Donald Releases FBI Memo Details To America, Sends Democrats Into 20-Year Tailspin

The liberal deep-state witch hunt has gone on long enough.

Before the 2016 election, Democrats went to never-before-seen lengths to stop Trump from becoming President. They lied, they paid untold sources, they colluded with the Russians for dirt.

And when they failed to pull the wool over the eyes of the American public, they accused Trump of everything they did.

They compiled a sick dossier of lies and released it on Trump as he was being inaugurated. The FBI has been investigating him from the start, and Democrats have been salivating for impeachment.

But the truth always comes out.

President Trump just released the now-infamous memo to the public from the House Intelligence Committee against the pleadings of liberals, and it is revealing everything we thought Democrats might have done and more.

From Fox News:

The memo says the committee’s findings “raise concerns with the legitimacy and legality of certain DOJ and FBI interactions” with the FISA court and “represent a troubling breakdown of legal processes established to protect the American people from abuses related to the FISA process.”

“Steele admitted to Ohr his feelings against then Candidate Trump, in September of 2016, when Steele told Ohr, that he Steele ‘was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president,” the memo reads, according to an excerpt obtained by Fox News.

You may be wondering, what does this really mean?

The FBI used fake Russsian propaganda provided by Hillary’s campaign to get illegal warrants on American citizens in order to prevent and destroy a Trump presidency and subvert American democracy.

Is it really a big deal that the FBI used the Steele dossier to obtain a FISA warrant to surveil Trump and press an investigation against him?

The answer is YES—and it’s bigger than Watergate.

Our intelligence agencies, which are meant to protect the President and the American people, have been weaponized against the President and the American people by Obama, Hillary, and Democrats in power.

For everyone who has watched the abuses of the Democrat party with no consequences to them, this looks to be the end of an era. This memo and the flood of information that will follow will leave the Democrats irrelevant for the next 20 years.

Their corruption has become so apparent, they will lose the 2018 election they thought they would easily sweep, and combined with their worthless candidates and Trump’s major victories, they have no chance of beating him in 2020.

Good times, conservatives, good times. Now Trump needs to close the deal, shutting down the illegal FBI investigation against him, firing Rod Rosenstein, and prosecuting every—and we do mean every—actor involved in this corruption, including Presidential candidates and even Presidents.

What do you think? Will Republicans capitalize on this memo and make Democrats pay for years to come? Or will they squander it and let the mainstream media sweep it under the rug?


Illegals Flee 23 Sanctuary Cities, Sparked By A Powerful Donald Move

The Democrats will do anything to protect their illegals. Apparently, they care more about criminals who break our laws, than Americans who suffer as a result. Shouldn’t that be the other way around? Why aren’t democrats defending the rights of the citizens they claim to represent?

Lawmakers should want legal immigration and crack down on those who break our laws. Instead, the desperate and pathetic democrats do everything in their power to protect criminal aliens.

Jeff Sessions has had enough. He is not backing down on his promise to end sanctuary cities. And those “sanctuaries” are about to pay.

From Political Insider:

President Donald Trump’s administration is not backing down against the unlawful actions of so-called sanctuary cities. On Wednesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatened to subpoena 23 sanctuary cities across the U.S. if they fail to provide documents showing whether local law enforcement officers are sharing information with federal immigration authorities…

Sessions adds, “Protecting criminal aliens from federal immigration authorities defies common sense and undermines the rule of law. We have seen too many examples of the threat to public safety represented by jurisdictions that actively thwart the federal government’s immigration enforcement—enough is enough.”

Unsurprisingly, mayors across the country responded to the news by throwing a fit, with several opting not to attend a previously scheduled meeting at the White House…

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio went a step further by flat-out calling the subpoena threat “racist.”

Wow, following the law is now racist. What else do you expect from a con-artist like de Blasio? He is like all the other liberals who run sanctuaries for criminals. They’d rather defend the rights of illegals than make sure their citizens are protected.

This is only because the left needs illegals in order to win elections. They’ve lost so much support among actual Americans, they need to import new voters. Democrats think by letting in millions of illegals, giving them government benefits, and promising “amnesty” that these people will vote for them.

There’s just one problem: it’s all illegal.

But since when has the law gotten in the way of what the left wants? They have had a history of breaking the law to push their agenda. Sanctuary cities are just a part of that storied tradition.

Now, finally, we have a DOJ that is cracking down. But make no mistake, it will be a battle. The left has been building up this strategy for years. They’re not going to give up without a fight.

Source: Political Insider,

Trump Drains Swampiest Liberal Agency In D.C., 75% Gone Overnight

The high priests of the official state religion of the US, ‘Climate Change,’ are unhappy with President Trump and his leadership team.

Apparently, they do not believe they are getting the respect they deserve.

Anyone who does not buy into the theory of climate change is immediately written off by the left as a kook, an ignoramus, or a “flat-earther.”

If man-made global warming turns out to be a flawed theory, you don’t need big government to fix it. And that’s the real tragedy the left is worried about.

Nine members of a twelve-member advisory panel on national parks threw a pity party because wouldn’t sign off on their liberal policies.

So Trump took it as a great excuse to drain the swamp.

From HuffPost:

See the source image

Most of the members of the National Park Service Advisory Board have tendered their resignation over frustrations with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, The Washington Post reports.

Nine of the 12 board members quit Monday night, citing Zinke’s refusal to convene the citizen advisory panel or discuss matters with it since he came into office last March.

Zinke has drawn criticism for a number of his actions in the Interior Department, including silencing scientists about climate change.

Where does the HuffPost get its news? Far from being “silenced,” there are plenty of scientists talking about climate change. Nonstop.

Zinke has rejected numerous requests to meet with the advisory panel, which is required to meet twice a year, despite his efforts to review restructuring national parks.

Departing board Chairman Tony Knowles told the Post that the panel has waited to work with Zinke but has been ‘frozen out.’

Great. Now we’re getting somewhere. Mr. Knowles should be thanked for sharing this good news with us. One more worthless part of an unnecessary bureaucracy has just bitten the dust.

Joel Clement, a former employee who claims the Interior Department retaliated against him for his work on climate change, told HuffPost in October that the morale under Zinke was ‘in the toilet.’

Clement also criticized Zinke’s comments that questioned the department staff’s ‘loyalty’ to him and President Donald Trump.

This actually gets amusing as you realize what’s going on. Of course, a department full of liberals is going to go berserk when they can no longer dictate the agenda. Maybe the whole department will quit and go to work for Greenpeace. We could be so fortunate.

National Park System Advisory Board Logo Dark Green

And a left-wing article would not be complete without attacking one of the left’s most hated industries. Watch for it. Here it comes:

“It’s profoundly offensive because it portrays a lack of understanding about the civil service and the mission of the agency,’ Clement told HuffPost.

“It made it clear that what he’s trying to do is not work with the career staff and advance the mission ― he’s trying to undercut the agency and its mission. And it became very clear that his interests were aligned with special interests, like the oil and gas industry.”

Now it’s complete. President Trump has been vilified. His interior secretary has been vilified. The oil and gas industry has been vilified. And the purveyors of the climate change theory have been exalted.

All in all, a predictable, normal news story from a leftist news outlet.

Source: HuffPost,

‘Super-Sanctuary State’ Created By Governor To Protect Illegals From Deportation

An illegal immigrant is an illegal immigrant is an illegal immigrant is an illegal immigrant.

Liberals argue that as long as “undocumented” immigrants do not steal or commit fraud, they should stay. However, they still entered the country without going through the proper government channels. For that, deportation is the punishment. It’s quite simple.

But once again, the Democrats are living in a fantasy world and are doing everything they can to keep illegal aliens in our country. The purpose? To quickly usher them in with a blanket amnesty clause and grant them the right to vote. That would give them the voting base they need to keep their state and federal representatives in the blue.

And one state in particular is forcing its citizens to live alongside these criminals. Incoming New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has declared that a state agency will be created in order to “help” illegals. The reality is, he’s using state resources to keep illegals in his state and protect them from deportation.

In short, he’s aiding and abetting illegal immigrants. And he’s breaking the law.

Image result for new jersey phil murphy

From The Daily Caller:

Newly inaugurated New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy plans to establish the Garden State as a bastion of far left policies, including a first-of-its-kind government agency devoted exclusively to protecting the rights of legal and illegal immigrants alike.

Murphy, a former Goldman Sachs financier who was swept into office on the back of former Gov. Chris Christie’s historically low approval ratings, told The Washington Post he plans to operationalize the sentiment behind the “sanctuary” movement by establishing an Office of Immigrant Defensive Protection.

While a number of Democratically controlled states have adopted an official policy of non-cooperation with federal immigration authorities, Murphy is seeking to outdo his progressive counterparts by devoting an entire agency to help immigrants navigate the federal immigration bureaucracy.

“It would be a place where everybody could call with questions about their status,” Murphy told WaPo. “Our guess is it’s going to be legal-services-oriented. One remarkable thing, and you probably have seen this, the rumors that swirl around communities are extraordinary, and it’s literally hard to get, particularly if you’re undocumented, the right answer to your question. That’s when people go back into the shadows.”

Murphy believes he can capitalize on the backlash to Christie’s fiscally conservative approach, establishing New Jersey as a testing ground for a progressive movement that’s gained traction with young voters nationally.

In addition to transforming New Jersey into a “welcoming” state — a term he prefers to “sanctuary” — Murphy plans to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana, mandate a $15 minimum wage, and institute a millionaire tax.

Image result for new jersey phil murphy

Based on all of the progressive plans that this new governor has, perhaps its time for some New Jersey residents to find new homes in other states. As you can see, soon New Jersey will be noted as the California of the East Coast: high illegal immigration traffic, high taxes, etc.

Good luck, New Jersey. You’re going to need it.

Source: The Daily Caller

Donald Takes $1.6B And 4,000 Jobs From Overseas, Gives It To Southern State

President Trump meant it when he said he would restore the economy. And he’s doing in ways nobody thought was possible. His leadership in the White House has reduced waste and taxes. Those are major hurdles to job creation.

Throughout last year, we read about company after company bringing back jobs to the U.S. From local businesses to foreign institutions, it seemed like everyone wants to invest in the U.S.

Hmm, I wonder why? We did see this much action during Obama’s time in office. Jobs were only leaving the country.

Now a huge announcement was made that a company will invest $1.6 billion into the American economy.

From Breitbart:

On Wednesday at an event at the RSA Activity Center, Gov. Kay Ivey (R-AL) made it official when she announced Toyota-Mazda would be building a $1.6 billion factory in northern Alabama’s Limestone County outside of Huntsville.

“Today is indeed a great day in the state of Alabama,” Ivey proclaimed. “As governor, it is my honor and privilege to announce that Mazda and Toyota have chosen Alabama as the home of their new production plant.”

The announcement was met with a stand ovation just blocks from the Alabama State Capitol, where legislators are convening the state’s annual legislative session.

The plant will add 4,000 new jobs with average salaries of $50,000 annually and the plant will have the capacity to produce 300,000 cars annually.

Those jobs mean a lot to our economy. But more than that, the products they produce will be sold around the country and world. The impact of this plant will have repercussions throughout the economy.

You better believe this wouldn’t have happened without Trump’s influence. The reduction in regulation and taxes attracted Toyota.

And guess what will happen next? Other companies will want to invest in the U.S. Companies from around the world will see how Toyota and others are thriving. They will want to get in on the action.

Expect to see more investments announced in the coming months. The winning won’t stop.

Source: Breitbart,

BREAKING! Trump Just Destroyed Immigrant “BIRTH HOTELS”! DEPORT THEM!

It would appear that America is no longer the unwitting victim of unscrupulous Chinese nationals along with dishonest Chinese aliens using our immigration laws too fraudulently claim “citizenship.”

The Trump Administration is keeping yet another promise to end the human trafficking and smuggling of illegal pregnant aliens “criminally” attempting to give birth within America.

A day after the president launched the new enforcement program ICE agents made the largest immigration bust in nearly a decade, raiding in one day 20-“birth hotels” in California.

For those not familiar with this immigration scam, Chinese nationals use hotels as waiting rooms for the expectant mother-to-be, thus the name “birth hotels.”

The illegal scam if successful atomically insures citizenship for the child, in most situations a child born in the United States or one of its territories will automatically receive American citizenship.

The concept is similar to drug smuggling or human trafficking, in that the expectant mother pays as much as $100,000 to get into one of these hotels.

The recent raid by Homeland Security agents was reported by NBC News who were at the scene when agents swept into the luxury Carlyle Hotel, in Irvine, California. The pregnant woman including new moms allegedly paid anywhere from $40,000 to $80,000 for the privilege of having their child born in the United States

One of the women captured in the raid lamented to NBC News; “I am doing this for the education of the next generation.”

The raids took place in Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties.

Claude Arnold, special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations for Los Angeles, told NBC; “It’s not necessarily illegal to come here to have the baby, but if you lie about your reasons for coming here, that’s visa fraud.”

Remarkably the selling of America seemed to be conducted in broad daylight which is perhaps indicative of were the raids took place in progressive California. Chao Chen and Dong Li ran the Carlyle site and used social media to drum up business, promoting the benefits of children born in America, citing on their website; “13 years of free education, low-cost college financial aid, less pollution, and a path for the entire family to emigrate when the child becomes an adult.” Can someone spell “chain-migration?”

Do you think immigration laws need to be a lot more severe and with real jail time?

Source: Daily Wire,

Former Republican Presidential Candidate Plans To Steal Al Franken’s Senate Seat

The liberal media was stunned when they learned about former Sen. Al Franken. He, like so many other liberal men, was accused of sexual harassment. The libs were even more stunned when he announced he was resigning.

It was another story, in a string of scandals. By now, hundreds of prominent men in Hollywood, news, and politics have been taken down. Powerful figures were exposed for their dirty deeds. They abused their positions to harass, assault, and rape unsuspecting women.

Now, all we have to decide is who should replace Franken. Make no mistake: Democrats will do everything they can to keep the seat. But an unlikely conservative figure is considering a run.

This just got interesting.

From CBS News:

Former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann says she is weighing whether or not to run for Al Franken’s Senate seat.

In an interview last week with a religious TV program, Bachmann said that she’s praying on if she should return to Washington at a time when “the swamp is so toxic…”

While the former U.S. representative says she could handle the day-to-day demands of the Senate, Bachmann said the current political climate and the financial aspects of running for office pose significant concerns…

Bachmann, 61, was elected to Congress in 2007 to represent Minnesota’s 6th District. She was in office until 2015.

During that time, she ran for the Republican nomination in the 2012 presidential election.

If she were to run for Franken’s Senate seat, she’d have to begin her campaign relatively soon for the November special election.

Bachmann was a notable figure during the 2012 elections. Many speculated she would have won the general election. Sadly, the GOP went with Mitt Romney. We all know what happened.

Bachmann has a strong, conservative background. She’s already served in Congress. Moving to the Senate would be a big step up for the former Rep. It would also give President Trump another much-needed ally in the Senate.

The fact is, the Democrats will have a hard time holding onto the seat. Franken got in, arguably, because of his celebrity status. Minnesota has a deep, conservative history. A good, respected republican can easily win the seat. Bachmann? She’s a shoe-in.

All that remains is to see if she decides to go for it. I’m sure many in Minnesota would love to see her take the plunge.

Source: CBS Local,

Democrat ‘Holy Grail’ Shut Down By Republicans After They Strip Taxpayer Funding

We are happy to report another underreported win to ring in the New Year. 2017 really went out with a bang – and a great one for conservatives!

Trump continues to rock the establishment. Across American, entrenched liberals are feeling the sting of his leadership. He has empowered a new generation of conservatives. They are taking their country back.

We just learned that the left’s Holy Grail is feeling the sting. In Iowa, this organization has been forced to close down a major facility. That’s great news since this “facility” was in the business of ending human life.

From Daily Wire:

A Planned Parenthood facility in Iowa is closing its doors on Friday after the state legislature voted to revoke its taxpayer funding.

Iowa Republican Governor Kim Reynolds supported the legislation and signed it into law. She told the local press, “Well, I am pro-life, and I am pro-family,” and likened abortion to “murder.”

Life News reports that earlier in the year, PPHeartland notified the public that the Quad Cities center would no longer give out contraceptives due to a lack of funding, but stated emphatically that the location would continue to profit off performing abortions.

This week Planned Parenthood announced that the facility would be closing down.

The abortion giant said in a statement, “After nearly two decades [of doing abortions] in the Quad Cities, on Friday, December 29, 2017, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland (PPHeartland) will officially close their Bettendorf location, a move directly resulting from defunding by extreme Iowa lawmakers.”

They did not stop there. The nation’s leading provider of abortions accused GOP lawmakers of being “anti-woman” for allowing taxpayers to decide not to fund the life-ending procedure.

Apparently, a female governor is “anti-woman,” because she doesn’t support abortion. This is the kind of stupidity the left has thrown at us for decades. Only now are people waking up to their deception.

Opposing abortion is pro-woman. Unless PP doesn’t care about the rights of unborn women, who make up half the population.

Planned Parenthood will say anything to save itself. It is in the business of killing unborn humans. Calling a woman governor anti-woman? That’s only the beginning of the nonsense this evil organization spews.

Like the rest of the left, they only care about liberal women. Conservative women? They attack more viciously than anyone else. It’s really quite disgusting.

But this is a win for every pro-life American. Hopefully soon, all PP offices will be closed for good.

Source: Daily Wire,

Donald Deletes 13 Billion-Dollar Obama Deal In Two Democrat States

Obama loved to spend cash. The problem? It was your cash!

Democrats’ only plan for government is to spend, spend, spend. That results in higher taxes, hurting jobs and businesses.

With Donald Trump in the White House, all that is changing. He’s bringing the federal government under control. He’s already saved taxpayers billions in slashed regulations, smaller government, and tax cuts.

Now we are learning he just ended a very bad deal. A deal where two liberal states tried to screw the country.

From Conservative Tribune:

While he was in office, former President Barack Obama worked out a $13 billion rail tunnel for two deep-blue Democrat states in which U.S. taxpayers would be paying for half of the bill. Luckily for the American people, President Donald Trump is in office now to put a stop to this overpriced project.

According to Fox News, the plan was supposed to renovate Amtrak tunnels and tracks between New York state and New Jersey that have fallen into disrepair…

However, the issue isn’t whether the repairs should be made. The issue is with who will pay for them.

Under the original plan, the costs would be split up three ways between New York state, New Jersey, and the federal government…

According to Fox, the two states have started to back out of their end of the deal. They now want to make up their payments using loans from the federal government. In other words, pay nothing at all for themselves up front, while the rest of the country picks up the tab for improvements to a transportation system overwhelmingly used by residents of New York, New Jersey and other Northeastern states.

Typical strong-arm tactics from states known for their mafia ties. Not a huge surprise. Liberals in New York and New Jersey behave like mobsters. They tax residents into oblivion. Where that money goes? Not to needed projects, obviously.

Users online raise a good question. Why should people outside of the Northeast flip their bill?

The original deal wasn’t terrible. Trump promised to rebuild infrastructure, after all. But clearly the crooks in NJ and NY wanted to put the entire burden on the federal government. They refused to spend any state money. Hey, that money has to be used to pay off corrupt officials and bribe businesses, right!?

It’s only fair that these states invest in their own infrastructure. Yet under Obama, liberals thought they could get away with murder. Not anymore. Trump will rebuild America’s infrastructure. But it’s going to be fair. Every state will pay their share. Period.

Source: Conservative Tribune,

Muslim Sets Fire To Infidels’ Home While They’re Asleep Trying To Burn Them Alive, But God Has A Better Plan

The world is a dangerous enough place as it is, but it’s made all the more dangerous by extremists that exist in unchecked fashion.

Quite simply, there are abhorrent viewpoints and belief systems that have zero place in civilized society.

Nonetheless, there are immigration advocates that swear up and down that everything will be just fine if we open up all borders and allow folks to come and go as they please.

That line of thinking hasn’t been working out too well over in Europe, but that’s not deterring the advocates even a little bit.

Mad World News shares another frightening example of how well the melting pot that’s so desired by the Left is working out.

During the early morning hours of November 4, a Jewish family awoke to find that they were the targets of a hate crime meant to end their lives.

Having miraculously avoided being burned alive in their sleep, the family notified French authorities that their Parisian home had been set ablaze after their Muslim neighbor allegedly set fire to their front door.

However, the real miracle is how the slumbering family was rescued from their fiery fate.

The Jerusalem Post reports that the Arab neighbor’s allegedly attempted murder plot was thwarted by one of the Muslim world’s worst nightmares — the Jewish family’s loyal dog.

As soon as the arsonist lit the family’s front door on fire, the faithful canine sniffed out the smoke and began relentlessly barking to notify his beloved owners of the impending danger.

If not for this amazing pooch, the family would almost certainly have perished.

While this is a truly incredible story of a family surviving pending doom due to their faithful companion, that doesn’t take away from the fact that hate crimes such as this are on the rise.

The National Bureau for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism is bringing light to the recent case, adding that it’s just one of many religiously-motivated hate crimes by Muslims against Jews.

“The incident confirms BNVCA’s observation that anti-Semitic acts that began as targeting property belonging to Jews (synagogues, schools, community centers) or as assaults on people on the street have evolved into attacks on Jews inside their own homes,” the group wrote.

It’s certainly poetic justice to have a dog be the one that thwarted such an evil plot, but the dangers remain very real.

From a simplistic point of view, square pegs don’t fit into round holes.

Why are immigration advocates constantly claiming that they do?

Source: Mad World News,