Trump Drains Swampiest Liberal Agency In D.C., 75% Gone Overnight

The high priests of the official state religion of the US, ‘Climate Change,’ are unhappy with President Trump and his leadership team.

Apparently, they do not believe they are getting the respect they deserve.

Anyone who does not buy into the theory of climate change is immediately written off by the left as a kook, an ignoramus, or a “flat-earther.”

If man-made global warming turns out to be a flawed theory, you don’t need big government to fix it. And that’s the real tragedy the left is worried about.

Nine members of a twelve-member advisory panel on national parks threw a pity party because wouldn’t sign off on their liberal policies.

So Trump took it as a great excuse to drain the swamp.

From HuffPost:

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Most of the members of the National Park Service Advisory Board have tendered their resignation over frustrations with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, The Washington Post reports.

Nine of the 12 board members quit Monday night, citing Zinke’s refusal to convene the citizen advisory panel or discuss matters with it since he came into office last March.

Zinke has drawn criticism for a number of his actions in the Interior Department, including silencing scientists about climate change.

Where does the HuffPost get its news? Far from being “silenced,” there are plenty of scientists talking about climate change. Nonstop.

Zinke has rejected numerous requests to meet with the advisory panel, which is required to meet twice a year, despite his efforts to review restructuring national parks.

Departing board Chairman Tony Knowles told the Post that the panel has waited to work with Zinke but has been ‘frozen out.’

Great. Now we’re getting somewhere. Mr. Knowles should be thanked for sharing this good news with us. One more worthless part of an unnecessary bureaucracy has just bitten the dust.

Joel Clement, a former employee who claims the Interior Department retaliated against him for his work on climate change, told HuffPost in October that the morale under Zinke was ‘in the toilet.’

Clement also criticized Zinke’s comments that questioned the department staff’s ‘loyalty’ to him and President Donald Trump.

This actually gets amusing as you realize what’s going on. Of course, a department full of liberals is going to go berserk when they can no longer dictate the agenda. Maybe the whole department will quit and go to work for Greenpeace. We could be so fortunate.

National Park System Advisory Board Logo Dark Green

And a left-wing article would not be complete without attacking one of the left’s most hated industries. Watch for it. Here it comes:

“It’s profoundly offensive because it portrays a lack of understanding about the civil service and the mission of the agency,’ Clement told HuffPost.

“It made it clear that what he’s trying to do is not work with the career staff and advance the mission ― he’s trying to undercut the agency and its mission. And it became very clear that his interests were aligned with special interests, like the oil and gas industry.”

Now it’s complete. President Trump has been vilified. His interior secretary has been vilified. The oil and gas industry has been vilified. And the purveyors of the climate change theory have been exalted.

All in all, a predictable, normal news story from a leftist news outlet.

Source: HuffPost,

Liberals Demand Police Take Down Christian’s Sign Because Of Sharia Law — Cops Have Better Idea Instead

When the Liberal professors at all the universities around the country were preaching their special brand of intolerance and hatred of White men and White privilege, the Right went nuts. They wanted action taken, they wanted something to be said or done to fix this injustice. Instead, what they got was a big fat guffaw and an invitation to leave through the nearest door. Liberal professors had been preaching and teaching this tripe for so long that it was second nature for them. And they never expected it to boomerang.

Much like how the Left called on Congress to look into voter fraud after Donald Trump was elected and the commission was formed and began discovering case after case of voter fraud on the parts of Democrats, the Left is now discovering that this teaching of intolerance and how students should be rising up against it, has now come to roost. Liberal professors are now increasingly more likely to be called out in the classroom by a Liberal student who believes they’ve been verbally or mentally assaulted by the pedagogue when they hear something they cannot tolerate. Ironic, huh?

Now, the argument is beginning to move into the realm of religion in the neighborhoods of America. A Christian man in Wisconsin has put up a placard in his yard that quotes Quran scriptures depicting violence and intolerance and local Leftists were outraged. They called the police and demanded the abomination be removed. The police had a classic response that left the Christian man all smiles!

Image result for Wisconsin Christian make war until allah reigns supreme

Mad World News:

When a Wisconsin Christian placed a sign in his yard with one of the Quran’s commands, enraged liberals began calling the police to demand that the politically incorrect sign be removed before it offended Muslims. However, the liberal snowflakes were left utterly shocked when they heard the brilliant 7-word response from local officers.

As statistics have shown, when the Muslim population grows in any region, so does violence. This is why it’s pertinent for those who defend Islam to ceaseless repeat that it is a peaceful religion that’s been perverted by the “tiny minority of extremists.”

Despite the Quran explicitly commanding the mass slaughter of unbelievers and the prophet Muhammad modeling this, sympathizers continue to defend the ideology and its followers.

For months, a Wisconsin native has placed a sign in his yard, typically depicting biblical verses to express his Christian faith. However, this time, the unnamed Brookfield resident decided to showcase a comparative Quranic scripture. It was only then that neighbors began complaining about the message, arguing that it’s wholly Islamophobic and must be destroyed.

Determined to have the sign taken down and possibly get the homeowner punished, irritated residents called the Brookfield Police to ask that they remove the politically incorrect yard sign, TODAY’S TMJ4 reports. Much to the dismay of the disgruntled liberals, the police informed them that the homeowner is entitled to free speech and displaying a sign with a quote from the Quran, no matter how offensive it is to Muslims, is not breaking any laws or violating city codes.

The sign reads, “Make war until Allah reigns supreme” with references to Quran 8:39 and 2:193, which explicitly instructs, “And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and polytheism: i.e. worshipping others besides Allah) and the religion (worship) will all be for Allah Alone [in the whole of the world].” This command was carried out by the prophet Muhammad, who ambushed and beheaded an entire peaceful Jewish tribe and took their women and girls as sex slaves for refusing to convert.

Knowing that criticizing Islam can get an individual killed, which no peaceful religion would promote, the homeowner has understandably refused to reveal his identity. His neighbor, however, has boldly come forward to applaud the man’s decision to express free speech but worries that it could make him a target.

Here we can see that it doesn’t matter what a Muslim says about a Hindi, Christian, Jew or Buddhist. But put the shoe on the other foot and suddenly we have enough cause for a full-blown mini-war. The Left is good at choosing their battles, but often appeals to the most base attitudes, which in turn nets them zero successes.

The loud-mouthed Libs in this case probably thought they could ingratiate themselves to their Muslim neighbors who might then “go easy on them” when the real crisis breaks out. It’s a ridiculous way to live and an even more dangerous point of view. Because when it comes down to it, Muslims hate Liberals even more than they do the Christians. And that’s saying a lot.

Source: Mad World News,

Sessions Just Gave 29 Sanctuary Cities an Early Christmas Gift — Liberals are Furious!

Nearly thirty American locals and the politicians leading them have until December 8 to follow the law or they face the loss of federal funds.

In the one area of responsibility bequeathed to the federal government, immigration, Leftists are perverting the idea of federalism in order to create and maintain sanctuary zones, in defiance of national law.

The Washington Examiner reports that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has sent twenty-nine individual letters to cities, town and states continuing to host sanctuary zones, a criminal act that violates Section 1373 of the Immigration and Naturalization Act. The law states the following:

“Notwithstanding any other provision of Federal, State, or local law, no person or agency may prohibit, or in any way restrict, a Federal, State, or local government entity from doing any of the following with respect to information regarding the immigration status, lawful or unlawful, of any individual:

(1) Sending such information to, or requesting or receiving such information from, the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

(2) Maintaining such information.

(3) Exchanging such information with any other Federal, State, or local government entity.

(c) Obligation to respond to inquiries

The Immigration and Naturalization Service shall respond to an inquiry by a Federal, State, or local government agency, seeking to verify or ascertain the citizenship or immigration status of any individual within the jurisdiction of the agency for any purpose authorized by law, by providing the requested verification or status information.”

If any of the 29 locales refuse to comply, they would lose millions in loans from the Justice Department’s Edward Bryne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program.

An earlier attempt in September by Sessions to threaten the cut-off of funds was stymied by….you guessed it, a federal judge issuing a hold on the move. The Examiner reports that the case is currently sitting in legal Limbo. How convenient for the Left.

What is your reaction?

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194 Liberals Arrested – Facing A Decade In Prison!!!

It’s been just over a year now since Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. Liberal snowflakes were so “triggered” by his win that they launched violent protests all over the U.S. Unfortunately for them, however, this quickly came back to bite them in a big way.

On Inauguration Day, violent protests erupted in Washington D.C. leading to numerous police officers being hospitalized and over $100,000 in damages. Police said that protesters armed with things like hammers and trashcans smashed Starbucks and Bank of America windows, torched a parked limo, set (purchased) “Make America Great Again” souvenirs aflame, and sprayed “Revolution or Death” on walls of local buildings.

The Independent UK reported that the organizers of the protest said that the point of it was to “give expression to the massive opposition to Trump’s right-wing, racist, and misogynist agenda”.

Organizers intend to demonstrate that people of conscience are the majority, and take steps towards organizing that sentiment into a force that can have an impact on Trump’s ability to claim a mandate, setting a tone of resistance for the coming years,” they wrote.

In total, 194 crazed liberals were arrested and hit with serious charges for this carnage.

The US Attorney for the District of Columbia hit nearly all of the protesters with felony charges of incitement to riot and destruction of property, among other charges. We’re glad to see that he is throwing the book at these liberal idiots.

The first seven defendants just started their trial this week, and they have been identified as Jennifer Armento, Oliver Harris, Britt Lawson, Michelle “Miel” Macchio, Christina Simmons, Jayram Toraty, and Alexei Wood.

Lawson is a nurse who said the process has been “stressful,” but that she found it “pretty inspiring to see the amount of solidarity and the ways in which defendants have come together and stayed fairly strong throughout this.” Wood is a journalist who claims he was only at the protest to “cover it.”

I think these charges are just f***ing absurd … I feel like I have an utterly strong case just like everybody else,” Mr Wood told the San Antonio Current in July. “It was indiscriminate arrest. I’m ready to fight.

In the end, their little protests meant nothing, because Trump is still our president one year later! We think it’s important that we send a message to crazed liberals that violent protests will not be tolerated in this country.

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Liberals Demand Mayor Remove ‘Offensive’ Christmas Display, Shocked At His 7-Word Reply

After liberals saw a simple Christmas display in the city hall, they immediately contacted the mayor’s office and demanded that he have the insensitive scene removed because it’s offensive to other cultures. However, they were absolutely shocked when the fiery mayor replied with 7 brilliant, politically-incorrect words.

As the West continues to import millions of migrants who despise our values and freedoms, their leftist allies relentlessly call for submission to these regressive cultures in the name of tolerance. Eventually, we see our own culture and heritage eroding before our very eyes as these oppressive ideologies are promoted above our own.

Of course, one aspect of Western culture is Christianity, which has ushered in the progressive liberties and equality exceptional to our countries today. Disturbingly, it is Christianity’s inherently peaceful and tolerant fundamentals that are allowing the fascist left and its allies to attack and eradicate its existence at every turn. Fortunately, there are still courageous crusaders who refuse to stand idly by and passively accept defeat.

French Mayor Robert Ménard, who has been nicknamed the “populist” mayor because of his determination to represent the people, has a history of offending liberals in the most satisfyingly politically-incorrect ways. Making a career out of defying the socialistic left and combatting Islam’s migratory conquest of Europe, Ménard continues to gain international support for his proactive conservative policies.

So, when liberals attacked a yearly Nativity scene erected at the Béziers City Hall, Ménard wasn’t about to allow the intolerant bigots to ruin the Christmas spirit of the vast majority of citizens. Knowing that he couldn’t merely use his own Christian beliefs to protect the Nativity from being taken down, Ménard concocted a brilliant plan to beat liberals at their own game.

French newspaper L’Express reports that after overly-sensitive liberals demanded the city hall Nativity scene be removed for being offensive to minority cultures, Mayor Ménard used their own argument against them to protect the display, firmly replying, “We will never yield on our culture!”

Liberals Demand Mayor Remove 'Offensive' Christmas Display, Shocked At His 7-Word Reply

In a genius move, Ménard used the same tactic that liberals often invoke, charging that their attack on the Christmas display is a bigoted assault on French culture and the majority’s values. The wise mayor then took to Twitter to express his outrage over the incessant leftist incursion against the Christian majority, who have a rich and long heritage of celebrating their culture and values through displays like the Nativity.

“They will try to ban our #crèche (Nativity) of 2017, 2018 and up to 2030. We will never yield on our culture!” he posted on Twitter.

“I am respectful of secularism, but an open, tolerant secularism that does not consist in chasing down what we are and denying our history,” he added to his previous sentiment in a column for his former magazine Boulevard Voltaire.

Ménard has not only defied the tiny minority of people who want the Nativity gone but a 2016 court decision in which the French administrative court of appeals of Marseille ruled that the scene has no place in a city hall. Despite this, Ménard has risked legal action to once again erect the display depicting the birth of Christ. However, Ménard’s carefully worded response may very well be the key to getting around the ruling.

By cleverly declaring the Nativity scene a work of “culture,” Ménard has likely invoked a loophole in the previous court ruling. According to the judgment, displays in government and public facilities are allowed if “special circumstances show that the installation is of a cultural, artistic, or festive nature,” Breitbart reports.

Still, the controversial mayor is no stranger to defying an overreaching government. In April 2017, Ménard shocked the liberal media by brazenly calling out the migrant problem, confirming that areas with a high Muslim population are the most intolerant to other faiths and races.

“In one of the classrooms in my town center, 91 percent of children are Muslim. Obviously, this is a problem. There are limits to tolerance,” Menard said in an interview, according to BBC News. He added that Muslims are performing hijrah, the religious command to overtake non-Muslim nations through childbirth, adding that the West is witnessing the “great replacement.”

For citing this statistic, Ménard was convicted of “incitement to hatred and discrimination” and sentenced to pay $3,275 in fees and court costs. Incredibly, when questioned about the ruling, Ménard doubled down on his comments, shunning political correctness by reminding offended listeners that “it’s a fact.”

In 2015, Ménard rocked headlines after personally confronting illegal Syrian migrants for trespassing on private property. The Mayor arrived at an apartment complex, demanding that the squatters evacuate the premises for trespassing, destroying property, and stealing from the taxpayers.

“You are not welcome in this town. You came in this apartment breaking the door,” said the 62-year-old mayor in a video recording. “You are stealing the water. People are paying for the water, but you are stealing electricity and water. I’m saying it again: you are not welcome in this town.”

Ménard embodies the boldness and defiance that the Christian majority must summon to combat the threat of liberalism and Islam, which seek to eradicate the freedoms and tolerance that are exceptional to the West. If the West doesn’t want to end up like any of the other countries destroyed by years of socialism and Sharia law, it’s high time they start fighting back.

It’s Happening! 194 Liberals Are Heading To Prison At Once – All Face A DECADE Behind Bars

The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States has brought out some of the most unspeakable and uncivilized behavior that leftists have displayed in years. A year later and America still witnesses the occasional meltdown and protest filled with triggered “not muh president” blabberings that often lead to violence and screaming at the sky.  The people responsible for the violence, destruction, and chaos that ensued from the protests will soon learn their fate as 194 liberals could perform their final march in a sea of orange jumpsuits and face decades in prison. Can’t protest much in the shower when the soap falls in front of them and they know what happens next.

Trump’s inauguration sparked the chaotic scene where protesters caused numerous police officers to be hospitalized, people were violent, and there was at least $100,000 worth of damages done. Protesting is legal, but violence and destruction during protests are not, hence the arrests were made as a direct result of people breaking the law. There’s peaceful protest, then there are protests attacking people and only one of the two is legal.

According to police, protesters—some of whom were armed with hammers and trash cans—smashed Starbucks and Bank of America windows, torched a parked limo, set (purchased) “Make America Great Again” souvenirs aflame, and sprayed “Revolution or Death” on walls of local buildings. Police in riot gear responded by surrounding the march and unleashing rubber bullets, water cannons, flash grenades, and pepper spray.

Seeing that protesters smashed and destroyed Starbucks, liberally oriented business, leads me to believe one of two things.

1) Protesters are inherently uneducated and oblivious to their surroundings, too blind to realize they destroyed a business ran by leftists who probably hires leftists as well. Nothing like ruining someone’s weekend by destroying the place where they work and earn a living. Just because protesters don’t want to work, that doesn’t make it right for them to destroy other people’s jobs.

2) The fact they destroyed Starbucks could also mean they were paid to protest. Paid protesters will hit cruise control on their “destroy everything” speed and they don’t care about what breaks, what burns, or anything for that matter. They’re there to do a job and they certainly succeeded on the day of Trump’s inauguration.

I didn’t care that protesters smashed Bank of America, though. Not one bit. Why didn’t one of them go inside and hack all the records to erase all credit cards owned by BofA? That would’ve put the hero status on a lot of people and I’d be there handing out capes. But no, the protesters merely destroyed just to destroy. There was no true purpose other than to cause unrest that led to 194 people facing convictions.

“Now 194 people arrested at the protests face up to decades in prison in what legal observers have dubbed an unprecedented assault on protest. After all, the US Attorney for the District of Columbia has slapped almost all of the defendants with felony charges of incitement to riot and destruction of property, among other charges. The first trial—of six individuals, including a journalist—was set to begin with jury selection Wednesday in DC Superior Court. It’s to be followed by a series of others,since the court could not hear all the cases at once.”

If any legal observers see this as an assault on the legal right to protest, then they should revisit the video evidence of said protesters destroying property, lighting fires, fighting with people, and doing very bad non-protest actions. There’s a difference between protesting and making noise vs. lighting things on fire and destroying a coffee shop that sells overpriced bean water.

To see the District of Columbia provide many of the 194 defendants with felony charges is a step in the right direction that could help prevent future protests from erupting into a massive scene of uneventful chaos. This is where the law should make a stand against the protesting group that thinks violence is included in protests. Violence is not part of protesting and should not be categorized as a protest, because then it opens the doors for future protesters to use violence on people, animals, and places while saying its “for muh protest.”

Now is the time for a judge, or judges, to remind 194 people that destroying Starbucks, a bank, and causing harm to police officers is still against the law. One cannot injure or destroy in the name of protest and get away with it.

194 people could be in jail doing the time for their crime. I don’t want the protesters to spend their life in jail, but a few years for burning down a business or hurting people could be a fair sentence. It’s all based on what each individual crime the people committed. They’re not all responsible for the same exact violation, so the court system should be fair when handing out sentences. The worst crimes should get the most times.

Hopefully, some of the violators are only in prison for a little bit. Why? Because Trump will still be President when they’re released from jail and nothing could be more magical than that.

California Is Heading To The Supreme Court Over What They Are Forcing Conservatives To Do

It must be great to be a liberal. You spend your days telling other people what to do, and then act surprised when those same people are offended.

But I’m willing to bet you’d be more surprised when those same people fight back – and no one puts up a better fight than a group of pissed-off conservatives.

Actually, I take that back – no one puts up a better fight than a group of conservatives protecting the weak. And there’s no group more vulnerable than the unborn. Especially in California, where they can be slaughtered at will.

It’s also the state that decided that pro-life clinics must advertise for abortion clinics…in their own waiting rooms.

Congratulations California libs – you just found a group of pissed-off conservatives willing to fight back.

The Daily Caller reports:

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear a challenge to a California law requiring pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to post information about state-funded abortions.

A coalition of pro-life groups challenging the law say it explicitly targets and coerces religious counseling centers into pro-abortion expression.

The law requires crisis pregnancy clinics to post a bulletin informing patients that the state offers subsidized abortion access.

“California has public programs that provide immediate free or low-cost access to abortion for eligible women. To determine whether you qualify, contact the county social services office.”

I don’t have words for this.

The fact that liberals are somehow surprised by conservative reaction here shows just how stupid they are. Imagine how outraged liberals would be if schools were forced to tell homosexual students that some faiths believe there are alternatives to being gay. You’d have rioting in the streets.

And yet, when it comes to protecting the unborn, the state sees no problem with telling young mothers about ‘alternatives.’ The hypocrisy here is piled high.

Luckily, a group of sharp legal conservative minds has tackled the issue.

The case is the second of the new term involving a conservative group’s challenge to a liberal state law.

“It’s unthinkable for the government to force anyone to provide free advertising for the abortion industry. The state shouldn’t have the power to punish anyone for being pro-life. Instead, it should protect freedom of speech and freedom from coerced speech.”

California’s had a tough time fighting these conservative lawyers. And the state now has to face down SCOTUS – and with a newly appointed Neil Gorsuch within it.

It doesn’t look good for the lib state.

Source: Daily Caller,

New Law Allows Police To Take Our Guns To ‘Save Lives’…But There’s More That Libs Don’t Want You To Know

We’ve been warned about it for years, and it’s finally happening – liberals are trying to take your guns.

Mind you, I used to think this was a bit of an exaggeration. The Left loves power, after all, and nothing gets people behind a politician like ‘fake outrage over mass shootings.’

I say ‘fake,’ of course, because real outrage would quickly figure out that gun control wouldn’t actually solve the problem.

Which brings me to today’s new law – one that allows the government to simply knock on your door and take your guns away without your knowledge.

Yes, I’m serious.

And the kicker? In order to get people behind this law, Democrats are lying about the number of mass shooting victims…by mixing them up with suicide deaths.

Breitbart reports:

[A new law] would legalize firearm confiscation orders, [allowing] a judge to issue an order for the confiscation of an American’s firearms without the firearm owner even being present for the process.

His or her first knowledge of the order would come when police knocked on their door to sweep the house for firearms.

[The law’s supporters] do not differentiate between Americans who die due to suicide versus those who die via gun crime, homicide. Gun crime only makes up one-third of gun deaths each year in America. Two-thirds of the deaths are suicides.

The suicide lie is not the only lie hidden within this bill.

There’s also the simple fact that the bill itself, just like every other gun control bill, wouldn’t actually work to stop the mass shootings that inspired them in the first place.

I would say that this level of dishonesty it is too low even for the Left, but it’s become commonplace whenever liberals want to take your guns. And everyone is falling for it – even traditionally conservative country music stars like Tim McGraw.

The orders are supported by Sandy Hook Promise, the gun control group to which Tim McGraw donated concert proceeds in July.

It’s one thing to deceive New Yorker-reading Berkeley elites who’ve never worked a real day in their life. It’s quite another to deceive the same country singer who brags about obeying his parents, serving his country, and saying, ‘yes, sir,’ and ‘yes, ma’am.’

Put simply, the Democrats are getting better at this.

And when it comes to opposing gun control laws that don’t actually work, we need to be better, too.

Source: Breitbart,

Black Super Liberal Hates Conservatives, Then ‘Something’ Happens To Her That Changes Everything

Give me all the theories you want, and the charts, and the data and evidence – at the end of the day, the only real thing that changes people’s minds is this: personal experience. If you haven’t felt it, seen it, or heard it, it simply won’t sink in.

For liberals, that means the more you personally experience conservative principles, the more likely you are to believe that conservatives are right. Experience is everything.

This is terribly important. Because while we might highlight the stories of liberal intolerance, or hypocrisy, or willful blindness to data, the only real thing that will convince a liberal of conservative truth is actual, face-to-face interaction with a conservative.

Or, in this liberal’s case, interaction with other liberals.

Because it’s the insane and frothing liberal overreaction to Trump’s election that convinces liberal Candace Owens to join the conservative ranks.

The Daily Caller reports:

Spunky and authentic video blogger Candace Owens recently began breaking out of “the mental prison” that white liberals have created for minorities.

Owens’ message to liberals is simple, but revolutionary: “Think for yourself; come to your own conclusions.”

That conclusion probably sounds pretty calm and relaxed. But to libs, it’s not. Apparently, it’s nothing short of apocalyptic.

Because, for libs, the ability to think for yourself means the ability to become conservative…and that’s just notsomething they want.

(It should go without saying here – but I’ll say it anyway – that Candace Owens is a black American vlogger. Which means, to put it bluntly, that her opinions are not treated fairly by libs, but are run through a series of Progressive Filters that screen out ‘offensive to liberals’ content.)

The name of her vlog, “Myth of the Coon,” is a signal to those who defame and hope to silence her. She obviously doesn’t care about hostile labels.

Democrats and liberals are losing people “by the thousands every day, [because] they can’t stop lying.” The attacks and character assassination, calling people “white nationalists” or “Hitler,” has gone too far.

We’ve seen before the effects of black Americans becoming conservative – they’re ostracized, marginalized, and treated as – and this is just sad – minorities. Candace Owens is no different.

But the rest of us should realize how important it is when a Democrat, with a history of voting Democrat, becomes a conservative…just by watching how people treat Donald Trump.

Truth is, sincere Americans recognize mean and pettiness when they see it.

And then they change parties.

Source: Daily Caller,

Liberals Protest Deportation Of ‘Poor’ Illegal Immigrant, Then 4 Accusers Come Forward With His Sick Secrets

The standard lib sob story is this: illegal immigrants are being hunted down like helpless prey before the predatory actions of Trump’s ICE agents, who separate families without compassion and deport innocents without remorse.

It’s a good story. But it’s missing some details…like the serious and sick, hardened criminals that ICE deports. Especially those that libs don’t like to talk about.

Fact is, when it comes to serious and nauseating crimes, liberals have the most explaining to do. Consider the crimes – rape? You’ve got Bill Clinton, and his associated crimes. Child molestation? You’ve got Jeffrey Epstein, and his associated Clinton friends, and crimes.

Child molestation? You’ve got Victor Garcia-Fuentes, and his associated crimes.

Oh wait, did I already mention child molestation? My apologies. Soon-to-be deported Victor Garcia-Fuentes is facing child-molestation charges.

I guess he’d get along with the Clintons.

WOWT Nebraska reports:

An illegal immigrant set to be deported has now been accused of sexually assaulting Metro children. He’s also accused of trying to intimidate his alleged victims from behind bars.

Victor Garcia-Fuentes is already in custody, [and] now faces 4 counts of child sexual assault.

There’s always a line of detail that probably shouldn’t be crossed when describing sexual crimes. So I’ll just get close to it – there’s evidence that Victor Garcia-Fuentes is a rapist who should never be released.

Take that for what it’s worth. And understand he should be locked up forever.

If you doubt me, consider these facts: Victor, while imprisoned, was trying to intimidate the families of his victims.

Omaha Police say they have phone recordings from inside the jail where Garcia-Fuentes spoke to an unknown man and woman and asked for their help to contact the victims’ family. The woman on the phone warned Garcia-Fuentes they were being recorded, so [he] said he would send them a letter.

“There’s always concerns with victims, [and] the victims’ families, that somebody might try to intimidate witnesses to try to not have them testify.”

So, then…let’s be clear. An illegal immigrant child-rapist is trying to scare the families of his victims into not testifying to his crimes in court. And we’re watching this process unfold, and doing nothing.

Does anyone doubt that we should be deporting this evil bastard?

Source: WOWT Nebraska,