Infuriating $1 Billion In Social Security Gone — Americans Are Furious!

The American economy in ruin and the government wasted $1 billion on illegal immigrants drawing off of our welfare system.

Liberal America attacked President Trump’s call for a proper border with claims of impossible funding. Yet the Obama administration forked over a billion dollars of taxpayer money to people who aren’t even American citizens. The current stipulations for receiving government assistance allow illegals with anchor babies to collect from social security despite the fact that they don’t HAVE a social security number. While liberals cry poverty, illegals are basically being paid to be here and many offer nothing back in return.


Social security

The Democrats love to bash Trump for wanting to build a wall between the borders of the United States and Mexico, claiming that there isn’t enough money to build the wall. During Obama’s reign, however, the Social Security Administration allowed A BILLION DOLLARS to go to people who didn’t even have a valid social security number.

It’s pretty obvious that the reason Democrats don’t mind all that money going to people with fake social security numbers is because those receiving the money are illegals, their very favorite group of people! The inspector general who performed the audit claims that around $182 million will be given to those without proper identification each year if we don’t fix these policies.

The Democrats were well aware of the system’s shortcomings, but purposely left the issues unresolved. Their reasoning? Their political party actually benefits from illegals accepting payments from the government, making them dependent on government subsidized programs. This ensures voters for the Democratic party.

President Trump is a skilled businessman who understands that if America is to be great again then America needs to get back to taking care of number one. American citizens come first, plain and simple.


BREAKING: Trump Just Arrested Them BOTH! The Entire Dem Party Is FURIOUS!

Democrats can’t catch a break! If they’re not acting like children at the State of the Union address, then they’re getting caught up in criminal activity as it unfolds in front of their faces. Democrats keep trying to force Americans to be more tolerant of illegal immigrants, but then their DACA dreaming nightmares come true. The Democrats went from forcing their pro-illegal immigrant nonsense on America and telling people to break the law by not following the laws (see California and their disdain for following immigration laws), and now their people are committing real crimes.

So many Democrats preach about the illegal immigrant children having dreams. They forget to mention that many of the DACA dreamers are now adults. They fail to remind Americans that a lot of the DACA dreamers don’t speak English and are constantly arrested for criminal activity. There’s plenty of people who don’t commit crimes, but there are way too many people in America, illegally, committing a crime and not being productive or contributing to our country. The left pushes their agenda upon us, but then the people they’re protecting and clamoring about continue to get arrested for poor behavior and violent crimes against other people.

That means there should be no surprise that, once again, two men were just arrested for their alleged horrible crimes that put other human beings at risk. Cops busted two DACA recipients and uncovered their inhumane acts. Now that they’re stopped, the Democrat party is going nuts because they’re seemingly protecting criminals. Hopefully the people they’re accused of hurting can find protection.

The two people arrested are DACA dreamers who are linked with possible human trafficking. This is no dream of anyone, but rather a horrible nightmare that no one wants to be part of. Human trafficking is a repulsive, inhumane, and disgusting crime that harms more people than just the person being smuggled.

Fox News reported more on the DACA crime:

“Two Dreamers who were living in the U.S. under the Obama-era DACA program were arrested last week on suspicion of human smuggling in separate incidents, federal officials reportedly said.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported Monday that one of the men was in the country under the program and the other’s program had expired.

The report said that one incident occurred last Wednesday when a resident near Torrey Pines State Beach observed what looked like human smuggling.

Border agents pulled over a vehicle and found the driver—who was the 20-year-old DACA recipient whose status expired. He reportedly admitted to smuggling after two Mexican nationals in the country illegally were found in the car.

In a separate incident, a 22-year-old Mexican national, a DACA recipient who lives in Riverside, was allegedly caught scouting an area for smugglers in Campo, Calif.

Both suspects are in custody.”

The Democrats are continuing down a virtually insane path. They’re falling apart at the seams like an old book in the library. If the Democrats continuously push their pro-illegal immigrant agenda while their DACA criminals are arrested for sickening crimes like human trafficking, then are the Democrats supporting crime? They may not help the criminals directly, but they indeed, in a way, encourage the people committing the crime by supporting the resistance movement and trying to convince us to accept illegals. It appears as though the Democrats are doing this as a means of their anti-American agenda. It’s like the Democrats don’t like America and want to dismantle our country as much as possible while Trump is in office.

Human trafficking is an abusive and sick crime. To think that someone could sell another human being is an abomination. To know that Democrats support DACA kids, who are also adults, and they are committing crimes that hurt other people should be embarrassing to America and the Democrat party.

To have multiple political parties in American government is an excellent idea because it sparks ideas from many different viewpoints and encourages healthy debate and unity on agreeable ideas. To have a political party who supports illegal immigrants more than Americans is disgraceful to our country. It seems like the Democrat party has fallen so far off the tracks that there’s no way to get this derailment cleaned up.

It might be time for the Democrats to dissolve their party.

We can’t have the Democrats supporting DACA adults who participate in human trafficking.

At the very least, the Democrat party should traffic themselves out of their positions and allow smarter people to take over.

BREAKING! Trump Just Ordered Him ARRESTED! Obama And ENTIRE Dem Party FURIOUS!

And once again we are getting reports of another so-called “Dreamer” doing what illegals do best, breaking the law.

An in-depth investigation by a local Houston television reporter has now revealed that the man accused of murdering a local convenience store owner is, in fact, an illegal alien who is only here because of former President Barack Hussein Obama’s DACA amnesty program. The “Dreamer” is currently at-large after allegedly killing the store owner and shooting another man in what is being called a senseless crime.

Apparently, the “Dreamer,” 21-year-old Judas Deluna, after harassing some people waiting in line at a taco truck, got into a fight with a man. So he went to his car, grabbed a gun and shot the man, but things turned deadly when the owner of the store ran out to help the man who was shot and Deluna shot him fatally.

Newly obtained court records from Texas from Harris County District Clerk Chris Daniel’s office confirm that Deluna received a felony conviction for a terroristic threat made in 2015 for which he was sentenced to 60 days in county jail. He had previously been charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon but that charge was dismissed as part of his plea deal. Earlier this year prosecutors charged Deluna with a felony charge of evading arrest with a motor vehicle, and he was put on probation.

Deluna is now at large and considered to be armed and dangerous, Thanks, Obama and the Democrat Party!

All these crimes and this man was still allowed to stay in this country?  And now an innocent father of two young children is dead because a segment of our society hates law-abiding American citizens so much that they want to change the very fabric our nation has had for almost 250 years. The only acceptable outcome to this whole immigration issue is to deport them all, they are welcomed to come back, but they have to wait in line and come through the front door. This is the only way we will be able to stop criminals from coming into our country, don’t you agree?

Via Breitbart:

An investigation by a Houston television reporter revealed that the man accused of murdering a store owner is allegedly an illegal alien who is currently under President Barack Obama’s DACA amnesty program. The “Dreamer” is currently on the run after allegedly killing the store owner and shooting another man.

An investigation by ABC13’s Jessica Willey reports that accused killer Judas Deluna, 21, is an illegal alien who is currently under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty program. The program allows undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents to receive temporary protected status from deportation. The federal government is supposed to conduct a criminal background investigation prior to adjusting the immigrant’s the DACA status.

Deluna may have obtained the DACA protection despite a prior history of felony arrests and convictions.

Court records obtained by Breitbart Texas from Harris County District Clerk Chris Daniel’s office show that Deluna received a felony conviction for a terroristic threat made in 2015. The judge of the 176th Criminal District Court sentenced the man to 60 days in county jail. He had also been charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. That charge was dismissed as part of a plea agreement.

Earlier that year, prosecutors charged Deluna with a felony charge of evading arrest with a motor vehicle. The same judge placed the man on four years of probation and deferred adjudication. Following the new murder charge, prosecutors filed a motion to adjudicate this charge.

The current murder charges stem from a shooting that occurred outside DJ’s Food Mart in northwest Harris County in January, Willey reported. It is believed that Deluna got into a fight with another man. He fled to his vehicle where he reportedly pulled a gun and shot the man he was fighting with. When store owner’s son, Rahman Rupani, responded to the shooting, Deluna allegedly shot him as well. Rupani died from his wounds.

Deluna fled the scene in a Black Lincoln Navigator, according to a criminal complaint obtained by Breitbart Texas.

He has been on the run since the January 26 shooting. Willey reported that during the passing three weeks, she learned of Deluna’s status as a DACA “Dreamer.”

Willey also learned that Deluna’s illegal alien father, Manuel Deluna, is also a violent felon who is currently facing deportation proceedings.

Crime appears to be the family business. Judas Deluna’s older brother, Eric Deluna, also has a violent criminal history that includes convictions in state court in 2005 of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and a 2011 case of Aggravated Robbery with a Deadly Weapon, according to Harris County court records obtained by Breitbart Texas.

Willey reported that Eric Deluna planned to ambush a Los Zetas cartel drug shipment in Houston. The shipment was actually part of a federal sting operation. The sting turned violent when a gun battle ensued. A federal informant died in the shootout and a Harris County deputy sheriff was wounded. The older Deluna brother received a 30-year prison sentence.

Activists have often attempted to paint the picture of all DACA recipients being upstanding, law-abiding residents of this country. However, Breitbart Texas has previously reported on crimes, including human smuggling and gang membership, committed by DACA recipients.

“This is not a depiction of who Dreamers are, who DACA holders are,” Cesar Espinosa, an immigrant rights activist with FIEL Houston told ABC13. “We, like everyone else, don’t want those people here. Don’t want bad actors in our community.”

Esponisa then fell back on conflated statistics on immigrant crime which does not separate crimes committed by legal and illegal immigrants. “Studies have shown immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than born citizens because even if you make a small mistake it could lead to something as big as a deportation for ourselves,” Espinosa said.

Many states do not statistically separate crimes committed by immigrants based on their status. However, a study conducted in Arizona where immigration status is tracked reported that “Dreamer”-age illegal aliens are twice as likely to commit crimes as young American citizens. Breitbart News’ Neil Munro wrote, “The report punctures claims by pro-amnesty advocates that young ‘dreamer’ illegals are vital to U.S. industry and civic life, and indicate that any amnesty will ensure that many more crimes — including murders and rapes — will be inflicted against Americans and legal immigrants, including Hispanics and blacks.”

The report states:

Unfortunately, if the goal of DACA is to give citizenship to a particularly law-abiding group of undocumented immigrants, it is accomplishing the opposite of what was intended. As Table 8 shows, DACA age eligible undocumented immigrants are 250% more likely to be convicted of crimes than their share of the population. Those too old for DACA status are convicted at a relatively low rates (45.7% more than their share of the Arizona population).

A report summary explains:

Using newly released detailed data on all prisoners who entered the Arizona state prison from January 1985 through June 2017, we are able to separate non-U.S. citizens by whether they are illegal or legal residents. These data do not rely on self-reporting by criminals. Undocumented immigrants are at least 142% more likely to be convicted of a crime than other Arizonans. They also tend to commit more serious crimes and serve 10.5% longer sentences, more likely to be classified as dangerous, and 45% more likely to be gang members than U.S. citizens …

If undocumented immigrants committed crime nationally as they do in Arizona, in 2016 they would have been responsible for over 1,000 more murders, 5,200 rapes, 8,900 robberies, 25,300 aggravated assaults, and 26,900 burglaries.

Judas Deluna remains a fugitive at this time. His victim, Rhaman Rupani, leaves behind a grieving wife and two young children.

A cash reward is being offered by Houston Crime Stoppers for information leading to Deluna’s arrest.

Furious Kathy Griffin Reeling After Fox Humiliates Her On Live TV While Entire Nation Watches NYE Celebration

It was perhaps one of the more humorous segments on Fox’s New Year’s Eve broadcast hosted this year by Jesse Watters and Lisa Kennedy. The zany duo was perfectly matched, with their personal brand of saucy humor, playing off one another in the frigid night air of Times Square and just over an hour away from 2018, and the famous “ball drop.”

And that’s when a blast from the past came roaring in with the announcement from Watters that a “SPECIAL GUEST” was about to make a surprise appearance on FOX. The infamous and former CNN New Year’s Eve host Kathy Griffin was about to take center stage along with hosts Watters and Kennedy, however within moments that “special guest” turned out to be the wise-cracking cheeky host herself Lisa Kennedy doing her best Griffin parody donning a red frizzy-wig, Kennedy suddenly turned herself into the frazzled, pitiful and disgraced “comedian,” complete with her trademark voice and over-the-top mannerisms.

“Kathy, why are you here, anyway?” Watters asked “Kathy Griffin” in a tongue-in-cheek tone.

“I’m a fixture in Time Square,” Kennedy enthusiastically replied in her Griffin impression. “Nothings gonna keep me from this hassle!”

Watters responds; “I thought you were fired. Weren’t you fired?”


In real life Griffin caused quite a commotion when she appeared in a photo unsmiling holding by the hair the mock and bloody head of President Trump, which instantly drew condemnation across the political landscape, and a quick exit from her yearly CNN New Year’s Eve gig with co-host Anderson Cooper.

That disturbing image was so vile even President Trump weighed in stating that his young 11-year old son Barron was so emotionally traumatized by the image thinking his dad was assassinated.

As for Griffin, her marginal career as a comedian took a nosedive into oblivion, and that’s where it’s been since her disgusting anti-Trump performance.

The hilarious parody on New Year’s Eve ended with Kennedy doing quick one-liners ala Griffin; “Why did the chicken cross the road?” she asked Watters. “Because Anderson Cooper kicked it off the New Year’s Eve show.”

“Hillary couldn’t be here tonight. She already dropped the ball once this year!” she declared before laughing Watters reminded her that the election was over a year ago.

Do you think Griffin will ever be able to put her distasteful performance behind her?