ESPN Fires Another 100 Souls After Thanksgiving! – America Is ENRAGED!

ESPN is set to lay off another 100 employees after the Thanksgiving holiday, according to reports.

In all departments, there will be some laying offs. Starting from producers to the cameraman, executives, technical staffers, maintenance. More than 100 souls are fired.

Most of the employees that are being fired are from the SportsCenter broadcasts Richard Deitsch reports.

After Jemele Hill insulted President Trump by calling “White Supremacist”ESPN’s SportsCenter is at the center of controversy. Not just the shame but also Jemele Hill violated one of the primary policies of the network.

Later he called for a boycott of her own advertisers for which she was suspended for two weeks.

But even before, in 2015 the network fired over 300 souls. This year in April ESPN also another 100 souls were cut

ESPN is going down like Titanic. They lost over 12 million subscribers in a period of less than 5 years. And while they are losing over 10,000 subscribers a month the fees for the national leagues are getting more and more expensive. All this hits ESPN right in the pocket too much so they are laying off their employees before the holidays leaving them to fend for themselves. 500 families are affected before Christmas and in April before Eastern.

There is not a bright future for this network. In the 38 years that this media has been one of the majors now has touched the bottom, never in the history, they have been in this situation. If this continues we might see this network to close for good. But that won’t be so bad. The network got the reputation of being controlled by the Liberals who were using it to spread their “liberalism”.

When they crossed the border the people saw what kind of scumbags they are and stopped following them.

We are just sorry for the employees who had nothing to do with that but they are the ones left on the street.