Man Just Came Forward As ‘Key Witness’ To Major Murder Clintons Denied For Years – Says He Has Proof

Former WWE wrestler star from the late 80’s, “Billy Jack Haynes” has come forward with alarming allegations about the death of 2 Arkansas teens back in 1987. This is one strange turn of events in the case of a double murder in Arkansas which has been a cold case for some time now.

In March of 1987 as Haynes was busy wrestling in front of a record-breaking crowd of 93,000 fans at the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit Michigan for Wrestlemania 3 over 900 miles away teens Kevin Ives and Don Henry were brutally killed in Alexander Arkansas. To this day this case has remained a mystery.

But today, 31-years-later William Albert Haynes is now claiming to have witnessed their deaths.

The unsolved crime which has been called “Boys on the Tracks,” for over 30 years has always been a hot topic for people on Saline County who have conjured up different theories, shared ideas, and spread rumors about who was responsible for the deaths of the teens on August 23, 1987. But no one has ever been arrested.

The most popular theory, which is what the then Bill Clinton appointed medical examiner said was suicide which was caused by smoking too much pot, drinking and passing out on the train tracks which led to them getting hit by a train. But later an Atlanta-based pathologist found the boys were knocked unconscious or killed before their bodies were ever dumped on the tracks and found no traces of pot or alcohol in their bodies. A grand jury later concluded the deaths to be the result of homicide.

Can it be that another Clinton crime is coming to light? Could Haynes have witnessed the death of these teens who stumbled onto a drug drop while hunting for deer in a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time? Or can all this just be a case of a washed-up wrestler trying to get another 15 minutes of fame? You decide!

Freedom Daily reported back in November:

“The shocking number of dead bodies accumulating around the Clintons cannot be considered a “coincidence” any longer, especially now that the youngest potential victims have been identified under truly tragic circumstances. The most scandalous couple in political history’s body count seems to be on the rise once again, after a brief reprieve of no sudden, mysterious casualties. The latest is possibly the most shocking yet as children have never been part of the equation, but now seem to be. The casualties that keep accumulating around this crooked woman with major secrets she’s desperate to keep hidden no matter who she has to kill off to ensure it has reached an unprecedented level that can not, or should not, be ignored any longer.

With President Donald Trump in charge, new incidents that may have gone unnoticed in the past two-term too long administration are now being brought into question. Namely, when people with certain connections wind up suddenly dead under insane circumstances, it should be investigated, and now, thankfully, it is. The two victims which are the youngest fatalities tied to the Clintons yet deserve justice, as do their families who didn’t have any hope of getting any answers until now.

The bod­ies of 17-year-old Kevin Ives and his friend, Don Henry, who was 16 years old, were found dead on rail­road tracks near Mena, Arkansas. This location being near the Clinton’shometown wasn’t the only connection these teens seemed to have to the scandalous couple – there was something else very specific about the small town of Mena. The pair were more than victims of an unsolved case as a mother’s 30-year mission to solve it has since uncovered. The boys died in 1987 in what has been described as an unsolved murder case and now three decades later, new information seems to be surfacing in the mix of other strange sudden deaths tied to the Clintons and what appears to be a killing cartel connected to their deep secrets.

Clin­ton-ap­pointed state med­ical ex­am­iner, Dr. Fahmy Malak, initially ruled the boys’ deaths as “accidental” despite the apparently obvious signs of homicide, not suicide, or simply being on the tracks at the wrong time (which would suggest an accident). However, what really put Mena on the map has not been talked about too much until recently after it was reported as having been used for one of the busiest drug smug­gling in op­er­a­tions in the world in what eventually became known as the Iran-Contra scandal.

The boys reportedly died on the tracks by being run over by a train after allegedly falling asleep there. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that napping on train tracks is not a good (or comfortable) idea, no matter how mischievous these teens are. What may have, for whatever reason, seemed like a strange explanation for a tragic event, it only gets more precarious now that other information has surfaced that wasn’t available in the 80’s as the Clintons were pursuing their political careers – namely that an out-of-state ex­am­iner said the cause of death was clearly mur­der by beat­ing and stab­bing be­fore they were placed on the rail­road tracks.”

What do we do now? What are your thoughts on this situation?


Major Arrests Rocks Democrats!

The entire nation is currently focused on the allegations of sexual misconduct against Republican Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore. Meanwhile, the mainstream media has been completely ignoring the disturbing sexual allegations against a Democratic candidate.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Democrat David Alcon, who is running for the open Second District Congressional Seat in New Mexico, was arrested on November 10 after he stalked a woman he met at a Halloween party for several days. Police arrested Alcon after he texted photos of his genitals and told her he was outside of her apartment.

Police found him at an apartment complex in Albuquerque two weeks after an arrest warrant was issued for him. What he has been doing since the warrant went out is a mystery.

The woman said she met Alcon at a party on October 28, and she began receiving persisting texts from him immediately afterwards. Some of them suggested that he was watching her, while other messages professed his love for her, and one picture was of his genitals.

This comes as the allegations against Moore continue to make headlines around the country. Breitbart reported that the mother of Leigh Corfman, who says that Alabama Senatorial Candidate Roy Moore tried to engage in a sexual encounter with her when she was 14, said that reporters worked to convince her daughter to give an interview about her allegations against Moore. Corfman’s mother, Nancy Wells, 71, said that her daughter would not have come forward if it weren’t for The Post reporter’s alleged actions.

She did not go to them,” said Wells. “They called her.

They tried to convince her to do it?” the reporter asked.

Yes,” Wells replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

It wasn’t done for politics, you know,” Wells added.  “It was done for personal reasons. And it wouldn’t have been done if the reporters hadn’t contacted my daughter.

When asked why Corfman came forward 38 years after the incident took place, Wells replied, “She was contacted by the reporter. That’s why.

Wells also contradicted a major part of her daughter’s story when she said that Corfman did not have a phone in her bedroom during the period that Moore is reported to have allegedly called Corfman – purportedly on Corfman’s bedroom phone – to arrange at least one encounter.

Moore has denied all of the allegations against him.

These allegations are completely false and are a desperate political attack by the National Democrat Party and the Washington Post on this campaign,” Moore said.

It’s disturbing that the mainstream media gleefully reports on sexual misconduct claims against Republicans while it stays silent on claims against Democrats. SHARE this story so we can expose David Alcon as the pervert that he is!

Fox News Makes Major Impeachment Move, Millions Furious !!!

With one anti-Trump ad campaign receiving plenty of coverage from mainstream news outlets, one network decided that one perticular advertisement was in bad taste.

Fox News announced that “Due to the strong negative reaction to their ad by our viewers, we could not in good conscience take their money,” canceling the Trump impeachment ad outright, according to one Twitter post.

Tom Steyer, a Democrat supporter and billionaire hedge fund operator, launched a $10 million television ad calling for the impeachment of President Trump and asking viewers to sign a petition urging him to do so. According to his lawyer, Brad Deutsch, more than 1.5 million people have already signed the petition.

Among other things, Mr. Steyer said in the ad that President Trump is “mentally unstable” as well as “armed with nuclear weapons.” He also criticized Mr. Trump for firing FBI Director James Comey as well as bringing the US to “the brink of nuclear war,” according to The Washington Examiner.

However, Fox News decided to cancel the advertisement, which, according to a Twitter post from CNN’s Brian Stelter, had a strong adverse reaction from their largely Trump supporting viewer base.

“Fox News trying to silence the 1.7 million who have already signed our impeachment petition,” tweeted Mr. Steyer in response, after hearing about the news network’s decision.

The billionaire also said in an official statement on Friday that “Millions of Americans have raised their voices in opposition to Donald Trump,” adding that if “If Fox News is siding with Trump and trying to silence us, they must be afraid of what we have to say. It shows no respect for democracy.”

The Democrat mega-donor spent over $90 million trying to elect Democrat candidates to stop the President since the 2016 presidential election.

“Wacky & totally unhinged Tom Steyer, who has been fighting me and my Make America Great Again agenda from beginning, never wins elections!” Mr. Trump tweeted about the billionaire.

Deutsch took note of the President’s tweet in a letter to Fox News where he accused the network of violating his client’s First Amendment rights as well as breaching their contract. “It is no coincidence that the Cancellation of the Advertisement, in the second week of its run, came on the heels of a tweet from President Trump, criticizing the spot and Mr. Steyer personally.”

He further called this move a “profound failure of journalistic integrity,” as well as a suppression of free speech likely the cause of political pressure from the Trump administration, according to Politico.

Although a critical supporter of the Democrat Party, Mr. Steyer’s tactics are causing a divide within the organization, as many top Democrats feel that creating further drama and attacking the President will not help them in the long term. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), has said that she prefers the party to move away from calling for Mr. Trump’s impeachment.

When asked what she thought about Tom Steyer’s ad on MSNBC, she said, “That’s a great ad,” before switching the topic. Ms. Pelosi has previously expressed that fostering an image as the “no drama” party was key to winning back the White House in the coming elections. When asked on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday whether or not they would fight to impeach the President, she responded by saying “It’s not some place that I think we should go.”

It’s no surprise that Fox News withdrew this advertisement from their network as most Trump-supporting Americans wouldn’t agree with its message.

Fox News will no longer allow a Trump impeachment advertisement to be broadcast on their channel. Did they do the right thing?

Major CEO Strikes Back At NFL—His Merciless Move Just Cost Them Millions

The NFL wants to believe its franchise is so powerful that it is invincible from unpatriotic behavior by its players and team owners, and the public backlash that came with it.

They just found out they have vastly overplayed their hand.

As much as America loves its sports, the leadership of the NFL, to their horror, are discovering that for millions of us, life will go on without football.

This entire business of millionaire players protesting against the flag and national anthem is asinine and makes those players look like a bunch of entitled crybabies.

It’s doubtful that a majority of them could even articulate the reasoning behind their behavior.

They’re aggrieved and they are going to show it by heaping scorn on the symbols of the nation that made their very lifestyles possible.

And they are showing disdain to those who sacrificed on behalf of our country.

Actions have consequences, and one major advertiser has just cancelled all advertising during NFL games. It’s a small crack, but it may be the beginning of a movement.

The NFL is about money. Reduce that, and its leadership will take note very quickly.

The system that made their players rich and themselves richer, is the same free-market that can decide to cut them off.

“Now, a CEO for a company that advertises during NFL games and provides wardrobes for NBC’s on-air NFL analysts and sportscasters has decided to take a stand against taking a knee. In fact, he has announced that he is pulling all ads and will no longer provide clothing to NBC talent, according to Independent Journal Review.

Image result for Allan Jones

“That CEO is Allan Jones, owner of the payday lending chain Check Into Cash and Hardwick Clothes — billed as America’s oldest suit-maker — according to the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

“‘Our companies will not condone unpatriotic behavior’ in the NFL, Jones said in a statement. Jones, who has been a big supporter of President Trump, ordered his media buyer — ad agency Tombras Group in Knoxville — to pull all ads for Check Into Cash, Buy Here Pay here USA, or U.S. Money Stores from all NFL games ‘for the entire season.’”

Here’s where Mr. Jones nails it:

“‘When I see Colin Kaepernick lecturing the “oppressed” wearing a Fidel Castro T-shirt you realize the hypocrisy to this stupidity,’ Jones stated , according to The Chattanoogan. ‘I love America. They have the right to protest and I have the right to turn off the channel and place our ads elsewhere.’”

As Jones just noted and as pointed out earlier in this piece, most of those players who are protesting are probably not prepared to give a reasoned explanation for what they are doing.

We can, however. They are irritating a lot of ordinary Americans who would like to enjoy a sporting event free from leftist political demonstrations by a bunch of arrogant and self-absorbed entertainers. When enough of those folks decide there’s more to life than watching such a disgusting display of stupidity, the NFL will feel it in lost revenue. Then we’ll see what happens next.

Source: Conservative Tribune,


Breaking: Four Major Democrats ARRESTED for FRAUD!

The Democratic Party was hit with another scandal this week when four Democratic members of a Philadelphia election board were charged Monday with intimidating voters, casting bogus ballots, and falsely certifying the results in their polling place during a March 21 special election for the state House’s 197th District.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the arrested Democrats are Dolores Shaw, 61; Calvin Mattox, 52; Thurman George, 57; and Wallace Hill, 60. Each of them manned the ballot machines at the Esperanza Health Center at Kensington and Allegheny Avenues in the 43rd Ward, one of the polling places where complaints about illegal electioneering were lodged.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro told reporters that these charges should “draw a very clear line ahead of next week’s election.” He added that one elderly couple, two Republicans, cast their ballots together. However, only one was recorded, while the other was replaced with a write-in vote for the Democrat in the race.

Shapiro said that when one voter tried to cast a ballot for the Green Party candidate, he was told the ballot machine was broken and later was cursed at when he returned to try again. Another person who wanted to vote for the Green Party candidate was aggressively questioned when he tried to bring someone into the polling booth to assist him, as allowed by law.

“One should not chalk these actions up to typical partisanship or typical electioneering,” Shapiro said. “These were crimes.”

Emilio Vazquez, the Democratic leader of the 43rd Ward, ended up winning this election and was sworn into office on April 5.

Philadelphia District Attorney Kelley Hodge said that the actions of this election board are “a ruthless example of why so many of our fellow citizens are skeptical and distrustful of our elections.”

“Shaw, who was a judge of elections at the polling place, faces six felonies and four misdemeanors,” the Inquirer reported. “Mattox, a minority inspector, faces six felonies and five misdemeanors. George, a machine inspector, faces five felonies and three misdemeanors. Hill, a translator, faces six felonies and four misdemeanors. They could receive prison time on the most serious charges if convicted.”

Once again, this shows that Democrats believe that they are above the law and will stop at nothing to win the election. They pay no attention to election laws and are willing to violate them just to get themselves more power.

What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.