Musician Ted Nugent: ‘There Is No Better President Than Donald Trump, He Always Speaks His Mind And He…’

The artist composed an article for WorldNetDaily in which he said that Trump “should be given the Medal of Freedom for talking his mind in such a bold, honest, and straightforward manner.”

In that article, Ted Nugent got against everyone that criticized Donald Trump, all the media, celebrities or politicians that attacked our President for no reason. Here’s what he stated:

In a recent Politico article, Ari Fleischer – a man who served as White House press secretary for President George W. Bush is quoted as saying, in part, that “Donald Trump is like watching a roadside accident. Everybody pulls over to see the mess.”

Donald Trump is a mess?

Maybe Mr. Fleischer should open up the political garbage can he and the majority of Fedzillacrats live in and take a look at the real, certifiable, rotting, stinking mess that has been caused by the professional scammers of both political stripes for the past 50 years

Mr. Trump didn’t make this financial swan dive to the street. Our ‘honest’ politicans did, the very folks Mr. Fleischer obviously accepts are the answer for the issue. In the event that he really trusts this jabberwocky, Fleischer should look for political mental health disability.

Donald Trump’s message sings to Americans because he doesn’t play politically correct brain-dead games. He calls them like he sees them.

That’s refreshing to millions of Americans who believe political correctness is a public cancer that has eroded free speech and everything else good about America.

In the end he added precisely:


Ted even performed in help of Trump at one of the Republican candidate’s last campaign stops. Nugent apparently snatched his groin and yelled “I’ve got your blue state right here, baby!” to the swarm in Sterling Heights, Michigan, a traditionally Democratic state.

You are so right sir. Thanks for this statement. Please SHARE this article with your friends!

Actress Meryl Streep: ‘Donald Trump Is An Evil Person, And We Have To Make Him…’

While getting an award at the Golden Globes, Meryl Streep chose to take a stand in opposition to Donald Trump.

Without saying the President of the United States by name, Streep talked about being beaten down in the wake of watching him mock a disabled columnist.

Mr Trump utilized his Twitter account to react, calling Streep “overrated”  in spite of having called her “excellent” and “a fine individual” in 2015.

Streep chose to call out Mr Trump one more time, this time at the Human Rights Campaign’s 2017 Greater New York Gala Dinner, and she began:

“‘Evil prospers when good men do nothing’… ain’t that the truth, anyways we have to make this evil dissappear.” Streep stated, as indicated by Entertainment Weekly.

“We shouldn’t be surprised that fundamentalists, of all stripes, everywhere, are exercised and fuming. We shouldn’t be surprised that these profound changes come at a much steeper cost than it seems would lie true in the 20th century. We shouldn’t be surprised if not everyone is totally down with it.”

“But if we live through this precarious moment… if his catastrophic instinct to retaliate doesn’t lead us to nuclear winter, we will have much to thank this President for because he will have woken us up to how fragile freedom really is,” she added.

“The whip of the Executive can, through a Twitter feed, lash and intimidate, punish and humiliate, delegitimise the press and imagined enemies with spasmodic regularity and easily provoked predictability,”she concluded.

She at that point tended to his “overrated” remarks with a joke, saying: “Yes, I am the most overrated, over-decorated, and currently, over-berated actress of my generation. But that is why you invited me here! Right?”

Steep showed up at the Gala to get the Ally for Equality Award, which is given to the individuals who voice help for the LGBTQ people group.

In the interim, the performer has been named for a Best Actress Oscar, her nineteenth selection. Accordingly, Streep answered to the Academy with a cheerful gif. Check out the video below:

All credits for the video goes to the youtube channel “ODN”


Federal Court Drops Nuclear Bomb On Liberal Travel Ban Judges — And Democrats Said They Wouldn’t Do It!

In several US states, after a raucous period of time where the Leftists were protesting everything about Donald Trump and his election, activist judges with no business being judges in the first place (who were shopped around for by Leftist Democrats specifically to block each and every travel ban edict that the president was trying to install) worked their Liberal magic, waved their magic wands, and refuted a federal call to heighten national security at a time when terrorism is at an all-time high.

As the travel ban had explained in excruciating detail, this order was not to ban Muslims specifically, but to ensure that terror-prone nations were less likely to be able to send their assassins abroad without a lot of issues. The ban was in plain language and was vehemently struck down by activist judges who were being paid by the taxpayers to be fair-minded and to rule on the law, not on their own partisan sentiments.

After much debate and a monstrous breach of ethics and propriety, two of these judge panels, one in Hawaii and the other in Maryland, attempted to install their own versions of Liberal justice in the travel ban case. Now, a higher court has ruled that the provisions in the travel ban are valid, legal, and enforceable. The ban that Leftists claimed was unconstitutional has been rendered Constitutional!

Image result for U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco

Conservative Tribune:

In a major victory for the Trump administration, a federal court in California has ruled that its travel ban can go partially into effect, allowing officials to prevent entry to individuals from six countries if those individuals have no ties to the United States.

According to Reuters, a three-judge panel on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled Monday that a lower court’s temporary injunction on the revised travel ban issued by the Trump administration on Sept. 24, could be temporarily blocked.

Image result for U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco

That would allow the Trump administration to bar entry to the United States to would-be travelers from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen — all countries with security and/or terrorism issues — who don’t have formal connections to the United States.

“Those connections are defined as family relationships and ‘formal, documented’ relationships with U.S.-based entities such as universities and resettlement agencies,” Reuters noted.

“Those with family relationships that would allow entry include grandparents, grandchildren, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins of people in the United States.”

The plan had been blocked after a judge found that a lawsuit from the state of Hawaii challenging six of the eight countries on the revised list — North Korea and Venezuela, the only two countries on the list that weren’t majority Muslim, weren’t challenged — was likely to succeed.

“We are reviewing the court’s order and the government will begin enforcing the travel proclamation consistent with the partial stay,” Justice Department spokeswoman Lauren Ehrsam said, according to Reuters.

Image result for U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco

While it’s great that the courts agreed for the most part with the Trump administration on the importance of this order, I am somewhat skeptical of the whole “formal connections” ruling and its implications. How many of those who are attempting to enter this country are going to be lying under these circumstances, claiming a personal familial connection to someone already living here?

Your guess is as good as mine, but rest assured this will happen. When illegal aliens from South and Central America are pouring over our borders, many more of them claim family connections than don’t, even when a very large majority of them are operating on the wink-and-nod currency of the illegal: “That’s my cousin over there, right, Jose?” “Yup, he’s my cousin, all right.” I’m not convinced the whole family connection can be disproven by American agents. But we’ll wait and see!

Source: Conservative Tribune,

Rasmussen: Donald Trump Approval Rating Back to 46 Percent

A new tracking poll from Rasmussen reports shows that President Donald Trump’s approval rating is back to 46 percent, for the first time in over a month.

A new tracking poll from Rasmussen reports shows that President Donald Trump’s approval rating is back to 46 percent, for the first time in over a month.

Thirty percent of poll respondents “strongly approve” of his presidency.

The last time Trump’s approval rating was this high was October 6, 2017, according to Rasmussen’s tracking numbers. His approval rating repeatedly tracked at 41 percent in October.

Rasmussen’s daily tracking results are collected via telephone surveys of 500 likely voters per night and reported on a three-day rolling average basis.

The president is currently traveling on his 10-day trip to Asia, visiting China, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, and Vietnam and attending the ASEAN and APEC foreign leader summits.

PHOTOS: Trump’s Convoy Passes Vietnamese Street, Sign In The Crowd Leaves POTUS Speechless

President Donald Trump’s twelve-day trip through Asia has been a historic journey thus far. However, what happened after he landed in Vietnam on Friday took the cake. As Trump’s convoy was traveling down a street in Da Nang, he spotted a sign being held by a Vietnamese man in the crowd, and it left him speechless.

President Trump landed in Vietnam on Friday ahead of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Da Nang, marking the fourth leg of his overseas trip, which began in Japan. There, Trump met with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, an important ally against North Korea’s nuclear-crazed dictator Kim Jong-un.

U.S. President Donald Trump headed to Japan on the first stop of his five-nation tour of Asia on Saturday, looking to present a united front with the Japanese against North Korea as tensions run high over Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile tests. [Source: Fortune]

From Japan, Trump headed to South Korea, where he was treated to a hero’s welcome. It had been speculated that there was some sort of diplomatic tension between the U.S. president and President Moon Jae-in, the leader of South Korea, but those rumors were put to bed when President Moon surprised Trump at Camp Humphreys, a U.S. military base in South Korea.

President Moon’s move to meet Trump at the base broke with protocol and was not previously scheduled, thus, it was taken as a gesture of extreme respect and gratitude towards the American president which did not go unnoticed.

There is a typical protocol when diplomats from different countries meet each other, but President Moon Jae-in shocked President Donald Trump when he met him personally after Trump had landed at Camp Humphreys, a military base located in South Korea. Moon Jae-in was patiently waiting for Trump as he deplaned at the military base. This is a break in the typical protocol and is officially an honor that no other US President has experienced before. [Source: US Truth Wire]

After his successful stop in South Korea, Trump moved on to China. Instead of forcing the president to exit from the “ass” of Air Force One when he landed, which was done to Obama, the Chinese rolled out the red carpet for Trump, treating him to a full military orchestra and children who were waving American and Chinese flags.

The accolades followed Trump to Vietnam on Friday, where the president was met by throngs of foreign supporters who flocked to the roadside just to get a glimpse at his presidential motorcade. In the midst of the crowd, one man stood out. He was holding a homemade sign which read, “Welcome The President (Angel) of America Donald Trump To Da Nang, Vietnam.”

Oddly enough, this story has not been reported by the media at all. Literally. Try searching the words on the man’s sign. You’ll come up dry.

Indeed, these photos were buried in the bowels of the internet, and we just so happened to come across them today in the midst of our coverage of Trump’s visit to Vietnam. Coincidence? I think not.

If it had been Barack Obama who was hailed as the “angel” sent from God to save America and the world from the depths of destruction, you can bet that every news channel under the sun would be covering this story. The photos of the man’s sign would have instantly gone viral; they’d have been passed around social media so much at this point that everyone would have already heard this story.

But, have you seen these pictures of the sign a Vietnamese man made for Trump anywhere else? Nope. Not at the time this report was written, anyway.

This is Donald Trump we are talking about, not Barack Obama, so the story has been completely buried. Please share this news about the warm welcome President Trump received in Vietnam because the media is trying to make him out to be some kind of bumbling buffoon on his overseas trip, when, in reality, he is beloved around the world.

Donald Trump hasn’t even gotten started yet and the majority sides with him

The mainstream media want you to know that the majority of the US citizens are against Trump’s executive orders, but that is not the truth! Whoa, that’s the “first” time the mainstream media lies. A new poll on Fox News shows that the majority of Americans do not see Trump’s executive order as a “Muslim ban”.

The poll says, 56 percent of the registered voters deemed the order a ” terrorist hot spot restriction,” while 37 percent said it is more likely “Muslim Ban.”

Although more than half of the those polled do not believe the move was not an attempt to discriminate based on religion, a majority of the country disapproves of the executive order. Forty-six percent supported Trump’s Jan. 27 immigration order, according to Washington Examiner.

1,013 registered voters nationwide voted through landline and cellphone interviews. The poll was conducted by the Anderson Robbins Research and Shaw & Company Research. The survey’s margin of error was three percentage points for all registered voters.

Majority has always sided with Trump. All true patriotic Americans. And yes, we side with President Trump! Let him fix this and get on with the ban, he knows what he is doing!

Donald Trump hasn’t even gotten started yet and the majority sides with him. And they’re right! Let’s share this with your friends and let them know that the MSM can’t be trusted no more!

Source : The Washington Feed.,

We Caught Him! Look Who’s Been Indicted For Causing National Epidemic — Thousands Are Dead

This week saw an announcement by the Trump administration concerning the United States’ opioid crisis. Many Americans suffer from addictions to powerful prescription drugs. Their addictions have cost the lives of thousands each year.

Trump meant what he said. His administration will be going after the root of this drug problem: criminal behavior within the medical industry and pharmaceuticals.

These people have exploited Americans, making themselves super rich.

Now it’s just been announced that the first head has been put on the chopping block, a man whose criminal behavior got people hooked on dangerous medications.

Medications they did not need.

From Town Hall:

U.S. prosecutors leveled charges Thursday against the billionaire founder of an opioid medication maker that has faced increasing scrutiny from authorities across the country over allegations of pushing prescriptions of powerful painkillers amid a drug epidemic that is claiming thousands of lives each year.

The fraud and racketeering case against Insys Therapeutics founder John Kapoor came the same day President Donald Trump declared the opioid crisis a nationwide public health emergency.

The case naming Kapoor follows indictments against the company’s former CEO and other executives and managers on allegations that they provided kickbacks to doctors to prescribe a potent opioid called Subsys.

In the new indictment, Kapoor, 74, of Phoenix, and the other defendants are accused of offering bribes to doctors to write large numbers of prescriptions for the fentanyl-based pain medication that is meant only for cancer patients with severe pain. Most of the people who received prescriptions did not have cancer.

The actions of these corrupt companies can be viewed as worse that street level drug dealers. Why? Because these were doctors prescribing drugs to patients. These patients didn’t know any better. They thought they were being taken care of by doctors who were trying to help. Instead, they were tricked into taking powerful pain killers.

These pain killers are extremely addictive. Patients took these pills–under doctors’ orders–only to get hooked. Then they would have to cope with cripple drug addiction for the rest of their lives. How evil.

But hey, Kapoor made billions, so I guess it’s okay.

It’s shocking to think that nobody’s done anything about this until now. The abuse of drug companies have been known for years. Yet previous administrations and lawmakers have done nothing.

Let’s hope this is the beginning of a positive change in our country.

Source: Town Hall,

Look What Trump Just Did For Your Retirement—They Said He Couldn’t Do It

Americans are celebrating Trump’s victory in raising the benefits for Social Security recipients. This, after years of stagnation under President Obama.

The increase in benefits is a part of Trump’s fulfillment of his campaign promises. He made it clear that he was going to cut taxes, but not hurt millions of Americans’ Social Security.

Now Trump and conservatives in Washington are pushing for real tax reform. But the liberals are pushing back. Rumors have started to swirl that in order to achieve the promised cuts, a major program would be receiving a huge hit. It would mean that millions of working Americans would have less money when they reach retirement age.

But never fear, Trump has just set the record straight.

From Axios:

President Trump tweeted this morning that Americans would not face any changes to their 401(k) retirement plans under the GOP’s proposed tax plan: “There will be NO change to your 401(k). This has always been a great and popular middle class tax break that works, and it stays!”

What he’s referring to: Trump is responding to a New York Times story from Friday, which stated that Republicans were considering a yearly cap as low as $2,400 for contributions to 401(k)s — a sharp cut from the current $18,000 for workers under 50 and $24,000 for workers over 50.

According to the New York Times article, lobbyist claimed Republican lawmakers were considering capping the 401(k) contributes by such a sharp amount.

The proposals under discussion would potentially cap the annual amount workers can set aside to as low as $2,400 for 401(k) accounts, several lobbyists and consultants said on Friday. Workers may currently put up to $18,000 a year in 401(k) accounts without paying taxes upfront on that money; that figure rises to $24,000 for workers over 50. When workers retire and begin to draw income from those accounts, they pay taxes on the benefits. (Source: New York Times)

Not a huge surprise if the Times got this wrong. They are hardly a source of honest and accurate news these days. Considering their largely liberal bias, it’s very likely they pushed this story based solely on conjecture and rumors. All to slam Trump and his tax reform.

A cut to 401(k) would mean you would not be able to put aside as much money per paycheck. That means far less money to draw from when you reach retirement age.

Generally speaking, cash put into a retirement plan is pre-taxed. Capping 401(k) means more taxable money for the government to gobble up. In reality, that would be the opposite of what Trump has been promising.

It looks like, though, that the President is promising that 401(k) would not be hurt. As a business and employer of many, I’m not surprised he understands how much capping 401(k) would hurt working Americans.

With 401(k) intact, you will be able to save up more for the future. It’s a plan to make sure Americans are being enriched, rather than taxed into oblivion.

Source: Axios,

Do Support President Trump Labeling Muslim Brotherhood As A Terrorist Organization?

The State Department, behind Trump’s back, recently hosted Muslim Brotherhood at their offices.

However, President Trump has been pushing for placing this group and labeling it as a terrorist organization.

As we have seen in Europe, the acceptance of radical Islam and their barbaric practices is taking over countries such as Sweden, England, Germany, and France. Innocent citizens of these countries have been killed, raped, threatened, you name it.

Based on all of this information, do you support President Trump taking a stand against Sharia Law and radical Islamic terrorism by labeling the group Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization?

Make your voice heard!


You can read more about this story here:

President Trump Betrayed By Deep State — Look Who’s Infiltrating State Department Against His Will

Trump Rally Leaves Media Fearing For Safety

Screenshot/ABC News

President Donald Trump’s attack on the news media at his rally in Phoenix Tuesday night has many journalists fearing for their safety and claiming that the president is inciting violence against reporters.

“The media can attack me. But where I draw the line is when they attack you, which is what they do,” Trump told his supporters. He accused the media of “fomenting division” and claimed that most reporters “don’t like our country.” Journalists were clearly still shaken on Wednesday morning by Trump’s rhetoric.

On “Good Morning America,” ABC News reporter Cecilia Vega claimed that Trump’s attack on the media “was incitement, plain and simple,” adding that “it really feels like a matter of time before someone gets hurt.”

Axios co-founder Jim VandeHei wrote an open letter on Twitter to “family/friends who support Trump” about the president’s attacks on journalists, saying: “what he said last night about reporters was despicable, extremely deceptive, [and] dangerous.”

“There are great Americans deeply concerned about a changing nation,” VandeHei wrote. “God forbid one buys Trump’s mad rant and takes action…”

Reporters on Twitter circulated VandeHei’s concerns about violence in the media, with many expressing similar worries.

NBC News’ Chuck Todd expressed concern that an inspired Trump supporter could commit violence against the media.

“Whether POTUS means it or not, I don’t know, but this could motivate a crazy,” Todd wrote of Trump’s attacks on the media, which he called “dangerous rhetoric.”

Trump, for his part, seemed pleased with how the rally went.

“Last night in Phoenix I read the things from my statements on Charlottesville that the Fake News Media didn’t cover fairly,” Trump wrote on Twitter Wednesday morning. “People got it!”