What Federal Judges Just Gave Muslims In America The Right To Do Will Chill You To The Bone

The left will do everything they can to undermine our safety.

Even though we know that radical Islam is the cause of terrorism, liberals still try to ignore it. They claim any attempt at preventing the spread of terrorism is an attack on Muslims. They are not willing to distinguish between peaceful citizens and radical terrorists.

So, they pass rulings and decisions that give more power to a single group, and enable more violence and bloodshed to occur.

It’s almost as if they want terrorists to win.


From Breitbart:

Ten progressive judges in Virginia have decided that Muslims can ask judges to change the nation’s national security and immigration policies whenever prior campaign statements in democratic political elections can be described as unfair to Muslims living in America.

“To the extent that our review chills campaign promises to condemn and exclude entire religious groups, we think that a welcome restraint,” boasted the majority opinion, which was approved by 10 judges on the Richmond-based Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, and announced May 25…

“Unless corrected by the Supreme Court, the majority’s new approach, which is unsupported by any Supreme Court case, will become a sword for plaintiffs to challenge facially neutral government actions, particularly those affecting regions dominated by a single religion.”

“Government officials will avoid speaking about religion, even privately, lest a court discover statements that could be used to ascribe a religious motivation to their future actions.”

“And, in the more immediate future, our courts will be faced with the unworkable task of determining when this President’s supposed religious motive [in the 2016 election] has sufficiently dissipated so as to allow executive action toward these or other majority Muslim countries.”

Even if you agree with the judges, you can’t deny they are giving one religious group an advantage. Now our leaders can’t do anything, for fear of offending Muslims? Since when does this one group deserve more rights and privileges than any other?

And how can we confront the real dangers of terrorism without acknowledging their root in radical Islam? Only liberals seem to group all Muslims together with terrorists. The rest of us understand the difference.

But that ignores the real point: that judges are using their own, biased politics to interfere with our national security. They assume things about the president’s motives (that cannot be proven) to undermine lawful executive orders.

It’s time we replace these hack judges for people who actually do their job.

Source: Breitbart, myrightamerica.com

Federal Judges Mandate American Submission To Islamic Invasion

KIRSTERS BAISH – U.S. Federal judges are creating a new legal standard in which all legal standards can be rejected in order to disobey President Trump. The new legal precedence is being put into place by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in order to grant Muslims total power over our national security. They are doing so in order to uphold injunction against the travel ban that has been placed over the U.S. by President Trump. Ten judges in the majority indorsed the decision of district courts that the order by President Trump violates the Fourth Amendment. This command named Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry “speaks with vague words of national security, but in context drips with religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination” the judges stated.

This court mandated decision is based on a brand new legal standard that has zero basis in prior Supreme Court rulings. These new legal standard permits plaintiffs to disable unbiased government actions on the foundation of private or campaign statements.

“In looking behind the face of the government’s action for facts to show the alleged bad faith… the majority grants itself the power to conduct an extratextual search for evidence suggesting bad faith, which is exactly what three Supreme Court opinions have prohibited,” stated Judge Niemeyer in the opposition.

Judge Niemeyer who was joined by two other Supreme Court judges goes on to say that “the majority, now for the first time, rejects these holdings in favor of its politically desired outcome.”

In a 10 to 3 ruling the majority of the judges will have their way. The choice will most definitely be brought to the Supreme Court where this issue will be settled one way or another with a final decision.

These activists are making an extremely risky decision putting all American lives at risk. This choice will establish a new legal standard that will have a grave effect on speech in addition to allowing Muslim plaintiffs to petition the courts requesting the obstructing of almost any single government action that mostly affects countries with a Muslim majority. Furthermore, the court is hereby constructing a whole new standard, in which the personal feelings and beliefs of a plaintiff can grant standing before a court. The Muslim plaintiff who is in charge of attempting to cease the executive order was in fact not affected personally by the travel ban. However, the plaintiff asserts that the order simply escalates hate and aggression towards Muslim-American citizens.

Basically, these liberal activist judges are attempting to initiate a whole new legal standard. In this new order, the president himself can be banned from acting in defense of our country’s national security in order to protect the feelings of Muslims. If a minority group finds the president’s actions offensive his decisions will be overturned by the courts. If the Supreme Court decides to defend and indorse this motion it will stop President Trump from taking any action at all against Muslim countries, leaving us at an even higher risk than we already are for terrorist attacks. By allowing anyone from any country to come into the U.S. based on emotions we are opening ourselves up to the people who want to see us dead. This decision will likely get even more Americans killed than have been slaughtered in recent years by anti-American attackers. So ask yourself, is a terrorist’s feelings really worth one of your family member’s lives.