James Woods Drops a MOAB on Hillary Clinton On Twitter, Leaving Everyone Gasping For Air

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A New York Times reporter just released a new book which gives a little more perspective into Hillary Clinton’s run in the 2016 presidential election. The book claims that Hillary stated, “They were never going to let me be president,” on election night when she realized that Trump had taken the race.

It was reported by Fox News that a new book which details her White House bid claimed that Clinton had stated “They were never going to let me be president,” Excerpts of the book, “Chasing Hillary: Tens Years, Two Presidential Campaigns, and One Intact Glass Ceiling,” were obtained by The Daily Beast.

It is reported that the book delves into comments that Clinton made in September of 2016 in which she stated that half of Trump supporters could be placed in a “basket of deplorable.” New York Times reporter Amy Chozick’s book claims that “Hillary always broke down Trump supporters into three baskets.”

Outspoken conservative actor James Woods had a few things to say after the Fox News article was published.

Woods tweeted: “Your corruption was not a flesh wound, but a systemic rot of your entire being. YOU were never going to let you be president, because you are a greedy, lying grifter. You weren’t born a Clinton, but you took to being one like a duck to swamp water.”

It goes without saying that Hillary Clinton has said some things in the past (as we all have) that she will come to regret, and this is definitely one of those things. To claim that half of Trump supporters are “deplorable” means that the former Secretary of State bashed millions of Americans. Not the smartest tactic in politics. When will Hillary realize that she lost the election? After all, it’s been almost a year and a half. It’s great to see James Woods standing up for America, yet again.

Here’s to hoping that liberal America gets over the 2016 election before it’s time for the next one.

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Judge Nap DEMANDS Hillary Clinton Should Immediately Go To Prison

Though Hillary Clinton has mostly escaped, unshackled, from her long list of scandals involving multiple matters of national security, there are renewed calls for her to face the music and Judge Napolitano just made it very clear.

He thinks Hillary should be doing hard time and he has an interesting reason why…

DailyCaller reports:

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said Thursday on “Fox & Friends” that Hillary Clinton needs to be held accountable for committing multiple felonies and should be put in prison.

“The evidence of Mrs. Clinton’s guilt of espionage, failure to safeguard state secrets, that’s the 22 or 23 top secret pieces of information that were on her private server. The failure to do that — the evidence of guilt is overwhelming,” Napolitano said.

“The statute of limitations is 10 years. It hasn’t run,” he added.

Napolitano said part of the reason Clinton has been able to escape prosecution is due to former FBI Director James Comey and his political agenda.

“The reason she wasn’t prosecuted have been shot through by Jim Comey’s own words in the past two weeks, as a political reason rather than a law enforcement [reason],” Napolitano declared. “I’ve been asking the attorney general to do this for months and I wish he would.”

“The countervailing argument is — we are not a banana republic. The victor, Donald Trump doesn’t put the loser Hillary Clinton in jail. The flip side of that argument is there is evidence of serious felonies on her part,” he concluded. “She shouldn’t be immune from prosecution because she ran for president and lost or because her last name is Clinton.”

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FBI Informant Says Feds Asking NEW Questions About Crooked Hillary!…GAME ON!

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Now that President Trump is in office, you may be asking yourself will justice be served when it comes to Crooked Hillary Clinton, her private email server, Uranium One, and all the other pay-to-play scandals tied to the Clinton Global Initiative?

President Trump is putting the ‘A Team’ back together. He’s assembled people like former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Victoria Toensing, along with prosecutor Joe DiGenova, and newly appointed National Security Advisor John Bolton. I’m sure you recognize some of those names from the Reagan era. So it’s game on when it comes to the Clintons. Trump means business.

The former FBI informant at the heart of the Russian Uranium scandal, William D. Campbell,  just gave an exclusive interview to The Hill Campbell was interviewed for FIVE HOURS about the Crooked Hillary Clinton by Toesning and team. They are NOT messing around when it comes to dealing with high crimes in high places. Campbell can deliver the goods when it comes to the Clintons and their bribery schemes related to the Clinton Global Initiative. In fact Campbell has collected over 5,000 documents over a six-year period.

According to ‘The Hill’ and ‘Zero Hedge’ in January, the Little Rock FBI field office opened a new investigation into the Clintons and their various charitable foundations – focusing on pay-for-play schemes and tax code violations, according to law enforcement officials and a witness who wishes to remain anonymous.

The officials, who spoke only on condition of anonymity, said the probe is examining whether the Clintons promised or performed any policy favors in return for largesse to their charitable efforts or whether donors made commitments of donations in hopes of securing government outcomes.

The probe may also examine whether any tax-exempt assets were converted for personal or political use and whether the Foundation complied with applicable tax laws, the officials said. –The Hill (1/4/2018)

Campbell told The Hill that the Arkansas agents specifically asked about donations to the Clinton charitable trusts:

Campbell said he was asked specifically about whether donations to the Clintons charitable efforts were used to influence U.S. nuclear policy during the Obama year, and that agents questioned him extensively about claims the Russians made to him thatthey had routed millions of dollars to an American lobbying firm in 2010 and 2011 with the expectation it would be used to help President Clinton’s charitable global initiative while major uranium decisions were pending before Hillary Clinton’s State Department. –The Hill

As Campbell states,

They were looking into the Clintons, and the information that I provided to them about the Clintons and about what was said and confirmed by Russian leadership seemed to be very important to them.

In February, Campbell gave closed-door testimony to three Congressional panels – which Congressional Democrats Adam Schiff and Elijah Cummings wrote, smearing Campbell as he suffered from cognitive issues due to chemotherapy.

The former CIA and FBI asset dismissed the Democrats’ attacks as partisan.

I am not a Republican. I am not a Democrat. I’m not an independent. I am a damn American,” he said. “I’d like to remind those Democratic staff members who wrote that interview summary that none of ’em have ever worked undercover as a confidential informant … and put themselves in clear and present danger with Russian criminals who are breaking U.S. law.”


Moreover, after details of Campbell’s undercover work for the FBI first emerged in an October 2017 report by The Hill – which did not divulge his name, Michael Isikoff of Yahoo News and Joel Schectman of Reuters published articles smearing Campbell, saying he was “so unreliable that prosecutors dropped him as a witness” in a case unrelated to his undercover work – while two “senior officials” within the Justice Department fed Congressional investigators the same thing during a December 15 briefing.

Both statements were lies, as the case was related to Campbell’s undercover work, and he was dropped as a witness after the Baltimore U.S. Attorney’s office botched their case – which Campbell’s testimony would have weakened.


In response to the smears, Victoria Toensing fired off a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday demanding an investigation into Campbell’s character assassination mainly by officials at the FBI- CC’ing DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, along with several Congressional Investigators and others involved in the matter.

Click here for Toensing’s letter.


The FBI officials and the MSM PURPOSELY assassinated William Campbell’s character. They publicly displayed his name as an undercover and destroyed his reputation so that he could no longer work.  That sure sounds like the Clintons and their supporters doesn’t it. If they don’t get want they want from you, they destroy you and your reputation or worse – just mysteriously get rid of you like Shawn Lucas, Seth Rich, Bernie Whisenant and others. Right Hillary?

It’s so convenient when you have so many scumbags working for you and putting money over principles, truth and justice in our country. But what do the Clintons care? They are all about the money! Which by the way, I must say, Crooked Hillary had a nice gig going until former FBI informant William Campbell came along or President Trump with his ‘A Team’. Talk about upsetting the apple cart. Now, it’s GAME ON Beyotches!




Resources: The Hill, ZeroHedge,joeforamerica.com

The FBI Just Blew the Hillary Clinton Case Wide Open. She Could Literally Be Going to Jail

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That Hillary Clinton is a hypocrite, a crook and possibly even a murderer is already well known.

But the bombshell that the FBI just dropped could put her in the category of bonafide traitor.

The evidence being provided appears to confirm allegations contained in Peter Schweizer’s bestselling book Clinton Cash, which documents the corruption tactics employed by Hillary in 2010 when she pushed through Russia’s purchase of 20 percent of US uranium.

Yes, that’s right. Hillary has a dirty link to Russia. One that’s documented, unlike the spurious allegations of President Trump’s collision with Moscow.

The Hill reports:

Before the Obama administration approved a controversial deal in 2010 giving Moscow control of a large swath of American uranium, the FBI had gathered substantial evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering designed to grow Vladimir Putin’s atomic energy business inside the United States, according to government documents and interviews.

Federal agents used a confidential U.S. witness working inside the Russian nuclear industry to gather extensive financial records, make secret recordings and intercept emails as early as 2009 that showed Moscow had compromised an American uranium trucking firm with bribes and kickbacks in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, FBI and court documents show.

They also obtained an eyewitness account — backed by documents — indicating Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that provided a favorable decision to Moscow, sources told The Hill.

That the FBI failed to do something about this much earlier is a scandal in itself.

But even after the fact, the willing involvement of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in Russian economic corruption carried out on US soil is without question a punishable offense.

They both abused the power entrusted to them by the American people for their own benefit and for the benefit of foreign powers hostile to the United States.


Roseanne Barr to Jimmy Kimmel: ‘We Don’t Want to See Our President Fail, so Zip that F***ing Lip’


Actress Roseanne Barr appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday and demanded that the late-night host, who routinelybashes President Donald Trump, “zip that fucking lip.”

While debating about Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy, Kimmel said to Barr, “Listen, never mind her foreign policy, how about captain wacko we got running the country here? I mean, some foreign policy.”

“I’m shocked because I know you are a very socially liberal person in general,” Kimmel said to Barr, who’s openly supportive of President Trump.

“I’m still the same, you all moved,” Barr responded, referring to liberals and Democrats. “You all moved so f–ing far out you lost everybody.”

“A lot of your audience and including me, I just want to say this, Jimmy,” said Barr, sitting beside co-star John Goodman, “a lot of us, you know, no matter who we voted for, we don’t want to see our president fail. Because we don’t want Pence.”

Kimmel said he doesn’t want to Vice President Pence as president, to which Barr instructed that he “zip that fucking lip.”

The ABC Roseanne revival — the original show, which quickly became a working-class cult classic comedy series in its nine-season run between 1988 to 1997 — brings back much of the original cast members, who are deeply divided over politics but are united by their love for each other.

“Here’s my two cents, damn it,” Barr said at one point. “It’s up to us to make this government work, no matter who’s president. It’s up to us to do our job as citizens and if we don’t like something, let ’em know you don’t like it, and then you’ve got another election in two years. Get out there and vote. Change it if you don’t like it.”

After a 20-year hiatus, the first of nine episodes of Roseanne airs on ABC on March 27.

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Hillary on Ivanka Being President: ‘We Don’t Want Any More Inexperienced Trumps in the White House’

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Last week on Dutch public broadcasting’s KRO-NCRV, Hillary Clinton shot down the notion of Ivanka Trump becoming the first female president of the United States.

Partial transcript as follows:

HOST EVA JINEK: Apparently Ivanka Trump wants to be the first female President of the United States.

HILLARY CLINTON: That’s not going to happen.



JINEK: How come?

CLINTON: No, we don’t want any more inexperienced Trumps in the White House.

JINEK: I would think normally I would like to believe what you are saying but I also learned after these elections that things that we don’t except to happen sometimes do happen.

CLINTON: Well, that’s true, but you know, fool me once shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. And I think the American people have seen for themselves what happens when a reality-TV candidate wins. I really believe there’s an enormous amount of pent-up energy to take the country back away from the Trump administration.

(h/t WFB)

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HILLARY CLINTON GOES NUCLEAR: Says ‘WHITE WOMEN’ Were Forced to Vote for Trump by Their Husbands

Hillary Rodham Clinton has been griping and moaning since her epic loss to President Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. The former First Lady and failed presidential candidate took her excuse tour to a whole new level of low over the weekend. She told a full audience during a conference in India that “white women” cast their votes overwhelmingly in Trump’s favor just because their husbands forced them to. As a white woman, I can say that this is entirely untrue.

The former Secretary of State spoke at the India Today Conclave event this past Saturday. She used another excuse for her loss in the 2016 presidential election. She blamed “white women” belonging to both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party who she claims would have voted for her if not for their husbands.

Clinton claimed at the event, “[Democrats] do not do well with white men and we don’t do well with married, white women,” Clinton explained. “And part of that is an identification with the Republican Party, and a sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should.”

“What happened in my election, I was on the way to winning white women until former Director of the FBI Jim Comey dropped that ill-advised letter; then my numbers went down,” she went on. “All of a sudden white women who were going to vote for me and standing up to the men in their lives were told she’s going to jail.”

Watch the video here.

In the past, Clinton blamed young women for her voting loss:

It’s looking more and more like Hillary Clinton’s political career is just about over. Now she’s stooping to blaming women for her voting loss? She’s supposed to be an ally to women. Not a smart move by the queen of mean.

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Just In: Judge Jeanine Pirro Calls For The Immediate Arrest Of Hillary Clinton DO YOU SUPPORT HER ?


Senior Nationalist – “Bolt her up!” As the body of evidence against Hillary Clinton’s installment of $12 million for a dossier that was decrying to then applicant Trump that was set up by outside elements, including agents from the Kremlin has detonated, Judge Jeanine disclosed to her crowd that she now had sufficiently heard to call for Hillary Clinton’s capture and conviction!

“The Place of Cards whereupon the Obama’s and the Clinton’s manufactured the Trump-Russia association crumbled yesterday when it was revealed that the Clinton crusade and the DNC paid $12 million for a dossier to interface Donald Trump to Russia.
“To go around certain race laws the battle paid a law office who at that point paid an examination firm who at that point paid a previous English government operative to get earth on Donald Trump from Kremlin associated Russians.
“The FBI had beforehand worked with Christopher Steele [the English spy] and under [FBI] executive James Comey they paid him an extra $50,000 to proceed with the examination.

“This dossier was utilized not exclusively to spread the president it was utilized to make an uncommon insight, it was the reason for congressional hearings, the purpose behind one end to the other hostile to President Trump scope, yet notwithstanding that the dossier was utilized as a predicate for encourage examination, wiretaps, unmasking, and FISA warrants.

“Also, on the off chance that it was, at that point whatever was produced therefore is exemplary product of the toxic tree – illicit and unusable.
“People, this has been an act, a sway the pooch where you make up a wrongdoing, you blame the opposite side for the wrongdoing, you bring in your companions to arraign the wrongdoing, as your companions gather the trade required out the very arrangement making that is simply the pith of the wrongdoing.

“Beginning Monday this needs to happen, exceptional guidance and previous FBI executive Robert Mueller must be let go quickly. His part as leader of the FBI amid the uranium bargain and the Russian coercion case, his kinship with Jim Comey requests his terminating.

“Agent Lawyer General Pole Rosenstein must be let go quickly. His arrangement of his buddy Sway Mueller who he knew was leader of the FBI at the season of the uranium bargain, and also the fundamental case itself must go while he, Pole Rosenstein, supervised the arraignment of the basic coercion case.
“What’s more, Rosenstein’s self-righteous suggestions that Jeff Sessions recuse himself are grounds enough for him to go.
“The exceptional insight’s office must be closed down. This is just an intrigue of people depending on false confirmation to reprimand Donald Trump.”
This may imply that Mueller’s endeavor to divert consideration from the breaking disclosures about Hillary Clinton and the plot of tricksters that she has encircle herself with by capturing Paul Manafort, or other Trump partners, won’t not influence it to court to on the grounds that the confirmation against them was gotten unlawfully.

Mueller never foreseen that Trump would be the steel-spine undaunted reformer that he has turned out to be. Trump’s readiness to withstand the warmth now has Mueller confronting potential criminal allegations of his own for neglecting to report the offers of uranium to a Russian controlled element when his organization had hard confirmation of pay off, coercion, illegal tax avoidance, and kickbacks that were all being utilized by the Russian accomplices to the arrangement.

It’s awesome to hear Judge Jeanine add her voice to those of us who have been covering this story for over a year however nothing will matter unless Jeff Sessions takes control of this examination and close this act down or, coming up short that, replaces Mueller and Rosenstein with specialists who have no earlier enthusiasm for this case so we can make sure a genuine and unbiased bookkeeping is led.


Liberals are as corrupt as it gets and they have no intention of transparency despite claims of public openness. Pedophilia is no joking matter and anyone accused of such actions should be put on a publicly known list in order for citizens to properly defend themselves and more importantly their children.

“Hillary Clinton purposely covered up a pedophilia ring at the State Department for the sole purpose of avoiding a media scandal.”

Hillary Clinton as a mother of two daughters would no doubt be against protecting such criminal behavior, right? Wrong. Hillary apparently has no concern for the well being of American children as she knowingly hid such criminals from the public.

Pedophilia ring

Via The Whiner:

“Serious allegations concerning the State Department,” the NBC anchor announced, before launching into the disturbing details that mainstream media would be unable to report on in 2017.

“According to internal State Department memos the agency might have called off or intervened into investigations into possibly illegal, inappropriate behavior within it’s ranks allegedly to protect jobs and avoid scandals.

“This concerns a time when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.”

Chuck Todd continued:

“There is an old saying in Washington that the cover-up is worse than the crime. But in this case both parts of it are disturbing.”

“Allegations of prostitution and pedophilia, and allegations that those crimes were somehow covered up or not looked into. So the State Department this morning is having to respond to those claims, and those investigations involve misconduct by State Department officials, including an Ambassador and security agents attached to then secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.

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Mueller’s Investigation Connection to Hillary Clinton Now Discovered

According to a Wall Street Journal report released, FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s top deputy Andrew Weissmann attended former 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s election night party in New York City, which, as you can imagine, only leads to concerns that perhaps Team Mueller has an anti-Trump bias.

What’s more is that this isn’t the first instance of Weissmann’s possible anti-Trump bias, as conservative watchdog Judicial Watch exposed him when it published an email exchange between Weissmann and then-acting Attorney General Sally Yates’ showing Weissmann’s pleasure regarding Yates’s decision not to enforce Trump’s travel ban in January.

“I am so proud. And in awe. Thank you so much. All my deepest respects,” Weissmann wrote Yates in an email obtained by Judicial Watch in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

Additionally, election filings reveal that Weissmann has donated several thousand dollars to the Democratic Party over the years, including a donation of $2,350 to the Obama Victory Fund in 2008, as well as $2,000 to the DNC in 2006.

On Saturday, former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, who served under former President George W. Bush, tweeted a suggestion that perhaps Weissmann should be “disqualified” from the investigation into President Trump’s campaign due to his public support for Clinton.

I tell you, this doesn’t appear to bode well for Team Mueller, especially considering the scrutiny over Mueller’s firing of FBI counterintelligence investigator Peter Strzok over anti-Trump text messages he exchanged with an FBI attorney he reportedly had an affair with.

Furthermore, two investigators on Mueller’s team are also said to have done past legal work for people tied to Clinton, which just adds even more fuel to the fire.

Yes, Aaron Zebley, former chief-of-staff under Mueller as director, represented Justin Cooper, the Clinton aide responsible for destroying Hillary Clinton’s email server. And Jeannie Rhee, another lawyer handpicked by Mueller to serve on the investigation, represented the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton herself, and former Obama Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes.

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