Breaking: Ice Director Just Said It Was Trump

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The Acting ICE Director has just confirmed that President Trump has done more for the border and law enforcement than the last six Presidents he has worked for.

Yes, you read it right … six Presidents before him…

The Democrats always claimed to be against illegal immigration and it was once a huge platform of their party.

But the moment they realized if they secretly supported it and tried to reframe it as “immigration” they could keep getting votes.

“We’ve had no president in my lifetime enforce the immigration laws and talk about improving immigration like President Trump.”

ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan:

“I worked for six different presidents, none of them has done more than Donald Trump has for border security and law enforcement.”

Boom! Go Trump!

Trump’s ICE Storms Nation’s Largest Sanctuary City, Arresting Hundreds

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Cities across America are breaking federal law, challenging immigration agents by protecting illegal immigrants.

Under President Trump, ICE is no longer putting up with that.

It doesn’t matter how big the city is, or how many illegals they’re trying to shelter.

Bleeding heart liberal governors and mayors have been welcoming illegals with open arms at the expense of American citizens. They were under the illusion they could hide behind their big city budgets and their establishment power.

Well, Donald just sent a signal that law-abiding American citizens are far more important to their government than foreign lawbreakers.

If only we could deport liberals for their illegal actions. For now, we’ll have to settle for deporting criminal illegals.

And ICE just found a whole bunch in America’s largest sanctuary city.

From Breitbart:

Immigration enforcement agents tracked and arrested 225 illegal migrants in New York’s “sanctuary city” where Democratic politicians are protecting illegals in the huge cheap-labor workforce which supports the city’s elite finance sector.

A statement from U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement stated the six-day operation picked up 60 migrants who had been arrested and then released by the city’s police forces, despite federal requests to detain them for repatriation:

“More than 60 individuals arrested during this operation were previously released from local law enforcement on an active detainer. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) places detainers on individuals who have been arrested on local criminal charges and who are suspected of being deportable.”

The fact that liberals are trying to shield these people from being deported, when over 180 of those rounded up were convicted criminals, should tell you everything you need to know about the Democratic Party. And it’s not as if these raids are a total surprise.

Over 80 of the people detained had been issued final warnings to leave the US in recent weeks, or had already been removed and had snuck back in, counting on the city’s weak stance on immigration to protect them.

NYC’s constant pandering to these people have emboldened them to think they can get away with anything they want, and many of them try.

The DHS statement said the arrestees included criminals convicted of manslaughter, DUIs, registered sex offenders, rapists, murder, burglary, forgery and fraud.

ICE is definitely doing its job well by keeping these monsters off our streets, but calling ICE on illegal immigrants is merely reactive.

Building the wall will be proactive, and the sooner it goes up, the safer America will be.

Source: Breitbart,

CA Bay Area Poll: Majorities Across All Races Want Local Police to Help ICE Detain Illegals

A majority of Bay Area residents—including majorities across all races—believes that local police should assist Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in its efforts to track down illegal immigrants who have committed violent crimes.

A Survey USA/KPIX poll conducted last week after Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf tipped off illegal immigrants about potential ICE raids found that 61% in the San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose area—including 65% of whites, 61% of blacks, 59% of Hispanics, and 53% of Asians—believe local police should help federal authorities detain illegal immigrants.

The poll also found that 48%, though, agreed with Schaaf’s actions while 34% disapproved.

ICE detained more than 200 illegal immigrants last week in the Bay Area but at least 800 illegal immigrants, many of whom are criminals, could not be detained possibly due to Schaaf’s warning, according to ICE officials.

Thomas Homan, ICE’s acting director, even blasted the Oakland mayor for acting like a “gang lookout.”

“What she did was no better than a gang lookout yelling ‘Police!’ when a police cruiser comes into the neighborhood, except she did it to the entire community,” he said on Fox & Friends.

Schaaf was defiant last week, saying she was not even concerned that criminal illegal immigrants were still on the streets in her city because of her alert.

On Tuesday evening, the Justice Department announced that it will seek to strike down California’s “sanctuary” laws because they are unconstitutional under the Supremacy Clause.


Jerry Brown: Trump ‘Going to War Against the State of California’

Gov. Jerry Brown

SACRAMENTO, California — California Governor Jerry Brown complained Wednesday that the Trump administration “is basically going to war against the state of California” after Attorney General Jeff Sessions filed a lawsuit Tuesday evening against California’s “sanctuary state” laws.

The lawsuit targets three laws in particular: the Immigrant Worker Protection Act (HB 450), the Inspection and Review of Facilities Housing Federal Detainees law (AB 103); and the California Values Act (SB 54). The Trump administration argues that California’s laws are unconstitutional under the Supremacy Clause, which states that federal law “shall be the supreme Law of the Land.”

Sessions flew to Sacramento to mark the occasion with a speech Wednesday morning to a meeting of the California Peace Officers Association, which had opposed SB 54. In his address, Sessions compared California’s resistance to federal immigration law to the efforts of the Old South and the Confederacy to resist the Union.

“There is no nullification.  There is no secession.  Federal law is ‘the supreme law of the land.’  I would invite any doubters to Gettysburg, and to the graves of John C. Calhoun and Abraham Lincoln,” Sessions said.

In response, Brown was enraged.

“This is really unprecedented for the chief law enforcement officer of the United States to come out to California and act more like Fox News than a law enforcement officer. This is a political stunt,” he told reporters, as quoted by The Hill.

Ironically, the Obama administration, through Attorney General Eric Holder, challenged an Arizona immigration law on similar grounds to those that Sessions is using to confront California — and prevailed at the Supreme Court.

Nevertheless, Brown warned: “This is basically going to war against the state of California, the engine of the American economy. It’s not wise, it’s not right, and it will not stand.”

In an additional swipe, the governor declared: “We know the Trump administration is full of liars. They’ve pled guilty already to the special counsel.”

And, echoing California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, Brown attacked Sessions’s own Southern origins, saying that the Golden State did not need “a fellow from AL coming to talk to us about secession and protecting human and civil rights.”

U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who represents the “sanctuary city” of San Francisco, chimed in as well, accusing the Trump administration of “brazen aggression and intimidation tactics.”


ICE Unveils New Tool, Makes Sanctuary Cities Regret Ever Issuing Licenses To Illegals

The battle against illegal immigration is not over yet. But, President Trump and the GOP might score big victories in the coming weeks. We might see DACA end and a better immigration plan created.

The wall might even go up by the end of the year. But that won’t stop the many illegals currently in the country.

Needless to say, ICE has a massive job ahead of them. They have to track down and apprehend a mass amount of dangerous criminal aliens.

Illegals that keep their heads down and don’t cause problems might be safe. But there are many who commit violent crimes, DUI deaths, and even child molestation.

It’s vital that we deport these fiends. And, a new tool might give ICE a serious edge.

From Breitbart:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents plan to utilize license plate readers to find illegal immigrants.

Police agencies throughout the U.S. use the systems to apprehend fugitives who have escaped justice, but open borders and amnesty activists are up in arms over the increased enforcement step.

License plate scanning systems use cameras and computers to determine the name of owners of vehicles.

ICE published its intent “to award a contract to obtain query-based access to a commercially available License Plate Reader (LPR) database” on January 8.

According to The Verge, an online technology publication, “[t]he system gives the agency access to billions of license plate records and new powers of real-time location tracking…”

ICE agents would be able to query that database in two ways. A historical search would turn up every place a given license plate has been spotted in the last five years, a detailed record of the target’s movements.

That data could be used to find a given subject’s residence or even identify associates if a given car is regularly spotted in a specific parking lot.

We know in sanctuary states like California, illegals can get driver’s licenses. They most likely also have registered vehicles. ICE will be able to use this loophole against illegals, by scanning their plates.

Liberals thought that giving them these privileges would help aliens. Instead, they are signing up for their own deportations!

In the immediate future, this technology will help ICE round up even more illegals. Then a shift will happen. Illegals will be far less likely to sign up for licenses and plates.

That means they will have a harder time staying in the United States. Fewer will even want to cross the border, knowing they will get caught.

That’s a brilliant stroke of genius by ICE. We would expect nothing less from one of Trump’s agencies.

Source: Breitbart,

John Kelly’s Homeland Security Storms Sanctuary Cities With Swift New Tactic

While the Trump administration is reining in immigration, Liberals are throwing up their own walls at every turn to protect illegals.

Democrats continue to stonewall efforts at every turn, and we’re not just talking about the endless pontificating about how everyone needs to be welcomed with a hug no matter where they’re from.

No, liberal leaders in certain jurisdictions go out of their way to thumb their noses at federal law. Sanctuary cities and states remain a very real problem, and it’s only getting worse.

Western Journal passes along additional details about how bad it’s getting out there.

The Inspector General for the Department of Homeland Security published a report earlier this month titled “ICE Faces Challenges to Screen Aliens Who May Be Known or Suspected Terrorists.”

“Some local law enforcement agencies will not honor ICE immigration detainer requests, which further impacts (Enforcement and Removal Operations)’s ability to take criminal aliens into its custody and apply (the Known or Suspected Terrorist Encounter Protocol) to identify possible terrorist connections,” the report said, according to the Media Research Center.

According to the report, ICE “may have missed opportunities to identify, apprehend, and adjudicate the status of aliens posing the highest risk to public safety and national security” because of the jurisdictions’ failure to cooperate.

Let’s allow that to sink in for a moment. High-risk individuals are being lost in the shuffle solely due to the fact that Leftist leaders want to advance their worldview at all costs.

On what planet does that make a lick of sense?

Thankfully, the DHS isn’t about to let a little obstructionism get in the way of taking care of the task at hand.

The Department of Homeland Security Office of the Inspector General made four recommendations as a result of the report.

First, KSTEP should be expanded to require “periodic screening of aliens under supervision.” Currently, the program does not require continued screening of the 2.4 million illegal immigrants in ICE custody.

Next, ICE needs to make sure that ERO offices have all necessary communication facilities.

Third, ICE should assess its resources to figure out how many officers are needed.

And finally, ICE should “strengthen its quality control program by defining clear oversight responsibilities.

“Mitigating and reducing any vulnerability is vital to our nation’s security,” Acting Inspector General John Kelly said.

“We are pleased with ICE’s response to heed our findings by initiating the process to implement all recommendations.”

Sadly, liberal leaders will continue to spin the actions of DHS and ICE as if they are nothing but harmful to our nation as a whole.

Those that reside in the liberal echo chamber will fall for the spin hook, line, and sinker.

Back on Earth, the rest of us can rest assured that we finally have the leadership in place that prioritizes the safety of the American people over the concept of safe spaces and hugs for all.

Source: Western Journal,

Report: California Mayor Vows to ‘Go to Jail’ to Protect ‘Sanctuary City’ Policies Amid Immigration Crackdown

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf speaks during the 2016 Cannabis Business Summit & Expo on June 22, 2016 in Oakland, Schaaf delivered the closing address on the final day of the three-day long Cannabis Business Summit & Expo. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The mayor of Oakland, California, is vowing to face jail time to protect illegal aliens from facing America’s immigration laws as the Trump administration plans to ramp up its enforcement of those laws, a report says.

During his campaign for president and several times since, President Donald Trump has threatened to starve so-called “sanctuary cities” of federal funding. Some reports recently claimed that the administration is set to focus on California for a new wave of raids setting the stage for more deportations of illegals.

With the pressure on sanctuary cities, especially in California, Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf is grandstanding that she would risk going to jail to oppose immigration officials from deporting illegals in her town.

In an interview with San Francisco’s CBS affiliate, Schaaf slammed Trump as the “bully in chief.”

“It is no surprise that the bully in chief is continuing to try to intimidate our most vulnerable residents,” Schaaf said. “We’re very clear that our values are to protect all of our residents regardless of where we come from. We want to protect families, not tear them apart.”

“We are exercising our legal right to be a Sanctuary City and to protect our residents,” the mayor added. “The fact that the federal government is suggesting that it is actively retaliating against jurisdictions that are exercising their right to have sanctuary policies — that is what is illegal.”

Schaaf said she is willing to go to jail to protect illegal aliens.

The Oakland City Council firmly backed the mayor, too.

Firstly, Oakland has set aside one million in tax dollars to help defend illegals who are gathered up by immigration officials. Secondly, the council voted unanimously to discontinue cooperation with ICE officials.

ICE Director Issues a Major Warning to Sanctuary State: ‘California Better Hold on Tight’

The California Values Act has taken effect, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan is not happy about what it means for immigration officials.

He joined Fox News to share his thoughts on why it could ultimately hinder ICE from effectively doing its job. He began by saying, “I think it’s terrible.”

“You’ve got the state of California that wants to put politics ahead of public safety, ahead of officers’ safety. What they’ve done is forced my officers to arrest dangerous criminals on their turf, in their homes and their place of business, rather than arresting them in the safety and security of a county jail.”

He adds, “It’s ridiculous to knowingly and intentionally put law enforcement at risk.”

Homan has been opposed to this law since its inception in September, and he released a statement about the harm it would do then:

Homan believes that this piece of legislation “serves to codify a dangerous policy that deliberately obstructs our country’s immigration laws and shelters serious criminal alien offenders.”

Cavuto asked, “What can you do if you’re not going to get local help in trying to track down folks you say not only shouldn’t be here, but are a threat to people here?”

Homan had a strong reply:

“If [California Gov. Jerry Brown] thinks he’s protecting the immigrant community, he’s doing quite the opposite. Because if you think ICE is going away, we’re not.

There’s no sanctuary from federal law enforcement. … I’m going to significantly increase our enforcement presence in California. …

California better hold on tight. They’re about to see a lot more special agents, a lot more deportation officers in the state of California. If the politicians in California don’t want to protect their communities, then ICE will.”

The California Values Act appears to be a political response to President Donald Trump’s desire to deport illegal immigrants. Homan, who is tough on immigration, was picked by Trump to run ICE.

Homan pointed out that in April 2017, illegal border crossings were at a 17-year low. He credited the decline largely to President Trump’s attempts to protect the border.

President Trump Takes ‘Something’ Away From Sanctuary City Mayor — Bill de Blasio Is Boiling Mad

The refusal of local governments and their law enforcement departments to cooperate with federal immigration authorities is a farce. Local jurisdictions have no more right to pick and choose which federal laws they will follow than private citizens do.

Hence, the sanctuary city movement is based on the violation of the rule of law rather than its support. That we find sanctuary cities in locations which typically elect liberals to office is to be expected. Their plan is to shelter those illegals from deportation mandated by federal law, provide them with generous welfare benefits, and eventually turn them into voters for the Democratic Party. It’s just that simple.

So the battle between sanctuary cities and federal law enforcement authorities continues. In a recent sweep, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested 24 illegals in New York City who had DUI convictions. There is no rational explanation why a local government would want such individuals on the loose other than the vote-creating explanation just given. Hence, Mayor de Blasio’s plans just took a small, but important hit.

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“Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Removal Operations (ERO) officers arrested 25 illegal immigrants in Long Island, New York – 24 were convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. One of those is an MS-13 member.

“ERO officers arrested one other person for an immigration violation.

“The illegal aliens arrested during the six-day ‘Operation Secure Streets’ sweep are being detained pending the finalization of immigration removal proceedings. The criminal illegal aliens who are already subject to outstanding deportation orders, or who re-entered after being deported, can be removed from the country immediately.”

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Attempts to shelter such individuals from deportation should subject Mayor de Blasio to legal action. These are dangerous individuals he wants on his streets. Note the following:

“Besides DWI and aggravated DWI, the criminal histories also include convictions for assault in the second degree and criminal trespass in the second degree. These foreign nationals are from Brazil, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and the Ukraine.”

It is bad enough that otherwise peaceful people choose to break our immigration laws rather than applying to enter the US legally. When felons who are here illegally are turned loose rather than being deported, we have the deliberate endangerment of Americans for political purposes, in this case those of the left.

While we cannot deport derelict politicians and office holders, we can try the next best thing: Vote them out of office.

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Since it’s unlikely that will happen in the liberal sanctuary cities, federal officials will have no choice but to continue to enforce the law in spite of local obstruction. It’s outrageous, but retreating is not an option.

Source: Breitbart,

ICE Busts 24 Illegal Immigrants with DUI Convictions in Sanctuary New York

ICE ERO officers remove criminal alien.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Removal Operations (ERO) officers arrested 25 illegal immigrants in Long Island, New York – 24 were convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. One of those is an MS-13 member.

ERO officers arrested one other person for an immigration violation.

The illegal aliens arrested during the six-day “Operation Secure Streets” sweep are being detained pending the finalization of immigration removal proceedings. The criminal illegal aliens who are already subject to outstanding deportation orders, or who re-entered after being deported, can be removed from the country immediately.

Officials made these arrests in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Besides DWI and aggravated DWI, the criminal histories also include convictions for assault in the second degree and criminal trespass in the second degree. These foreign nationals are from Brazil, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and the Ukraine.

The field officer director for ERO in New York, Thomas R. Decker said, “This operation targeted those who were convicted of driving under the influence, some with children in the car, solidifying ICE’s commitment to remove public safety threats from our communities.”

Decker added, “With the incredibly high number of vehicle accidents and related deaths as a result of DUIs, ICE will continue to arrest and remove these criminal aliens for the safety of our city’s residents.”

Mary Ann Mendoza’s 32-year-old son, Mesa Police Sergeant Brandon Mendoza, was slain by an intoxicated, criminal illegal alien. The illegal alien killed Sergeant Mendoza because he was so drunk he was driving down the wrong way on a highway when he hit the police sergeant. The intoxicated illegal immigrant already had charges for burglary, assault of a peace officer, and fraud but never appeared in court. He remained on the run for 12 years. When he was caught at the border, officials took him to Colorado where he was shown leniency and released.

Mary Ann Mendoza told Breitbart Texas last December:

When elected officials start taking actions to protect illegal criminals, and as some have stated, using taxpayer money to offer legal assistance, you have to wonder what place Americans who have been affected by illegal crime have in this big picture. We are now becoming the group in the shadows, ignored by local politicians, shunned by mainstream media and standing on the sidelines watching illegal criminals getting more benefits and protection than our loved ones ever got. This insanity and the power-hungry politicians using these issues for votes (from illegal aliens) to stay in office sickens me. Americans matter, Americans need protection and Americans should come first, after all, we do live in America, right?

In 2012, Sabine Durden’s 30-year-old son Dominic died when an illegal immigrant from Guatemala driving an unlicensed truck struck him when he was on his motorcycle. Durden, a legal immigrant from Germany, has been very outspoken against illegal immigration and amnesty.

Durden and Mendoza are co-founders of Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime (AVIAC).