Google Plot Uncovered To Sabotage President Trump—Senior Engineer Confesses Every Detail

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Former Google engineer James Damore made international news when he wrote a memo in July of last year blasting the company’s “ideological echo chamber”.

He called on the company to reexamine its diversity policies and its outright attack on those on the right.

He wrote the memo in response to a Google diversity program he was forced to attend, which Damore believed was just an excuse for the company to shame conservative white men like himself.

Damore was fired a month after the memo was released, but not before he filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board over threats he had received.

Damore is now pursuing legal action against Google, and as a result, many of the corporation’s censorship activities are finally being brought to light, and they’re even worse than we could have imagined.

From Breitbart:

Alon Altman, a senior software engineer at Google, pressured the company to sabotage President Trump’s Android phone, according to new evidence released via James Damore’s class-action lawsuit against the company.

Calling on the tech giant to use the ‘full economic force [of] Google for good’, Altman also suggested deleting the gmail accounts of Trump, his administration, and his aides for ‘abuse.’”

Altman is well-known at Google for her far left leanings, and tried last year to get the company to fire every employee that agreed with Damore’s memo.

The fact that she would try to subvert our Constitution by censoring those who don’t agree with her, including our own President, is extremely disturbing and reveals the lengths the left will go to in order to silence opposition.

Google claims to support diversity, but not when it comes to diversity of thought. Everyone at Google must subscribe to the company’s groupthink, or else be fired.

This wouldn’t be so concerning were it not for Google’s power over information. On average, the search engine receives 3.5 billion searches per day.

When the people engineering our search results have such a clear political bias, how can we be sure that the information we’re receiving is truthful?

As Damore’s lawsuit progresses, it will be interesting to see what else Google has been trying to hide from the American public…and whether or not it will show up in a Google search.

Source: Breitbart,

Trump 2020 Manager Brad Parscale Warns Big Tech: ‘We Are Watching’

In this Dec. 6, 2016 file photo, Brad Parscale arrives at Trump Tower in New York. Parscale, President Donald Trump’s campaign data and digital director says he will speak with the House intelligence committee later this month as part of its Russia probe. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)

Brad Parscale, who was recently appointed as campaign manager for Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection bid, has warned Google, Facebook, and Twitter to maintain a “level playing field,” following a month of high-profile revelations of bias at big tech.

Brad Parscale’s comment came on the same day as the results of primaries for the Texas senatorial race in November were released. Google and Facebook both have the ability to significantly influence elections. Facebook has previously boosted voter registration and turnout by significant margins, while research on search engine manipulation shows that services like Google Search have the potential to change the preferences of undecided voters by 20 percent or more.

Brad Parscale, current campaign manager for the president’s 2020 re-election bid, previously managed Trump’s digital campaign in 2016. In public interviews, Parscale has argued that social media, not traditional media, was the key to Trump’s victory in 2016, and identified Facebook as particularly critical to the president’s success. His selection suggests that the digital campaigning will be given even greater emphasis in 2020.

His comment follows weeks of high-profile revelations about Silicon Valley openly limiting the reach of conservatives. Last week, we reported that algorithm changes at Facebook have caused the President’s engagement on the platform to fall by 45 percent. The same change has hit engagement on the pages of conservative news websites, while leaving the mainstream media’s pages virtually unchanged.

During the same week, YouTube launched a massive crackdown against conservatives and alternative media channels, taking down videos and banning channels. The channel for Alex Jones’ InfoWars, which interviewed the President during his 2016 election campaign, is now one strike away from a permanent ban on the platform.

Twitter also continues to be caught up in bias scandals: we recently reported that the platform is hiding tweets from President Trump and Donald Trump Jr. The platform also conducted a recent mass-lockout of Trump supporters, and has refused to apply their terms of service evenly, allowing a campaign of harassment against Pamela Geller’s daughters while banning right-wingers for stating facts.