Nancy Pelosi Loses It During Address to Disgruntled Democrats

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This could be the end, not only for Nancy Pelosi, but for the Democratic Party as we know it.

The “Old Guard” simply isn’t getting the job done, and party members have just about run out of tolerance for their lame politics.

As the torchbearer of the Old Guard Democratic policies, Nancy Pelosi is skating on thin ice.


Officers Just Hauled Rotten Dem Off Capitol Hill In Handcuffs – It’s About Time!

During an address to the Progressive Caucus Strategy Center Summit in Baltimore on Friday, Pelosi had to practically beg the audience to applaud and support the Democratic leadership’s new economic policies.

After presenting the party’s “Better Deal” platform, Pelosi was struck by the meager response from those gathered.

She pleaded with them:

“I hope you pay attention, because people say, ‘Oh a Better Deal, that’s not too romantic, I’m not too inspired by it.’ You know, be inspired by the unity of it, that our members came together — House and Senate, by the way — on it.”

It’s just much too little, much too late for average Democrats.


Just In: Hillary Walks Into Trap -Trump To Countersue Democrats … ‘Let’s See Their Server’

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It didn’t take a genius to predict President Trump’s response to the announcement by Democratic National Committee Chairmen Tom Perez yesterday.

Perez, in what was either a case sophomoric stupidity, or an intra-party powerplay released a written statement:

“During the 2016 presidential campaign, Russia launched an all-out assault on our democracy, and it found a willing and active partner in Donald Trump’s campaign.

“This constituted an act of unprecedented treachery: the campaign of a nominee for President of the United States in league with a hostile foreign power to bolster its own chance to win the presidency.”

If Tom really believes that then he’s suing the wrong campaign. 

Or, perhaps Perez is using the lawsuit as a way to finally cleanse the party that he is responsible for of all the Obama-ites and Clintonoids that are dragging it down. 

If that’s the case then he’s got President Trump to do his dirty work.

Don Jr. got the ball rolling when he suggested that discovery would work in his favor:

Yesterday, after Perez’s announcement, we wrote that “It’s a pretty fair bet that Trump’s cyber forensic team are salivating at getting their hands on the “hacked” DNC server and Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s laptop and records on the Awan brothers. 

And, Trump did exactly as we predicted last evening when he posted this to Twitter:

Perez had to have known President Trump, known as an incredible counter-puncher, would react in this manner.  He also knows that the sins of the Obama-Clinton loyalists couldn’t be kept secret much longer. 

Is this Perez’s attempt to solidify his control of the Democratic Party and drag it even farther towards socialism, this time by running openly socialist candidates?

At times like this I’m reminded of the words of the Democrat standard-bearer, Franklin D. Roosevelt:

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”


MUST WATCH: Diamond And Silk Gloriously Put Facebook On Blast For Being ‘A Political Playground For Democrats’

On Wednesday, Diamond and Silk, reacted to Ted Cruz’s comments to Mark Zuckerberg pointing out the bias in Facebook. Diamond and Silk had their account shut down because Facebook called them “unsafe to the community.”

They weren’t happy with the way Zuckerberg answered questions on Facebook’s political bias, even stating they believed Facebook is a “political playground for Democrats” that shuts down Conservative opinions.

“He really didn’t answer the question as to why he’s deeming us, two conservatives, as if we are unsafe to the community. He really didn’t answer the question,” Diamond said.

“If he was concerned about his platform being a place for all ideas, then why would he put algorithms in place to censor some ideas?” she added. “And why is he turning Facebook into a political playground for Democrats?”

She continued, “He’s so concerned about the midterm [elections] … It feels like he’s trying to interfere in an election, is what we see.”

“I would let him know that we are not unsafe; we are not animals; we are two black chicks that’s down with politics; that’s patriotic; that loves our country; that loves our president, and that loves his agenda.”

Watch the pair below:

According to Diamond, Facebook didn’t contact them in any way prior to determining their page was “unsafe.”

“Facebook needs to take off all of those algorithms, put them off of our page, not only our page, but all conservatives’ pages,” Diamond stated. “Take that stuff off of our page, so that our fans, the people that we build our base around, can see and view our content.”

Silk dropped a bomb, asking “What is so unsafe about two black women supporting the president?”

The debate over Facebook’s political bias isn’t going away anytime soon. Conservative sites have made it abundantly clear, their engagement and reach has been throttled down by Facebook, while left-leaning sites have seen a boost in reach.

At I Love My Freedom, we recently reported on the political censorship. Check out the latest edition of our new Extremely Deplorable Podcast!

Extremely Deplorable

Episode 01 – New Study Proves Censorship Of Conservatives On Social Media!

April 03, 2018

Extremely Deplorable

Youtube and Facebook have decided that it’s not okay to be a conservative, so they’re changing up your news feed. Today we expose their tactics and show you how to fight back

Here’s a report by Western Journal, comparing Right-leaning NY Post and the Left-leaning NY Daily News:

Case in point: Two rival publishers in New York City, the New York Post and the New York Daily News, are similar in many ways, except for their editorial slants. The Post is well-known as a right-leaning outlet, whereas the Daily News has an established left-leaning slant. For example, the Daily News recently ran a headline after the Parkland shooting that read, “Brave Florida survivors plan day of action for gun sanity and to call out ‘blood on hands’ of NRA puppets.”

Headlines like that garnered the Daily News a 24.18 percent increase in traffic from Facebook, while the right-leaning Post’s traffic dropped 11.44 percent in the same time period.

These results are similar to the “surprisingly profound and partisan” findings of analysis conducted by The Outline. However, whereas The Outline analyzed user engagement on Facebook itself, The Western Journal looked at actual traffic driven to news websites by Facebook, which directly impacts revenue for these sites.

Democrats Want It Buried. Wikileaks Publishes Emails Linking Them To Justice Scalia’s Death


Despite Scalia being known for his unhealthy lifestyle, after his death last year, there was a damaging collection of foul play.

Hillary can not continue with all this deceit, and we can not let her get away with her rotten crimes any longer.

Reported by thewhiner:

A former D.C. Homicide commander, William O. Ritchie raised some logical questions…

From awn:

“As a former homicide commander, I am stunned that no autopsy was ordered for Justice Scalia,” William O. Ritchie, former head of criminal investigations for D.C. police, wrote in a Facebook post.

“You have a Supreme Court Justice who died, not in attendance of a physician,” Ritchie continued. “You have a non-homicide trained US Marshal tell the justice of peace that no foul play was observed. You have a justice of the peace pronounce death while not being on the scene and without any medical training opining that the justice died of a heart attack. What medical proof exists of a myocardial Infarction? Why not a cerebral hemorrhage?”

Those who dare go against the Soros/Obama/Clinton agenda often mysteriously and suddenly die. No autopsy says it was not a “natural” death. An autopsy should have been done. He wasn’t that old, and the circumstances alone would have warranted one. How convenient that he was cremated…


Rumor: Hundreds Of Sealed Indictments Await Democrats

Elder Patriot – Democrats, especially Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are about to learn that when you take a shot at Donald Trump you better not miss.  Hit Trump and he hits back harder.  Trump has bided his time waiting for the political winds to shift and now the shit is about to hit the fan.

The first indication that President Trump was preparing to strike back at the major figures leading Washington’s corrupt cabal came last Thursday when he issued an Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.

If we’re correct, this is Trump’s opening gambit in draining the swamp and will result in the devastation of what still remains of the highest levels of the Democratic Party, as well as Washington’s major lobbying organizations, and will implicate major establishment Republicans (the real reason behind the civil war going on inside the GOP).

The president’s E.O. relies on applying established federal law and reads as if it was written specifically to address the Clintons’ corrupt misappropriation of state assets fro her personal gain. 


Of course, if the Clintons were the only rotten players in D.C. they would have been brought to justice years ago – like when Bill Clinton sold secrets from the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory to the Chinese for campaign cash more than two decades ago.

Thanks to Judicial Watch’s FOIA requests we are expecting the State Department to release an additional 2800 government documents later today that the FBI found on Hillary’s gal pal and top advisor, Huma Abedin’s, husband’s laptop.  That laptop been seized by the NYPD during a search for evidence in his underage sexting case. 

Initial reports claimed that there were 650,000 emails contained on that laptop.  That seems hard to fathom but we can be certain that today’s release of 2800 files will not contain the really damning evidence of corruption resident on that laptop.

The release of these documents is long overdue.  We reported on their existence more than a year ago, four days prior to the election. 

At that time, Erik Prince went public with information provided by disgusted members of the NYPD who had viewed the evidence but who were throttled by gag orders and threats of reprisal from Obama’s Justice Department.

Prince’s sources inside the NYPD had told him:

“There is all kinds of criminal culpability through all the emails they’ve seen of that 650,000, including money laundering, underage sex, pay-for-play, and, of course, plenty of proof of inappropriate handling, sending/receiving of classified information, up to SAP level Special Access Programs.

It looks like Prince’s initial assertions back on November 4, 2016 were accurate as rumors are swirling around D.C.’s cloakrooms that there are literally hundreds of sealed indictments including those alleging sexual misconduct serious enough (pedophilia) that could send the Clintons and top Dems to prison for life.

But, as bad as those allegations are, they do not even come close to the extent of the illegalities the Clintons and their associates will be charged with having participated in.  While the prospects of finally bringing these sexual predators to justice is delicious in and of itself, we should keep in mind that the perverse acts were demanded of these politicians to “keep them in line.”

There’s a reason so many politicians corrupted in this manner have voted to fleece the United States so severely that our children (and theirs) have been left owing a $20 trillion debt.

These sealed indictments include charges of misappropriation of state assets, the expropriation of private assets for personal gain, and corruption related to government contracts or the extraction of natural resources. 

Another group of Washington fat cats that have been in a cold sweat since Thursday’s announcement is the D.C. lobbyists who have ignored national security considerations when they represented foreign and domestic corporations, the corrupt interests of foreign leaders (including dictators and strongmen), countries, and organizations in violation of the laws that the E.O. is intended to enforce.

Donald Trump is proving to be one tough SOB, tougher than anyone could’ve imagined.  Now he is poised to do the unimaginable, bring down the Deep State.

And, as an ancillary benefit, the dishonesty of the mainstream media  – long a CIA tool used to control the broadest cross section of Americans – as well as the MSM’s propensity for manufacturing fake new fake news, will literally destroy their ability to shape opinion.

Even those who do not like Trump will change their minds in 2018 as they come to learn that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.


What Sarah Sanders Just Said About Nancy Pelosi Will Go Down In History As Day Democrats Lost America

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders just dropped a nuke bomb on the head of one Nancy Pelosi and America is cheering.

Look, even the Democrats know Pelosi is a drag on their chances in 2018 – she is out of touch with America and for the perfect example look no further than what happened last night.

Pelosi disgraced herself, San Francisco, and every single liberal in America with her performance night during Trump’s State of the Union address. (VIDEO BELOW)

President Trump delivered exactly what America wanted and jealous Pelosi, who knows Trump’s agenda spells doom for the left in 2018, couldn’t take it.

She sat seething in rage as President Trump got rousing ovation after rousing ovation.

“I think Nancy Pelosi looks like that all the time,” Sanders said on CNN today. “I think she should smile a lot more often, I think the country would be better for it.” (VIDEO BELOW)

Democrats Calling For Nancy Pelosi To Step Down After Bizarre Behavior

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While speaking to reporters on gun control, Nancy Pelosi repeatedly used the wrong words throughout her speech, confusing journalists and Dems alike as she tried to discuss legislation. She could not seem to find the right words when needed and its raising questions of whether the House Minority Leader is fit to hold her position.

Pelosi is heard saying baffling phrases such as there was a “commensurate bi-partisan … commonsense bi-partisan supp, uh, path forward.” The Democratic powerhouse also said “tax force” instead of “task force,” before falling back into her previous talking points on a “comprehensive immigration bill” in the midst of speaking on gun control. “Once the tax scam is fully phased in, 6 million middle-class families — excuse me,” she said, glancing at her notes and the wondering reporters. “86 million middle-class families.”

Just moments following that misstep, she said Republicans are going to take “$500 billion out of Medicare. One-and-a-half — excuse me,” she paused. “Trillion — half a trillion dollars out of Medicare.” This strange and inconsistent behavior is why Dems are refusing to support Pelosi in any bid for future leadership positions, according to the American Mirror. While talking about transparency in settlements with sexual harassment victims, Pelosi said, “I don’t want to herm — harm victims…” Condemning members of the Trump administration who are leaving, she said, “They’re having served in that White House for one year is a giant enhancement as they go out to the public sector — private sector, the private sector,” she corrected herself.

Recently, the Dems held a candidate forum where a number of Democrats were facing off for a congressional seat in Arizona. None of the political hopefuls present at the forum stated support for Nancy Pelosi. As reported by NBC, Pelosi herself has “enjoyed a 15-year grasp on power” that has led the Democratic Party and has served in the House since 1987. She also served as the House speaker from 2007 to 2011. That is a very long time to stay in power, ruling over the Democratic Party. Pelosi is now 77 years-old and has been increasingly hard to understand in her speeches. She stares off into space, can’t find the right words, mumbles gibberish and frankly acts addled in public. It’s an embarrassment for the Democrats to be sure.

The old guard, such as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have actively kept younger blood from rising in the ranks within the Democratic Party and they are resented for it. “Our leadership does a tremendous job,” said Rep. Linda Sanchez of California just last fall. But … I do think it’s time to pass the torch to a new generation of leaders, and I want to be a part of that transition. I want to see that happen.” That’s just one comment. There are many, many more out there that feel even more strongly that Pelosi needs to step down.

Sanchez specifically singled out Pelosi as one of the Dems that need to “pass the torch,” along with House Minority leader assistant James Clyburn and even Steny Hoyer of Maryland. All are in their 70s and 80s. “I don’t think there is one leader of the Democratic Party,” Sanchez said. “I think there are many people who try to move the country in the right direction. We have too many great leaders here that don’t always get the opportunities that they should,” Sanchez added. “And I would like to see that change.”

The clock is ticking for Nancy Pelosi. If she fails to flip the House in the upcoming election, she will almost certainly be removed. Some are saying that it doesn’t matter the outcome, “Win or lose we have to have the change,” said Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-NY), an outspoken critic of Democratic leadership. For some time, many Dems have called for Pelosi to go and momentum is gaining speed for her to step aside whether she wants to or not. “If we lose, everyone goes,” said Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ), one of the top Democratic leaders. “People are saying if we lose, if there’s not a majority, then we’re cleaning house — like everybody,” one House Democrat said, speaking on the condition of anonymity for fear of retribution.

Nancy Pelosi is not likely to step down willingly. She enjoys the power and prestige of her position. A battle is coming for the besieged Democratic leader and this time, Nancy won’t prevail. She’s past her prime and simply too old for the frenzied fight to come.

SOURCES: Western JournalJoe For AmericaThe American MirrorThe Hill,

Democrats Call For Pelosi To Step Down As She Exhibits MORE Bizarre Behavior On Camera [WATCH]

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Nancy Pelosi and her ongoing bizarre behavior have many high ranking Democrats calling for her to step down and that escalated this week when she repeatedly used incorrect words in another press conference.

As Pelosi spoke to reporters on Thursday, she repeatedly used the wrong words in sentences, awkwardly correcting herself so she was clear to the journalists.

Speaking about new gun control legislation, she said there is a “commensurate bi-partisan — common sense bi-partisan supp, uh, path forward.”

Moments later, she repeated words and mistakenly said “tax force,” before enunciating “task force.”


The American Thinker details:

Pelosi fell back into previous talking points, nearly saying “comprehensive immigration bill” when talking about gun control.

“So we’re just say to, we’re just saying to the Speaker, ‘Give us a vote, just give us a vote,’” she repeated.

Moments later she said Republicans are going to take “$500 billion out of Medicare. One-and-a-half — excuse me,” she stopped herself. “Trillion — half a trillion dollars out of Medicare,” she continued, apparently believing $500 billion and half-a-trillion are different numbers.

While talking about transparency in settlements with sex harassment victims, Pelosi said, “I don’t want to herm — harm victims…”

As Pelosi attempted to again slam the popular Trump tax cut, she botched the numbers created by the Democratic Party.

“Once the tax scam is fully phased in, 6 million middle class families — excuse me,” she said, staring at her notes. “86 million middle class families,” she continued as reporters sat in silence.

Condemning members of the Trump administration who are leaving, she said, “They’re having served in that White House for one year is a giant enhancement as they go out to the public sector — private sector, the private sector,” she corrected herself.

Calls have been going on for months, some by high ranking Democrats, for Pelosi to step down from leadership and even retire all together.

During a recent candidate forum of Democrats vying for an Arizona congressional seat, not a single one raised their hand to indicate support for Pelosi. Watch:

Late last year, high-ranking House Democrat Rep. Linda Sanchez of California called on Pelosi to step down as Minority leader to make way for a new generation.

“Our leadership does a tremendous job,” Sanchez said.

“But I do think we have this real breadth and depth of talent within our caucus, and I do think it’s time to pass the torch to a new generation of leaders, and I want to be a part of that transition. I want to see that happen.”

Sanchez specifically called out Pelosi; the House Minority Whip, Steny Hoyer of Maryland; and the Assistant House Minority Leader, James Clyburn of South Carolina, when asked who should leave their leadership positions.

“I don’t think there is one leader of the Democratic Party. I think there are many people who try to move the country in the right direction,” Sanchez said. “We have too many great leaders here that don’t always get the opportunities that they should, and I would like to see that change.”

If Democrats somehow fail to flip the House in November, rank-and-file members in increasing numbers say they are going to clean shop.

“Win or lose we have to have the change,” said Rep. Kathleen Rice, D-N.Y., an outspoken critic of Democratic leadership.

They will demand that Pelosi and other party leaders step aside.

“If we lose, everyone goes,” said Rep. Ruben Gallego, D-Ariz., one of the top Democratic leaders.

“People are saying if we lose, if there’s not a majority, then we’re cleaning house — like everybody,” one House Democrat said, speaking on the condition of anonymity for fear of retribution.

Many members tend to remain silent and keep their leadership gripes away from the media.

But predictions aren’t limited to reliable Pelosi critics. Rep. John Yarmuth, a member of the Democratic leadership and a Pelosi ally, said he’s sensed an increasing appetite for new leadership among the caucus.

“Certainly the growing prospect that we could be in the majority has made people think about it a little differently,” the Kentucky Democrat said.

But if Democrats win and “Nancy wants to be Speaker, she’ll be Speaker,” Yarmuth added. “Some other people may have other ambitions.”

If they lose? “Nancy would probably say it’s time for somebody else,” he said, quickly adding, “I don’t base that on anything.”

Indiana Rep’s New Bill Could Send ‘Sanctuary City’ Mayors To Federal Prison. Democrats Scrambling To Block It


Americans have remained furious after the results of the Kate Steinle murder case confirmed that her killer was let go in San Fransisco Court.

This news has not been settling well for many Republicans, and they have been taking action against illegals since the horrific verdict.

However, one Republican member from Congress has found a way to keep Americans safe by creating a new bill which will finally end the sanctuary cities ability to harbor these illegals once and for all.

From msmisdoa:

Many people are aware of the horrific story of Kate Steinle’s murder by now. An illegal immigrant named Jose Garcia Zarate, who was deported a total of five times prior to murdering Steinle, openly admitted to killing her in 2015. Zarate is no stranger to law enforcement. He has been convicted of seven felonies and has been deported five times. He was released by officials in San Fransisco right before he shot and killed Steinle while she was walking with her father. There was an ICE detainer on him at the time.

The fact that Zarate was acquitted after openly admitting that he was indeed the one who killed Steinle left Americans in an outrage. The Justice Department even issued a federal arrest warrant in relation to Steinle’s murder.

Due to the ridiculousness of local officials having ignored federal law with impunity, Indiana Representative Todd Rokita has just introduced a bill which would hold sanctuary cities responsible for this kind of crime. If Rokita’s bill passes officials of sanctuary cities would face a million-dollar fine and could face up to five years in federal prison if convicted of harboring illegal aliens.

Fox News reported:

Indiana Rep. Todd Rokita’s bill is one of the most aggressive pieces of legislation to date aimed at sanctuary city policies, going beyond the Justice Department’s threat to cut off grants to those jurisdictions.

“Politicians don’t get to pick and choose what laws to comply with,” Rokita told Fox News. “Americans are dying because politicians sworn to uphold the law refuse to do so.”

His “Stopping Lawless Actions of Politicians (SLAP) Act” would hold state and local lawmakers criminally responsible for refusing to comply with federal immigration enforcement efforts. The Republican’s bill would subject violators to a $1 million fine and up to five years in prison if they are convicted.

Unfortunately, the Steinle family isn’t the only family who has lost a loved one because of an illegal alien. American families lose loved ones every single year because of illegal immigrants and the disgusting policies that exist within sanctuary cities.

Just recently, a man who had been deported from America more than 20 times was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman inside her Oregon home. He then attacked another woman in a parking lot. This many somehow made it back to America after being deported all of those times. This man is just one of countless illegal immigrants who commit sexual crimes against Americans every single year. Why is the left doing nothing to stop this?

Sexual assault isn’t the only problem we are seeing, however. Recent reports have shown that at least 13 American citizens are killed every single day by illegal aliens in drinking and driving cases. That’s roughly 5,000 American deaths that could have been prevented every single year. In the case of drugs, 43,000 illegal aliens are convicted of drug-related offenses every single year.

The numbers are staggering. Around 60 percent of all federal prosecutions in our country are related in some way to immigration-related crimes.

Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu explained, “Pinal County has followed the trend of the majority of counties across the United States, so we have seen most of our major crime statistics drop during the past few years. The one area we have not seen drop — which has seen dramatic increases in fact — is crimes tied to illegal immigration. Our high-speed vehicle pursuits have rapidly increased each year from 142 in 2007 to 340 such incidents in 2010. Marijuana seizures have spiked from a low in 2008 of about 19,600 pounds to over 45,500 pounds in 2010.”

He went on to explain, “My deputies are telling me more and more that they are apprehending guns and high tech communication equipment from cartel operatives.”

Babel’s comments were from a couple of years ago, but the point is the same, if not worse. Illegal immigration has had such a negative effect on our country. There are reasons why we have rules and regulations and a vetting process to come into our country. Sanctuary city officials must be held responsible for allowing this to happen.


California Democrats Demand Businesses Turn Over Half Of Their Tax Savings From Trump Tax Reform Bill To The State

California democrats propose a new bill that would force local businesses to fork over half their intended tax break through Trump’s new reform.

 California democrats

Liberals controlling California are as greedy and corrupt as it gets and the newest proposal regarding Trump’s tax reform is proof. In order to restore the American economy President Trump changed the country’s tax bill to better provide big business with incentives to stay and build Here in our country. Now California officials are reversing the plan by proposing to take have the incentives away. The result will be the removal of big business from California altogether and California is only hurting itself as usual.


SF Gate – California lawmakers are targeting the expected windfall that companies in the state would see under the federal tax overhaul with a bill that would require businesses to turn over half to the state.

A proposed Assembly Constitutional Amendment by Assemblymen Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento, and Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, would create a tax surcharge on California companies making more than $1 million so that half of their federal tax cut would instead go to programs that benefit low-income and middle-class families.

“Trump’s tax reform plan was nothing more than a middle-class tax increase,” Ting said in a statement. “It is unconscionable to force working families to pay the price for tax breaks and loopholes benefiting corporations and wealthy individuals. This bill will help blunt the impact of the federal tax plan on everyday Californians by protecting funding for education, affordable health care, and other core priorities.”