David Hogg Inks Book Deal to Tell Gun Control Story

Gun control advocate David Hogg and his sister, Lauren, have inked a book deal with Random House with a release date of June 5.

The book will center on the gun control movement birthed by the Parkland attack.

Entertainment Weekly reports that David and Lauren “have been leaders in the gun control movement that took shape among students, in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting.” The siblings’ book “will explore their efforts taking on some of the most powerful forces in Washington and beyond, and will detail their commitment to new legislation aiming to prevent future tragedies.”

David released a statement regarding the book deal, saying, “In times of struggle and tragedy, we can come together in love and compassion for each other. We can see each other not as political symbols, but as human beings. And then, of course, there will be times when we simply must fight for what is right.”

Lauren said, “It’s amazing to see that so much love can come from so much loss. But from our loss, our generation will create positive change.”

David recently urged advertisers to boycott Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, securing an initial loss of some advertisers but eventually turning a 20 percent increase in her viewership. He is now urging  a boycott of some of the biggest, most profitable mutual fund companies because those companies’ funds have stock in gun manufacturers.

Breitbart News reported that David specifically targeted Blackrock and Vanguard Group. He is trying to get the hashtags #BoycottBlackrock and #BoycottVanguard to trend.

Source: www.breitbart.com

Rosie O’Donnell: Paul Ryan Going ‘Straight to Hell’

Rosie O’Donnell believes that House Speaker Paul Ryan is going “straight to hell” after he announced his decision not to run for re-election on Wednesday.

“He’s going to go straight to hell, do not pass go, do not collect $200,” O’Donnell told a TMZ cameraman this week.

She also warned Ryan that his Democratic opponent Randy Bryce would take his seat in Wisconsin.

“The Iron Stache is coming to take his seat,” she said, referring to Bryce’s nickname.

Indeed, it’s not the first time the liberal comedian predicted eternal damnation for Ryan. On Christmas last year, O’Donnell told Ryan that he was a “screwed up fake altar boy” who would go “straight to hell” after passing tax reform.

“paul ryan – don’t talk about Jesus after what u just did to our nation – u will go straight to hell u screwed up fake altar boy #JUDASmuch,” she wrote. 

Ryan, a longtime Wisconsin lawmaker, said Wednesday that he never wanted to be House Speaker.

You realize when you take this job you realize that only take this job for a small part of our history, so you better make the most of it. It’s fleeting. That inspires you to do big things,” he said.


Mexican government doesn’t ‘welcome’ US military at border

Mexico’s ambassador to the U.S. said Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s call to send American troops to guard the U.S.-Mexico border is unwelcome.Image result for Mexican government doesn’t ‘welcome’ US military at border“It’s certainly not something that the Mexican government welcomes, but as soon as we have further clarification, we can expect to have a better idea of where we are,” Ambassador Gerónimo Gutiérrez told CNN in an interview Tuesday.

“The Mexican government has formally asked for clarification of the President’s statements, both through the State Department and the Homeland Security Department,” he said. “The important thing is that both countries share the idea of having a secure border.”

Gutiérrez’s comments came just hours after President Trump said he would send the U.S. military to guard the U.S.-Mexico border until the border wall is built. However, President Trump did not mention how many troops he would send there or what kind of authority they would have.

Gutiérrez said he spoke with U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, asking for clarification on Trump’s plan.

“The (U.S.) National Guard has been called before in different instances in past years in a supportive role,” Gutiérrez said. “I would assume that that’s what we’re looking at.”Image result for Mexican government doesn’t ‘welcome’ US military at borderBoth President Barack Obama and President George W. Bush sent temporary deployments of National Guard troops to the border.President Trump’s statement on Tuesday came after he has made increased comments about immigration and border security in recent days, as a caravan of Central American migrants was heading north through Mexico to reach the U.S.

“Until we can have a wall and proper security, we’re going to be guarding our border with the military,” Trump said on Tuesday.

“That’s a big step,” Trump told reporters at the White House. “We really haven’t done that before, certainly not very much before.”

Currently, U.S. Border Patrol is in charge of patrolling and maintaining the border.Trump on Tuesday also addressed a caravan of immigrants that was attempting to travel to the U.S. from Honduras.

“I told Mexico very strongly that you’re going to have to do something about the caravans that are coming,” Trump said, adding that the caravan was now “breaking up very rapidly.”Image result for Mexican government doesn’t ‘welcome’ US military at border“Mexico has very strong immigration laws. We should have those laws,” the President also said. “We have immigration laws that are laughed at by everybody. We need the wall, we need the protection, and we need to change our immigration laws at the border and elsewhere.”

“The caravan makes me very sad that this could happen to the United States, where you have thousands of people that just decide to walk into our country and we don’t have any laws that could protect it,” he said.

“If it reaches our border, our laws are so weak and so pathetic… it’s like we have no border,” Trump said.

Gutiérrez said that even though both Mexico and the U.S. have a desire for border security, the two countries disagree on how to make the borders secure. He also reiterated that Mexico will not be paying for the border wall.

“A relation like the one between Mexico and the United States needs to have spaces in order to agree to disagree,” he said. “The issue of the wall is certainly one of them, and as my government has clearly expressed already, Mexico by no means would be paying for a wall.”Image result for Mexican government doesn’t ‘welcome’ US military at border“A relation like the one between Mexico and the United States needs to have spaces in order to agree to disagree,” he said. “The issue of the wall is certainly one of them, and as my government has clearly expressed already, Mexico by no means would be paying for a wall.”


Parkland teen compares U.S. government to ‘old-ass parent’

Stoneman Douglas student David Hogg is “beyond exhausted.”

The 17-year-old has been working tirelessly in the wake of the Florida school massacre to help pave the way for gun reform in the US — on account of “our old ass parents” not knowing how “to use a f–king democracy,” he says.

“I get to a certain point where I just get so tired that I keep going,” Hogg explained during an interview with The Outline.

“It creates a positive feedback loop in some ways — the more stress and work I put on me, the more stress and work I can deal with.”

The Parkland teen said the only reason he decided to become an activist and push for stricter gun-control measures — along with many of his classmates — was because adults had failed them.

“I shouldn’t have to! I’m 17,” he said.

“When your old-ass parent is like, ‘I don’t know how to send an iMessage,’ and you’re just like, ‘Give me the fucking phone and let me handle it.’ Sadly, that’s what we have to do with our government. Our parents don’t know how to use a f–king democracy, so we have to.”

Hogg went on to call out local lawmakers and the NRA for not taking the lead.

“It just makes me think what sick f–kers out there want to continue to sell more guns, murder more children, and honestly just get reelected,” he said. “What type of sh–ty person does that? They could have blood from children splattered all over their faces and they wouldn’t take action, because they all still see these dollar signs.”

Speaking directly to politicians, Hogg added: “You’re kind of like Voldemort at this point. You should just retire, because you aren’t going to get elected to Senate.”


Report: Dem Congressman Suggests Left Take Up Arms Against Trump & Overthrow Government

On Saturday, Barack Obama’s former CIA chief John Brennan was joined by Obama’s former U.N. ambassador Samantha Power in threatening President Trump.

It now appears that threatening POTUS is the fallback position of those desperate Democrats watching President Trump dismantle their criminal enterprise.

The latest Democrat to call for armed insurrection is congressman Tom Suozzi who taold the audience at a town hall meeting that Americans who oppose the policies of President Trump should take up arms against him.

For Suozzi the hypocrisy of that statement is stunning considering the New York Post reported he practically begged Hillary Clinton for a job on her campaign team.  For any supporter of the Second Amendment the idea of wanting Clinton as the last line of defense for their gun rights would be tantamount to putting the fox in charge of the henhouse. 

Still Suozzi encouraged civil insurrection by his leftwing sycophants.

“This is where the Second Amendment comes in, quite frankly.  Because you know, what if the president was to ignore the courts? What would you do? What would we do?”

Suozzi had never previously offered his support for the rights of gun owners.  In fact his support of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton prove otherwise.

National Republican Campaign Committee spokesman Chris Martin saw Suozzi’s comments for what they were:

“This video is incredibly disturbing. It’s surreal to watch a sitting member of Congress suggest that his constituents should take up arms against the president of the United States.”

Frankly, I’d agree with c call to arms if he weren’t being such a hypocrite about the basis for his inflammatory statements.

To repeat what Suozzi said:

“This is where the Second Amendment comes in, quite frankly. Because you know, what if the president was to ignore the courts? What would you do? What would we do?”

But, the only president we’ve had who ignored the courts was Barack Obama who did so on Obamacarebulk surveillance and spyingvoter ID lawsimmigration, and on every other law this tyrant disagreed with. 

In fact, Obama’s refusal to follow the courts, and the rules of the courts, resulted in a scorching smackdown by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

But never once did Suozzi suggest Americans taking up arms against the Manchurian president.

Here’s a word of warning to Mr. Suozzi and others of his ilk – DO NOT MISTAKE THE SILENCE OF AMERICA’S GUN-OWNING PATRIOTS AS FEAR.

While Obama was dismantling our republic Suozzi supported him.  We bided our time, made our arguments, and voted the tyrant’s chosen successor down. 

Mr. Suozzi has chosen instead to venture into wildly reckless rhetorical territory and is leading his pantywaist backers into a fight they cannot win. 

Bring it on.

Source: fbnewscycle.com

DETAILS: How Susan Rice Made $50 MILLION Working For The Government On A $172,000 Salary

Liberals claim to be the caretakers of the middle class however the majority of their leaders would be classified as upper class, and how they got there is always a mystery. Susan Rice made a whopping 172,000 a year which already puts her above the middle class, but her actual net worth far exceeds that of her annual income at 50 million which begs the question, how did she become a multi millionaire when her annual income is so average?

“Liberal money laundering is a constant and Susan Rice is a prime example of the corruption coming from the left.”

Susan Rice


The Washington Post did a piece back in 2012 that stated that Rice and her husband were thought to be worth more than $20 million. It’s pretty shocking that their net worth more than doubled in five years. It seems nearly impossible considering Rice could only have been making $172,000 a year as a civil servant. It is appearing that most of her wealth has come straight from Canadian oil company investments.

 Susan Rice
Source: www.americanjournalreview.com

Pelosi Caught Celebrating Government Shutdown, Sarah Huckabee Sanders Lets Her Have it

Kirsters Baish| The United States military has been snubbed of their paychecks. They aren’t even able to view one of their extremely limited entertainment sources overseas currently, the Armed Forced Network. Now there are 9 million children in the United States whose medical care is on the line thanks to the Democrats as well. All of this nonsense is going on because Chuck Schumer decided to shut down the federal government.

The reason for all of this? The Democrats have decided to be extremely petty because they weren’t getting their way.

Biz Pac Review reported that United States military personnel are the ones who are facing the consequences of the federal government shutdown of 2018. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi didn’t let this stop her from inviting House Democrats to a lovely dinner on Saturday evening to celebrate the shutdown.

The group of Democrats met up at a Capitol Hill Italian restaurant called Acqua al 2. It seems that they were actually celebrating their little vacation during the federal government shutdown, which is being called “Schumer’s Shutdown” by the White House following Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s refusal to agree on a stopgap funding measure.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders wasn’t about to let the Democrats slip by with their insulting celebration.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders quickly took to Twitter to explain her point of view on the matter writing, “Nancy Pelosi is ‘very proud’ Democrats shut the government down over illegal immigration and is taking Democrats out tonight to celebrate. Nice message to send to the brave men & women of our military and border patrol forced to work without pay during the #DemocraticShutdown.”

Then, House Speaker Paul Ryan’s deputy press secretary Molly Edwards decided to respond by tweeting, “Surely this isn’t true. Surely Leader Pelosi isn’t taking her grandstanding caucus to an extremely nice dinner while the government is shut down and most of its employees are furloughed. Right?” It was clear that her tweet was meant to shame the Democrats who decided to celebrate while others suffered.

Nancy Pelosi wasn’t about to get off scotch free with this one. To Pelosi tax cuts are merely “crumbs” when dropping wads of cash on a fancy dinner.

The majority of the military don’t have the chance to eat a $58 steak dinner even though they’re putting their lives on the line to serve us. They especially don’t have this opportunity when Pelosi is withholding their entire paychecks. In the meantime, she is still getting her paycheck. Members of our military were understandably upset.

The Democrat caucus should be completely and totally ashamed of themselves.

 Source: unabashedconservative.com

Criminal Conspiracy to Topple U.S. Government Has Been Uncovered – Grand Jury Must Convene Immediately

Definition of Treason:

1 : the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign’s family

2 : the betrayal of a trust

ELDER PATRIOT – As the duly elected President of the United States, the people chose Donald Trump to run the executive branch of their government and any unlawful action or actions taken to overthrow his presidency is treason.

Democrats and Republicans have been working together to subvert the will of the American people for decades on everything from foreign wars to taxes to controlling immigration to the growing government leviathan.

Every Trump voter will tell you that they voted for him to put an end to this.

In a working democracy this is the lawful procedure for changing their government that is afforded law-abiding citizens.

Trump’s supporters followed the legal procedure afforded them and any attempt to remove the president, absent unlawful behavior on the president’s part, would be nothing more than unlawfully subverting the will of the people and their duly elected government.

President Trump’s opponents simply will not accept this. As is their right, they began resisting every initiative to keep his campaign promises as he advanced them, and even before.

This too is the way a democracy works. The peoples’ right to protect is unquestioned. The president is not a dictator and the other elected officials serve as a political counter-balance, as well as to provide the people with legal protections against the president if he usurps powers that aren’t his under the Constitution.

But, when the political opponents of the president within or outside the government conspire to bring the president down by breaking the law they have crossed the line into treasonous behavior.

While plausible deniability has been a justification for politicians’ illegal behavior since Watergate, the evidence has become so overwhelming that we can no longer deny that a conspiracy between members of the political establishment, the deep state and the mainstream media exists.

The question then becomes whether that conspiracy broke any laws with the intention of creating a political groundswell that would bring President Trump down. If they did break any laws 18 U.S. Code Chapter 96 – RACKETEER INFLUENCED AND CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS, commonly referred to as RICO law, would come into play. It has been a critical tool in dismantling organized crime.

So, let’s examine what we know.

The outrage coming from both the mainstream media and Trump’s political opponents over allegations that President Trump violated national security during his recent meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak is an attempt to discredit the president and plant in the minds of voters that he is unfit to hold high office. Fair enough, but once they began calling for impeachment Trump’s opponents may have crossed the line into a conspiracy to commit treason. Here’s why.

While discrediting the president is accepted political gamesmanship, calling for the impeachment of a duly elected president based on false charges is as much an attempt to overthrow the government as any physical attack may be.

Whether the president disclosed any previously classified information to his Russian guests may show bad judgment but it violates no law. The president is the final arbiter of the classification status of sensitive information and can declassify or reclassify sensitive information at will. As such, this would become an issue for the voters to decide.

Additionally the president, any president as well as any negotiator, must be able to give something in order to get something. As an example, Hillary got $135 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation and the Russians got 20% of our Uranium. Nothing to see here just ask the current crop of traitorous co-conspirators in government and the MSM.

Or, is there? If the “leaker” of the story was in that meeting, and then divulged the nature of the classified information to the mainstream media which then shouted it from the rooftops with the intention of bringing down the president then that would be treason.

If the MSM simply made up the story, that’s a serious possibility considering the lack of evidence so far produced, the conspiracy between the MSM and establishment pols would still exist.

A look at the MSM’s immediate reaction shows widespread condemnation of President Trump and calls for his impeachment. This provides necessary elements to establishing the conspiracy.

Whether politically motivated or not, establishment politicians who joined that chorus became part of the conspiracy to take out President Trump, or to at least seriously damage his ability to govern in the manner he was elected to.

But was a crime against the United States committed in order to buttress the opposition’s political play? The answer is unequivocally yes.

When President Trump alerted the Russians to the threat of laptops planted with explosives being permitted on airliners he was well within his rights. In fact, the MSM had reported that laptops had been banned for precisely this reason at least as early as April 25th, well before the meeting with the Russians took place.

The president was merely sharing that information in a confidential setting with an ally in our war against ISIS. The Russians had every reason to protect both the information and the source of that information. It may even be that the Russian intelligence had already turned up that information.

If President Trump did nothing illegal who did?

When the MSM began openly speculating that the information had been provided by Israeli intelligence they put our relationship with Israel in peril whether the story was true or not. Worse, the very presence of this story in the MSM unnecessarily and intentionally endangered every intelligence asset embedded within ISIS by putting the terrorist organization on alert. Leaking of classified of information is, in itself, a violation of the Espionage Act.

The RICO law was written to allow prosecutors to tie otherwise lawful activities (plausible deniability,) committed by multiple parties together to show that a criminal conspiracy existed when a crime has been committed.

There is no question that leaker violated federal law by disseminating classified information. Whether the MSM acted lawfully in blasting the information far and wide is an argument for the courts to decide, but once they began calling for impeachment, without offering any counter arguments, it crossed the line and became a criminal conspiracy to defraud the American people.

Then, when politicians began joining in it became a criminal conspiracy to depose of a duly elected president who hadn’t committed a crime. This cannot be dismissed as a political ploy. This rises to the level of conspiracy to commit treason.