This is Fernanda Marquez, a female flag football player who is taking the world by storm.

What is it about Fernanda that everyone is talking about? Well, for starters, she has head-turning good looks that’ll give you whiplash. But even more impressive are her moves, which are slick enough to leave even the best of defenders with a pair of broken ankles.

She isn’t cruel on the pitch, but her insane technique is too complicated for opponents to read it.

The Mexican beauty plays flag football for her local team called the Guadalajara Wild Whites. Moreover, video of one of her greatest plays just went viral. The most exciting is that it isn’t showing Fernanda’s attractive appearance, but her fantastic play.

That’s why each of her almost 330 thousand followers is aware not only is she beautiful, but she can utterly crush it on the flag football field, too.

According to Flag Football World, her team regularly competes in the local AFFO and CUFAO leagues and are three-time champs in the Texcoco Nationals – the largest flag football tournament in Mexico.

“The most important thing is that even though we are a very big team, we are a family. We support each other, we go to the games of the other Wild Whites teams, and we celebrate triumphs and defeats.”