and dressing in black to call attention to sexual misconduct in the workplace. There is no such Time’s Up demonstration planned for the Oscars, sources tell ABC.”

I support the freedom to choose, and if a celebrity decides not to own a weapon well, that is their choice. However, where that understanding ends is when these Hollywood gun grabbers begin to tell the rest of us what we can do, and that is not their right to do. You see, armed security surrounds these Hollywood heavyweights, but yet have the audacity to push for us to be disarmed, all while they are protected.

What happened in Parkland, Florida, was tragic but placing more restrictions on legal gun owners is not going to stop future attacks from occurring. However what will is advocating for more people to arm themselves and take personal responsibility which is precisely what the left hates.

Source:The Daily Wire,freedom-daily.com

Navy SEALs Send POWERFUL Message to Trump, Leaving Obama FURIOUS

Image result for Navy SEALs Send POWERFUL Message to Trump, Leaving Obama FURIOUS

The humiliations just keep piling up for Barack Obama.

Perhaps he should have paid more attention to our brave men and women in uniform. Then, maybe he, too, would have won their praise and true loyalty.

Less than a month in office, and President Trump is already one of the most beloved commanders-in-chief in US history.

That was demonstrated yet again when a SEAL convoy was spotted driving on a highway in Kentucky flying a TRUMP FLAG!


Our military men and women NEVER did something like this for Obama.

Nor is this kind of outpouring of love and support for Trump by any means rare.

One US military man wrote on Twitter:

“A truck of Navy SEALS flying Trump flag is not ‘news.’ Nearly all operators–Seals, Green Berets, Force Recon–are Republican & LOVE Trump.”

Liberals can howl all they want, but they forget that it’s a GOOD thing for our military to feel love and loyalty toward their commander-in-chief.


ALLEN WEST: A message to liberals who call NRA members like me “child murderers”

While the innocent people who lost their lives are still being buried, not even a week after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, libs have been working tirelessly to politicize the event and come after our guns.

They are calling any one with a passion for guns “child murders” and attacking members of the NRA.

What is their true intent? Are they pushing for new-world order? That is not for certain..but one thing is. They are after your guns.

Take a look at what Allen West has to say about this:

Via allenbwest:

Yesterday, the hashtag #KillTheNRA started trending on Twitter, inspired by a vandalized billboard in Kentucky bearing the same message. It echoed comments from student survivors of the Parkland High school shooting on CNN over the weekend. When asked for their message to the National Rifle Association their response was “Disband. Dismantle. Don’t you come back here.”

“The fact that [the NRA] was in power for so long just goes to show how much time we need to spend fixing our country,” Parkland student Emily Gonzalez said. When the CNN anchor pointed out the NRA “gives millions of dollars to politicians, Gonzalez replied, “Politicians who accept this blood money are against the children, they’re against the people who are dying.” Fellow student David Hogg added “If you can’t get elected without taking money from child murderers, why are you even running?”

This is an example as to why the left has lost this debate. I am a Patriot Life Member of the NRA and a Board Member, and I’m now castigated as a “child murderer?” Yes, I own two AR-15s and an AR-15 carbine; they’re used for target shooting, blank generic silhouettes. The NRA isn’t some amorphous nondescript organism. The NRA is an organization made up of Americans, men, women, and young people. This type of over the top rhetoric does nothing to win folks over, nor does it advance any viable solutions.

I find it interesting that probably this same student has never spoken in the same terms regarding Planned Parenthood. That organization exists to murder unborn children.

Mr. Graham does a very adept job in responding to such absurd assertions, “To recap: the NRA is a group of “child murderers” who hand out “blood money” to desperate politicians to buy their support for the Second Amendment and, therefore, it should be “killed.”

Have I got that right? I’m double-checking because, as a regular, gun-owning-but-it’s-no big-deal, supports-the-Second-Amendment-but-isn’t-an-NRA-member guy–that sounds nuts. Let’s start with a basic fact about the NRA that seems to have been lost: The “A” is for “Association.” As in “freedom of association?” Or “assembly” as it’s called in the First Amendment. Some 5 million Americans choose to pay dues and “associate” with other like-minded people who share their views on gun ownership. The money talk makes it sound like the NRA is a trade industry group like the Association of Auto Manufacturers or the American Federation of Teachers, who represent the financial interests of their members. (The gun industry has one of those, too: The National Shooting Sports Foundation.) This distinction doesn’t make the NRA good or bad, but it’s simply wrong to look at them the way we look at, say, the National Beer Wholesalers Association when it comes to the issue of DUI laws. The NRA isn’t the beer sellers. It’s the beer drinkers.”

I would love to ask the student, Emily Gonzalez, if she has any issue with Associations like the National Educators Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) who both stand ardently against policies such as school choice, school vouchers, and charter schools? Shouldn’t Ms. Gonzalez want to see the best educational opportunities for all young people, all students?

Maybe Ms. Gonzalez should go over to Weston Florida and talk to some of those Venezuelan expats and ask them how well disarming the population– a Hugo Chavez initiative — has worked out in their home country?

I applaud student engagement and involvement, but I do not appreciate student abuse. What I see happening is the left is using and abusing these students at a very emotional time. They’re being taken advantage of, to include being given scripted questions, and paraded on liberal progressive media outlets for the expressed intent of advancing an ideological agenda. The sad reality, and why the debate is being lost by the left, is that their true colors are shining through. The fact that NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch needed a security detail to depart the CNN Townhall is disturbing…in essence she was verbally assaulted. And who knows, there are some who would have physically assaulted Ms. Loesch if not for her security detail. And why was that detail necessary? I thought the purpose of the CNN town hall was to discuss solutions, not to advance hatred.

#killtheNRA means killing law-abiding, legal gun owners, Americans, who, as per our Constitution, do have a Second Amendment right, as enshrined in our Bill of Rights…or as I wrote at CNSNews.com, maybe the left doesn’t believe we have that right. Yes, we can tighten up weapons acquiring procedures, but a law-abiding person has no issue with background checks. When are we going to focus on those who aren’t law abiding, instead of wanting to disarm and kill the law-abiding ones, which is what that hashtag means.

I wonder if Emily Gonzalez takes any issue with a violent group such as Antifa, a leftist group that physically assaults people with whom they disagree. I guess this is in essence what the left wants, subjugation. If we cannot, or do not have the right to defend ourselves, then what is the end result? The point that Emily Gonzalez, bless her heart, fails to realize is that we all want to serve, protect, and defend our schools, our children. And there are ways in which that can be done, but the left has lost this debate because what they want is obedience, by any means necessary.

I am certainly no child murderer…but Margaret Sanger was, and her legacy lives on. I suppose Ms. Emily Gonzalez is not as emotional about that, which happens every day in America, by the hundreds.

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Lib Students Who Survived Shooting Refuse to Meet Trump – Send President Inexplicable Message

Kirsters Baish| Liberal kids are claiming that they want to make a change when it comes to America’s gun laws. I find it pretty strange that they would turn down meeting President Trump if they are truly serious about changing the laws in our country. I guess that’s pretty typical of liberals, though. They would rather push hatred and division instead of looking for real solutions to the issues at hand.

Teenagers from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg, have announced that they would be turning down a visit to the White House. Gonzalez was quoted saying, “I believe we’ve been invited, but neither of us are going,” during a broadcast of CNN’s “New Day” show hosted by left-wing activist Alisyn Camerota.

The question came into play following the Associated Press reporting that President Trump was planning on meeting with some of the students who survived the shooting in Parkland, Florida last week.

The two liberal students spoke to CNN and said that they would be going to the faux “townhall” event that was being sponsored by the leftist news network, but they would be passing on a visit with our Commander in Chief.

American News Central reported:

Alisyn Camerota, the CNN activist posing as a journalist, asked the pair what they wanted to see happen. In response, Gonzalez insisted that the National Rifle Association should “disband, dismantle … don’t make another organization under a different name. Don’t you dare come back here.”

Of course, the shooter was not a member of the NRA. Indeed, not a single mass shooter in U.S. history has ever been a member of the NRA. The NRA is the only organization in America today that gets attacked on a daily basis for things none of its members have done.

Then, Gonzalez decided it was appropriate to attack the NRA… She stated, “If they accept this blood money, they are against the children. They are against the people who are dying. There’s no other way to put it at this point. You’re either funding the killers, or you’re standing with the children. The children who have no money. We don’t have jobs. So we can’t pay for your campaign. We would hope that you have the decent morality to support us at this point.”

Then, Hogg stated, “If you can’t get elected without taking money from child murderers, why are you running?”

Child murderers? How about the ultra-liberal organization of Planned Parenthood? They are the real child murderers, not the NRA. I have not once seen the NRA advocate for murdering anyone, let alone children. Planned Parenthood’s entire shtick is killing babies.

Liberals rarely use logic though, so what were we really expecting, right?

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