Veterans & Truckers Ditching Famous Gas Station Chain Over Flag Disgrace … Will You Join Them?

In case you missed it … In recent months, millions of Americans have come forward to express their utter outrage over multimillionaire NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem. It didn’t take long for Americans to turn their anger about the issue into action. The actions of the owner of the gas station chain, Pilot Flying J, have forced a group of truck drivers, veterans, and good old American patriots to boycott the brand. The owner of the chain also owns the NFL’s Cleveland Browns. One store manager in Kentucky took it too far, leaving a very unsavory taste in the mouths of angry Americans.

WSAZ reported earlier in the year that a group of United States veterans made their way to a Flying J located in the Bluegrass State. They proceeded to place American flags in order to welcome a rilling Vietnam Memorial. It all turned sour when the manager of that particular gas station made the decision to come outside and tell these veterans that they were not welcome to fly the American flag there.

Ever since that particular incident took place, a big group of American veterans have been working on a protest which has demanded that the Flying J install a flag pole in order to fly both the American flag as well as the POW flag.

Pilot Flying J released a statement which claimed that the flags cannot be flown because of “safety reasons.”

The company’s statement went on to say, “Pilot Flying J proudly welcomes the American flag at all our locations. After looking into the concern at our store #660, located at 15236 State Route 180, Catlettsburg, KY, we found that the concerns were not with the flags themselves but with the safety of where they were placed as we need to make sure they don’t block the lines of sight of drivers pulling into our locations.”

That wasn’t the only part of the controversy surrounding the gas station chain. An entirely separate group of Americans began calling for a boycott of all Pilot Flying J gas stations due to on-field protests by owner Jimmy Haslam’s Browns football players. A video was recorded outside of a Pilot Flying J location and uploaded to Facebook. A man who identified himself as a Navy veteran named Matt explained that he was calling for a boycott of all Pilot Flying J stores until Haslam ended the support to those who are disrespecting our country’s flag, and in turn disrespecting everything it stands for.

“We just watched the beginning of the Cleveland Browns (game) and the national anthem, and the owner, Jimmy Haslam allowed most of his team to take a knee during the anthem,” Matt explained.

The Navy veteran also used spray paint to draw a circle with a line through it on his Browns leather jacket.

He went on, “Jimmy Haslam owns all the Pilots and the Flying Js in the country. What you need to do if you support this (is) do not go to a Pilot, do not go to a Flying J, until he states to his team that no member will be allowed to take a knee during the national anthem.”

I don’t think this will be the last boycott that we see due to the National Anthem protests. Football team owners are beginning to see that they will be paying big time for supporting the ridiculous actions of their players. It’s time for Americans to start respecting the flag once again.


Pissed Professor Stands Up After University Bans Our Flag, Illegal Alien Makes Her Pay

The attacks on American culture are only continuing as the far-left is doing all that they can to destroy our nation. The left knows that the only way to demolish our country is by teaching the youth to hate everything America is about. For years, we have seen this indoctrination unfolding in our public schools with teachers filling our children’s minds with revisionist history and lies about our founding fathers. Now, after years of this brainwashing, we are seeing the fruits of their labor playing out in front of our very eyes on a daily basis.

Between the constant protests from NFL players kneeling during our national anthem, young adults removing Confederate statues, and millennial high school students marching against the second amendment, you have to wonder what they will attack next. Well, you don’t have to wonder any longer after earlier this week it was reported that Stanford University banned the image of the American flag citing it was offensive to illegal immigrants.

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up!

Soon after the American flag ban occurred at Stanford, a professor from another California college had enough and decided to speak up against the far-left and their absurd demands. However, instead of her receiving a round of applause for voicing her opinion she found herself in hot water with an illegal immigrant, and of course, they are making sure she suffers for being an American.

It goes without saying that our country is a melting pot of many different ethnicities, races, and religions. Though what makes us American is that everyone who immigrated here wanted to be Americans and make a better life for themselves and their offspring. In fact, that is what has made our country great, the desire to band together as Americans with language, culture, and pride. However, the global elite in the world does not want that since it stands in the way of a one world government based on control and oppression. While countries around the world have fallen prey to this destructive mindset, America has stood firm, well, that is until liberalism made its way to our nation.

Over the last several decades, the left has been teaching the youth that America is the cause of all the woes in the world and that the only way to rectify that is to erase all American symbolism and to flood our borders with illegal immigrants and refugees to water down our culture.

That tactic has been a wild success as young Americans are clamoring to destroy our nation under the guise of diversity and tolerance than when anyone speaks out against their obvious totalitarian tactics they are branded a racist and a bigot. People across the country have been seeing this happen with more frequency and sadly, another conservative professor just found that out the hard way.

Tarin Olsin a college professor at Golden West Community in California got into a heated debate over what appears to be illegal immigration with another couple. Though instead of the trio agreeing to disagree the hateful leftists chose to video record Olsin and her comments in an attempt to have her fired.

Here is more from N.Y. Daily News:

“A college professor in California has been placed on leave for two weeks after the video showing her telling a couple to “go back to your home country” went viral.

The video was posted to Facebook last week by Tony Kao, who says he and his wife and daughter “encountered a bigot and a racist today in our neighborhood in Long Beach,” according to his social media post.

In the footage, the woman in question can be seen walking away from the camera as soon as she realizes she’s being recorded.

“Oh, you’re gonna take my photo now. Wow, that’s disgusting,” she says on the video.

“You NEED to go back to your home country,” the woman, now identified as Golden West Community College Professor Tarin Olsin, told Kao.

Kao asks what that means, since he and his family were all born in the United States.

Olsin tells Kao to have his wife turn off her phone and she’ll tell him.

The clip quickly went viral, with over half a million views. The video outraged the local community.

A spokeswoman for Golden West Community College in Huntington Beach said Olsin will be on leave for the next two weeks, including her online classes, the LA Times reports.

“We’re very aware the community has deep concerns, and we’re not going to let this die,” spokeswoman Letitia Clark told the outlet, “We’re looking at past interactions with students and staff to see if it relates to the comments made on the video.”

Olsin claims her students know she is not a racist and that the video was edited.

“I feel my perspective will be twisted if discussing the skewed video which cut out part of the incident,” she told KCBS in a statement, “If you would like to have a full normal interview about the displacement of European Americans, then I gladly am available to enlighten the public.”

Sadly, this is where we are at folks, where if you have a differing opinion you are immediately branded a racist, bigot who deserves to be publically shamed by the left. The only way that we can turn the disgusting tide is to keep pressing forward and teach the younger generation the truth about our country and hopefully, then we can get our country back to its former glory.

Illegal immigrants should be arrested intead of Olsin being suspended. Do you agree?

WHOA! Flag Carrying Olympian Just Got MASSIVE Revenge On Racist Athlete Who Denounced U.S.

The Olympic traditions and games have begun. For over four years the world has watched and waited for the next Winter Olympics to begin and now we are here. Vice President Mike Pence has joined the American delegation with his wife and a select few other American representatives. But that has not stopped controversy and drama from going on.

The U.S. Olympic Committee had decided how to choose who is going to be the American flag bearer in the opening ceremony. They ultimately chose to make the decision by a coin toss. When speed skater Shani Davis, who is African American, lost the toss he became a poor sport about it claiming it was racist. To lick his wounds he decided to boycott and not show up to the opening ceremony.

Patriot Beat reported,

Well, the olympian who DID hold the flag, Erin Hamlin is speaking out and she has something to say to Shani David “TOO BAD.” American luger Erin Hamlin said it was “too bad” that there was disappointment about her carrying the United States’ flag at the Winter Olympics opening ceremony and that any athlete would have felt honored to accept the task.

Bronze medalist Hamlin was awarded the flag over Shani Davis by the toss of a coin, angering the twice Olympic champion speed skater who became the first black athlete to claim an individual medal in 2006.

Erin Hamlin carries the flag of the United States during the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, Friday, Feb. 9, 2018. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)

The flag-bearer is chosen by a vote of the eight U.S. winter sports federations but the result was tied at 4-4 between Hamlin and Davis and a coin was used to break the tie, in keeping with United States Olympic Committee (USOC) rules. “I just was enjoying the moment (at Friday’s opening ceremony); I was just honored to be nominated as one of the eight people that were put into the mix,” Hamlin told Reuters at the Olympic Sliding Centre on Saturday.

”Just getting that far was an amazing thing and I think it’s too bad that there is that much disappointment around not getting it but I had no part in it. “I had no control in it but I was just honored that there were athletes that felt I deserved that. “I just was living in the moment, enjoying it. I just hope I represented my team mates well. I don’t think there’s a single athlete that would turn that down.” Hamlin, who will retire after the Games, became the first American female luger to win an Olympic medal when she won bronze in Sochi four years ago. Davis had tweeted that the coin toss was a “dishonorable” method to decide and added the hashtag “BlackHistoryMonth2018”, suggesting racial bias was involved. He declined to march at the opening ceremony.”

The Daily Mail reported,

In an earlier interview with ABC News, Hamlin echoed the sentiment, saying she ‘had nothing to do’ with how the flag carrier was chosen. Hamlin said before the opening ceremony: ‘I actually didn’t know any of the details, so I’m really not even paying too much attention to it.’It has nothing to do with me aside from the fact that I am the flag bearer and I’m going to enjoy the moment and represent my teammates and my country as well as I can.’

Hamlin beamed a broad smile as she led out the athletes competing at the games in South Korea to the accompaniment of ‘Gangnam Style’. Davis, 35, a five-time Olympian who has won two gold medals and two silver medals, lost after a vote among sports federations represented at the games ended in a draw. A U.S. speed skating spokesman said Davis had not originally planned to march in the parade of nations later on Friday, but would have made an exception if he had been chosen as flag-bearer.’Shani won’t march in the parade. It was never part of his plans. He is fully focused on his first race and is concentrating on that,’ the spokesman said. In an angry tweet, Davis, took a shot at Hamlin, the holder of a single bronze medal.”

This issue seems like such a silly problem to talk about when in reality people should be talking about the games and the performances of our American competitors. All of this is petty, trivial, nonsense. Being a part of the American delegation period is an honor in itself so why someone would decide to be a pre-madonna about it is baffling. It simply shows a lack of gratitude.

The coin toss and the result had nothing to do with racism or the ethnicity of one of the athletes during the toss. It had to do with luck. To somehow bring racism into is nothing more than ridiculous and to throw that word out their degrades the value and the meaning of it. People die because of racism so to somehow insinuate this controversy was racist is nothing but shameful and ridiculous.

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