When Shooter Opens Fire, Witness Doesn’t Have a Gun to Fight Back — So He Uses His Car Instead

Two regular guys took heroic action to stop a man shooting an AR-15 rifle at a Dollar General store near Buffalo, New York, on Tuesday afternoon — with one of them hopping in his car and running over the suspect to prevent him from firing another round.

What went down?

  • Mark Pinnavaia owns Darylls Car Audio across the street from the Dollar General in Cheektowaga and told WGRZ-TV his employee Chris Kaufmann yelled “shots fired.”
  • Pinnavaia told the station they saw a man “shooting at the front” of the Dollar General.
  • He told WGRZ Kaufmann picked up the phone to call 911.
  • Pinnavaia grabbed his cellphone and keys, and hopped into his Ford Focus in the parking lot so he could gain a good vantage point and be “the best witness that I could possibly be,” the Buffalo News reported.

What did Pinnavaia do when the shooter momentarily put down the rifle?

  • Pinnavaia — who’s a reserve deputy for the Erie County Sheriff’s Office but didn’t have a gun on him when the bullets started flying, the Buffalo News said — saw a chance to stop the shooter.
  • “I proceeded to drive as fast as I possibly could to hit the individual,” he told the paper. “I had full intentions to hit him if that’s what it would take to stop him.”
  • Pinnavaia gunned his car across a side lawn and aimed it right at the shooter, who was running toward a Dollar General back door, WGRZ said.
  • “I caught him as he was jumping up over the roof of my car … there’s actually a foot print on my vehicle where he hit,” Pinnavaia told the station. “At that point he ran, and I jumped out of my vehicle and began a foot pursuit.”
  • Kaufmann joined the chase, and they both ran after the man until police caught up with him, WGRZ said.
  • “I was about five feet behind him when he jumped over a guard rail, and I saw officers with weapons drawn intercept him,” Pinnavaia told the station. “I broke off my pursuit and put my own hands up in the air.”

What did police have to say about the pair?

  • Cheektowaga Police Chief David Zack told WGRZ that Pinnavaia and Kaufmann  are “heroes” who likely prevented deaths: “It’s a miracle I am not reading off the names of deceased.”
  • “There was just incredible bravery on this part of these individuals,” Zack added to the station. “They were not going to be victims. They fought back, and they took this guy out, and they put a stop to it. No words could describe their courage.”

What else did Pinnavaia and Kaufmann say?

  • “This is not about being a hero,” Kaufmann told WGRZ. “This was about doing what you think you need to do and just doing it.”
  • “Some people have it in them to fight first, and I instinctively had that feeling to do whatever I could do,” Pinnavaia told the Buffalo News, adding that there was no fear, only “adrenaline.”

What’s up with the suspect?

  • Police identified the shooter as Travis J. Green, 29, the Buffalo News said.
  • He walked into the Dollar General around 2:30 p.m. and asked for an application, WKBW-TV reported, citing the Erie County District Attorney’s Office.
  • The suspect got angry and left the store, investigators told WKBW, and then fired 20 rounds with an AR-15 rifle at the store from the parking lot. He was wearing body armor and camouflage, the station added.
  • Green — who was in possession of two rifles and 800 rounds of ammunition, police told WGRZ — was arraigned on felonies including attempted murder, assault and criminal use of a firearm and was held without bail.
  • A 53-year-old Cheektowaga man was shot in the shoulder but was released from a hospital and is home with his family and recovering, WKBW-TV reported.Here’s a news report with more information on the suspect:



California school shooting

As details in the California shooting spree emerge, one detail has been made clear: the state’s highly restrictive gun laws did not stop Kevin Janson Neal from illegally obtaining the guns he never should have had.

According to a story by MercuryNews.com, Neal’s violent history and recent arrest made it impossible for him to obtain guns legally. Authorities are not sure how he got his guns. Neal reportedly had a number of guns in his possession, and at least one was semi-automatic. Police are unsure of he illegally modified a gun to make it semi-automatic. We also know that Neal had magazines that held more than ten bullets, which are illegal in the state. And yet, he managed to get them.

On a related note, we do know that one change spurred by the Sandy Hook shooting did save lives in the shooting rampage that left five dead and ten injured in Northern California. As soon as word spread of an active shooter in the area, a lockdown at a nearby school kept Neal out, after he attempted to enter and continue his spree.

Unfortunately, for those left unprotected by the school lockdown, there was no gun ban or law that could stop a man with documented mental problems and the intent to kill.

California has a program, the Armed and Prohibited Persons System (or APPS), that allows violent or mentally disturbed individuals to have their guns taken away from them. Neal should have been on the list, and it is not yet clear if any guns had been taken away from him. We do know authorities were aware that he owned guns, and his neighbors made numerous attempts to warn authorities of his violent behavior and his gun ownership. He was often seen firing a gun on his property.

From Mercury News:

The AP reported that the gunman was out on bail for a charge of stabbing a neighbor, had been the object of complaints from neighbors who said he had been firing off hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and had been the subject of a domestic violence call the day before the attack.

Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said the shooter was facing charges of assaulting one of the feuding neighbors in January and that she had a restraining order against him. And the Sacramento Bee reported that Neal had been accused twice this year of assaulting his neighbors.

With his violent history, why hadn’t anyone done anything to get this guy off the streets?

Johnston did not comment immediately on the shooter’s access to firearms, but he did tell the Sacramento Bee that one of the fatalities was a woman who lived near Neal and had been the victim of the assault in late January that ended with the suspect in jail. Johnston added that he “believed the suspect was slapped with a restraining order following the January arrest that would have prevented him from owning firearms for at least a period of time,” the Bee reported, “although he had no details on that.”

Neal’s neighbors, though, certainly are expecting some answers and soon. Cristal Caravez and her father live across a ravine from the roadway where the gunman and his first victims lived. She said they and others heard constant gunfire from the area of the gunman’s house, but couldn’t say for sure it was him firing.

“You could hear the yelling. He’d go off the hinges,” she told the AP. The shooting, “it would be during the day, during the night, I mean, it didn’t matter.”

Caravez and her father, who is president of the homeowners association, said neighbors would complain to the sheriff’s department, which referred the complaints back to the homeowners association. “The sheriff,” said Juan Caravez, “wouldn’t do anything about it.”

The gunman’s sister, Sheridan Orr, said her brother had struggled with mental illness throughout his life and at times had a violent temper. She also said Neal had “no business” owning firearms.

Neal, 43, was arrested Jan. 31 and booked into Tehama County Jail on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, according to police logs published in the Red Bluff Daily News, which is owned by the parent company of this newspaper. Documents reveal that Neal was due to stand trial Jan. 11, 2018, on charges of second-degree burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, two counts of false imprisonment by violence, discharge of a firearm with gross negligence, possession of an assault weapon and misdemeanor battery, according to the News.

Tehama County District Attorney Gregg Cohen told the News that Neal had a long-running dispute with his neighbors and during the January incident allegedly shot through a wooden fence at two female neighbors as they walked along the fence. Neal then jumped the fence, confronted the women, stabbed one and took a cellphone from the other, Cohen told the newspaper.

At the time of the shootings, Neal was out of jail on $300,000 bail and had been since shortly after the January incident. His trial was scheduled for January following a preliminary hearing set for Dec. 15. Neal sometimes used the last name Smith, Cohen told the News. The January incident was the first contact his office had had with Neal.

According to a report in the Redding Record Searchlight, prosecutors alleged Neal attacked one woman and robbed another in the Jan. 31 incident, according to court documents. “A Tehama County judged signed a protective order against Neal for both women and a felony criminal trial against Neal was set to begin next year,” said the report, adding that Neal had held both women against their will using violence. Court records show he also fired a gun during the attack — possibly an AR-15 Bushmaster rifle. “The rifle was specifically called out as an illegal assault rifle in the criminal complaint against Neal, though it’s unknown whether the same weapon was used during Tuesday’s deadly shooting.” Neal is reported to have used some sort of assault-style weapon in the shooting; many types of assault weapons are illegal in California. Large ammunition magazines (holding 10 or more bullets) are also illegal in the state; one neighbor said Neal clearly had such magazines, judging from the number of bullets he was firing around his place in the weeks before his allegedly murderous rampage.



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WATCH: Joe Biden Says Man Who Stopped Texas Church Shooter Never Should Have Had That Gun

Former Vice President Joe Biden appeared on NBC’s “Today” on Monday where he said the hero who shot the Texas church gunman should not have had the weapon he used to stop the murder spree.

Biden’s remark came as a response to a question from someone in the audience who asked him to justify the Democrat’s call for more gun control — even though the shooter was stopped by a good guy with a gun.

“Well, first of all, the kind of gun being carried he shouldn’t be carrying,” Biden said. “Assault weapons are . . . I wrote the last serious gun control law that was written and was law for 10 years, and it outlawed assault weapons and it outlawed weapons with magazines that had a whole lot of bullets and so you can kill a whole lot of people a lot more quickly.”

Biden continued by saying that it is rational that some people not own guns but that there is nothing that can be done if a crazy person obtains a gun legally.



California Senate Votes 28-8 to EXEMPT ITSELF From All California Gun Laws

JFA | The California State Senate agrees with Charlie Rangel that they “deserve” to own guns but the citizens do not! Every year they pass more and more gun control laws and NONE of them apply to themselves!

They voted 28-8 to exempt themselves from the gun-control laws that apply to the rest of the California.

You think maybe this will cause Californians to rise up? NOPE! It happened 5 years ago and since then, California has passed a plethora of other gun laws…that only apply to citizens.

Yes, you heard me right! The exemption was created in 2011 and the California legislature has passed a number of gun laws since. Pretty easy when you are passing bills that do not apply to you!

It is not the only special privileges California legislators provide themselves!

They do not pay red light camera bills or for gasoline!

How does it all happen so easily in California? The Washington Post explains:

Attempts by a handful of reformers to require politicians to provide a full annual disclosure of the benefits received from the public treasury have been rebuffed. Currently, government officials must file a statement of economic interests revealing income from any source other than a local, state or federal government agency. Gifts worth more than $50 also must be disclosed, but lawmakers rejected a bill that would have prohibited acceptance of concert and sporting event tickets, gift cards, spa treatments, golf outings and other benefits from lobbyists trying to buy votes.

Bills of this nature never meet an honest fate in which roll-call votes put members on the record as favoring or opposing each idea. Instead, reform measures are held in committee to die quietly as legislative deadlines pass. As of last week, it’s effectively impossible for a bill to become law if it hasn’t already passed in at least one of the chambers.

…and it just goes on and on!

Red Skelton said so eloquently in his commentary on the Pledge of Allegiance:

And to the Republic — A Republic: a sovereign state in which power is invested into the representatives chosen by the people to govern; and the government is the people; and it’s from the people to the leaders, not from the leaders to the people.

California has it backwards, they are running with the method of “from the leaders to the people.”

That is why I joined the 5 million people who have fled California within the last decade.

You can take me out of Texas in a pine box, and even then I will be kicking and screaming!


Immigrant Shoots White Guy Because Of ‘Racist’ Look, Instantly Realizes He Picked On Wrong White Boy

For all of the concerns that pop up over how illegal immigration affects the United States as a whole, we have nowhere near the problems at hand as the folks over in Europe do.

In fact, we need to look no further than across the big old pond for what can happen when scores of immigrants are left unchecked.

The effects are chilling, and we’re not just talking about an increased terror threat. Integrating folks into a society that they’re not accustomed to dealing with can lead to some untenable situations.

Mad World News passes along another disturbing incident that demonstrates that fact.

When a Swedish citizen received a knock at the door of his home in Gävle, he was greeted by 4 angry Eritrean migrants who demanded he move his white Volvo from its position in the street in front of his house.

Initially, the migrants demanded that frightened guests lower their eyes and not look at them before launching into an inane tirade, claiming that the car’s position on the street “persecuted” him.

When the man refused to move his vehicle, one of the migrants pulled out a starting pistol and fired it directly into the man’s thigh. Unfortunately for him, this only made their white victim angry.

Friar Tider reports that after shooting the unnamed white man in the leg, the injured victim took down the armed migrant and wrestled the gun away from him.

Incredibly, the injured Swede managed to fight off all 4 migrants before police arrived and arrested the 21-year-old Eritrean asylum seeker.

While it’s certainly impressive that the victim stood up for himself and fended off the attackers, the fact of the matter is that he never should have had to deal with such nonsense in the first place.

The victim explained to police that the men had accused him of racism for not agreeing to move his car before finally brandishing the starting gun and shooting him in the leg.

“Do not look at me!” shouted one of the Africans at the first man. “Damn racist, we take as much we want! It’s not your street!” the Africans screamed at a woman.

When the migrant, who has not been named, was arrested, he told police that he shot the man because he believed he, like all white people, is racist.

“He looked crazy at me. I have to protect myself. Everybody is racist!”

Violent incidents are not the sole domain of illegal immigrants. As we all know, it’s quite the contrary.

However, the risks of such things taking place are only increased when gobs of people with outlandish beliefs are given free rein to come and go as they please.

For those that insist on portraying people that are concerned about the effects of immigration as being heartless and cold, a closer examination of the facts and a long look in the mirror are way overdue.

Source: Mad World News, myrightamerica.com

Country Star Faith Hill Came Out With Her Distorted ”Truth” About Gun Control

After the Texas church massacre, there was a lot of debate sparkled by both conservatives and liberals about gun control and the Second Amendment rights.

A lot of people shared their word opposing or defending the whole thing.

One of them was country singer Faith Hill, who had an interview with Billboard Magazine, in which she spoke out in favor of gun control and said that it is time for the NRA, to tell the truth about guns.

This is what she said:

The doctors that treated the wounded, they saw wounds like you’d see in war. That is not right. Military weapons should not be in the hands of civilians. It’s everyone’s responsibility, including the government and the National Rifle Association, to tell the truth. We want a safe country.

Her husband, Tim McGraw, shared similar views on this matter during the same interview. He said:

Look, I am a bird hunter, I love to wing shoot. However, there is some common sense that’s necessary when it comes to gun control. They want to make it about the Second Amendment every time it’s brought up. It’s not about the Second Amendment.

Tim McGraw was supporting the gun control a long time before the Las Vegas concert shooting.

On April 14, 2015, Breitbart News reported that:

McGraw was donating all proceeds from a July 17, 2015, concert to the gun control group, Sandy Hook Promise. Just over a week after this report, McGraw defended his gun control support by stressing that he was leading with his heart.

Seven years ago, McGraw publicly claimed that he was a Democrat, as he told People Magazine that he supports then-candidate Barack Obama for president.

He said the following:

My wife and I and our family will do everything we can to support Obama. I like his ideas.

What do you think of this? Share your opinion!


Miley Cyrus SLAMMED Trump On Texas Shooting! – Demanding GUN CONTROL!

On Wednesday, Liberal celebrity Miley Cyrus decided to speak regarding the mass shooting at the Baptist Church in Texas.

She, acting fed up, decided to take to social media and slam Trump, the shooter, and our Second Amendment.

Via Fox News:
On Monday, “The Voice” coach posted an image of text to her Instagram listing the victims of the attack. In her emotional caption, she laments how disgusting such an act is and highlights the shooter as a terrorist and “WHITE AMERICAN MAN!” She later notes that she’s both “disgusted” and “embarrassed” by her country for not taking action on gun violence.”

These statements received a big amount of feedback in which people were forcing her to write another post. Her second one she slams Trump even more for his completely normal reaction to this massacre.

I’d like to believe that EVERY person who takes the life of another being is ‘mentally ill,’” she stated then she quoted President Trump’s statements. “It’s hard to conceptualize that a sane human could commit such a hideous crime. BUT I am sorry Donald Trump this absolutely is a ‘GUNS SITUATION.’”

Mainly known for her disastrous, shameful songs like “Wrecking Ball”, Miley Cyrus said that she believes in skin color, gender and religion seem to matter when it comes to labeling terrorist activity.”

DONT START to be all innocent! Gender, race, & religion HAS and continues to matter for all the wrong reasons & that’s only the beginning of how backward this country is!”

Cyrus finished her Instagram show by trying not to look like racist by posting three pictures of her father Billy Ray Cyrus and with her brothers Braison and Tace for being, as she says her “favorite WHITE AMERICAN MALES.”

She is a true liberal that keeps bragging all over the Internet and then keeps covering up her mistakes.


BREAKING DISCOVERY: ‘Strict Gun Laws’ Would Make No Difference In Texas Church Shooting

This Monday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott released a statement, informing that Devin Kelly, the attacker who killed 26 people in Texas on Sunday, had been rejected for a permission to be armed.

“By all the facts that we seem to know, he was not supposed to have access to a gun,” Abbott stated on CNN. He went on to say that the Texas Department of Public Safety gave him this information. “So how did this happen?”

Abbott clearly explained that despite the fact that the attacker tried to get a gun permit in the state of Texas, the officials did not give him that right, Nevertheless, officials still have to find out how the shooter got the gun.

The governor added up that under a federal law, Kelley should not have been allowed to even make this purchase in the first place.

“How that got through the cracks, I don’t have that information,” Abbot noted. “But it’s important to understand these are the types of facts and issues that investigators continue to look into.”

“We will be able to have clear answers to those questions in the coming days,” he went on.

Still, authorities believe Kelly was rejected “because of either answers or the lack thereof that were provided in his request to get a Texas gun permit.”

Abbott went on to say that Kelly’s motivations had been “completely deranged” and that he “had mental health issues, apparently” prior to joining the Air Force.

The Air Force gave Kelly a “bad conduct” discharge back in 2014 as he was accused and later found guilty on charges of assault against his spouse and child.

According to Texas law, a domestic violence conviction takes away a person’s right to possess a gun. Nevertheless, Texas law does not require the “surrender of firearms or ammunition by domestic abusers who have become prohibited from possessing firearms,” according to Giffords Law Center.

Additionally, it does not “require the removal of firearms or ammunition at the scene of a domestic violence incident.”

During the one-year prison sentence served for the assault, Kelley’s wife divorced him.

According to CNN, Kelly bought the Ruger AR-556 rifle back in April 2016 from an Academy Sports & Outdoors store in San Antonio, Texas. CNN cited an unnamed source for its information.

The editorial also writes that as Kelly had been filling in the background check, he wrote down an address in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Also, he allegedly wrote that he did not have any disqualifying criminal history.

And about the massacre Sunday, Abborr made some theories about the incident.

“I don’t think this church was picked out at random.” Abbott said Monday on “CBS This Morning.” “I think there was purpose and intent that Devin Kelley had in showing up at this particular location.”

And Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt previously made a statement that Kelley’s ex-wife and former in-laws occasionally attended the church.

Yet, along with speculation about the shooter and his motives, Abbott was also asked about gun violence. It was a question he responded to by beginning with, “evil exists in this world.”

“I’m going to use the words of the citizens of Sutherland Springs themselves, and that is, they want to work together for love to overcome evil,” Abbott added.

“And you do that by working with God.”



Obama Called For Gun Control Following Church Massacre – James Wood SUCKER Punched Him

James Woods came up with the most amazing reaction and response to Obama putting a political background on the Texas church massacre.

Barack Obama wrote the following on his Twitter account:

“We grieve with all the families in Sutherland Springs harmed by this act of hatred, and we’ll stand with the survivors as they recover…May God also grant all of us the wisdom to ask what concrete steps we can take to reduce the violence and weaponry in our midst.”

“Ask your boss  to stop financing terrorism?,” tweeted Woods.


As for now, the motive and reasons for the Texas shooting are unknown. According to Liberty Writers, the attacker, Devin Kelly, is allegedly an atheist.

James Woods has nailed the problem on the head though.

Paul Joseph Watson showed the attackers Facebook affiliations on his Twitter profile.




Fox News Just Revealed Smoking Gun That Will Finally Bring Down Clinton Crime Machine

Trump is doing his best to end as much government secrecy as he can. He released the fascinating JFK tapes and most people thought why did it take so long?

Secrecy for the sake it secrecy is a bad thing for a government to do in a free society.

Trump also lifted a gag order on a confidential FBI informant who blew the whistle on the shady Russian nuke deal under the Obama administration.

As soon as the gag order was lifted the truth – shocking how that works out – started to emerge.

And it has been devastating to the Clinton’s and Obama’s but nothing came close to what just happened on Fox News.

Victoria Toensing, the attorney representing the FBI informant, just revealed the smoking gun that will finally take down the Clinton Crime machine

She said there’s “on-the-record quid pro quo” between Bill Clinton, a Russian bank, and the Clinton Foundation.

“My client can put some meat on those bones and tell you what the Russians were saying during that time,” Toensing said, before speaking the blunt truth about whether all the smoke surrounding this shady deal is illegal.

“To pay bribes and kickbacks? Yes! It certainly is,” Toensing said. “The other thing that’s against the law is the quid pro quo of whether the Clintons benefited – and we know that they did. And that would be up for a jury to look at it and say, ‘Well, was there evil intent?’”

She then terrified Hillary and Bill saying this is just like Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) who is looking at spending the next decade or so in prison.