Melania Sent Message To Hurricane Irma Victims, Suddenly Something DISGUSTING Happened

Hurricane Irma is a huge storm it is going to decimate the United States. President Trump is currently working hard with Florida Governor Rick Scott to get supplies to all the people affected and a state of emergency has been declared in Florida. It’s gonna be a big one.

In support, Melania Trump sent out a huge message of support for all the people that are going to be affected by the storm. She wrote, “If you are in or near projected path of Hurricane Irma please listen to local law enforcement in the area. Stay safe!!!”

Right on time, liberals started attacking her in the worst way.

This is just disgusting. Why do these people think it is right

After CNN Reporter Says Trump Doesn’t Care About Hurricane Victims, Watch Greg Gutfeld Embarrass Him

DP| Greg Gutfeld started his show last night with a segment that is going viral. He responded to CNN’s Jeff Zeleney who made a baseless claim that President Trump doesn’t care about the Hurricane victims. (Video Below)

As usual, CNN is trying to divide Americans, even as the Hurricane Harvey crisis is bringing Americans together. Well, Gutfeld was having none of it. He UNLOADED on the mainstream media for trying to drag Americans down instead of focusing on the heroes who are helping the people of Texas. He also exposed their LIES about President Trump.

Gutfeld said the media is trying to exploit this tragedy and they’ll move on quickly, ignoring the thousands of survivors who are now homeless. He called networks like CNN “zeroes” for not acknowledging the brave Americans who are risking their lives to save others.

He also pointed out how Trump donated 1 million dollars of his own money, but they’ll found a way to criticize him for that. WATCH the video below then SHARE on Facebook so we can make it go viral!

CNN Reporter Tries to Say Trump Doesn’t Care About Hurricane Victims, IMMEDIATELY Regrets it

Kellyanne Conway is BACK and it’s just in time to defend President Trump against the lying mainstream media. Last night, CNN’s Chris Cuomo had the nerve to imply to Kellyanne that Trump doesn’t care about Hurricane Harvey victims… and she made him immediately regret it.

The CNN anchor asked Kellyanne if President Trump cared more about funding the border wall than he does helping Hurricane Harvey victims. Her response is brutal!(Video Below)  

Kellyanne responded by pointing out ludicrous that question is, and then she called out CNN for using this tragedy to attack Trump instead of actually trying to help the victims. She said, “Instead of having the same conversation 5 different ways over the course of this interview, you could be putting up 1-800 numbers or websites or giving people information about diapers or pet rescue or meals or water.”

Cuomo responded, “oh, we can do both” to which Kellyanne quickly shot back, saying “But you’re not, though.” She continued, pointing out how CNN has been having 8 person panels criticizing Trump instead of providing victims with what they need. WATCH the video below then SHARE on Facebook if you stand with Trump and Kellyanne against the lying media!

Viewers SHOCKED At What Reporter Does To American Flag During Live Coverage Of Hurricane

Like many Americans you might be glued to your TV or social media, watching for updates on Hurricane Harvey. This massive storm that has inundated the Gulf Coast region of the United States has brought historic flooding and sadly, loss of life. Its strength has brought devastation not seen in Houston in decades and the people of Texas have banded together, trying to help one another through this trying time. Most of the rest of the country, however, is left feeling helpless to do anything about the tragic situation.

The front line of the storm is populated with not only residents of the area, but also the relief workers and reporters who willfully gone into the thick of it to help the people affected, and tell their stories. The National Guard, Fema, and the Red Cross have all converged on the area, en mass, all looking to lend a helping hand. There are also those sent into the storm to tell the rest of us what is going on. The Weather Channel sent multiple correspondents to Gulf Coast in order to give an accurate look at what is going on there. One of those reporters tried his hardest to remain professional but just couldn’t do it when reporting from one of the hardest hit areas.

These reporters who stand out in all kinds of conditions to allow you and I to see what is happening, but sometimes there’s something even more important than standing and looking into the camera. Paul Goodloe found himself in one of those situations when he was reporting from outside a school in Rockport where a flag had been ripped right out of the sky and was lying with debris near where Goodloe and his crew were filming. While he tried to just go by it, his patriotism wouldn’t be silenced, and he had to do something about it.

Liberals Spread FAKE Viral Photo of Obama Helping Hurricane Victims

Is lying the only thing liberals can do to get their point across? With a tragedy as massive as Hurricane Harvey, you just knew they were going to exploit it with phony claims.

And sure enough, on Monday a post by liberal Twitter user Aiden Benjamin regarding the hurricane went viral.

The only problem? What Benjamin posted was TOTALLY FALSE.

You see, he uploaded a photo of the Obama family serving food to others with the caption: “something you’ll never see trump do: Obama is in Texas serving meals!”

The implication was clear. While Trump was doing little to help the hurricane victims, there was Obama, selflessly serving food to the victims!

Only, he wasn’t.

Sure, the photo is real. But it’s of the Obamas serving Thanksgiving dinner to guests in 2015.

It has NOTHING to do with Hurricane Harvey. I mean, did Aiden Benjamin even bother to consider that the woman in the photo is wearing a heavy sweater, something no one in their right mind would wear in Texas during the month of August?!

The photo was called out by a number of people, eventually forcing Benjamin to remove the post and apologize.

Sadly, that was AFTER 15,000 liberals who don’t let facts get in the way of a good fake news story LIKED the post, and another 8,000 retweeted it.

So, while it’s no longer on Aiden Benjamin’s Twitter feed, this bit of fake news is out there, spreading like wildfire.

Expect to get a notification about Obama’s altruism from your liberal friends any moment now.

Source: NBC26,