Muslims Demand Infidel Owner Remove ‘Perfect Man’ Sign — He Has Brilliant Counter-Offer

When Muslims noticed a billboard insulting their prophet Muhammad, they immediately demanded the removal of the “racist and Islamophobic” message. However, the uproar forced the billboard’s owner to come forward — and he has just one thing to say to them.

Leftists and Muslim groups across the U.S. loudly condemned a billboard along Interstate 465 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The sign contains a simple message which reads, “The Perfect Man,” with check-marked bullet points including “Rapist,” “13 wives, 11 at one time,” and “Tortured & killed unbelievers.”

Although Islam was never mentioned, instantly, Muslims knew the billboard was calling out their prophet Muhammad, prompting them to demand the sign’s removal in accordance with Sharia blasphemy laws. This national outcry has already prompted the sign’s owner to relinquish his personal safety by coming forward to not only take credit for the billboard’s construction but issue yet another daring message to “truthophobes” who deny its credibility.

WTHR reports that Don Woodsmall, who is a Duke law school graduate, has proudly taken responsibility for owning the billboard but says that while he is unafraid to show his face to the Muslim community, he’ll protect his clients’ identities. Woodsmall came forward to local media to slam free speech objectors, confidently declaring that he would gladly remove the sign himself — all they have to do is prove the statement wrong.

In his statement, Woodsmall says, “It is interesting to note… the Muslim community knew exactly who it was referring to. The truth is a powerful weapon.”

Woodsmall explained that he only agreed to erect the sign after thoroughly researching each claim and finding proof directly in the passages of the Quran and hadith. In addition, he spoke to at least half a dozen Islamic scholars who confirmed the scriptures in question.

“I was convinced that each point listed on the billboard was historically and factually true. I would encourage others to do their own research to verify the veracity of each and every point,” Woodsmall wrote. He also noted that he would remove the billboards if the statements are proven to be false.

Despite Muslims demanding that Woodsmall names his clients, undoubtedly for nefarious purposes, the billboard owner refuses to endanger their lives. The unwavering owner slammed the sign’s critics, reminding them that it is the very definition of free speech to question and tear apart lies and toxic ideologies.

“My clients want this national conversation to happen if we are ever to overcome the violence that plagues Islam,” he wrote to 13 Investigates. “This is not only pro-American, but beneficial to Muslims who came to America to escape the Sharia.”

Disturbingly, designated terrorist group CAIR and lying Muslims are declaring the message “racist” and “Islamophobic,” although none can provide any scripture or historical text to back up their claims. On the other hand, each one of the bullet points has a direct correlation to the Quran and hadith.

If the Muslim critics were honest, they’d point out that the only flaw in Woodsmall’s message is that Muhammad didn’t necessarily behead 600 Jews in one day — historical records suggest it a number between 500 and 900 Jews and likely over a period of several days. Potato, potato.

If the left considers it “hate speech” to summarize these Islamic passages, then it would mean that the Quran and hadith are hate speech. It’s not racist to denounce Muhammad’s ownership of dozens of black slaves as racist. In fact, it’s racist to defend Muhammad’s slave ownership and attempt to censor it.

The truth is that the prophet Muhammad boasted of his own slave ownership, sex slavery, marriage to a child, and mass slaughter of unbelieving men, women, and children. These are not fear-mongering allegations but direct quotations from the prophet, his closest companions, and even his favorite child bride, Aisha.

It is inexcusable for Muslims to demand we shut up or apologize for pointing out the behavior of their prophet. Instead, they are the ones who should be apologizing.

Man Who Assaulted Rand Paul Pleads NOT GUILTY! Massive OUTRAGE!

Six broken ribs and pleural effusion, this is what Senator Rand Paul (R-TN) had suffered after his neighbor assaulted him out of nowhere near his home in Kentucky last Friday.

The senator tweeted: I appreciate all of the support from everyone. A medical update: final report indicates six broken ribs & new X-ray shows a pleural effusion.”

Senator Rand Paul’s attacker was a 59-year-old retired anesthesiologist named Rene Boucher. He was charged with fourth-degree assault.

Although there were some talks that the incident was about a landscaping dispute neighbors said that is not true. They reported that Rene Boucher is a liberal who since always disliked his neighbor for being a Republican and he attacked him with no provocation.

The fight happened when Boucher ran towards the Senator from behind and tackled him to the ground. The tackle was so aggressive that Senator Rand Paul got 6 ribs broken and his lungs were bruised.

After all this evidence the attacker still pleads NOT GUILTY.

Via CNN:

The man who allegedly assaulted GOP Sen. Rand Paul outside his Kentucky residence pleaded not guilty Thursday to misdemeanor assault in the fourth degree at his arraignment in Bowling Green.

Rene Boucher allegedly tackled Paul, breaking six of his ribs and sustaining bruised lungs. There was no change to the charges and no change in bond.
The attorney representing Boucher said Monday that attacking the Kentucky Republican had “absolutely nothing” to do with politics.

What is funny is that the attacker was released from jail the very next day. There are talks that the release was influenced by some powerful people in the Democrat Party.

Seconds After Church Shooter Opened Fire, One Man Did the Incredible to Send Him TO HELL

After Devin Patrick Kelly opened fire in a Texas church and slaughtered over 20 innocent people, one man stepped up big time.

Johnnie Langendorff is a hero.

Langendorff saw Kelly flee the scene like the coward he was and he proceeded to track him down in his vehicle.


From KSAT:

Langendorff then told [his girlfriend Summer] Caddel the suspect — identified as Devin Patrick Kelley — then got into an SUV and drove away, and the two gave chase.

While on the phone with 911, Langendorff told his girlfriend the chase came to an end near a sharp curve near country roads 307 and 539.

Caddel understood that to mean the Kelley crashed. Moments later law enforcement officers arrived, she said.


And to think, it took a good guy with a gun to take down a bad guy with a gun. Where have we heard that before?

What a sad day.

Keep the deceased and all those affected by this act of cowardice in your prayers.