BREAKING: Hillary Rushed To Hospital After Suffering HUMILIATING ‘Accident’ In Public And It’s BAD

Hillary Clinton is far from the campaign trail but the public calamities that were on full display then, which brought her health into question, have now just resurfaced with a vengeance on her book tour. Ironically, while hawking her memoir that’s riddled with blame for Donald Trump making her look bad as to why she didn’t win the White House, the truth of the real issue slipped out under the most humiliating circumstances.

Call it karma catching up with her but the truth has a way of revealing itself and there’s no way she can disguise it any longer. Hillary had just arrived to go live on a British television show today to promote her new book “What Happened” when the world saw what really happened and she was rushed to the hospital. This is going to be a hard one to recover from and if we’re lucky, we may never see her in public again after this major embarrassment.

Hillary has been visibly unstable for more than a year, often looking disoriented and unsure on her own two feet. She thought she has perfected ways of disguising what’s either a major medical issue or perpetual public intoxication, but oftentimes gravity got the best of her. Perhaps she had overmedicated herself ahead of a public interview or she’s just a klutz, but Hillary took a huge fall down some stairs at the studio and ended up with some broken bones. Her excuse for it after didn’t add up, only adding to her issues since now it’s clear that she’s hiding something far worse than what she’s ready to admit.

Washington Examiner reports:

Hillary Clinton canceled several media appearances Monday while on her book tour in London after she fell down the stairs and broke her toe.

“I was running down the stairs in heels with a cup of coffee in hand, I was talking over my shoulder and my heel caught and I fell backwards,” Clinton told “The Graham NortionShow.”

“I tried to get up and it really hurt. I’ve broken my toe. I’ve received excellent care from your excellent health service.”

While her excuse was made to sound like an innocent fall we’ve probably all suffered before, it doesn’t make sense. She claimed that she simply fell backward and ended up with a broken toe.

The logistics of a fall like that would cause one’s feet to fly out in front/above them. With your feet in the air, it really makes it hard to break a toe. You could hurt a wrist catching yourself, a tailbone landing too hard, or other parts of the body, but a toe for falling backward is a difficult feat…unless the fall was such a tangled, debaucherous mess that your feet got underneath you.

If that’s the case, then we need to see a video of it to prove it and see just how Hillary managed to make such a maneuver. But in the meantime, we have video evidence of all of the other times recently she has fallen in public, which points to a trend and a much deeper issue.

The Daily Mail listed out a timeline of the falls. It’s easy to see a habit forming here, either a substance habit that makes her weak in the knees or a hidden health issue she’s too prideful to admit.

This is not the first time the failed presidential Democratic candidate has taken a public tumble,” Mail Online pointed out before listing out the evidence that gravity is consistently not her friend.

9/11 Memorial in 2016 – Hillary made headlines after she was captured on video collapsing into the arms of her Secret Service agents after being rushed from the 9/11 memorial service at the World Trade Center last year.

On the campaign trail in 2016 – She stumbled up the stairs while boarding her flight to a rally in Winston Salem, North Carolina, in October 2016.

While visiting a rehabilitation center in 2016 – She lost her balance briefly while climbing of the steps of a home for ex-offenders and substance abusers on the grounds of the former Charleston Navy Yard in February 2016. She was helped up by her aides.  

While inside her Washington home in 2013 – She also famously fell inside her home in 2013 on the eve of testimony before a Senate committee investigating Benghazi. She ended up getting a mild concussion. When she appeared in Congress, she was wearing special prism eyeglass lenses, which are used to assist people experiencing double vision.

Before her flight to Yemen in 2011 – The then-Secretary of State was boarding a plane to Yemen when she slipped to her knees at the doorway and was only saved from further embarrassment when an aide gave her a helping hand.

Hillary is falling all over the place and stumbling on the truth which she’s still trying to deny no matter how obvious it is. We really dodged a bullet with her not being elected. The strongest most powerful nation in the world doesn’t need a klutz, drunk, feeble, or ill individual leading us and embarrassing America on the world’s stage. So to answer the statement on the cover of her memoir, “What Happened” …not being able to hold yourself up in public is what happened, Hillary. It’s time to take a load off that broken toe and retirement from politics and the public eye.

Hillary In FULL Panic-Mode After What Just Came Out About Vegas Shooter – This Is BAD

On Sunday night, deranged lunatic Stephen Paddock murdered 58 people and injured over 500 when he opened fire on a country music festival in Las Vegas. While the country is still trying to process the horrific event, the left is already politicizing the attack and pushing for gun control. Two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was one of those politicians that jumped on the gun control bandwagon. Clinton immediately went into attack mode blaming the NRA for tragic shooting, but little did she know she was way off base.

Hillary Clinton has a long history of attack the NRA, and it always blows up in her face. For instance, shortly after the Las Vegas shooting Clinton attacked the NRA on Twitter to push her twisted political agenda.

It appears that Clinton is under the distinct impression that the NRA was culpable for this attack and that Paddock was a member. Oh, but Clinton is very wrong with her assertion and should take back her words. In fact, Paddock was not a member of the NRA at all and for Clinton to be harping on the NRA is absolutely absurd. 

Now, let’s talk about the gun that Paddock used to commit this disgusting crime. It was a weapon that has already banned so what would she suggest be done? Ban it again?

At any rate, this is how the left works and that will never change. These liberals are intent on disarming the American people to exact control over the population. Over the last couple years, the left has been doing their best to disarm the public and have even called for the NRA to be labeled a terrorist organization.

Here is just a sampling of those on the left calling for members of the NRA to be labeled as terrorists.

Now, this isn’t the first time that those on the left had tried to demonize the NRA as a terrorist group. As mentioned previously, for years the left has been trying to label the NRA as such without much success. Back in 2015, just a couple days after a gunman opened fire on the Umpqua Community College campus in Oregon did the liberals call for the NRA to deemed a terrorist group.

Here is an excerpt from the Breitbart article just a couple years back.

“On October 3–two days after a gunman killed 10 at the gun free facilities on the Umpqua Community College campus–the New York Daily News called for the U.S. State Department to designate the National Rifle Association (NRA) a “terrorist organization.”

They based this request on their belief that national security faces a greater threat from armed citizens than from “foreign terrorists,” and they singled out the NRA as the bulwark preserving citizens’ right to keep and bear arms. They suggested, “The NRA should take its rightful place on the State Department list of terrorist organizationsbecause its influence is more of an immediate threat to the lives of our citizens than foreign terrorists.”

To be on the State Department’s list of designated terror organizations a group has to be state-sponsored for terrorism–which the NRA is not. Moreover, they do not exist for terrorist reasons. Rather, they exist to defend the civil liberties protected by the Second Amendment. Undaunted by these things, the NYDN simply declares the NRA a “terrorist group” and suggests it falls under the State Department’s purview by being “nearly-state sponsored.”

The NYDN added, “Although the NRA is not an officially state-sponsored organization it is the supporter of the state with its massive member and lobbyist donations to our elected officials.”

They remind readers that “murdered Americans killed by…lunatic gun slingers include terrified children calling for their mothers, teachers begging for the lives of their students, students begging for not just their own lives but the lives of their classmates, moviegoers looking for escape, bystanders cheering for athletes, athletes trying to be the best they can be as the worst we ever could have imagined struck them down in cold blood.”


Hillary Clinton is struggling to stay relevant and what better way to do that then by latching onto a tragedy to push her political agenda. Those on the left have no respect for those who died and were injured for them to use this tragedy to lecture the American people on their rights.

It is our God-given right to arm ourselves with whatever weapon we choose in order to defend ourselves & our families, which is why our Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment in the first place. The left desires a disarmed population to control the masses, and we cannot allow that to happen. Yes, what happened in Las Vegas was an absolute tragedy, and there are more questions about it then answers, but we cannot fall into fear and give up our rights.

Source:Red State Watcher,

Liberals Forgot That Hillary Said “Dreamers” Have To Go. Let’s Remind Them!

Liberals predictably freaking out over President Trump’s efforts to rescind DACA and send most “Dreamers” back to their countries of origin have naturally latched on to Hillary Clinton as champion of their cause.

Oh, but how quickly liberals forget. Or are they purposely ignoring the recent past?

Either way, this is the Internet age. Everything is recorded. Everything is archived. And everything is easily searchable.

There’s no escaping what you said or did previously, just as there’s no excuse for liberals, especially those in the mainstream media, not knowing what Hillary was herself was saying about “Dreamers” just a few years ago.

In a live interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Hillary was repeatedly pressed on whether or not she believed that the children of illegal immigrants should be sent packing.

After several attempts, Amanpour finally got Hillary to answer the question. Here’s here response:

“…just because your child gets across the border, that doesn’t mean the child gets to stay. So, we don’t want to send a message that is contrary to our laws or will encourage more children to make that dangerous journey.”


Hillary Clinton does NOT support DACA. At least, she didn’t used to. Not until it became politically expedient to support it and score points against President Trump.

In other words, Hillary Clinton doesn’t give a rat’s ass about “Dreamers.” She’s only championing DACA now because Trump’s against it.

Trump Was Right! Former Hillary Staffers Expose How She Used Voter Fraud to Win Swing State

Remember when Democrats scoffed at President Trump’s assertion that Hillary and her campaign had engaged in voter fraud in a vain effort to keep him out of the White House?

False accusations, fake news, alternative facts, they called it, even as liberals latched on to wholly unsubstantiated claims of collusion between Trump and Russia.

But now State Department officials who once called Hillary their boss are exposing that the failed Democratic candidate did indeed apparently engage in voter fraud in at least one swing state last November.

From The Washington Times:

More than 6,500 people registered to vote in New Hampshire on Nov. 8 using out-of-state driver’s licenses, and since then the vast majority have neither obtained an in-state license nor registered a motor vehicle.

Conservatives say the state’s same-day registration is an invitation for fraud because of loose proof-of-residence rules.

New Hampshire House Speaker Shawn Jasper, a Republican, issued the numbers Thursday based on inquiries he made to the Department of State, which oversees elections, and the Department of Safety.

Since Election Day, Republicans have charged that a significant number of nonresident Democrats, principally from Massachusetts, flowed into New Hampshire to vote illegally, tilting a close race to their party.

New Hampshire law gives drivers 60 days upon establishing residence to obtain a state license.

But more than 80 percent of voters who registered on Nov. 8 using out-of-state driver’s licenses, or 5,313 of them, neither had a state license nor registered a motor vehicle almost 10 months later.

Hillary’s Brand New Book Ripped From Shelves After Publisher Notices Sick Thing Inside

Hillary Clinton is in the news again, and predictably it is not for anything positive. This time the controversy surrounding the most corrupt politician in American history concerns the plagiarism Hillary Clinton’s spiritual advisor, Rev. Bill Shillady committed when he wrote “Strong for a Moment Like This,” detailing the daily devotionals and prayers of Hillary Clinton and communications she had with Rev. Bill Shillady.

However, a pastor in Indiana by the name of Matt Deuel read Shillady’s book, noticed that the part where Rev. Bill Shillady emailed Hillary Clinton the morning after the 2016 Presidential election was in fact his words. These words originated from a blog post Pastor Deuel published in March of 2016. Rev. Bill Shillady has apologized and has released the following statement:

“My entire approach to this book project has been to credit all of the many ministers and sources who contributed to the devotionals that were written for Hillary over the course of the campaign. In preparing the devotional on the morning of November 9, I was determined to provide comfort with the familiar adage that “It’s Friday But Sunday is coming.” I searched for passages that offered perspective of this theme. I am now stunned to realize the similarity between Matt Deuel’s blog sermon and my own. Clearly, portions of my devotional that day incorporate his exact words. Matt and I have spoken. He was extremely gracious and understanding. I have assured him he will receive full credit moving forward.”

The explanation, which Rev. Bill Shillady gives simply does not hold water. When one plagiarizes someone else’s work, it is rather clear what you are doing. Especially when you know that what you’re publishing matches word for word. Rev. Bill Shillady even admits that the work he attempted to pass off as his own matches word for word exactly what Pastor Matt Deuel published on his blog post.

Rev. Bill Shillady has been a spiritual advisor to Hillary Clinton going back to 2015. He is a United Methodist clergyman from the state of New York and has been friends with the Clinton family for a considerable amount of time. Last month, Julie Zauzmer from the Washington Post reported of the plagiarized text showing it includes sentences almost identical to Deuel’s: “For the disciples and Christ’s followers in the first century, Good Friday represented the day that everything fell apart. All was lost. The momentum and hope of a man claiming to be the Son of God, the Messiah who was supposed to change everything, had been executed. … Death will be shattered. Hope will be restored. But first, we must live through the darkness and seeming hopelessness of Friday.”

The publisher of the book, Abingdon Press is not happy with this revelation and has since pulled the plagiarized book from store shelves. Rev. Brian Milford, the President of Abingdon Press, conducted an investigation and confirmed the plagiarism. “Abingdon Press initiated an extensive review of the book and was alarmed to discover other content unattributed by the author. Abingdon Press has zero tolerance for plagiarism. Consequently, we have discontinued sales, will remove existing copies from all sales outlets, and will have them destroyed along with our existing inventory.”

Initial reports back in August suggested that the book would remain on shelves, but the publisher and Rev. Bill Shillady would give proper credit moving forward. However, despite Rev. Bill Shillady claiming he made nice with Pastor Matt Deuel, the book will no longer be available for sale. This move by Abingdon Press surely cost them a considerable amount of money, and a lawsuit is likely to follow.

Abingdon Press has not stated if they will refund any customers who have already purchased “Strong for a Moment Like This.”

Thankfully, Abingdon Press did the right thing and complexly removed the book from shelves, but they should have had the foresight to double check the work of Rev. Bill Shillady given his close association with Hillary Clinton and her reputation for being less than honest. Many people find it hard to believe, myself included, that Rev. Bill Shillady didn’t know he was copying someone else’s work. Citing your source appropriately is a task even the most novice writers are taught prior to publishing anything. Hillary Clinton has not released a statement regarding this latest controversy of dishonesty.

Source: Sarah PalinWashington PostWashington Post ,

Hillary Is Running Scared From Trump’s New FBI Nominee, Here’s Why

When Donald Trump fired James Comey, he may have had a much bigger plan all along – and liberals in DC never saw it coming.

The story we’re told from the mainstream media is this: Trump fired Comey because he was afraid of the Russia investigation. It’s spawned a lot of fake news, it’s made Trump look bad, and it’s distracted from the real work that needs to be done to restore this country.

In short, the lie worked. But that story has also diverted focus from Trump’s new nominee. And this guy’s credentials will make you wonder if Trump had a bigger plan in place all along – finally convicting Clinton for her many crimes.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

Failed Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton and her corrupt lackeys should be very nervous about this new FBI nominee — their time skirting the consequences for their questionable actions may be drawing to a close.

The candidate himself? Christopher Wray, an attorney with a ton of law enforcement, leadership, and legal experience. And all of that experience is in one specific area – catching slippery and powerful criminals like Hillary Clinton.

Wray “has worked as a white-collar criminal defense lawyer, [and] also served for a few years in the Department of Justice during former President George W. Bush’s administration as head of the Criminal Division.”

His credentials go on. “…graduate of Yale Law School, clerked for a justice on the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals,” and – in one of the most impressive lists I’ve ever seen – “oversaw efforts to take on corporate fraud and clean up the U.S. financial markets, going after drug traffickers, intellectual property thieves and distributors of child pornography, as well as other white collar crimes.”

Here’s the interesting part – take a good, long look at that list at the end.

Drug traffickers, corporate fraud, associations with child molesters…does this sound like a family we know well?

Because I have one in mind. And they’ve escaped justice for years.

But maybe they won’t with a new man at the helm.

Fact is, James Comey, as talented as he was, never had the strength or the guts to do the most important thing – take down Hillary Clinton. And Trump promised he’d lock her up.

Comey didn’t do so. And then Trump fired Comey, and hired Wray.

Perhaps he’s preparing to finally make good on that promise.

Source: Conservative Tribune,

Hillary Desperate To Wipe This Video From The Internet – See It Before It’s Deleted

This video shows how many times Hillary Clinton has lied during her career.

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