Risky Decision To Expose Michelle Obama Live on Air Puts Judge Jeanine In Hot Water


She believes that it is perfectly fine to go around and preach to the citizens of America about how they should feel and think.

For example, back in December, Oprah Winfrey had Michelle on her show for an interview. The second Michelle felt like she had the opportunity, she began bashing President Trump. She claimed that the United States has “lost all hope now that Trump is President,” and then continued on with more extreme criticism.

According to msmisdoa:

The problem for Michelle Obama? Judge Jeanine Pirro had something to say about her sickening comments. She had enough of Michelle Obama’s unneeded comments and wasn’t afraid to let the world know exactly how she felt.

Michelle Obama was quoted saying “see, now, we are feeing what not having hope feels like. You know. Hope is necessary. It’s a necessary concept and Barack didn’t just talk about hope because he thought it was a nice slogan to get votes. He and I and so many believe, what else do you have when you do not have hope?”

On the contrary, Michelle, President Trump has given our country to hope we had been missing for eight long years. Trump is a man who has been working for decades to make the world a better place for everyone, and for Michelle Obama to claim that with Trump in charge there is no hope is completely ludicrous.

Judge Pirro didn’t overlook Michelle Obama’s comments.

She stated “you lived a life few can even imagine at the citadel of power and prestige in the world. You and your husband, blessed by God, and the American people, with the unique and historic opportunity to not only lead America from that shining place on the hill but impact Americans and give them hope virtually no others can. Now that you’re leaving, hope is gone?”

This was the harsh reality that Michelle Obama needed to hear.

Judge Pirro went on to say “hope is when people, 30 thousand at a time stand in line in the cold with their children hoping to get a glimpse of a man they think can change the course of their lives from the downward spiral that you and mister hope and change have put them on. I’ll tell you what hope and change is. Hope and change is when people show up 20 thousand strong after an election- desperate to see the man who actually brought back jobs to almost a thousand people when your husband said it was impossible.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself, Judge Pirro. How can Michelle and Barack be so ignorant to think that Americans wouldn’t eventually start seeing through their facades?

The video below shows Judge Pirro explaining her point of view on Michelle’s comments… and she certainly didn’t hold back.

President Trump restored hope for America when he was elected President of the United States. After eight years under a hateful man like former President Barack Obama, it was extremely refreshing to have a man who could deliver real results come into the White House.

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Judge Jeanine Says: “Michelle Obama Is The Biggest Racist, After Oprah Winfrey”. Do You Support Her?

Judge Jeanine Pirro had some strong words for Michelle Obama after the former first lady said women who voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election went against their “own voice.”


“What does it mean for us as women that we look at those two candidates, as women, and many of us said, ‘That guy, he’s better for me, his voice is more true to me,’” Obama said at the Inbound conference in Boston on Wednesday. “Well, to me that just says you don’t like your voice. You like the thing you’re told to like.”

On “Fox & Friends” this morning, Judge Jeanine slammed Obama for her “condescension.”
“To suggest that women are so simple that they vote based on their reproductive organs only – or Madeline Albright saying that there’s a ‘special place in hell’ for women who don’t vote for other women – is just so simplistic it throws us back to the Dark Ages,” Judge Jeanine said. 

She said women voted for Trump because he was strong on the economy and terrorism, and because many of them thought Clinton was “arrogant” and a “crook.”

She also pointed out that former President Barack Obama ran against Clinton in 2008.

“So I guess then Michelle Obama didn’t know her own voice when she voted for her husband against a woman?” Judge Jeanine said.

They discussed life after the election, and Obama shared her thoughts on what Americans are feeling right now. She said:
“Now we are feeling what not having hope feels like. Hope is necessary; it’s a necessary concept.”
Judge Jeanine Pirro addressed this comment on her show “Justice” on Fox News Channel.
She slammed the first lady for her assumption that when the Obamas leave the White House they’re taking hope with them. She asked:
“Since when does hope rise and fall with you and Barack?”
Then, she explained to the first lady that, although she may not think so, Americans do know what hope is.

She described what, in her opinion, hope really looks like:
“Hope is when people 30,000 at a time stand in line in the cold with their children hoping to get a glimpse of a man that they think can change the course of their lives from the downward spiral that you and ‘Mr. Hope and Change’ put them on.”

Judge Jeanine utilized President Barack Obama’s campaign rhetoric of “hope and change” to highlight how Americans feel after the election.

She cited one, very specific example:

“I’ll tell you what hope and change is. Hope and change is when people show up 20,000 strong after an election, desperate to see the man who actually brought back jobs. Almost 1,000, when your husband said it was impossible to bring them back at Carrier.”

 Finally, she advised Michelle Obama to walk outside the White House as an ordinary citizen if she wants to know what it really feels like to “not have hope.”
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“I think people are going to like what they are going to see with Mr. Trump and they should be excited” -Jeanine always supported Trump.


Imagine getting a personal phone call from the president-elect only days after he pulled off possibly the biggest upset in the history of American politics. Judge Jeanine Pirro didn’t have to imagine that call — it came on Saturday morning, as Donald Trump was making decisions about the aides, advisors and cabinet members with whom he would surround himself.

And on her show, “Justice,” Pirro disclosed at least part of what Trump told her, right before she revealed why the election was a “revolution.”

Before she became a Fox News commentator and host of her own weekly program, Jeanine Pirro served as a county court judge, the district attorney of Westchester County, New York, and the first female judge on the Westchester County Court bench.

It was while serving in those capacities that she got to know the New York real estate developer who would stun the world by defeating rather handily the Democrat nominee who was thought by the entitled left to have the 2016 election all sewn up.

So it wasn’t some out-of-the-blue phone call from the man America is sending to the White House. It was a chat with someone Pirro had known for years — someone who thanked her and her viewers for the support that helped make him the future President of the United States.


Of course, there is another possible explanation for Trump calling his old friend, Judge Jeanine — a reason apart from his wishing to thank her and her audience for their support through the campaign.

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Snowflake Tells Judge Jeanine, F**K TRUMP, F**K THESE WHITE PEOPLE — Then Gets Brutal Dose of Karma!

Now, that’s unhinged! Judge Jeanine Pirro went out to interview students on the riot at UC Berkeley that silenced Milo Yiannopoulos. The one black college student she spoke with is an absolute liberal racist. She’s unbelievable. The girl doesn’t even know what the First Amendment entails. It’s embarrassing. No wonder people think liberals are nuts. She’s yelling: “F*uck Trump, f*uck white people!” Classy.

This was quite an episode of Street Justice. Pirro was incredulous over this student’s behavior and I don’t blame her. She was going off about Nazis and white supremacists… who, according to her don’t have the right to speak in public regardless. So, she mislabels conservatives as Nazis, which they aren’t, and goes on to spout talking points from the left. Talk about brainwashed.

From The Washington Feed:

This college student in New York is an example of why no one takes liberals serious. Judge Jeanine films a little Street Justice and encounters the most embarrassing college student of the weekend. The end of the video brings you back to enjoying life. Watch the whole video before you comment.

It begins with a peaceful, tolerant, and somewhat OK conversation filled with average discourse. Then it erupts like a volcano and the brown haired girl in the camel skin colored coat blows up like a crazed person.

She goes OFF.

Judge Jeanine doesn’t have to say much. The proof is in the pudding folks!

An unhinged New York leftist attacked Judge Jeanine during her street talk segment.

The woman was screaming about Nazis and white supremacists who did not have the right to speak in public.

Judge Jeanine: Doesn’t he have the right to go there and speak?

Unhinged leftist: Right wing people do not have the right to spew hatred and bigotry in this country.

Jeanine: Can we have a civil conversation?

Leftist: You want to call me uncivil?

Judge Jeanine: I didn’t call you anything!

Leftist: F*ck Trump! F*ck these white people who get to say that…

Audience: Wow! I thought you for tolerance?

Judge Jeanine Pirro didn’t take it from the young idiot and eventually ended the interview. That kid’s mom must be so proud. Frankly, I think sending kids to college anymore is a waste of time and money. Actually, you are putting them at risk of being compromised like this dolt and subjecting them to potentially becoming Marxists.

I’m not quite sure I understand the end of this video. The young guy seems like a nice young man… at least he has a job he’s going to. Which is more than you can say about a lot of entitled liberals.

There is sooo much hate and divisiveness out there anymore, it’s downright scary. This student is trained well by her comrades. She tried to change and twist Pirro’s words right as she said them. Is it any wonder that when a speaker says something they don’t like, they resort to riots and violence? The left is totally losing it because we have a real leader in the White House again. It should be a fascinating four years.


POLL: Do You Support Judge Jeanine Calling Obama A Terrorist On Fox News?

Even before her entrance into politics, Judge Jeanine Pirro was fierce district attorney, garnering an impressive 100 percent conviction rate. For most of her time on television she was the subject of “Justice With Judge Jeanine” – a Judge Judyesque show.

Now she’s turned to politics, and it’s politicians feeling her wrath. A common target? President Barack Obama, of course. While we’ve reported on her rants before where she sticks it to him, she made some comments recently that some think way too far.
Here they are, courtesy of Right Alerts:
 Fox News Judge Jeanine Calls Obama A “Terrorist” On National Television. In classic a Judge Jeanine rant, she calls out the left and specifically President Obama for “apologizing” for radical Islam even when Americans are killed. She went so far as to call Obama a “terrorist”. The backlash from the white house and the left was swift and harsh. Since Obama has already shown he will use his government thugs to target US citizens, Judge Jeanine may be in trouble.
What do you all think? The context was after Philadelphia’s mayor denied any terror link after an ISIS-inspired shooter killed a police officer. And of course, Barack Obama is also in the camp that seems to think that Islamic extremism has nothing to do with Islam. These are the same liberals who are deluded enough to think that the Nazis – that is, the NATIONAL SOCIALISTS, were right-wing.
You’d think in cases like this, the name alone should be enough. What exactly is motivating their abject denial of reality? You know for a fact that if there was some kind of Christian equivalent of ISIS, liberals would actually care (and Christians would denounce the group!)
Source: www.usainfopolitic.com

Hillary Busted In DOJ Criminal Probe After Trump Uses Judge Jeanine In ‘Secret Operation’

Hillary Clinton’s crime cartel is finally coming under official Department of Justice criminal investigation, and how President Donald Trump pulled this off is stunning. Trump unleashed Judge Jeanine Pirro in a “secret operation” to ensure Hillary would be brought to justice. Pirro is a no-nonsense firebrand, who has special knowledge of Clinton’s crimes going back decades. Now, we’ve learned how Judge Jeanine was pivotal in busting Hillary as the DOJ starts a criminal investigation.

A shocking report is coming out about a “secret operation” instigated by Judge Jeanine Pirro that has led to the DOJ opening a criminal investigation into the Clinton crime cartel. For years, Pirro has been calling attention to the Clinton crime cartel, and her special knowledge dates back to running against Hillary for the New York Senate seat. Judge Jeanine lost that election, thanks to Hillary’s “dirty tricks” campaign, but Jeanine knew that one day, she would have her “reckoning.”

So, when new evidence started to surface about Hillary’s illegal Uranium One deal, along with shocking proof that the Clintons took over the DNC, screwing Bernie Sanders, and paid the Kremlin for the “Russian Dossier,” Pirro started blasting HRC on her weekly Fox News show, laying out the case for Hillary’s arrest like the expert prosecutor Pirro truly is.

Finally, Judge Jeanine was done just talking about Hillary; she wanted some action. Convinced, like most Americans, that the time had come to officially start a criminal investigation and with Attorney General Jeff Sessions inaction to go after Hillary, there’s little doubt that Pirro called her longtime friend, President Donald Trump, and asked, “How can I help?”

That launched Trump to deploy Judge Jeanine in a “secret operation.” He would unleash Pirro on AG Sessions as the Hill reports, “During a private meeting with President Trump, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro reportedly tore into Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his refusal thus far to appoint a special prosecutor to probe former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the Uranium One deal.”

The New York Times reported on November 13, 2017, that Pirro met with Trump early in the month, during which time she “excoriated” the attorney general for not investigating Clinton, Trump’s Democratic opponent in the 2016 presidential race.

The report follows weeks of critical coverage on Pirro’s show, “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” and elsewhere on Fox, of the 2016 deal that allowed a Russian nuclear agency to purchase Uranium One, a Canadian company that owns access to uranium in the U.S. But, that’s not all. Judge Jeanine also yelled at Sessions to “get off his a**” and bust not only “Crooked Hillary Clinton” but that “lying leaker” former FBI Director James Comey, too.

“Pirro has also called for an investigation into reports that former FBI Director James Comey began drafting a letter exonerating Clinton from wrongdoing for her use of a private email server while at the State Department months before the investigation concluded,” reports The Hill.

Pirro lambasted the Attorney General on live TV. Pointing her finger at the camera like she was pointing straight at Sessions, she said, “Jeff Sessions needs to follow his prosecutorial instincts and open a federal criminal investigation into the actions of Hillary Rodham Clinton and impanel a grand jury immediately. This woman should not get a free pass because she lost an election. Her reign was one of bold, brazen in your face pay-to-play corruption.”

Now, after months and months of waiting, it seems it took fiery Judge Jeanine Pirro to slap Sessions hard to get this investigation officially rolling. It’s important to note here that President Trump himself cannot start a criminal investigation and with Sessions recusing himself “on all things Hillary,” Judge Jeanine convinced him he had every legal right to call a “special counsel” into Hillary and Comey.

“A letter from the Justice Department to congressional Republicans reveals that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has directed senior federal prosecutors to evaluate the lawmakers’ request for investigations into a number of matters related to Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, the Uranium One sale, and former FBI director James Comey’s leaks about his conversations with President Trump,” reports New York Magazine. 

What that translates into is this: DOJ prosecutors are now building a case against Hillary, her crime cartel, and the former FBI Director, and we already know about the overwhelming evidence against these rats. Finally, my fellow Americans, we are witnessing the beginning of the end for the Clintons and Hillary’s accomplice, that lying leaker of classified information James Comey. Thank God for Judge Jeanine Pirro, a true patriot who made sure no one should ever get away with screwing the American people.