Writer For Liberal Late Show With Stephen Colbert Responds to Barbara’s Death By Attacking Her Looks

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Since the death of former first lady Barbara Bush, for reasons only they understand, the progressive left has made it abundantly clear that no one and nothing is off limits when it comes to ridicule and public censor. Children are fair game, as are wives, the elderly, it does not matter.

On Tuesday night, Jim McGrath, the spokesman for the family of former President George H.W. Bush, released a statement saying Mrs. Bush had passed away at the age of 92. Millions united to mourn the loss regardless of political agenda or their personal feelings on her husband or her son’s presidential tenures.

From Fox News:

“With her cloud of snow-white hair, signature three-strand pearls and compelling presence, Barbara Bush’s image was what she laughingly called ‘everybody’s grandmother.’ But the feisty, outspoken Bush was also a tireless advocate for literacy, an author, experienced campaigner and both wife and mother of a U.S. president.

Bush, 92, died Tuesday, shortly after her family announced she was in failing health and would decline further medical treatment in favor of “comfort care.” There were no details of her specific health problems.

The announcement was made in a statement from the office of former President George H.W. Bush.

‘A former First Lady of the United States of America and relentless proponent of family literacy, Barbara Pierce Bush passed away Tuesday, April 17, 2018, at the age of 92. She is survived by her husband of 73 years, President George H. W. Bush; five children and their spouses; 17 grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren; and her brother, Scott Pierce. She was preceded in death by her second child, Pauline Robinson ‘Robin’ Bush, and her siblings Martha Rafferty and James R. Pierce.’”

The latest lefty to enter the fray with as little tact as possible, spewing venom for all to see — Meet Jen Spyra, a writer for “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” She thought it would be in good taste to joke about Mrs. Bush’s appearance after the former first lady passed away on Tuesday at the age of 92. Spyra mocked the death of Mrs. Bush, tweeting, “RIP Barbara Bush, the only woman who was 92 for 30 years.”

Not only was Spyra’s comment vile in light of Mrs. Bush’s recent passing and her grieving family, it was reprehensible for additional reasons Spyra likely was unaware of and perhaps did not care about. Mrs. Bush is reported to have started going gray at the age of 28.  It was as a result of the toll her daughter Robin’s death at the tender age of three-years-old took after the child lost her battle with leukemia.

From the Washington Post:

“Barbara Bush described the death of her daughter and the grief that followed as an agony made more bearable by her relationship with her husband. Later, she would marvel that the tragedy that splits many couples had brought them closer.

It was during this period, at age 28, that Barbara’s dark hair began to go white giving her the gray coiffure that would become known to the world. But the Bushes thrived. They had three more children, including another girl, Dorothy.

The backlash on social media has been swift and immediate both from well-known names and not so well known. Naturally, Stephen Colbert is nowhere to be found on this. However, Parkland survivor and outspoken Pro-second amendment advocate was swift to respond, stating – “Garbage tweet, for a garbage writer, of a garbage show. Fitting.”

A reporter for the Houston Chronicle, Mike Glenn responded with a scathing tweet of his own, slamming the horrific and shameful commentary from Sprya, stating – “#Woke image shaming. #BarbaraBush’s hair turned gray while her daughter was undergoing treatment for leukemia. She was a kind and gracious woman and a better person than you’ll ever be.”

Chief Political Analyst for Sinclair Broadcast Group and former Special Assistant to President Donald Trump, Boris Epshteyn, demanded to know exactly what Cobert was going to do about it, tweeting – “Wow, this is so tone deaf a few hours after a wonderful woman passed away. @StephenAtHome, @colbertlateshow – what will you do about your employee’s disgraceful statement?”

Thus far, nothing.

Long considered among the most popular members of her famous family, she and her husband,  George H.W. Bush, celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary earlier this year. They were the longest married couple in presidential history. She and her husband raised more than a billion dollars for charity since they left office.

Spyra was not the only one to mock the death of the former first lady, either. Randa Jarrar, a professor at Fresno State University, also joined in a macabre celebration of her death and even said she was “happy” that “George W Bush is probably really sad right now.” Jarrar also stated that she is “happy the witch is dead.” The cowardly Jarrar later made her Twitter account private and wrote that she was “currently on leave from Fresno State.”

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CNN Attacks Trump, So Liberal Harvard Law Professor Schools Them With the Truth

CNN aired quite a show the other night when Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz made an appearance to speak with Anderson Cooper and CNN’s legal “expert” Jeffrey Doobin. I guess they use the term “expert” loosely at CNN. Professor Dershowitz will openly admit that he voted for Hillary Clinton over Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Dershowitz is now defending President Trump against special counsel Robert Mueller’s ridiculous witch hunt.

Neither Jeffrey Toobin or Anderson Cooper were very pleased with Dershowitz’s defense of Trump. They begged the professor to stop “defending” Trump. Instead, Dershowitz reminded Toobin about one brutal piece of truth which left him in silence. 

Professor Dershowitz explained that he was the CNN Expert’s Law Professor back when he was in school. He put his former student right in his place.a

Here is the transcript of the exchange between the two:

Jeffrey Toobin: How has this come about that in every situation over the past year you have been carrying water for Donald Trump. This is not who you used to be… What’s happened with you?

Professor Dershowitz: I’ve attacked Pres. Trump for many many things. Im not carrying his water. I’m saying the exact the same thing I said for 50 years, and jeffrey you ought to know that, you were my student.

I’ve never deviated form this. I’ve never deviated from this point. Now, the fact that it applies to Trump now rather than applying to Bill Clinton is why people like you have turned against me.

Don’t you understand that Principle requires non-partisanship? That’s who I am and have always been.

Imagine getting schooled by your old professor years later on national television.

I guess CNN really doesn’t know how to have a guest on the show who has their own principles rather than just hating Trump because the left all hates Trump.

Source: fbnewscycle.com

Trey Gowdy Smells A Dirty Rotten, Money Laundering Liberal Rat In Washington — Leaves Dems Shaking In Their Boots

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Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) has been turning up in the news with increasing frequency. He’s the chairman of the House Oversight Committee. Given that one year ago Hillary was winding up her unsuccessful campaign for president, his committee should be up to its eyeballs in work. The sheer volume of corruption that Mrs. Clinton can churn out is just that staggering.

Of course we all know that Hillary is corrupt. We also know that she has maintained her freedom from indictment and prosecution through innumerable political power plays. Since it would have been disastrous for the Democrats to have Hillary go down in a criminal trial, influence peddling, extreme power politics, and dodgy deals have kept her a free woman. So far.

Enter Mr. Gowdy. Rather than being hurt, he would likely become famous were he the one who finally put Hillary away. Whether he is successful remains to be seen.

However, he is currently pursing the possibility that Hillary and the DNC laundered money through a law firm to get cash to Fusion GPS that created the discredited Trump dossier. So Hillary remains in the news for all the wrong reasons.

“Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Gowdy said that the Clinton campaign and the DNC might have committed money laundering through the law firm they hired which paid Fusion GPS to do opposition ‘research’ on then-candidate Donald Trump.

“‘I’m not an election law expert, but the good news is you don’t have to be to understated the absurdity believing you can just launder all of your campaign money by just hiring a law firm,’ Gowdy told Wallace. ‘Imagine if you and I were running for Congress, and we just hired a law firm and said “Hey, you go to all the opposition, you go buy all the television, you go buy all the bumper stickers, you go hire all the experts, and we will launder all of this through a law firm.” I can’t think of anything that defeats the purpose of transparency laws more than that.’”

Democratic Party officials claim they cannot remember who authorized these funds to be funneled through a law firm to pay Fusion GPS. Mr. Gowdy is not buying that explanation.

“‘I am interested in that, and I am also interested in sharing some memory tricks with folks at the DNC because no one can remember who paid $10 million dollars to a law firm to do oppo research,’ Gowdy said. ‘I find that stunning. $10 million and no one can remember who authorized it, who approved it.’”

The Democrats are simply attempting to “skate fast over thin ice,” hoping the whole thing just blows over. Sort of like Hillary’s famous comment, “What difference does it make?”

Integrity, or in Hillary’s case, a lack of integrity does make a difference. And Mr. Gowdy does not appear to be a man who gives up easily.

Will he be the one who finally takes Hillary down? We can hope, can’t we?


House Votes 52-9 To Expel Sleazy Democrat For Sex Scandal In Liberal State

It is almost becoming laughable the number of Democrats that are being caught in scandals and crimes after years of pretending to take the moral high road. For years, we have heard the left claim how they are the paradigm of morality and that it is the Democrat party that stands for women right’s and so forth. Well, that is going to be a hard sell in the future for these faux do-gooder’s since most of their party now stands accused of sexual misconduct and corruption that can land many of them behind bars.

Over the last several months, the Democratic Party has faced one sex scandal after another, and it does not appear to be stopping anytime soon as these liberal politicians are being discovered for the perverts they are. Just in the last several months, two top Democrats Senator Al Franken and John Conyers were caught embroiled in disgusting sexual behavior that prompted them to resign from their political positions in power.

And, now just before the dust has settled another explosive sex scandal has emerged involving another Democrat that has the left reeling and another seat up for grabs after being expelled from office.

After Donald Trump won the election last November, the Democrat party has been in shambles as Democrat leaders desperately trying to pull itself back together again. With the 2018 midterm elections looming in not so far off distance, sexual misconduct scandals have rocked the Beltway resulting in numerous resignations, and now a stunning expulsion from office.
Rep. Steve Lebsock

Rep. Steve Lebsock from the ultra-liberal state of Colorado was just voted overwhelmingly to be expelled from office after numerous women have come forward with claims that this sleazy representative sexually assaulted them. The allegations are so horrible that it is entirely possible that Lebsock may serve jail time, and that is not all.

Here is more from Conservative Tribune:

“The Colorado State House voted overwhelmingly Friday to expel a Democrat member accused of sexually assaulting at least five women.

Fellow Democrats led the charge in a 52-9 vote in favor of the expulsion of Rep. Steve Lebsock, marking the first expulsion to occur in over 100 years, KDVR reported.

“We, as a general assembly, have responsibility to police our own, to hold our own to high level of accountability,” Democratic Majority Leader KC Becker, who introduced the legislation to expel Lebsock, said previously.

Five women accused Lebsock of sexual harassment and making repeated unwanted sexual advances.

State Rep. Faith Winter alleged that Lebsock grabbed her arm while she tried to leave a bar two years ago, described various sexual acts and grew angry with her when she refused to go home with him.

Lebsock has denied all the allegations.

“The last months have been awful. I have taken public attack, after attack, after attack while I have patiently stood by waiting for due process to take its course,” Winter told her colleagues during the hearing.

“Today is not about sex. It is about power.”

Some Republicans voiced concerns about whether due process had been afforded to Lebsock during the allegations and hearings.

However, many believed Lebsock abused his power in an effort to prove his innocence and retaliated against the victims by handing out a document that detailed the sex life of one of his accusers and other personal information.

Right before he was expelled, he quickly changed parties, according to his tweet.”

And, of course, the reactions on Twitter were priceless!

It is about time that these Democrat creeps hiding in power are exposed for their dirty deeds against women. For too long the left has claimed that they are the champions of women’s right, but that will be a hard sell for the upcoming midterm elections.

Now, this stunning revelation could prove to be good news for the Republicans who are running for office in the state of Colorado who may now just have a shot they need to slow the progressive liberal policies ruining the country on a daily basis.

It is about time that these sexual deviants in the Democrat party are exposed for their nasty behavior, but there is still one that needs to be held accountable for his actions, and that is Bill Clinton. The Democrats can continue to say they are sorry for their behavior and resign from office, but until Bill Clinton does it, the Democrat party will only stay mired in their own filth.

Source:Conservative Tribune,daily-vine.com

Karma 101 – Liberal & Islamic Hero, Linda Sarsour Arrested

Kirsters Baish| If you know anything about extreme Islamist sharia activist Linda Sarsour, you know that she is one of the faces of modern-day liberalism. Sarsour was taken into custody on Monday while taking part in a protest outside the United States House Speaker Paul Ryan’s offices in Washington D.C.

The activists, including Sarsour, excuse Islamic terrorism enacted on Americans. Breitbart News reported that the activists gathered outside Paul Ryan’s offices in order to advocate for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (aka DACA) program.

It was reported by Breitbart News that the protesters, Sarsour included, were arrested for causing a disruption and refusing to obey police orders.“Sarsour joined amnesty advocate Democrat Rep. Luis Gutierrez, several Islamic clerics, a few protestors, some bored cops, and a mob of journalists outside House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office, to demand a no-strings amnesty for at least 3 million ‘DACA’ illegals.”

It’s very unlikely that Sarsour, a Muslim extremist, cares about the Hispanic people who are affected by DACA at all. The only reason she has anything to do with the movement is because it would get her on the news.

Last August, Sarsour made her way to the forefront of an NAACP rally supporting former 49ers quarterback and known anthem kneeler Colin Kaepernick.

She has been spotted all over the United States pushing the idea of strict sharia law, which she would like to see replace the United States Constitution. She is a support of murderous jihad.

Even taking into account all of her extremism and hatred towards America, she was accepted as a central figure in the “Women’s March.” Washed up liberal actress Alyssa Milano has endorsed Sarsour, making a name for Sarsour among brainwashed Hollywood celebrities.

It’s truly incredible that Sarsour has gained so much support from “women’s” advocates because she is such a big supporter of sharia law which forces women into status as a second class citizen. Sharia law also allows for the “honor killing” of women and allows husbands to beat their wives. Women are looked at as property under Sharia law. If women come forward with allegations of rape, they must have several “witnesses” to prove the rape. They are kept from being educated and driving in public. Women have no rights under Sharia law. So, why are liberals supporting a woman who stands for Sharia law?

The “activist” is so extreme in her belief in Islam that she has started to ruin her reputation among liberals.

Sarsour was accused of allowing one of her own staffers to be sexually harassed. Breitbart reported that the executive director of the Arab American Association Asmi Fathelbab, who worked with Sarsour, made a claim that Sarsour threatened her if she went public with the charges of sexual harassment. 

Fathelbab stated that after she began working as a contractor for the association in 2009, she was groped and attacked by a man who worked there. Sarsour dismissed the whole thing. Does Sarsour really care about women? Or does she just care about Islamism?

Source: fbnewscycle.com

Neil Gorsuch Steps Up To Fire Shot That May Crush The Liberal Dream Forever & Restore Faith In Our American Republic

Kirsters Baish| We all saw the brutal fight over Neil Gorsuch, and we all remember how relieved we were when the Democrats lost that fight. They haven’t seemed to get over how Mitch McConnell gambled on Trump. No Democrat in the United States seriously thought that Trump would win. They were banking on waiting it out and getting their Democratic majority on the Supreme Court, but clearly things did not go as planned for the Democrats.

That liberal dream was crushed when President Donald Trump won and the things were not the same for the left after that. It seems as though this might be the end of the liberal dream, and Neil Gorsuch is the one putting an end to it.

Business Insider reported:

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday will consider for the second time in two years whether to choke off a critical funding stream for public-employee unions, potentially reducing organized labor’s influence in the workplace and at the ballot box.Depriving unions of agency fees could hamstring their ability to spend in political races. They typically back Democratic candidates over Republicans.

In 2016, the case came before the Supreme Court and it was deadlocked at 4-4. This was before Neil Gorsuch was hand picked by Donald Trump and the Senate confirmed him. He is supposed to cast the deciding vote very soon.

This will make history, and according to history, Gorsuch is going to ruin things for the left if he decides against them… which he will.

When Gorsuch does decide against the left, he will be getting rid of a big source of the Democrats’ funding.

This will make it even harder for them to get their campaign funds. The Dems will be looking to Wall Street to find funding, if Wall Street even supports them after all of this.

Think back to when Gorsuch gave his Opening Statement last year. Below is the full video:

My, how far we have come.

Source: fbnewscycle.com

Florida Shooting Survivor Blows The Whistle: Liberal Media Is Exploiting Shooting to Push Their Agenda

Not every kid from the Florida school beset by a mass shooting last week has become a crusader against our Second Amendment rights. Indeed, one student is attacking the media for politicizing the crime and for turning his fellow students into anti-gun activists all the while ignoring the kids who lost their lives in the attacks.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Brandon Minoff is disgusted by the way the media is treating the whole story. He is sick that the story has become about the actions of the anti-gun activists instead of about the victims who are being laid to rest.

Minoff told Daily Wire that he is distraught over the situation:

Brandon Minoff, who previously appeared on MSNBC and CNN to discuss the shooting, told The Daily Wire on Sunday that he thinks the media is using the shooting as an opportunity to push for gun control more than they are reporting the facts as neutral observers.

“I think it’s the media,” Minoff said, referring to whom he believes is promoting the gun control narrative in response to the shooting. “They exploit everything to make it political. They’re more concerned about gun control at this moment rather than the fact that there were 17 people that were killed.”

Minoff, who hopes to meet President Donald Trump to discuss the issue, said that he thinks there should be limits and restrictions on guns but is upset to see how the media is covering the tragedy.

“It pains me to see that knowing that 17 of my classmates are dead and they just want to talk about gun control,” he continued. “Students have opinions, they say stuff that they’re against guns, and that gun control is necessary, but they’re making it bigger than it needs to be at this moment.”

Minoff also said that he doesn’t really think that gun bans are effective and noted that the law says you can’t drink until you are 21, but kids still get drunk.

The 18-year-old student also says that school security guards should be armed.

“If coach Feis would have had a gun or any of the other security guards would have had a gun it definitely would have been less fatal,” the high school senior said. “[The shooter] and coach Feis were face-to-face and he just shielded kids instead of having the ability to kill the shooter.

Source: fbnewscycle.com

Haley Blasts Liberal Smear That She’s Sleeping With Trump, Then Issues Message to the Liars

If there’s one thing we love about U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley, it’s the fact that she just doesn’t roll over when criticism comes her way. Now, she’s fighting back as the left has taken its smear tactics to a whole other level.

In an interview with HBO host Bill Maher, Michael Wolff, author of the anti-Trump book “Fire and Fury,” told Maher that he was “absolutely sure” Trump was having an affair with Haley. He then hinted to part of his book that referenced the said “affair.”

The part of the book in question reads, “The president had been spending a notable amount of private time with Haley on Air Force One and was seen to be grooming her for a national political future.”

Of course, as soon as these allegations started flying, Haley hit back hard.

In a podcast Friday, Haley called the rumors “highly offensive,” “disgusting” and “absolutely not true.”

“I have literally been on Air Force One once and there were several people in the room when I was there. He says that I’ve been talking a lot with the president in the Oval about my political future. I’ve never talked once to the president about my future and I am never alone with him,” Haley told Politico on Thursday.

She wasn’t finished.

“It goes to a bigger issue that we need to always be conscious of: At every point in my life, I’ve noticed that if you speak your mind and you’re strong about it and you say what you believe, there is a small percentage of people that resent that and the way they deal with it is to try and throw arrows,” she continued.

This is absolutely true. We’ve seen this first hand when Haley sticks up for Israel at the United Nations. She’s not afraid to speak for what she believes in and stand up for what’s right.

And if there’s one thing that’s been proven time and time again, it’s that the left can’t handle a strong conservative women.

“Others see that as either too ambitious or stepping out of line. And the truth is, we need to continue to do our job and if that means they consider it stepping out of line, fine. And if that means they’re gonna throw stones, people see lies for what it is. Do I like it? No. Is it right? No. Is it gonna slow me down? Not at all,” she continued.

Finally, Haley blasted this liberal smear campaign, saying, “Every time this has happened, it only makes me fight harder. And I do it for the sake of other women that are behind me because they should never think that they have to put their head down and cower out of fear that somebody’s gonna do something to you.”

Good for her. This took courage for Haley to say, but then again, Haley is full of courage.

Can you imagine the backlash if conservatives started rumors about Barack Obama having an affair with Loretta Lynch?

 Make no mistake, folks. There is a “war on women,” but it’s coming from the left. Leftists don’t stand for women, they stands for people who toe the line of their radical leftist political agenda. Deviate from this — woman or otherwise — and you’re labeled an enemy.

Haley has done an incredible job at not bowing to these leftist demands, or cowering when criticism comes.

Our hats are off to you, Mrs. Haley. You are truly one who doesn’t flinch in the midst of adversity.

Source: www.usainfopolitic.com

LIBERAL FAIL: ‘Armageddon’ Avoided as Airlines PAY BIG BONUSES After GOP Tax Cuts

Liberal predictions of “Armageddon” and the “end of the world” following the passage of the GOP’s tax cut legislation may have been premature, with several giant corporations announcing bumped-up bonuses for workers after the bill was signed into law by President Trump.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s predictions of chaos and “death” were nowhere to be seen this holiday season, as large businesses such as AT&T, Wells Fargo, Boeing, and others vowed to kick-back their tax-cut windfall to American workers.

On Tuesday, aviation giants Southwest Airlines and American Airlines announced their plans to dish-out $1,000 bonuses to all full-time and part-time employees based in the United States, as well as their plans to donate upwards of $5 million to charity.

“We will be able to invest even more in aircraft and facilities, and we will be able to do so with even greater confidence about the future,” said American Airlines CEO Douglas Parker.

Users on social media were quick to point out the liberal fail this week, sarcastically saying, “But I was told tax reform would make thousands die!”

Source: Twitchy,www.hannity.com

Hitler Survivor Has Just 7 Words For Liberals Equating Trump To Nazi Leader

A German woman, who survived Nazi leader Adolf Hitler’s tyrannical reign, lived in a refugee camp, and fled to America, has noticed that liberals love to compare President Donald Trump to Hitler. However, when asked about the similarities between the two, she had just 7 words that completely shocked leftists.

Before Inga Andrews escaped Hitler’s “final solution,” the Holocaust, she and her mother were forced to survive the catastrophic events brought about by the Nazi party’s socialism and racial hatred. For decades, her harrowing experience has been locked away in her mind’s eye, however, it was recently awakened when angry liberals began combatting Trump’s travel ban and other executive orders with easily repeatable slogans that equate Trump to Hitler.

Now, Andrews feels a duty not only to dismiss the dramatic propaganda that compares the two leaders but also to point out who the really represents everything that encompasses Hitler and his Nazi militants.

When the Independent Journal Review asked Andrews about her thoughts on leftists saying that Trump is a dictator much like Hitler, she not only refuted this mistruth with personal experience, she explained that “it’s the destruction of freedom of speech” from the liberal protesters that resembles Hitler and Nazi-Germany.

“What is going on in this country is giving me chills. Trump is not like Hitler. Just because a leader wants order doesn’t mean they’re like a dictator,” Andrews told IJR. “What reminds me more of Hitler than anything else isn’t Trump, it’s the destruction of freedom of speech on the college campuses — the agendas fueled by the professors. That’s how Hitler started, he pulled in the youth to miseducate them, to brainwash them, it’s happening today.”

Andrews added that she recognizes the liberal bias in the school system, especially on college campuses, and says that it’s breeding the same intolerance and fascism that gave rise to Hitler in the 1930s. In addition, Andrews has actually lived through a travel ban even stricter than Trump’s when her mother married an American. Still, she believes that liberals should have a respect for these measures as our national security depends on them.

“It took six years to clear her to be able to be married,” she said. “Then when you married an American, because we were the enemy, you had to wait. We had to go from Heidelberg to another city where a camp was. They vetted us in both places. There were all these German brides with their children and families who had to be vetted again for three of four days before they could get on the ship. So we had a vetting process like what we are going through now because you have to have this to make the country safe.”

As for the liberal protesters, Andrews says that because of their emotionally-driven activism, they have abandon logic and reason. She remembers the desperation Democratic Socialism caused, including times when she only had “maple leaves and grass to survive,” something she says these leftist millennials have never had to endure. In short, equating Trump to Hitler is more of an insult to her and the millions who suffered and died during Hitler’s reign.

“Professors shouldn’t be telling their students to go after freedom of speech,” she said. “They should be telling them that this is the greatest country in the world…I see what is happening here reflecting some of the things we saw in Germany, and it’s terrifying. It’s sad. But it’s not because of Trump. It’s because of poor education. Trump is not like Hitler. The theory that he is is propaganda. Yes, I lived through some of Nazi Germany, but all you have to do is read some books about that period to see how wrong that theory is.”

Andrews added a harsh but much-needed message to the liberals who are protesting against Trump and believing that bullying and violence will get them what they want.

“America needs to grow up. The young people who are rioting and destroying property, who have no respect for elders and freedom of speech, I was so proud to become a citizen of this country,” she said.

Andrews knows from personal experience that America is an exceptional country because of the constitutional rights liberals often protest against. She easily identifies the parallels between the liberal movement in America and that of Nazi-Germany.

We have fascists labeling themselves “anti-fascists,” the intolerant blaming those with opposing views for intolerance, and modern-day Nazis calling Trump and his voters Nazis. You can take the Democrats out of Socialist Germany but you can’t take the socialism out of the Democratic Party.