Roku Won’t Drop NRATV: ‘We Do Not Curate or Censor Based on Viewpoint’

Popular streaming device manufacturer Roku has refused to censor NRATV, following mob pressure and protests from Moms Demand Action.

“NRATV promotes dangerous conspiracy theories, racially charged rhetoric, and violent demonization of the NRA’s political opponents,” claimed pressure group Moms Demand Action on Twitter, Saturday. “Tell Apple, Google, Roku and Amazon to #DumpNRATV.”

In response, Roku refused to censor NRATV’s content, noting that they hadn’t broken any of Roku’s rules.

“We share deep sadness about the recent tragedy that occurred in Florida. Our streaming platform allows our customers to choose from thousands of entertainment, news and special interest channels, representing a wide range of topics and viewpoints,” Roku declared. “Customers choose and control which channels they download or watch, and parents can set a pin to prevent channels from being downloaded. While the vast majority of all streaming on our platform is mainstream entertainment, voices on all sides of an issue or cause are free to operate a channel. We do not curate or censor based on viewpoint.”

“We are not promoting or being paid to distribute NRA TV. We do not and have not ever had a commercial relationship with the NRA,” they continued. “Their channel is free to consumers with no ads. We welcome Moms Demand Action and other important groups to use our platform to share their messages too.”

Roku then added, “While open to many voices, we have policies that prohibit the publication of content that is unlawful, incites illegal activities or violates third-party rights, among other things. If we determine a channel violates these policies, it will be removed. To our knowledge, NRA TV is not currently in violation of these content policies.”

This week, FedEx also refused to sever their relationship with the NRA, expressing that it supports the “constitutional right of citizens to own firearms.”

Following their refusal to bend to mob pressure, pop-rock band Blink-182, and many others, called for a boycott of the company.

Over a dozen companies have severed their relationships with the NRA following pressure, including First National Bank of Omaha, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Symantec, Metlife, Delta Airlines, Best Western, United, Alamo Rent a Car, Avis, Allied Van Lines, Budget, Chubb Insurance, Hertz, North American Van Lines, Paramount Rx, SimpliSafe, and TrueCar.

Moms Demand Action and student-turned-media personality David Hogg are currently pressuring tech companies to censor the NRA on their platforms, while far-left filmmaker Michael Moore claimed the NRA is as bad as ISIS.

In response to the companies that severed their relationships, the NRA branded the public relations stunts “a shameful display of political and civic cowardice.”

“In time, these brands will be replaced by others who recognize that patriotism and determined commitment to Constitutional freedoms are characteristics of a marketplace they very much want to serve,” the NRA proclaimed in a statement to Breitbart News. “Let it be absolutely clear. The loss of a discount will neither scare nor distract one single NRA member from our mission to stand and defend the individual freedoms that have always made America the greatest nation in the world.”


Former Air Marshal: Arming Pilots Post-9/11 Worked, So Will Arming Teachers

Damon Thueson shows a holster at a gun concealed carry permit class put on by 'USA Firearms Training' on December 19, 2015 in Provo, Utah. Demand for concealed carry permits have spiked in the last several weeks with the terrorists attacks in Paris and the United States. (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

Proposals to arm teachers and other staffers to better secure schools against mass shooters are worthwhile, just as arming pilots was following 9/11, said Chad Robichaux on Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight in an interview with hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak.

Robichaux is a former Special Agent with the U.S. Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS). His work with the FAMS included the development and implementation of the Federal Flight Deck Officer (FFDO) program — including training the first wave of armed pilots following 9/11 — after the Islamic terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, which screened, trained, and armed pilots.

Just as arming pilots following 9/11 has been successful in deterring hijackings and other terrorist operations, said Robichaux, so would arming teachers and school staffers be.

Armed personnel on site offer a quicker response time than law enforcement can typically provide to mass shooting scenarios, said Robichaux: “These shootings go down at these schools in an average of three minutes, and it takes up to eight minutes for law enforcement to respond, and that’s eight minutes too late.”

Left-wing resistance to defending school children via the arming of teachers and school staff resembles similar hostility toward the FFDO program’s arming of pilots, said Robichaux.

“There was a lot of pushback [to the FFDO],” said Robichaux. “People said, ‘You can’t trust these pilots with firearms.’ Well, you trust them flying your airplane. So now people are saying, ‘We can’t trust teachers with firearms.’ We trust them with our children.”

Proposals to arm teachers and school staffers “shouldn’t be written off as a ridiculous idea,” said Robichaux. “Some schools in Texas and Colorado are already doing this [with] teachers having concealed carry in their classrooms.”

Robichaux favorably recalled Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr.’s support for concealed carrying of firearms on the university’s campus.

The FFDO “extremely” screens and vets pilots, including 6-month intervals for retraining with firearms and scenarios. “We don’t arm every pilot. We wouldn’t arm every teacher, but the right ones,” said Robichaux.

Schools would cease being “soft targets” via the arming of teachers and school staffers, said Robichaux.

Knowledge of armed personnel on school campuses would dissuade prospective mass shooters from targeting said schools, said Robichaux: “Even if someone is willing to die for their cause, no one wants to be shot back at,” said Robichaux. “No one wants to get shot back at.”

Mansour described “gun-free zones” as magnets for those who wish to murder others en masse: “It just seems to make perfect sense. If you make someplace a ‘gun-free zone,’ that is automatically a target for people that want to do evil and start killing people. You’re basically announcing that we are not armed and taking away any element of surprise that a place might have if the shooter goes in.”

Robichaux is also a decorated United States Marine Corps’ Force Reconnaissance veteran as well as president and founder of the Mighty Oaks Foundation, an organization providing assistance to veterans. It describes itself as “committed to serving brokenhearted [warriors] by providing intensive peer-based discipleship through a series of programs, outpost meetings, and speaking events.”

Stunning Photo Shows Real Reason Broward Sheriff Wants to Take Americans’ Guns

Image result for Stunning Photo Shows Real Reason Broward Sheriff Wants to Take Americans’ Guns

A picture is worth a thousand words — and it might be worth a thousand explanations, too.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has found himself in the national spotlight after the tragic school shooting that occurred in his corner of Florida, and the chief law enforcement officer has been looking a bit like a politician while appearing on television to push liberal talking points about gun control.

Too much like a politician, a skeptic might say. After some pundits noticed that a sheriff who should be primarily concerned with enforcing the law has been sounding like he’s reading from the Democrat party phrase book, several photos emerged that may shed some light on Israel’s political leanings.

A photo posted on the sheriff’s official Facebook page from 2015 show Israel warmly interacting with then-candidate Hillary Clinton, a strong liberal and gun control proponent.

So nice to see you again, Sheriff,” says a quote on the photo attributed to Clinton, implying that Israel and the Democrat candidate were already friends.

Now, it isn’t that damning for a local sheriff to take a photo with a visiting candidate. However, a series of similar photos soon emerged that show Israel going out of his way to mingle with pro-gun control, Democrat figures — and there don’t appear to be any equivalent images of the sheriff with conservatives.

Have you noticed how the Broward Sheriff’s Office has been spewing Democrat gun control talking points?” conservative firebrand Laura Loomer posted on Twitter. “Well, turns out the Sheriff has some interesting friends.

The investigative journalist included four photos, which show Sheriff Israel proudly posing with Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

A general search for similar photos of Sheriff Israel with conservative or pro-gun candidates revealed no immediate results.

Similarly, a post on the “LEO Affairs” forum for law enforcement professionals suggested that Israel had actually endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in 2016.

At the Broward Democratic Executive Committee meeting today Sheriff Israel announced he is endorsing Hillary Clinton,” the poster claimed in January of that year.

Hillary’s own campaign confirmed that Sheriff Israel was on her team. In a press release obtained by Politico, the campaign named Israel as a member of the candidate’s volunteer group in Florida.

Hillary for America announced the launch of its ‘Florida Leadership Council’– a group of over 150 elected officials, community, coalition and grassroots leaders who will help build a grassroots-driven volunteer team that will help Hillary to win the Florida Primary,” the press released declared.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel” was on the pro-Hillary volunteer list.

Let’s be clear: There isn’t anything inherently wrong with a sheriff supporting one political party over the other, as long as he is able to objectively perform his job and not allow his political views to bias his duties.

With that said, the photos and other evidence suggests that Israel has probably had political ambitions within the Democrat party for years, and had an existing slant against citizen gun ownership long before the tragic incident in Parkland.

The media and leftist narrative is that this law enforcement officer was so shocked by the school shooting that he has seen the light, and now wants “common sense gun control.

In reality, Israel has been on the anti-gun liberal bandwagon for years, and is using the tragedy to further political talking points borrowed from the Democrats.

Never let a serious crisis go to waste,” as fellow leftist Rahm Emanuel once said. Sheriff Israel and the rest of the Second Amendment opponents are taking that to heart — and as a result, the rights of the American people are now at stake.

New Law Allows Police To Take Our Guns To ‘Save Lives’…But There’s More That Libs Don’t Want You To Know

We’ve been warned about it for years, and it’s finally happening – liberals are trying to take your guns.

Mind you, I used to think this was a bit of an exaggeration. The Left loves power, after all, and nothing gets people behind a politician like ‘fake outrage over mass shootings.’

I say ‘fake,’ of course, because real outrage would quickly figure out that gun control wouldn’t actually solve the problem.

Which brings me to today’s new law – one that allows the government to simply knock on your door and take your guns away without your knowledge.

Yes, I’m serious.

And the kicker? In order to get people behind this law, Democrats are lying about the number of mass shooting victims…by mixing them up with suicide deaths.

Breitbart reports:

[A new law] would legalize firearm confiscation orders, [allowing] a judge to issue an order for the confiscation of an American’s firearms without the firearm owner even being present for the process.

His or her first knowledge of the order would come when police knocked on their door to sweep the house for firearms.

[The law’s supporters] do not differentiate between Americans who die due to suicide versus those who die via gun crime, homicide. Gun crime only makes up one-third of gun deaths each year in America. Two-thirds of the deaths are suicides.

The suicide lie is not the only lie hidden within this bill.

There’s also the simple fact that the bill itself, just like every other gun control bill, wouldn’t actually work to stop the mass shootings that inspired them in the first place.

I would say that this level of dishonesty it is too low even for the Left, but it’s become commonplace whenever liberals want to take your guns. And everyone is falling for it – even traditionally conservative country music stars like Tim McGraw.

The orders are supported by Sandy Hook Promise, the gun control group to which Tim McGraw donated concert proceeds in July.

It’s one thing to deceive New Yorker-reading Berkeley elites who’ve never worked a real day in their life. It’s quite another to deceive the same country singer who brags about obeying his parents, serving his country, and saying, ‘yes, sir,’ and ‘yes, ma’am.’

Put simply, the Democrats are getting better at this.

And when it comes to opposing gun control laws that don’t actually work, we need to be better, too.

Source: Breitbart,

Gays Against Guns Group Arrested After Occupying the Senate Building

Right after the shooting in Texas where a man opened fire at church in Sutherland Springs leaving 26 people dead, gay activists went to the Philip A. Hart Senate Office Building in Washington on Monday to demand gun control restrictions.

The group Gays Against Guns, protested by laying on the ground in front of the Senate building shouting “You’re killing us with money from the NRA!”

The group of people was laying there for approximately 10 minutes till the Capitol Police came and ordered them to stop the protest.

When they refused to get up the police officers were forced to arrest them.

The Gays Against Guns had “been planning this protest since early October in response to the Pulse Orlando shooting and Las Vegas shootings.”

Activist group 'Gays Against Guns' holds a demonstration again…

Activist group 'Gays Against Guns' holds a demonstration against gun violence outside the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. in the wake of a shooting in Texas that killed at least 26 people. Watch on #facebooklive.

Posted by Reuters on Monday, November 6, 2017

June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen, an Islamic terrorist, opened fire at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, killing 48 people, and last month Stephen Paddock carried out the mass shooting in Las Vegas killing 58 people.

After the Orlando shooting, the Democrats wouldn’t pass a stricter gun control law, but, Sen. Chris Murphy did say that the legislation wouldn’t be able to prevent Mateen from killing all those people.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat, said that no law would’ve stopped Paddock from killing the people in Las Vegas.

When CBS host John Dickerson asked if there could “have been any law passed that would’ve stopped” Paddock, “No,” she said.

“He passed background checks registering for handguns and other weapons on multiple occasions,” she added.

The Sutherland Springs gunman had several domestic violence convictions from the Air Force, and he was given a bad conduct” discharge, which enables him from purchasing a gun legally. But Air Force didn’t notify FBI of his convictions so he ended up having a rifle.

Moreover, one Christian who was carrying a gun took mater into his own hands and stopped the mass shooting on Sunday.

“He came with his (gun), and he took cover behind a car and he shot the guy — I’m not sure if it was inside the church as he was coming out — but if it wasn’t for him the guy wouldn’t have stopped,” a witness stated.

Sadly, facts like these happen to be of no value to the Gays Against Guns activists.

“GAG believes that the time has come to not only start talking about gun reforms but to start enacting them,” one activist said to The Advocate. “The phony ritual of ‘thoughts and prayers’ no longer has any credibility when there are 91 people shot to death daily and 291 mass shootings so far this year.”

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