Hitler Survivor Has Just 7 Words For Liberals Equating Trump To Nazi Leader

A German woman, who survived Nazi leader Adolf Hitler’s tyrannical reign, lived in a refugee camp, and fled to America, has noticed that liberals love to compare President Donald Trump to Hitler. However, when asked about the similarities between the two, she had just 7 words that completely shocked leftists.

Before Inga Andrews escaped Hitler’s “final solution,” the Holocaust, she and her mother were forced to survive the catastrophic events brought about by the Nazi party’s socialism and racial hatred. For decades, her harrowing experience has been locked away in her mind’s eye, however, it was recently awakened when angry liberals began combatting Trump’s travel ban and other executive orders with easily repeatable slogans that equate Trump to Hitler.

Now, Andrews feels a duty not only to dismiss the dramatic propaganda that compares the two leaders but also to point out who the really represents everything that encompasses Hitler and his Nazi militants.

When the Independent Journal Review asked Andrews about her thoughts on leftists saying that Trump is a dictator much like Hitler, she not only refuted this mistruth with personal experience, she explained that “it’s the destruction of freedom of speech” from the liberal protesters that resembles Hitler and Nazi-Germany.

“What is going on in this country is giving me chills. Trump is not like Hitler. Just because a leader wants order doesn’t mean they’re like a dictator,” Andrews told IJR. “What reminds me more of Hitler than anything else isn’t Trump, it’s the destruction of freedom of speech on the college campuses — the agendas fueled by the professors. That’s how Hitler started, he pulled in the youth to miseducate them, to brainwash them, it’s happening today.”

Andrews added that she recognizes the liberal bias in the school system, especially on college campuses, and says that it’s breeding the same intolerance and fascism that gave rise to Hitler in the 1930s. In addition, Andrews has actually lived through a travel ban even stricter than Trump’s when her mother married an American. Still, she believes that liberals should have a respect for these measures as our national security depends on them.

“It took six years to clear her to be able to be married,” she said. “Then when you married an American, because we were the enemy, you had to wait. We had to go from Heidelberg to another city where a camp was. They vetted us in both places. There were all these German brides with their children and families who had to be vetted again for three of four days before they could get on the ship. So we had a vetting process like what we are going through now because you have to have this to make the country safe.”

As for the liberal protesters, Andrews says that because of their emotionally-driven activism, they have abandon logic and reason. She remembers the desperation Democratic Socialism caused, including times when she only had “maple leaves and grass to survive,” something she says these leftist millennials have never had to endure. In short, equating Trump to Hitler is more of an insult to her and the millions who suffered and died during Hitler’s reign.

“Professors shouldn’t be telling their students to go after freedom of speech,” she said. “They should be telling them that this is the greatest country in the world…I see what is happening here reflecting some of the things we saw in Germany, and it’s terrifying. It’s sad. But it’s not because of Trump. It’s because of poor education. Trump is not like Hitler. The theory that he is is propaganda. Yes, I lived through some of Nazi Germany, but all you have to do is read some books about that period to see how wrong that theory is.”

Andrews added a harsh but much-needed message to the liberals who are protesting against Trump and believing that bullying and violence will get them what they want.

“America needs to grow up. The young people who are rioting and destroying property, who have no respect for elders and freedom of speech, I was so proud to become a citizen of this country,” she said.

Andrews knows from personal experience that America is an exceptional country because of the constitutional rights liberals often protest against. She easily identifies the parallels between the liberal movement in America and that of Nazi-Germany.

We have fascists labeling themselves “anti-fascists,” the intolerant blaming those with opposing views for intolerance, and modern-day Nazis calling Trump and his voters Nazis. You can take the Democrats out of Socialist Germany but you can’t take the socialism out of the Democratic Party.


Gov. Jerry Brown Blows Away Conservatives When He Admits How Things Stand In California

It’s not every day when a lib Democrat admits the cold hard truth. About anything.

When it does happen, however, it’s worth noting why – and it’s always the same reason. Sometimes, speaking the truth will keep you in office.

And when it comes to choosing between ideology or political power, you can bet a Democrat will choose political power. It is, after all, the sole reason for his existence. And it also explains why California Governor Jerry Brown just admitted a startling truth – California, his beloved liberal state, needs fossil fuels.

Which means, of course, that liberal Democrat Jerry Brown also needs fossil fuels if he wants to be re-elected. So guess who’s now on the side of fossil fuels?

The Daily Caller reports:

Gov. Jerry Brown suggested Sunday that immediately banning all fossil fuel production in his state could lead to economic crisis and possible armed revolution.

Brown told reporters that cutting off the oil spigots could lead to severe economic destruction. His comments contrast with his belligerent position on fossil fuels.

“Well, if we stopped the 32 million cars [and] said you can’t use oil, the whole economy would collapse. You’d have a revolution. There’d be shooting in the streets — and you couldn’t do that, and no one would do that.”

Mind you, this is the same governor and state that tried to force people to buy inferior electric cars. It’s the same state that made endangered species a priority over human beings. California hates fossil fuels. To admit that it needs them is pretty humiliating.

And we should also read between the lines here – the fact that Jerry Brown had to make this kind of a statement at all suggests that lib groups were really pushing for California to ban cars.

And that’s just not something he can actually do. Especially not with Trump’s new tax bill on the horizon.

The tax bill would likely dash Brown’s hopes of keeping the anti-gas vehicle crusade on the straight and narrow. Reports show the bill could destroy the push.

Data shows that the elimination of the tax credit could be a death knell for the budding green energy industry.

Jerry didn’t want to make this statement – he had to. Otherwise the left would ban fossil fuels and push the state into bankruptcy.

And that, of course, means no more governing power for Jerry. And we all know which is more important.

Source: Daily Caller,myrightamerica.com

Paul Ryan Just Got The Biggest Liberal Surprise Of His Life — He’s In A Complete Meltdown

With the governor’s elections in New Jersey and Virginia, many in the media are providing a glimpse into the 2018 midterms. In Virginia, there is no reason why the Democrats should have believed that this seat was ever in danger.

However last year’s elections had given them the picture that Hillary had a 96% chance of being crowned.

The Dems doing their victory lap, never really perceived the fact that Ed Gillespie was a Bush man and only embraced President Trump’s policies later in the game. That being said it has been a big sign that Gillespie was only playing the field.

Paul Ryan is one of the fearful Republicans who thinks their legislative pace is not acceptable to Trump supporters. And now, with their energized base, Democrat leaders are warning the Speaker.

Ryan’s favorability in his own district is 47 percent positive and 46 percent negative. However, in Virginia’s Tenth Congressional District, Ryan is only viewed favorably by 20 percent of voters.

Likewise, in Pennsylvania’s Sixth Congressional District, just 21 percent of voters view the House Speaker positively.

Ryan is being challenged in the Republican primary by Paul Nehlen. Nehlen is an ally of former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. “I’ve got three certainties in life: Death, taxes, and attacks from Breitbart,” Ryan has previously stated about Bannon’s website.

-The Daily Caller

According to DC Clothesline listings, Paul Nehlen is an attractive candidate and a no-nonsense Conservative. Ryan would best begin to implement the Trump agenda with a renewed vigor. That solution would certainly play well with Trump voters and possibly guarantee him reelection.

Source: AmericanConsHerald,conservativeflag.com

Judge Roy Moore Compares Liberal Allegations With ‘Forces Of Evil’

Alabama Judge Roy Moor is accused by the Washington Post of dating a 14-year-old girl in 1979. He replaced Jeff Sessions in September when he won the Republican Senate.

All of the allegations were rejected by the Judge

In his battle against the “forces of evil” he wrote the following letter:

Judge Roy Moore has endured the most outlandish attacks on any candidate in the modern political arena, but this story in today’s Washington Post alleging sexual impropriety takes the cake. National liberal organizations know their chosen candidate Doug Jones is in a death spiral, and this is their last-ditch Hail Mary.

The Washington Post has already endorsed the Judge’s opponent, and for months, they have engaged in a systematic campaign to distort the truth about the Judge’s record and career and derail his campaign. In fact, just two days ago, the Foundation for Moral Law sent a retraction demand to the Post for the false stories they wrote about the Judge’s work and compensation. But apparently, there is no end to what the Post will allege.

The Judge has been married to Kayla for nearly 33 years, has 4 children, and 5 grandchildren. He has been a candidate in four hotly-contested statewide political contests, twice as a gubernatorial candidate and twice as a candidate for chief justice. He has been a three-time candidate for local office, and he has been a national figure in two ground-breaking, judicial fights over religious liberty and traditional marriage. After over 40 years of public service, if any of these allegations were true, they would have been made public long before now.
“Judge Roy Moore is winning with a double-digit lead. So it is no surprise, with just over four weeks remaining, in a race for the U.S. Senate with national implications, that the Democratic Party and the country’s most liberal newspaper would come up with a fabrication of this kind.

This garbage is the very definition of fake news and intentional defamation.”

What do you think of this?


Illegal Alien Shoots 7-Yr-Old Girl in the Head During MASSIVE Shooting Spree, Liberal Media SILENT

Illegal immigration is still a major problem for America.

Sure, Donald Trump’s presence in office has helped tremendously, but it’s still not perfect.

It never will be.

An illegal recently went on a shooting spree in Texas where he shot a little girl in the head.

What is the liberal mainstream media’s response?


From KXAN:

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Police identified a man accused of shooting at cars with an assault rifle along an 18-mile stretch of Interstate 35 Saturday morning.

Late Sunday night Rolando Martinez, 25, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a 2nd-degree felony. Four people including a 7-year-old girl were hit. The child remains in critical condition as of Saturday evening.

Austin police say the shooting began about 2 a.m. Saturday and ended around 3:15 a.m. Calls to 911 came in from multiple places along I-35, stretching from south Austin at Stassney Lane up to Wells Branch Parkway.

“We have a lot of crime scenes. We have several people that were injured in this,” said Austin Police Assistant Chief Joseph Chacon on Saturday.


KXAN spoke with one of Martinez’s sisters and learned he’s the oldest of six siblings. She described him happy, calm and was shocked to hear the news. The family hasn’t had the chance to speak with him and tearing up, she said she’s “not sure what went wrong that night.”

Martinez’s bond is set at $1 million. According to Travis County Jail records, he has an Immigration and Naturalization Service detainer on him.

If the MSM continues to keep the American people in the dark, they won’t be around much longer.



UPDATE: Killer Devin Patrick Kelley Pedophyle Liberal History!

Devin Patrick Kelley the killer and the perpetrator of the massacre in Texas apparently was dating 13 years old girl while he was above 18, he was trying to bribe them so they will hang out with them.

For NBC News a former girlfriend of Kelly Katy Landry said: “He was very sick in the head. Years after dating me he would try to bribe me to hang out with him. He ended up assaulting me,”

On the similar news New York Post reported that another former girlfriend of Kelly, Brittany Adcock admitted that when she was 13 and she dated Kelly while he was much older than her.

For the New York Post Adcock said: “One time he told me I should move in with him and his wife and that he would take care of me as long as I walked around topless,.

Other people, who were his classmates, described him as a creepy, crazy and weird person who was trying to force other people at being atheists. That all the time he was calling the people who believe in God are stupid. Bellow, you can find some of the statements they wrote on their facebook page:

Nina Rose Nava(Kelly classmate):

In (sic) in complete shock! I legit just deleted him off my FB cause I couldn’t stand his post.

He was always talking about how people who believe in God we’re stupid and trying to preach his atheism’

Michael Goff (Kelly classmate):

He was weird but never that damn weird, always posting his atheist sh** like Nina wrote, but damn he always posted pics of him and his baby – crazy.’

The US Air Force announced “Kelley was former USAF member-served at Holloman AFB NM, from 2010 until discharge in 2014. Kelley was court-martialed in 2012 for two counts of Article 128 UCMJ–assault on his spouse and assault on their child. Kelley received Bad Conduct Discharge, confinement for 12 months & a reduction to the grade of E-1.”

From this, it looks like that the massacre was done by an atheistic Liberal who was banned from possessing guns.


NRA’s Dana Loesch Blows Whistle On Ruthless Thing Liberal Goons Just Did To Trump

Dana Loesch does not suffer fools. She has a long history of defending liberty and the constitution.

A defender of the freedoms that make America the great country that it is. And she was rewarded for her courage with acts of cowardice from the lunatic left.

The goons on the left thought they could silence her. Scare her into submission.

They picked the wrong girl. She just came out firing at the anti-Trump brigade that masquerades as the media in this country and blew the whistle on the whole scam.

In brutal, yet fairly poetic language.

“We are witnesses to the most ruthless attack on a president, and the people who voted for him, and the free system that allowed it to happen in American history…Their hateful defiance of his legitimacy is an insult to each of us,” she said.

Correct. It is a never before onslaught of the establishment lined up against him.

“But the ultimate insult is that they think we’re so stupid that we’ll let them get away with it. These saboteurs, slashing away with their leaks and sneers, their phony accusations and gagging sanctimony, drive their daggers through the heart of our future, poisoning our belief that honest custody of our institutions will ever again be possible.”

Correct. They have thought us stupid for years which is why they never saw Trump, or the movement to be more accurate, coming.

And that is why they are freaking with ever more desperate attacks on Trump. Like a toddler throwing a tantrum who finally realizes he is not in charge.

The hurricane before the calm so to speak.  Dana then reveals the left’s plans if we ever give up and let them win.

“So they can then build their utopia from the ashes of what they burned down. No, their fate will be failure and they will perish in the political flames of their own fires. We are the National Rifle Association of America. And we are Freedom’s Safest Place.”

Share this if you agree with Dana.



Liberal Feminist Runs Off To Turkey To Marry Muslim Lover — Begs To Come Back After BRUTAL ‘Wedding Gift’

Lacy MacAuley is a violent left-wing nut who helps organize Antifa Communist riots across America, and was featured in Project Veritas’ undercover video where she was one of the morons behind the violent disrupt protests during Trump’s inauguration. Just like every other brain dead moron on the left, MacAuley fell in love with Muslims and Islam and became obsessed with helping Muslim terrorists disguised as refugees, determined to prove to the world that Islam is a “religion of peace.”

But shortly after falling in love with a Muslim and moving with him to Turkey, her little world of unicorns and rainbows would soon be destroyed. Through her blog, she would go on to tell the world about the horrifying things her Muslim boyfriend put her through, describing the fear and hell she lived in as he began practicing Sharia Law on her, controlling her every move as he beat and raped her for going against his wishes.

Lacy MacAuley getting arrested during one of her violent little demonstrations

Here’s a few snippets from Lacy the Muslim lover’s blog. It’s quite entertaining to watch as her eyes are opened to the true meaning of Islam.

I am a radical activist based in Washington DC. I fell in love with an energetic, charismatic activist I met in November when I was present to write about resistance to the G20 Summit, a global event in Antalya, Turkey. After I came home to the US, we talked every day. He was lovely and charming, I thought at the time. He offered a ready smile, engaging kindness, and intelligent conversation. He said all the right things to convince me that he cared about women’s rights and activism. In February, I decided to return to Turkey with the promise of love driving me forward. I couldn’t have known things would turn sour.

The first two weeks were quite the love story. I observed that he was drinking heavily, and called him an “alky,” but it was just a joke at first. We went to the beach and historic sites, and he introduced me to his friends. All seemed to be going well, and I felt that the romance was solidly moving forward.

Then came our first fight. I had wanted to interview a local woman for an article on Syrian refugees. He did not approve. He knew the woman and did not like her, so he strictly forbade me from speaking with her. After I questioned his rationale, he yelled and stormed out of the room to go smoke a cigarette. I just stood in the middle of the room not knowing what to do. Of course, as a Western woman, no one had ever forbidden me from speaking with anyone else. It was a strange feeling: Don’t I have a mouth to speak? Why can I not use it as I wish?

Then MacAuley discusses her feminist background that would’ve prevented her from being with a Muslim had she known what they truly believe. But of course this lesson came too late, as she would soon learn:

This is elementary feminism. No man has the power to silence a woman, just because he is a man. How far backwards things would slide in the coming weeks.
What I found over the next few weeks was absolute frustration of my efforts to do my advocacy work. I had put myself in a place of dependence upon a person who, as it turned out, would have liked to keep me by his side and control my every move. He hindered, rather than helped, the work I tried to do there.

Hilariously, MacAuley would soon realize that people who criticize Islam are not bigots at all…as her life was transformed into a living hell with her Muslim boyfriend.
Things deteriorated rapidly. His insecurity and childishness got worse. In the following weeks, I was violently pushed, blocked from leaving freely, and repeatedly told not to speak. If I spoke anyway, anger erupted. I endured threats that I would be burnt with cigarettes, flinching as he “faked” with his lit cigarette. I had to duck to avoid having sharp objects thrown at my face. I had water angrily poured over my head.

Unwanted sex? Rape? All the time. He did not stop to determine whether I consented to sex. Several times, he turned off my wifi and lied about it, a modern-day form of gaslighting. He verbally criticized me for using social media, my main link to the rest of my life back in the US, and tried to discourage me from using it. He forced me to unfriend one Turkish man on Facebook, and wanted me to unfriend many more.

MacAuley then went into detail how she was victimized by other Muslims, and jailed by Turkish police because she was a journalist from America.

Two days later, however, I was jailed by Turkish police for several hours when I tried to simply enter a large public speech in Antalya by the president of Turkey. (They make a habit of jailing reporters and activists, and I didn’t look like I fit their norms. I wrote about this experience with the Turkish police here.) I had an “out of the frying pan and into the fire” sensation.

What’s even more ironic is even after MacAuley’s up close and personal experience with true Islam, she is still in denial. No matter how many times she was beaten and raped by her Muslim boyfriend, she still manages to believe that he believes in women’s rights, going on to state on her blog that he still “saw the silver lining in her activism.”

This story just goes to prove that liberalism truly is a mental disorder. This idiotic woman will still continue to push for left-wing totalitarianism. Too bad that Turkish prison couldn’t have kept her locked up a little longer. Sounds like MacAuley still has a long way to go before she finally wakes from her fantasy world of unicorns and rainbows!

Source:Gateway Pundit,freedomdaily.com

Dairy Queen Just Royally Enraged Every Liberal In Town With New Sign They Just Put Up Overnight

There was a time when social media was used to post funny pictures of our kids, adorable pet videos, and of course, the obligatory dinner plate, however, now it has been taken over by social justice warriors. We have all seen these keyboard warriors online with their unchecked virtue signaling and shrill screams that everyone is a racist or bigot that voted for Donald Trump. These entitled leftists scour the county looking for ways to be offended in order to post it online for all to see. So, when one Wisconsin Dairy Queen posted a politically incorrect sign in their window it was inevitable that liberals would soon be triggered, and of course, we were not disappointed. 

Wisconsin Dairy Queen owner Kevin Scheunemann has created quite the stir on social media and it was not for his delicious frozen treats. Scheunemann posted on his door a sign that the left would deem as politically incorrect, and in all reality, it isn’t. The simple sign consists of a list of sayings and core values that the majority of Americans in our country hold dear, but leave it a liberal to find that offensive.

The sign reads, “This restaurant is politically incorrect we have been known to say “Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, God Bless America and give away free ice cream sundaes to veterans on Veterans Day. The bottom of the sign says in large letters “In God We Trust.”

The sign was posted four years ago after a customer came into the establishment and complained that there was Christian music being played. Then another customer complained that Scheunemann was giving away free ice cream to veterans and found that to be unfair. So, Scheunemann thought the best way to curtail these snowflakes delicate feelings was to post this sign so that customers knew where he stood.

“I felt the sign was appropriate to hang in terms of being transparent about the views of the owner and staff supporting God and country,” Scheunemann explained to CBS 58.

“It just seems that those kinds of values and principles are becoming controversial in society,” he added.

The sign has hung there for the last four years without a problem, but that streak ended about a week ago when one snowflake saw the sign and took to social media to complain. Ashley Coleman saw the sign hanging outside the door and was triggered by the sentiment and needed to take a snapshot of the sign.

“I find this extremely offensive,” whined an Oregon woman who goes by the name Ashley Coleman on Facebook. “Please speak with the franchise owner,” she added.

The post quickly picked up steam on Facebook as over a thousand people shared it and over two people commented, but if Coleman thought the town would get behind her she would be sorely mistaken. In fact, the community in this small town has rallied around the Dairy Queen seemingly in agreement with sign’s views.

Daily Wire reported:

“Business is good,” noted local CBS reporter Julie Parise, “thanks in part to a sign that’s hanging on the front door.”

Business owners in the area also came to Scheunemann’s defense.

“He posted it on the door so you see it before you walk in,” said local store owner April Serwe. “You don’t have to walk in if you don’t agree with it.”

Some Kewaskum residents even said the sign is unnecessary since most all of them “share the same values,” notes CBS 58.

“In this small community, I don’t think it’s a problem,” said local Liz Torrison. “We’re all just liking each other and having fun.”

Dairy Queen has not dictated the owner take down the sign, but they did distance themselves from the poster in a statement:

American Dairy Queen Corporation does not encourage our independently owned and operated franchisees to post non-business related messages in their locations or on their external reader boards. This sign expresses the views of this independent owner only and does not speak for ADQ Corporation or any of our other independent franchise owners. We expect our franchisees and employees to treat every person who walks through our doors with the utmost dignity and respect. Nothing less is acceptable.

Scheunemann said he’d be willing to make accommodations for anyone uncomfortable with the declarations made by the poster.

There is nothing wrong with anything that was said on this sign but leave it to a liberal to be triggered by it. America is a melting pot but that does not mean we need to abandon our customs for others people’s feelings. If they do not like that this place says Merry Christmas then are free to go to a place that says Happy Holidays and so forth. Being offended by something does not mean they get to force other people to see it their way it just simply means that is their views. To many people that seem simple enough but thanks to the liberal indoctrination, these entitled leftists believe everyone must bend to them. It will take time to fix this mess, but until then we cannot bend to these liberal idiots and we must continue forging on.

America is a melting pot but that does not mean we need to abandon our customs for others people’s feelings. If they do not like that this place says Merry Christmas then are free to go to a place that says Happy Holidays and so forth. Being offended by something does not mean they get to force other people to see it their way it just simply means that is their views. To many people, that seems simple enough, but thanks to the liberal indoctrination, these entitled leftists believe everyone must bend to them.

It will take time to fix this mess, but until then we cannot bend to these liberal idiots and we must continue forging on.


Source:Daily Wire,freedomdaily.com

Liberal Cher Invites Illegals Into Her Mansion For Protection From Trump – HUGE Mistake!

The number of celebs outraged over President Trump’s new immigration enforcement plan just keeps going up. Those who have been politically active and those who just see it as a great publicity stunt are all piling on the Commander in Chief, calling him all sorts of names for doing his job and enforcing the law. The limousine liberals are out in droves to support the illegal immigrants that they’ve barely had any interaction with up to this point.

Apparently, the view is pretty great from the ivory tower, and at least one legend is ready to share it. The iconic Cher has decided to put her money where her mouth is and invite some of those who are slated for deportation to hang out at her house. As you can imagine, this was met with mixed emotions by those who noticed it in the Twitterverse. Whether or not she will follow through with her offer remains to be seen, but at least she’s considering putting her money where her mouth is.

Via Down Trend:

When president Trump announced he was ending Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty program DACA, liberals predictably freaked out. None however lost it as bad as past-her-prime pain-in-the-ass Cher. The has-been singer claims she is going to house illegal aliens in her mansion to protect them from Trump or something. On top of that, she is imploring her liberal celebrity friends to do the same thing. Clearly she doesn’t understand quite how much liberal elitists hate being around poor people or how their generosity only extends to them giving other people shit for not be generous.

In response to Trump ending Obama’s DACA program, Cher tweeted this hieroglyphic:

‘Those Who Can Must Take a DREAMER In2 Their Home & Protect Them I’m Ready 2 Do This & [pray] Others in MY BUSINESS WILL DO THE SAME SANCTUARY,’ wrote Cher.

She obviously doesn’t understand what is going on. DACA recipients will still be protected from deportation and allowed to work for the next 6 months and up to 4 years, with the idea that Congress will pass some kind of immigration reform that will make their amnesty legal and permanent. These so called DREAMers were never an enforcement priority in the first place and Trump ending DACA doesn’t change that. Cher’s hysterical tweet makes it seem like they are suddenly going to be rounded up and deported and that’s simply not the case.

Despite that being an incredibly generous offer (or maybe because of it), there were a few doubtful souls who didn’t believe that the superstar would really follow through with what her political rhetoric prompted her to offer. They decided to voice their doubt, and Cher was none too thrilled to receive it.

(DT) “You know she’s serious because that was the first tweet Cher has ever sent that isn’t mostly emojis.

That Twitter user did have a point. Before the election tons of celebrities swore they would leave the country if Trump won and not a single one of them followed through. This feels similar with celebrities (or just Cher at this point) claiming she’s going to take in illegal aliens to protect them from Trump. It seems like more Hollywood bullshit because celebrities have a track record of being full of shit.

If Cher takes in any illegal aliens it will be in the form of housekeeping and gardening. Actually, she probably already has illegal aliens tending to her mansion and I guarantee she doesn’t pay them squat. The idea that she’s going to open up her mansion to a bunch of illegal aliens as house guests is laughable.

Part of me hopes she is the one celebrity who isn’t a complete fraud and she really does let illegal aliens move into her house. It will be too funny for words when they destroy her place and rob her blind. Even funnier when she can’t get them to leave. Of course, we will never know if this happened because she isn’t going to be as vocal when her social experiment goes wrong.”

It would be a very curious social experiment if she were to let just anyone hang out at her house in order to dodge ICE. Especially if you consider the violent reaction she had to someone making a comment about their doubt in her conviction to follow through. She doesn’t seem to be one to have a long fuse, and housing a whole lot of people already proven to be law breakers might be enough to break her of her liberal bleeding heart.

The natural cure for that would be to only allow in those illegals who passed some sort of test so that they would be agreeable for Cher to have around. Maybe only those that she might enjoy spending time around, or who would lend to the spirit that she’s trying to foster in her home. But if you did that, it would be like vetting them, which is what she’s against the United States doing, so she would never do that at her own home, I’m sure.

The fact of the matter is that stars like Cher have security and publicists and lots of other people to keep them safe and make them look good. They don’t have the same problems that we have and never will, so it’s no skin off their nose if illegals stay. Their solution isn’t one that is sustainable for the nation because we can’t all have gates and armed guards.

But in the mean time, if she does move forward with her plan to house illegals, maybe I can forge a DACA card so that I get to see Cher’s house. They’re totally for forging paperwork to get what you want, and I’m sure they’d never keep me out just because I wasn’t born into the same ethnicity as they were. No great tragedy without some small gain, right?

Source: Down Trend,freedomdaily.com