Just In: Prophet Who Predicted Trump’s Victory Just Made Another Prediction – Liberals Hate it

Americans were aware of the fact that President Donald Trump will take oath in office.

The people like him and his policies.

His ideas were more than great. He has accomplished a lot of things by now and has many more plans in the future.

This is why the people gave their votes to the only real and honest candidate. Crooked Hillary Clinton didn’t have any chances of beating him and everyone was aware of that, including the man who predicted that Donald Trump is going to win the 2016 presidential election. This same man also predicted that President Trump is going to do something about the Israel issue.

According to our source, America News Fast, the liberals do not understand that everything Trump does is for our country and nation and he is working hard to fix the damage former President Barack Obama has made in the past eight years. What’s even more shocking for the liberals is the second prediction the retired Orlando firefighter, Mark Taylor made.

He claimed that President Donald Trump is going to win another election, adding that he will become a president for the second time in a row. He also said that God assured President Trump’s path. Well, this could be true, since each of the predictions that he made became true.

“Absolutely. I’m sure about that because when people see the good that the country is coming in to, the prosperity, the economy, the jobs—he’s going to sail into the second term,” Taylor said.

“I didn’t know a lot about Donald, I just knew that he was a very powerful businessman, built this empire, and he was toying with the idea of running for president at the time. Most people thought it was a joke so I’m listening to him on an interview and all of the sudden I hear the voice of the Lord say, You’re hearing the voice of a president.”

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Top Hollywood Actress, Realizing She’s in Big Trouble, Tells Liberals to Lay Off Trump

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She probably waited a little too long to finally see the light.

Hollywood’s highest paid actress, Jennifer Lawrence, seems to have had a sudden change of heart after months of bashing President Trump and those Americans who voted for him.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Lawrence urged fellow liberals to lay off Trump and Conservatives in general, noting that venomous liberal rhetoric likely helped Trump get elected:

“The Democrats made a huge mistake by chastising the Trump supporters, and that was disgusting to me. Of course they’re not going to vote for Hillary Clinton; they’re going to vote for Donald Trump. You laughed at them when their plight is very real.”

She acknowledged that trashing Trump was especially risky for her, as a Hollywood A-lister:

“Twenty-five percent of America identifies as liberal and I need more than 25 percent of America to go see my movies. It’s not wise, career-speaking, to talk about politics.”

Yeah, might be a little too late for that one.

Last year, Lawrence made numerous hostile remarks about Trump, Conservatives and Christians. In one particularly notable incident, she suggested that the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas “deserved” their suffering for objecting to prevailing “climate change” arguments.

A great many Conservatives are today boycotting Lawrence’s films, which probably had a little something to do with her sudden about-face.

Source: Hannity,conservativepost.com

Just In: 69 Dead, 295 Wounded … Liberals & Mainstream Media SILENT

2018 is off to a deadly start in Chicago, with nearly seven dozen killed since the New Year started.

Since the deadly massacre in Florida which killed 17, 11 people were shot and killed in the city, none with the deadly assault weapons currently being scrutinized, according to data kept by the Tribune.



Apparently making gun free zones and usurping the Second Amendment is having no effect on criminals who are hell-bent on shooting each other.

A site called Hey Jackass which tallies up Chicago crime notes the shooting total so far for this year 69 have been killed and 295 wounded.

Of the homicide victims, 77.9 percent were black and for all you Black Lives Matters folks keeping tabs, police were involved in only ONE percent of the shootings.


Source: fbnewscycle.com

Huckabee Just Left CMA Board With PERFECT Goodbye Gift After Liberals Forced Him Out

It looks like the right has now also lost Country Music.

The announcement of the former governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee’s appointment to the CMA Foundation’s board Wednesday stirred an immediate outcry from big-mouthed vocal elements inside the industry over his well-known conservative views. And sadly as we on the right have seen so many times before, those loud voices always win.

Governor Huckabee has now been forced to step down. But not before penning a letter to the organization:

“To the CMA Foundation Board
From Mike Huckabee
March 1, 2018

Dear Board Members:

It appears that I will make history as having the shortest tenure in the history of the CMA Foundation Board. I genuinely regret that some in the industry were so outraged by my appointment that they bullied the CMA and the Foundation with economic threats and vowed to withhold support for the programs for students if I remained. I had NO idea I was that influential! I’m somewhat flattered to be of such consequence when all I thought I was doing was voluntarily serving on a non-profit board without pay in order to continue my decades of advocacy for the arts and especially music.

The message here is “Hate Wins.” Bullies succeeded in making it untenable to have “someone like me” involved. I would imagine however that many of the people who buy tickets and music are not that “unlike me.”

I hereby tender my resignation effective immediately. I hope this will end the unnecessary distraction and deterrent to the core mission of the Foundation which is to help kids acquire musical instruments and have an opportunity to participate in music programs as students.

Since I will not be able to continue in what I had hoped to be useful service in this endeavor, I wanted to at least put some things on the record. I have no expectation that it will change the irrational vitriol directed toward you or me for my religious or political views that necessitated my abrupt departure, but I want you to know what you would never know by reading intolerant and vicious statements on the internet about who I am or what led me to want to be a part of your efforts to empower kids with the gift of music. So please bear with me.

Music changed my life. I grew up dirt poor in south Arkansas. No male upstream from me in my entire family ever even graduated from high school. I had no reason to believe that my life would consist of anything but scratching out a meager living and hoping to pay rent in a house I would never own just as generations before me had done.

Music changed that. The gift of an electric guitar by my parents when I was 11 put in my hands a future. It took them a year to pay for the $99 guitar they bought from the J. C. Penney catalog. Granted, I was never good enough to make a full-time living at music, but the confidence I gained by playing, being in front of people, and competing against myself and the low expectations I grew up with was transformative.

No need to recite my entire history, but I was especially baffled that I was accused of not being supportive of public education. I am the PRODUCT of public education. As Governor my own children were the first children of a Governor in 50 years to have their entire education grades 1-12 in the PUBLIC schools of Arkansas. I fought to give teachers the largest pay raise in state history. I successfully led the effort to allow teachers to retire with full benefits after 28 years of service after my two Democrat predecessors vetoed the same bill. I personally shepherded through legislation that mandated both music AND arts programs for EVERY student in grades 1-12 and taught by fully certified teachers. We were one of the only states to have ever done that.

I was Chairman for 2 years of the Education Commission of the States, comprised of all 50 Governors, education leaders in the Senate and House from all 50 state legislatures, and the state education chief for each of the 50 states. My chosen theme and agenda for those two years was music education for every child. I launched an initiative “Play it Again, Arkansas” that promoted donation of musical instruments that would be professionally refurbished and provided to students whose parents couldn’t afford the rent or purchase of an instrument allowing them to be in the school band. I traveled repeatedly to DC with the NAMM Foundation to advocate for music education and have worked with them for several years to urge states to mandate music and arts education. Now someone who has never met me threatens to wreck valuable programs of the CMA Foundation because of a personal contempt for my faith and politics. I am willing to get out of the way for the sake of the students the Foundation will hopefully help.

If the industry doesn’t want people of faith or who hold conservative and traditional political views to buy tickets and music, they should be forthcoming and say it. Surely neither the artists or the business people of the industry want that.

Until recently, the arts was the one place America could set aside political, geographical, racial, religious, and economic barriers and come together. If the arts community becomes part of the polarization instead of bridging communities and people over the power of civil norms as reflected in the arts, then we as a civilization may not be long for this earth.

All of us have deep passions about our beliefs. I do about mine. But I hate no one. I wish upon NO ONE the loss of life or livelihood because that person sees things differently than me.

I hope that the music and entertainment industry will become more tolerant and inclusive and recognize that a true love for kids having access to the arts is more important than a dislike for someone or a group of people because of who they are or what they believe.

My sincere thanks to the CMA Foundation for believing I had something to contribute. I regret that my presence caused controversy and threats to vital support for deserving kids. Kids wanting to learn music shouldn’t be the victims of adults who demand that only certain people can be in the room or be heard.

I wish you nothing but good will and success at reaching students across America who need music as much as I did. At the end of the day, I’m not worth the fight, but the kids are. Never stop fighting for THEM!

Mike Huckabee”

Governor Huckabee is known for his conservative views on everything from gay marriage to his unwavering support of the second amendment, but sadly although the country music scene used to be very conservative it has now been infiltrated by liberals and the LGBIXYZ crowd. But keep in mind that Huckabee’s appointment has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that he is a conservative because it’s not a political appointment of any kind, instead it’s because of his great love for all kinds of music.

What the country music scene doesn’t understand is that it’s ok to have powerful liberals in their ranks. Such as Tim McGraw and Faith Hill who are married and considered the power couple of country music. But they keep their liberalism in the closet except when it comes to their ludacris stand against our Second Amendment. Which, as we saw during the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay mass shooting most of the fans, aren’t liberals and they don’t agree with much that liberalism stands for.

The Country music industry has now awakened a sleeping giant and it’s doubtful many will bother to buy much country music anymore. Don’t believe me? Look at what’s happening to the movie industry after they decided to insult everything the majority of working-class families believe. They are now asking themselves why people don’t go to the movies anymore. Simple, people don’t want to pay to feed an industry which despises everything that is moral and just.


ALLEN WEST: A message to liberals who call NRA members like me “child murderers”

While the innocent people who lost their lives are still being buried, not even a week after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, libs have been working tirelessly to politicize the event and come after our guns.

They are calling any one with a passion for guns “child murders” and attacking members of the NRA.

What is their true intent? Are they pushing for new-world order? That is not for certain..but one thing is. They are after your guns.

Take a look at what Allen West has to say about this:

Via allenbwest:

Yesterday, the hashtag #KillTheNRA started trending on Twitter, inspired by a vandalized billboard in Kentucky bearing the same message. It echoed comments from student survivors of the Parkland High school shooting on CNN over the weekend. When asked for their message to the National Rifle Association their response was “Disband. Dismantle. Don’t you come back here.”

“The fact that [the NRA] was in power for so long just goes to show how much time we need to spend fixing our country,” Parkland student Emily Gonzalez said. When the CNN anchor pointed out the NRA “gives millions of dollars to politicians, Gonzalez replied, “Politicians who accept this blood money are against the children, they’re against the people who are dying.” Fellow student David Hogg added “If you can’t get elected without taking money from child murderers, why are you even running?”

This is an example as to why the left has lost this debate. I am a Patriot Life Member of the NRA and a Board Member, and I’m now castigated as a “child murderer?” Yes, I own two AR-15s and an AR-15 carbine; they’re used for target shooting, blank generic silhouettes. The NRA isn’t some amorphous nondescript organism. The NRA is an organization made up of Americans, men, women, and young people. This type of over the top rhetoric does nothing to win folks over, nor does it advance any viable solutions.

I find it interesting that probably this same student has never spoken in the same terms regarding Planned Parenthood. That organization exists to murder unborn children.

Mr. Graham does a very adept job in responding to such absurd assertions, “To recap: the NRA is a group of “child murderers” who hand out “blood money” to desperate politicians to buy their support for the Second Amendment and, therefore, it should be “killed.”

Have I got that right? I’m double-checking because, as a regular, gun-owning-but-it’s-no big-deal, supports-the-Second-Amendment-but-isn’t-an-NRA-member guy–that sounds nuts. Let’s start with a basic fact about the NRA that seems to have been lost: The “A” is for “Association.” As in “freedom of association?” Or “assembly” as it’s called in the First Amendment. Some 5 million Americans choose to pay dues and “associate” with other like-minded people who share their views on gun ownership. The money talk makes it sound like the NRA is a trade industry group like the Association of Auto Manufacturers or the American Federation of Teachers, who represent the financial interests of their members. (The gun industry has one of those, too: The National Shooting Sports Foundation.) This distinction doesn’t make the NRA good or bad, but it’s simply wrong to look at them the way we look at, say, the National Beer Wholesalers Association when it comes to the issue of DUI laws. The NRA isn’t the beer sellers. It’s the beer drinkers.”

I would love to ask the student, Emily Gonzalez, if she has any issue with Associations like the National Educators Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) who both stand ardently against policies such as school choice, school vouchers, and charter schools? Shouldn’t Ms. Gonzalez want to see the best educational opportunities for all young people, all students?

Maybe Ms. Gonzalez should go over to Weston Florida and talk to some of those Venezuelan expats and ask them how well disarming the population– a Hugo Chavez initiative — has worked out in their home country?

I applaud student engagement and involvement, but I do not appreciate student abuse. What I see happening is the left is using and abusing these students at a very emotional time. They’re being taken advantage of, to include being given scripted questions, and paraded on liberal progressive media outlets for the expressed intent of advancing an ideological agenda. The sad reality, and why the debate is being lost by the left, is that their true colors are shining through. The fact that NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch needed a security detail to depart the CNN Townhall is disturbing…in essence she was verbally assaulted. And who knows, there are some who would have physically assaulted Ms. Loesch if not for her security detail. And why was that detail necessary? I thought the purpose of the CNN town hall was to discuss solutions, not to advance hatred.

#killtheNRA means killing law-abiding, legal gun owners, Americans, who, as per our Constitution, do have a Second Amendment right, as enshrined in our Bill of Rights…or as I wrote at CNSNews.com, maybe the left doesn’t believe we have that right. Yes, we can tighten up weapons acquiring procedures, but a law-abiding person has no issue with background checks. When are we going to focus on those who aren’t law abiding, instead of wanting to disarm and kill the law-abiding ones, which is what that hashtag means.

I wonder if Emily Gonzalez takes any issue with a violent group such as Antifa, a leftist group that physically assaults people with whom they disagree. I guess this is in essence what the left wants, subjugation. If we cannot, or do not have the right to defend ourselves, then what is the end result? The point that Emily Gonzalez, bless her heart, fails to realize is that we all want to serve, protect, and defend our schools, our children. And there are ways in which that can be done, but the left has lost this debate because what they want is obedience, by any means necessary.

I am certainly no child murderer…but Margaret Sanger was, and her legacy lives on. I suppose Ms. Emily Gonzalez is not as emotional about that, which happens every day in America, by the hundreds.

Source: www.libertyonenews.com

Billy Graham Prophesied Over Trump 10 Years Ago, What He said Will Upset Many Liberals

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Billy Graham Prophesied Over Trump 9 Years Ago, This Will Shock Many Liberals.

Paula White defended Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s faith at a recent rally in central Florida.

The megachurch pastor told attendees at a rally that Trump truly is a man of God, detailing how his faith influences how he treats people and his ministry donations.

She says she wanted to honor him, so for his 60th birthday, she sought out a gift like no other: a signed Bible by Billy Graham.

“For his 60th birthday, Billy Graham wrote a prophetic word and a letter for Mr. Trump,” White says.


In 2011, Franklin Graham sounded somewhat open to Trump.

“When I first heard about him entering, I thought it was a joke. The more I listen to him, the more I say: ‘Maybe he’s right.’ … Certainly, America needs somebody like a Donald Trump who’s got business experience to get us out of the mess that Republicans and Democrats alike have gotten us into,” he told Christianity Today in 2011.


Massive Movement Started For James Woods That Scares Liberals to Death

By now, everyone knows that Conservative actors Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger eventually became politicians and successfully campaigned their way into the California Governor’s mansion.

Well, radio host and conservative activist Melanie Morgan has decided to begin a grassroots movement in order to land another well known Conservative actor in the same position and residence.

That’s right. In an online petition on her site Media Equalizer, Morgan calls for James Woods to run in the Golden State’s gubernatorial contest later this year.

So, could Woods be just what California needs? Morgan seems to thinks so.

“James Woods, governor of California? Why not? The Golden State has a long history of electing leaders from the deep end of thespian pool,” the petition reads. “From Ronald Reagan to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Californian voters actually seem to enjoy casting ballots for Republican actors.”

“An effort to shake up the California governor’s race by placing James Woods on the ballot is gathering steam. The online signature-gathering effort intends to assist fed-up Californians in taking a stand against one-party rule and the increasing likelihood that two Democrats will appear on November’s gubernatorial ballot amid a Republican shutout,” Morgan wrote.

“Californians deserve a choice in this year’s crucial election and it’s a mistake to allow Gavin Newsom to cakewalk right into the governorship without a fight,” Morgan continued.

Yes, and since Democrat nominee and former San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsom does not appear to “give a damn about anything beyond naked political ambition,” Morgan can’t help but wonder…why not Woods?

“Why not draft someone far more intelligent than any predecessor in that office?” she suggests.

I mean, sure…why not? After all, according to Morgan, Woods is a Mensa member and “a former Catholic altar boy who aced his SATs, was accepted to MIT, but dropped out to pursue acting.”

“Woods enjoyed a long career that only recently has ground to a halt because of his conservative political views,” Morgan also notes. “He’s since become an Internet sensation due to his brilliant, concise and downright scrappy way of summarizing a political moment, right to its essence.”

Indeed. If you don’t follow him on Twitter, you should. Highly recommended:


Now, whether Woods would actually be interested in running remains to be seen, but Morgan does make a compelling case here, don’t you think? I mean, there certainly could be far worse choices, right?

Source: www.proudcons.news

American Retailer Now Publicly Supports Sharia. Are You Shopping Here?

We all know how Sharia Law works here in America. Muslims come into our country and slowly but surely start demanding certain Islamic rights that are a direct threat to the United States and its western culture.

What is so frustrating is that these radical demands are veiled in the form of liberalism. To promote ‘diversity.’ To be ‘accepting’ of all cultures. To increase religious ‘awareness.’

Poppycock. Sharia Law has a very serious and deadly calling: to either convert the world to Islam or kill those who refuse to bow down to Allah.

Unfortunately, mainstream America is choosing to play with fire when it comes to supporting Sharia. Liberals would rather sacrifice western culture and possibly the lives of Americans for the sake of proving their allegiance to Islam. And that is just exactly what one major retailer is doing.

From The Blaze:

Macy’s announced Wednesday the launch of a clothing line aimed at its Muslim shoppers that will include dresses, tops, cardigans, pants, and hand-dyed hijabs.

The retailer partnered the Verona Collection, which describes itself as Modern Islamic Clothing, to make the brand’s modest, ready-to-wear pieces available on the department store’s website, according to a news release

The Workshop, which marked its seventh year in 2017, is one element of Macy’s commitment to “vendor diversity,” the company said.

“Through The Workshop at Macy’s, Lisa shared her vision to create a collection that speaks to a community of women looking for a solution to their fashion needs,” Cassandra Jones, senior vice president of Macy’s Fashion, said in the release.

Vendor diversity? Could Macy’s act anymore pathetically politically correct?

What needs to happen is this: any person who wants to come to America to start a new life is welcome if they legally apply for citizenship, learn the English language, prove they have a valuable skill or trade, and embrace western culture. To become an American citizen doesn’t mean you forget where you came from, but it does require you to renounce all that is un-American in your previous culture and work to preserve the new culture you have entered.

But radical Muslims refuse to do that. And somehow Liberals are letting them get away with this.

It’s time for Republicans to stand up to this shady business, call out those who publicly support Sharia law, and stop those who follow Sharia to the letter from becoming part of American culture.

For now, a good place to start would be to boycott Macy’s. Are you in?

Source: The Blaze, patriotjournal.org

In Landmark Case, Supreme Court Tears Up Liberals’ ‘Holy Grail’ In Heartland State

While there are plenty of alarming things that can be pointed out in regards to the liberal viewpoint, there’s one that continually rises to the top as the most off-putting.

The Far Left has a win at all costs mentality that gives nary a thought to the consequences of its actions.

As long as they get their way, all is well in their world. That makes it all the sweeter when they finally get some long overdue comeuppance.

The Daily Caller passes along another wake-up all that has rattled the cage of Liberals.

The Ohio Supreme Court revoked the license of an abortion clinic in Toledo, Ohio, Tuesday after years of inspection violations and a failure to meet the state’s abortion clinic standards.

The state’s Supreme Court upheld the Ohio Department of Health’s order revoking the license of Toledo’s Capital Care abortion clinic because it repeatedly failed to produce a written transfer agreement with a hospital for emergency cases where women undergoing abortions need immediate transportation to a nearby hospital. The clinic did have an agreement with the Ann Arbor University of Michigan Health System, but the Ann Arbor hospital is more than 50 miles away and is therefore not considered local under the Health Department’s requirement.

This isn’t just a procedural thing either.

The clinic was being run in haphazard and dangerous fashion, and it’s finally being put out of business as a result.

State inspectors also found 24 violations at the abortion clinic in the past 10 years, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

“Americans United for Life is encouraged by the Ohio Supreme Court’s determination that the Ohio Department of Health’s decision to revoke the license of an abortion center that failed to meet state standards for patient care was supported by ‘reliable, probative, and substantial evidence and is in accordance with law,’” Americans United For Life President Catherine Glenn Foster said in a written statement.

Left unattended, Liberals will do whatever the heck they want to advance their worldview and whatnot.

Thankfully, our nation’s legal system provides the necessary checks and balances to hold them fully accountable.

The shutting down of the clinic is a small victory in the grand scheme of things, but it’s an encouraging sign nonetheless. Most importantly, the court set a precedent for future cases, meaning the Left will remain at a strong disadvantage. And that is the biggest win of all.

Source: Daily Caller, americanconservativeherald.org

Singer Dolly Parton: “Trump In One Year Is Already Better Than 16 Years’ of Bush, Obama ‘Put Together’, This Stupid Liberals Doing Everything To Impeach Him But We Standing With Trump now And Forever. Do You Support Her?

Singer Dolly Parton: “Trump In One Year Is Already Better Than 16 Years’ of Bush, Obama ‘Put Together’, This Stupid Liberals Doing Everything To Impeach Him But We Standing With Trump now And Forever. Do You Support Her?

Dolly Parton has long been one of America’s most legendary singing and songwriting talents. Until recently, she was fairly liberal, and a big supporter of Hillary Clinton.

In a statement not long ago, Parton said she was inspired that a woman might be President for the first time in our nation’s history.

“We’re doing good,” she commented at the time. “We got a woman that could go in the White House, so we’ve certainly come a long way in that respect.”Recently, Parton saw the light and realized that Hillary would be quite possible the worst person to be the champion for woman throughout the nation. She now understands that Hillary is a liar; she’s as corrupt as they come.

Recently, Parton saw the light and realized that Hillary would be quite possible the worst person to be the champion for woman throughout the nation. She now understands that Hillary is a liar; she’s as corrupt as they come.

In a more recent interview, she called Hillary “nuts” and that her campaign has been “just crazy.”

The American News article used portions of a real interview Parton gave to CNN on 26 August 2016, presenting quotes from that interview inaccurately and out

Source: www.donaldtrumpforusa.com