Queen Furious After Hearing What Meghan Let Slip During Carriage Ride With Harry

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The royal wedding ended in disaster on Saturday when Prince Harry’s bride, American actress Meghan Markle, let something slip during the carriage ride. Now, the Queen is furious — and understandably so — after putting so much time, money, and energy into a wedding that was viewed by millions of people around the world.

Queen Elizabeth II observes the royal wedding (left), Prince Harry and Meghan Markle take a carriage ride (right) (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/Daily MailScreen Capture/Entertainment Tonight/YouTube)

The streets of the Berkshire town became a sea of Union Jack and Stars and Stripes flags on Saturday as visitors from around the world crowded around the procession route to catch a glimpse of the happy couple. Fans cheered as Meghan and Harry were brought down Castle Hill, through the crowded town center, and then back to Windsor Castle along the Long Walk, escorted by the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment.

The newly-announced Duke and Duchess of Sussex smiled and waved to ecstatic crowds, some of whom had camped out for days to be at the front of the throng. After the carriage traveled past, one royal fan, Rachael Carter-Eagleton, said, “[Meghan] looked amazing. She shone like a diamond.”

With the whole world watching, you would think that Meghan Markle would have been on her best behavior. After all, people had come from far and wide and waited hours and hours just to catch a glimpse of her. They expected to see a princess, not some trashy peasant with a potty mouth. Unfortunately, the crowds got the latter.

According to Metro, Meghan may have said something very rude after her big moment. The new royal couple was hit by a wall of noise as they made their way through the town during their 25-minute journey as the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex. But as Meghan and Harry finished their carriage journey around Windsor, she appeared to turn to her husband and say, “F*ck.”

Twitter was sent into a meltdown after Meghan Markle appeared to drop the F-bomb today during her horse-drawn carriage ride through Windsor with Prince Harry.

The bride turned to her husband and seemingly laughed ‘Oh f***!’ and put her hand over her chest as the carriage pulled away from the crowds and into the gated grounds of Windsor Castle. [Source: Daily Mail]

It’s understandable that Meghan would be overwhelmed after having had to smile and wave for 25 minutes straight as the world watched her royal debut. However, that’s no excuse to start dropping profanities while the cameras are still rolling. Kate Middleton went through the same ordeal, yet she was the picture of class from start to finish. It’s difficult to even imagine Kate doing something this classless.

Apparently, Harry was feeling crass on Saturday, as well. According to lip reader Tina Lannin, when he got into the carriage he said, “I’m ready for a drink now.” It looks like this is a match made in heaven.

Once again, Meghan Markle has humiliated the royal family and demonstrated the overwhelming differences in her “breeding” versus that of a girl like Kate Middleton’s. Technically, Kate was a “commoner,” too, before she married her prince. However, she was brought up with class and dignity.

Meghan, on the other hand, comes from a broken home. Her father now lives in a dilapidated shack in Mexico and appears to survive off of cheap tacos and even cheaper beer. He couldn’t even make it to her wedding because he had a heart attack after it was revealed that he sold doctored photos to the paparazzi for some quick cash.

Indeed, Meghan was not “royal material” from the start, and her language on Saturday has only proven as much for the umpteenth time. She seems like the sort of chick you’d find in a trailer park, not a castle. No wonder the Queen looked so miserable at the ceremony.